53 Festive Ideas For A Winter Wedding Theme

53 Festive Ideas For A Winter Wedding Theme
jennifer skulski wedding hashers guest author

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Nov 4, 2022

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There’s something so charming and romantic about winter wedding theme ideas.

As our outdoor landscapes get dusted in a blanket of white, you and your partner can design your very own winter wonderland wedding to match this magical season.

Embrace the frosty and festive nature of winter with a cool wedding color palette, warm faux fur coats, pine cone table centerpieces, and hot chocolate wedding favors.

There are so many ways to plan your dream winter wedding.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite festive winter wedding ideas!

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53 Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

1. Candle-lit Aisle

Escape the cold by creating a warm and cozy environment indoors with your wedding aisle lined with the soft glow of candles.

This idea is bound to create an intimate and picturesque wedding ceremony.

photo of wedding ceremony with candlelit aisle

Photo: Pinterest

2. Modern Monochrome

Create a sleek and modern winter wedding theme style with a monochrome color palette.

White is a prime color choice for a winter wedding as it resembles both the color of snowflakes and the traditional wedding gown.

Now pair your bright white decor with blacks and grays for a beautiful monochrome celebration.

monochrome wedding reception table for winter wedding

Photo: Pinterest

3. Fairy Lights

Something as simple as lighting can make an enchanting difference to the overall mood of your wedding day setup.

Hanging fairy lights up around your wedding venue can create a dazzling effect for a warm, cozy, and calm winter night wedding.

fairy lights for outdoor wedding reception

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4. Neon Sign

Use your lighting to add some personality to your wedding space, too, with a custom neon sign.

Your neon sign is an excellent opportunity to put your last name up in lights or to show off your unique wedding hashtag.

wedding neon sign

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5. Candle-Lit Altar

Aside from lining your wedding aisle with lit candles, you may also wish to create a candle-lit altar, too.

Your altar will serve as a focal point in your wedding ceremony.

All eyes will be drawn forward as your wedding guests watch you and your significant other say “I do” at this sacred spot. Decorating your altar with candles will create a lovely aesthetic perfect for a winter wedding.

photo of bride and groom kissing in front of candelit mantle

Photo: Pinterest

6. Hanging Glass Orbs

Decorating your wedding reception space with hanging glass orbs can be reminiscent of Christmas ornaments.

Fill each orb with an LED tea light candle for an enchanting effect whether you’re hanging these winter wedding decorations from the rafters or including them in your table decorations.

hanging glass orbs for winter wedding

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7. Baby Breath Flowers

When it comes to your winter wedding theme flowers and greenery, try incorporating baby breath as the star of the show or as accents to larger blooms.

The small white flower buds of baby breath flowers almost appear to imitate snow, for the perfect wintery style in your floral arrangements and wedding bouquets.

baby breath reception table centerpiece

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8. Winter-Inspired Arch

Wedding arches are great decor ideas when it comes to wedding ceremony backdrops.

This arch can be placed center stage at the altar or used as a backdrop at the reception for some excellent wedding photo ops.

Embrace your winter wonderland wedding theme by decorating this arch with garland, pine cones, cranberries, pampas grass, baby breath, and even fake snow.

photo of wintery ceremony backdrop with snow

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9. Acrylic Welcome Sign

Your wedding welcome sign is a prime way to showcase your chosen wedding theme.

Aside from showing off your and your partner’s names and welcoming your wedding guests to the ceremony, get creative by using this for displaying your wedding hashtag sign too!

photo of wedding welcome sign with florals

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Pro Tip: Selecting a clear acrylic sign with a wooden frame and floral accents is a great way to give it that rustic winter look.

10. Winter Garlands

Garland is an incredibly festive decor accent, especially around Christmas time.

Spice up your place settings with charming garland that cascades down the tablescape and adds a necessary touch of greenery to your winter wedding venue.

photo of winter garland for reception table

Photo: Pinterest

11. Pine Cone Centerpieces

Pine cones are simply a must-have decoration when it comes to winter wedding theme ideas.

There are so many creative ways to create DIY centerpieces using natural winter icons like pine cones.

