60+ Stunning Wedding Table Decoration And Centerpiece Ideas To Inspire You

60+ Stunning Wedding Table Decoration And Centerpiece Ideas To Inspire You
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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jun 29, 2021

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2023

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When carefully selecting every detail of your wedding day celebration, you’ll need to consider your wedding table decorations. These decorations serve the purpose of enhancing your wedding theme to truly allow your venue to come alive. 

Whether you and your partner are searching for rustic, chic, simple, elaborate, green or DIY creations, this list will help inspire your search for the best wedding table decorations and centerpieces for your big day. 

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. When you make a purchase we receive a small commission at no extra expense to our readers.

What Can You Use As Wedding Table Decorations? 

Wedding table decorations can include elegant flower arrangements, organizational place name holders, or even elaborate wedding table centerpieces. As you begin your search for your ideal wedding table decorations, keep in mind the style or theme you’re trying to achieve.

If you and your partner are looking for decorations to set a romantic tone, try creating a beautiful candle centerpiece using candelabras or festive tea light holders. If you’re looking for a modern centerpiece, try placing cacti or succulents in a fun geometric terrarium for a unique look.

Your wedding table centerpieces can also serve a more practical purpose of displaying table numbers, name placeholders, or even your wedding hashtag. With your wedding theme and desired decor design in mind, allow these wedding table decorations to inspire you as you search for the perfect centerpiece for your big day.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. When you make a purchase we receive a small commission at no extra expense to our readers.

60+ Stunning Wedding Table Decoration And Centerpiece Ideas

Rustic Table Decor And Centerpieces

1. Dried Pampas Grass

For a stylish look to your rustic celebration, invest in some dried pampas grass. The grass comes in a variety of different colors and looks great mixed with other flowers or even in a vase on its own.

pampass grass for wedding table decor

Shop Now: Terrain; $50

2. Lace Table Runner

To add a level of elegance and charm to your wedding table arrangements, invest in some lace table runners to further decorate your venue.

lace table runner for wedding table decorations

Shop Now: Walmart; $15.00+

3. Framed Table Numbers

Help your guests easily find their seat by labeling your tables with this brass centerpiece sign. You can even add some pressed greenery within the frame for a further unique look.

framed wedding table numbers

Shop Now: Etsy; $19.99

4. Cactus Display

Cylindrical glass vases and votive holders are a staple for wedding table centerpieces. Take your decor ideas to the next level and instead of filling these glasses with flowers or candles, create an adorable cactus display. 

cactus display for wedding table decorations

Shop Now: Amazon; $18

5. Glass Votive Candle Holders Over Wood Plaques

Again, we see glass votive candle holders coming into play. To stylize your wedding table decorations for your rustic wedding, add wooden tree stump plaques as the base of your candle centerpiece and complete the look with greenery and vines. 

glass votive candle holders over wood plaques

Shop Now: E Favor Mart; $10.99

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4. Table Numbers on Wood

Rustic weddings and wooden-styled decor are known to be a perfect pair. Having your table numbers engraved in wood can make for a great rustic centerpiece.

table numbers on wood for rustic wedding decor

Shop Now: Etsy; $87

7. Faux Birch Bark Vases

Think outside of the box when it comes to deciding on your flower vases. Instead of glass, opt for a faux birch bark vase like this one for a fun and creative decoration.

faux birch bark vases for wedding decor

Shop Now: Etsy; $19.00+

8. Bunny Tails

The fluffiness of these dried grass bouquets resembles that of a bunny’s tail. Consider adding these unique plants to your wedding table decorations for an original rustic style.

bunny tails for wedding table centerpieces

Shop Now: Etsy; $15.00+

9. Faceted Glass & Metal Lanterns

Lanterns will always make for a classy and stylish wedding decoration. If you’re looking to include lanterns in your decor, consider the shape and style you’re looking for. This faceted glass and metal design offers a unique geometric shape with a considerable height, perfect for larger candles.

faceted glass & metal lanterns for wedding table arrangements

Shop Now: West Elm; $41.00+

10. Brown Glass Table Vase

Let this glass vase be the star of the table. Surrounding this large vase is a beautifully woven wicker sleeve that truly enhances its appearance. Choose to add flowers, pampas grass, candles, seashells, or other decorations to stylize the vase centerpiece as you see fit.