For example, place them in a clear glass centerpiece with greenery, berries, or other items, or choose to have them hold place card settings to help your guests find their seats.

photo of pine cone decoration for winter wedding

Photo: Pinterest

12. ChristmasThemed Wedding Sign

Bring out the mistletoe and holly for this winter wedding idea.

If your big day falls close to the holiday season, don’t be afraid to show off your festive nature with wedding signs that incorporate your favorite Christmas symbols.

Christmas-themed wedding sign photo

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13. Foliage Displays

There are so many reasons to love the winter season.

Embrace the natural elements of this time of year by incorporating winter foliage into your decor and displays.

Utilize popular winter wedding flowers and greenery such as poinsettias, roses, camellias, and pine for some charming decorations your guests will not soon forget.

photo of bride and groom with winter foliage display at altar

Photo: Pinterest

14. Sparklers

As a fun and memorable wedding send-off, consider having a display area at your wedding reception where guests can pick up sparklers to light up the night as your big day comes to a close.

With all these sparklers lit in celebration, your wedding photographer will have a remarkable opportunity to capture this enchanting moment.

photo of bride and groom kissing

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Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas

15. Long Sleeves

We can’t talk about wedding planning without discussing wedding dress styles.

When finding your perfect winter wedding dress, give long sleeve dresses a try.

Not only will the sleeves help keep you warm as winter rages on, but you’ll also look incredibly stylish with this winter wedding theme look.

winter bride with messy braid

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16. Bold Lip

Wintertime often has an emphasis on monochrome tones, jewel colors, and decor as white as snow.

Add more of a pop to your color scheme and stand out with bold lipstick choices that’ll pair well against an otherwise white wedding aesthetic.

photo of bride with wispy hair

Photo: Pinterest

17. Statement Coat

The colder the season gets, the more layers we add to our outfits.

Don’t be afraid to bundle up and look the part for a cozy winter wedding.

Give a faux fur statement coat a try to complete your winter-based attire.

photo of winter bride with coat

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18. Muted Color Palette

Create a natural color palette with muted tones such as browns, beige, pale pinks, and greens, for a color scheme that resembles nature.

Let this subdued palette shine bright through the bridesmaids’ dresses.

photo of winter wedding bridal party

Photo: Pinterest

19. Velvet

Velvet apparel truly can make a statement come the colder months.

This lush-looking fabric is both stylish and cozy, perfect for a rustic wedding in the winter.

photo of couple kissing in the snow

Photo: Pinterest

20. Festive Colors

Christmas and the holiday season are synonymous with red and green hues.

If you’re planning a Christmas wedding, embrace a festive color scheme full of the jewel tones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, silver, and gold.

Christmas wedding bridal party photo with green and red dresses

Photo: Pinterest

21. Provide Blankets For Guests

Especially for all those couples planning an outdoor winter wonderland theme, don’t forget to ensure your guests are comfortable and toasty throughout the celebration.

There are many cute ideas to do this such as by providing blankets as wedding favors for your guests to wrap themselves in during the wedding and beyond.

photo of wedding favor blanket station

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22. Fairytale Outfit

The magical nature of winter and the holiday season makes this time of year an ideal time to plan a fairytale wedding.

Complete your storybook theme with dreamy fairytale outfits fit for a king and queen.

photo of couple with horse in the snow

Photo: Pinterest

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23. Vintage Snowscape

If the vintage aesthetic is more your speed, try using all-white knit or lace apparel and accessories to truly bring out an old-fashioned yet stylish winter wedding theme look.

photo of bride and groom kissing in the snow

Photo: Pinterest

24. Sweater Topper

On top of the wedding dress, you may wish to add an additional white sweater as a stylish topper that’ll keep you warm outdoors while also enhancing the look of your beautiful winter theme.

photo of bride and groom with wedding party in background

Photo: Pinterest

25. Christmas-Themed Accessories

Represent the season in your style with some simple accessories that burst with winter and Christmas theming.

These accessories could be a Christmas-themed hair piece, a pine cone flower crown, or cranberry and pine boutonnieres and corsages for you and the wedding party.

photo of bride holding Christmas-themed hair accessory

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26. Fur Coats

Wrap yourself up in a faux fur coat for an enchanting addition to your wedding day look.