wicker glass table vase for wedding table arrangements

Shop Now: Joss & Main; $29

Chic Wedding Table Decorations

11. Calligraphy Seating Chart Cards

Give your wedding table decorations a personalized touch by having every guest’s name appear on a chic calligraphy card to help them find their seat.

calligraphy seating cards

Shop Now: Etsy; $5.28

12. Modern Rectangular Stand

If you’re looking for a modern centerpiece, give this rectangular stand a try. Its unique and minimalistic design allows for flowers or other decorations to rest both on top and within the frame.

rectangular stand for wedding table centerpiece

Shop Now: Etsy; $48.00+

13. White Ostrich Feathers

Instead of flower arrangements, get creative with some ostrich feather arrangements. These feathers come in a variety of different colors and sizes in order to perfectly match your desired wedding color scheme.

white ostrich feathers for wedding table arrangements

Shop Now: Etsy; $1.00+

14. Vintage Hexagon Lanterns

For an antique look to your lantern centerpiece, try out these white metal hexagon lanterns. Choose to complete the look with a real or battery-operated tea light candle. 

vintage hexagon lanterns for wedding table decor

Shop Now: Etsy; $32.95

15. Rose Gold Vases

If rose gold is your wedding theme, you’ll definitely want to consider these hand-dipped rose gold flower vases to display as your wedding table arrangements.

rose gold vases for wedding table arrangements

Shop Now Etsy; $48

16. Sunflowers

Having sunflowers as your wedding table centerpieces is perfect for a summer celebration. This beautiful and bright decoration features burlap and lace accents along the vase.

sunflower centerpieces for summer weddings

Shop Now: Budget Bride; $135

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17. Gold Hanging Geometric Tea Light Holder

Looking for more creative ways to display tea light candles? Try hanging them from a chic and unique geometric holder.

gold hanging tea light holder

Shop Now: The Knot Shop; $25.98

18. Iron Cylinder Pots

Succulents and terrariums can be a great fit as your centerpiece. Place your desired plants in these gold iron pots for a stylized look.

iron cylinder pots for wedding table decorations

Shop Now: Terrain; $6 – $58

19. Distressed Ceramic Vase Sets

If you’re ever unsure of how to decorate your tables, getting vases is a good place to start as they can be used in a variety of creative ways. For a chic and worn look, consider these distressed ceramic vases.

Distressed ceramic vase sets

Shop Now: Amazon; $24.99

20. Gold Taper Holder

Instead of tea light candles, buy a collection of candlesticks and use these gold taper holders as the main attraction of your wedding table centerpieces. Make sure they come with durable candle packaging to preserve their texture and original look.

simple gold taper candle holder

Shop Now: Etsy; $22.99

Elaborate Wedding Table Decorations

21. Copper Wire Candle Holders

This gold, geometric centerpiece holder is the perfect place to put your candles or flower arrangements for an elaborate and fun table decoration design.

copper wire candle holders for wedding table centerpieces

Shop Now: The Knot Shop; $39.99

22. Wooden Candle Holders

If you’re planning a rustic, woodsy, or outdoor wedding, this elaborate wooden candle holder created from natural wood, twigs, and sticks is sure to stand out on your wedding table arrangements. 

wooden candle holders for rustic wedding

Shop Now: E Favor Mart; $16.99

23. Log Candle Holders

For more elaborate nature decorations, give these log candle holders a try. Including a few of these decorative log candles at each table is sure to make your centerpieces memorable.

simple log candle holders for wedding table decor

Shop Now: Etsy; $65

24. Serving Stand

If distressed wooden decor is totally your style, consider this beautiful serving stand as either a centerpiece to hold candles, flowers, and other decor, or use it at your dessert table to showcase your cupcakes and other tasty treats.

serving stand for wedding decor

Shop Now: Etsy; $45.96

25. Wood Hexagon Frame

Having geometric decor is one of the most popular and latest wedding trends. A hexagon frame like this one offers your tables a unique style and is the perfect way to creatively display your floral arrangements.

wooden hexagon frame for wedding table arrangement

Shop Now: Etsy; $16.75

26. Modern Gold Geometric Metal Centerpiece

For another geometric centerpiece, consider this fun and elaborate metal holder to fit your tea light candles. 

geometric tea light candle holder

Shop Now: The Knot Shop; $17.99

27. Lunaria Branches

These shimmering Lunaria branches are sure to dazzle within your arrangements.

Lunaria wedding table centerpiece

Shop Now: Etsy; $15

28. Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

It’s your big day, and it’s alright to go all out with your wedding table decorations. Embrace this stylish and elaborate centerpiece using ostrich feathers.

ostrich feather wedding table centerpiece

Shop Now: Etsy; $13.50+

29. Cherry Blossom Trees

Spring weddings are the perfect opportunity to enjoy some beautiful cherry blossom decor. Let this mini cherry blossom tree take center stage as a stunning centerpiece.

cherry blossom trees for wedding table decorations

Shop Now: United Forest Arts; $120

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30. Manzanita Tree Centerpiece

For another tree option, consider this manzanita centerpiece. You can easily take this centerpiece to the next level by decorating the tree with string lights, beads, crystals, ornaments, or other hanging decorations. 

manzanita tree wedding centerpiece

Shop Now: Shop Wild Things; $59.99

Simple Wedding Table Decor

31. Mini Lanterns

If you’re looking to keep your wedding table arrangements rather simple, mini lanterns can be a great option. You can choose to leave these mini lanterns with a simple battery-operated tealight candle or decorate the centerpiece further by adding flowers to the top.

mini lanterns wedding table arrangements

Shop Now: Etsy; $42

32. Table Runner with Flowers

To fully decorate your tables without going overboard on wedding table centerpieces, consider adding a simple table runner that matches your color theme. To complete the look, add a garland of flowers, too.

table runner with flowers for wedding table decor

Shop Now: Etsy; $0.44+

33. Glass Votive Geometric Terrarium for Candles or Succulents

Your votive candle holders don’t have to be elaborate to still make a statement on your tables. Consider this classic terrarium look to display your candles or even succulents.

glass votive geometric terrarium for candles and succulents

Shop Now: Etsy; $6.00+

34. Glass Tea Light Holders

For miniature tea light candle holders, consider this glass set that will make it appear as if your mini candles are floating within the glass.

glass tea light holders for wedding table arrangements

Shop Now: Etsy; $19.95

35. Farmhouse Pottery Candlesticks

These fun candlestick holders will add a simple layer of sophistication to your tables with their sleek yet classic design.

farmhouse pottery candlesticks for wedding table decorations

Shop Now: Anthropologie; $65- $85

36. White Marble Place Card Holders

The simplicity of these white marble place card holders is a unique style in its own right. Keep your name placeholders simple yet fun with a handwritten card held up by a cube of marble.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn; $19.50

37. White Bud Vases

This fun vase is one item with seven unique vase openings for the ultimate flower display centerpiece. For a simple yet versatile decoration, this one takes the cake.

white bud vases

Shop Now: Etsy; $24.30

38. Large Metal Candle Lantern

For simple lantern wedding table decorations, give this large metal candle holder a try. With the glass vase inside, you can personalize this lantern in any way you wish by filling the glass with candles, flowers, seashells, candy, or any other creative decor. 

large metal candle lantern wedding table centerpiece

Shop Now: H&M; $25.49

39. Staggered Vases

These unique vases feature test tube-shaped glass suspended by a gold wire frame. All five of these vases are connected to each other for a fun, staggered appearance. 

staggered vases for a wedding table centerpiece

Shop Now: Etsy; $31.99

40. Wood Centerpiece With Crystal

Wedding table decorations like this one may be simple, but they certainly are one of a kind. This lovely centerpiece features a wooden hoop with beautiful crystals dangling from the top to add some charm and style to the design. 

wood centerpiece with crystal

Shop Now: Ling’s Moment; $35.99

Greenery Wedding Table Decor

41. Greenery Gold Metal Hoop

This stunning centerpiece gives you the chance to show off your flowers and greenery within the fun gold hoops that add shape and style to this decoration.

greenery gold hoop for wedding decor

Shop Now: Etsy; $28

42. Bucket of Flowers

If you and your partner are searching for a vase alternative, put your flower arrangements in a metal bucket instead for a more creative take on your wedding table decorations.

bucket of florals wedding table centerpiece

Shop Now: Oriental Trading; $12.99

43. Circular Greenery Centerpiece

Think outside the box when it comes to displaying your centerpieces. This round hoop centerpiece with greenery and flowers hanging from the middle is a lovely and unique look. 

circular greenery wedding centerpiece

Shop Now: Etsy; $12.59

44. Faux Eucalyptus Arrangement

If you’re looking to avoid the cost and maintenance of caring for real flowers at your wedding venue, try investing in faux arrangements instead to fulfill your need for greenery with less hassle. 