With the bride wearing white fur, you may also wish to provide your bridesmaids with a muted color fur coat for a further stylized and coordinated look.

photo of wedding party with fur coats

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27. Lace Bridal Dress

Lace bridal dresses offer a dainty and elegant feel to your wedding day attire.

A beautiful lace dress can help add to your enchanting winter wonderland theme and style.

photo of groom and bride with lace wedding dress

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28. Winter Whiteout

If you are drawn to wintertime due to the look and atmosphere that a snowy landscape creates, then you might also be interested in whiteout winter wedding ideas.

When it comes to attire, consider going all out with the white color scheme with even the groom dressing in white.

photo of young bride and groom in snowy landscape

Photo: Pinterest

Winter Wedding Food And Drink Ideas

29. DIY Ice Buckets

Chill your champagne in a unique block of ice by freezing water in buckets with flower petals then removing the container to create a fun frozen display.

photo of DIY ice buckets with flower petals

Photo: Pinterest

30. Hot Chocolate Station

As temperatures drop in the wintertime, it becomes the perfect season to enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa by the fireside.

Set up a sweet hot chocolate station at your wedding reception for your guests to help themselves to the warming drink.

Don’t forget to include all the fan-favorite toppings, including whipped cream, chocolate or caramel sauce, and, of course, marshmallows.

photo of hot chocolate bar

Photo: Pinterest

31. Dried Fruit Accessories

Adding dried fruit to your winter wedding theme drinks can be a fun way to accessorize your beverages, making them perfect to pose with for photos.

photo of dried fruit accessories

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32. Champagne Tower

For a bold aesthetic, bring your wedding toast to the next level with a perfectly stacked champagne tower.

This setup is perfect for a glam wedding.

photo of bride and groom at champagne tower

Photo: Pinterest

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33. Roast Dinner

Having trouble deciding on your ideal wedding menu?

Look towards classic and traditional holiday meals for inspiration and serve up a delectable roast dinner.

photo of roast dinner with mushrooms

Photo: Pinterest

34. Serve Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a warmed, spiced wine drink traditionally served around the holidays.

Your winter wedding day can also be a prime time to serve this delicious seasonal drink.

photo of mulled wine station for wedding reception

Photo: Pinterest

35. Winter Signature Cocktails

Have some fun with your bar menu by serving some signature winter cocktails and mocktails that are perfect for the season.

These drinks may center around certain spices like cinnamon and nutmeg or incorporate popular drinks like apple cider or eggnog.

Get creative with it!

photo of wedding signature cocktails

Photo: Pinterest

36. Winter Wedding Cake

When it comes to your wedding day dessert, don’t be afraid to make your theming known through your wedding cake.

Dress up your cake and dessert table to be the winter wonderland of your dreams whether that be a rustic wedding cake with pine cone accents or melted sugar embellishments to mimic icicles.

photo of winter wedding cake

Photo: Pinterest

37. S’mores Station

For a cozy winter wonderland theme, don’t forget the s’mores.

As the perfect treat to make by the fireside, consider adding a s’mores station where your guests can put together their own masterful s’more from the marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and other sweet toppings available at this station.

photo of wedding s'mores station

Photo: Pinterest

38. Gingerbread Eggnog Cocktail

Showcase some holiday cheer through a deliciously spiced cocktail.

This boozy beverage includes some gingerbread spice within an eggnog base for a cocktail everyone will be talking about.

photo of gingerbread eggnog cocktail

Photo: Pinterest

39. Assorted Tea Bar

Hot beverages are all the rage in the wintertime.

Let your guests treat themselves to some warm tea with an assorted tea bar available to suit all taste buds and tea cravings.

photo of assorted tea bar

Photo: Pinterest

40. Bacon Breadsticks

Serve up some delectable appetizers at your wedding reception that perfectly match your warm and cozy wedding theme such as by offering personal-size bacon breadsticks.

It’ll be hard to eat just one!

photo of bacon breadstick appetizers

Photo: Pinterest

41. Chicken Pot Pies

Indulging in a home-cooked chicken pot pie is a childhood memory that warms our souls.

Consider serving miniature chicken pot pie poppers at your wedding for yet another cozy snack to fit your winter theme.

photo of mini chicken pot pies

Photo: Pinterest

42. Peppermint Candy Sticks

As pumpkin spice overwhelms the fall season, peppermint is the flavor of choice for the winter.

Consider cute ways to incorporate peppermint sticks into your celebration whether that be a candy cane around the napkins at your table settings, peppermint sticks to stir into your hot chocolate or giving out candy canes as wedding favors for your guests to take home.

wedding table setting with candy cane decor

Photo: Pinterest

43. Wedding Cake Topper

Get creative with your wedding cake toppers so they, too, can match your enchanting wedding theme.

For example, Bride and Groom pine cone toppers are a cute and festive way to celebrate your winter wedding date.

photo of wedding cake with pine cone topper

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Winter Wedding Color Theme Ideas

44. Classic Winter Wonderland

When it comes to a classic winter wonderland wedding color scheme, you’ll likely fall in love with the icy color theme of white, gray, various shades of blue, and all things sparkly for an added touch of magic.

photo of cool winter wedding color scheme

Photo: Pinterest

45. Forest Green

Give your winter theme an enchanted forest vibe with a forest green color scheme.

For this theme, make greenery your best friend.

Hang garlands all around your venue, decorate the doors with wreaths, and maybe even add your very own Christmas tree to your winter forest aesthetic.

photo of bridal party with forest green theme

Photo: Pinterest

46. Black And White

You can’t go wrong with a classy black-and-white theme for your winter nuptials.

Between the falling snow and the traditional color of your dress and wedding shoes, there will already be a lot of white elements at your wedding, so just pair it with black accents and accessories for a classy celebration.

photo of bridal party with black dresses

Photo: Pinterest

47. Blush And Dusty Blue

For an elegant splash of color to your winter wedding theme, consider opting for light pastel tones such as blush pink and dusty blue.

blush and dusty blue wedding decors

Photo: Pinterest

48. Dark Wine And Rose Gold

Counter the cool winter with warm tones that provide a bold yet comforting atmosphere such as the pairing of dark wine and rose gold.

The rose gold is sure to brighten the darkness of the red tone, making the scheme truly pop.

photo collage of dark wine and rose gold wedding color scheme

Photo: Pinterest

49. Silver And Gray

Do you imagine a shimmering, sparkling winter wonderland wedding that feels like you’re stepping directly into a dreamy, frozen ice castle?

If that’s the case, a silver and gray theme might be the way to go!

photo collage of winter wedding colors

Photo: Pinterest

50. Pale Blush And Light Rose

For a gorgeously subtle color scheme, let light shades of pink be the stars of the show with a pale blush and light rose theme.

This theme is an enchanting way to add color to your winter wedding theme while not overdoing it.

photo collage of pale blush and light rose wedding color scheme

Photo: Pinterest

51. Metallic Colors

Metallic colors can truly make a statement during a winter wedding.

Embrace the tones of silver, gold, copper, bronze, and other metals for a naturalistic element to your real wedding day aesthetic.

photo of metallic colors for winter wedding

Photo: Pinterest

52. Rustic Colors

If you’re planning a rustic wedding aesthetic for your seasonal winter wedding theme, consider warm earthy tones such as brown and copper which you can pair with black accents and greenery wedding decorations for added appeal.

photo of rust and black wedding scheme

Photo: Pinterest

53. Gold, Black, And Green

For a color scheme that’s both enchanting and romantic, pair gold, black, and green together.

Enhance this theme with plenty of greenery and candles to set the intended atmosphere.

photo of gold, black, and green wedding decor

Photo: Pinterest

Ready To Walk In Your Winter Wedding Wonderland?

We hope that these winter theme ideas have given you and your partner plenty of wedding inspiration for planning your ideal seasonal celebration.

Get festive with your wedding planning process and utilize iconic winter and holiday symbols throughout your venue whether that be in your decor, floral arrangements, attire, food and drink menu, or color scheme.

Dream big and create the magical winter wonderland world you envision for your big day.

And may your new year together be merry and bright!


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