Shop Now: Target; $19.99

45. Artificial Spring Floral And Foliage Arrangement

Again, we see that artificial greenery can make for lovely wedding table decorations without compromising appearance or style. 

artificial spring floral and foliage arrangement

Shop Now: Wayfair; $55.99

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46. Artificial Vine

As a simple solution for adding greenery to your wedding table centerpieces invest in some artificial vines. These strands of greenery can be a great way to complete the look of your centerpieces by wrapping the wines around your decor.

artificial vine for wedding deocr

Shop Now: Shein; $3

47. Artificial Olive Leaves Floral Arrangement

Whether you add these artificial olive leaves to other flower arrangements or simply display them on their own, these leaves will provide just the right amount of greenery to your big day.

artificial olive leaves for wedding floral arrangement

Shop Now: Amazon; $19.99

48. Magnolia Arrangement

This faux Magnolia arrangement is simple yet effective in easily creating some stunning wedding table centerpieces.

faux magnolia wedding table decor

Shop Now: Crate & Barrel; $34.97

49. Artificial Rose Vine

If you’re looking for a versatile item for your wedding table decorations, consider this artificial rose vine. You can choose to lay out the vine across the table, wrap it around your centerpiece, or find any other creative use for this awesome decoration. The sky’s the limit.

Artificial White Rose Vine

Shop Now: Etsy; $14.99

50. Cherry Blossom

These beautiful centerpiece creations feature faux cherry blossom branches submerged in cylindrical glass full of water with a tealight candle floating on top and acrylic crystals lining the bottom. This stunning centerpiece is perfect for a festive spring wedding. 

cherry blossom wedding table arrangements

Shop Now: Etsy; $60

Wedding Table Decorations On A Budget

51. Plants Potted In Paper Bags

If you and your partner are interested in a DIY wedding, these next few wedding table decorations will be exactly the inspiration you need. For this one, you don’t need fancy or expensive flower pots when a paper bag and a nice bow can create an awesome, stylized look.

plants potted in paper bags DIY wedding table centerpiece

Create Now: Gardenista

52. Candles In Mason Jars

This simple yet stunning craft involves gathering jars, candles, tree stumps, and greenery. The best part about DIY decorations is the way you can personalize them to make them your own. Choose the colors of your candles, the types of greenery you wish to add, and embellish the jar with a lace or twine bow.

DIY candles in mason jars wedding table decorations

Create Now: Pinterest

53. Flower & Fruit Centerpiece

Another great option for your DIY wedding table decorations would be to add fruit to your centerpieces. Fruits can add a fun, vibrant, and original look to your table arrangements. Get creative with your fruits by adding lemons or limes to your glass flower vases or even place your floral arrangements inside a carved-out pineapple. 

flower & fruit wedding table centerpiece

Create Now: Sweet Parrish Place

54. Succulents With Spray Painted Beans

As you begin exploring unique centerpiece options, have you considered spray painting beans? Pour your spray-painted beans in a glass vase or jar and place your candles or succulents on top for a creative decoration. 

succulents with spray-painted beans

Create Now: Something Turquoise

55. Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars are always a stylish wedding decoration, but perhaps consider painting them first. Painting your mason jars can be a fun opportunity to further show off your wedding color palette.

DIY wedding arrangement painted mason jar

Create Now: It All Started With Paint

56. Painted Wine Bottles

For another unique vase alternative, transform your empty wine bottles into painted decorations. Upcycled wedding decorations are not only fun and creative, but they’ll also save you money in the long run.

DIY wedding table arrangement painted wine bottles

Create Now: Deco Art

57. Fairy Lights Bottle Decor

What’s a wedding without fairy lights? Light up your venue by including a bottle full of fairy lights at each one of your tables.

fairy lights bottle decor

Create Now: Etsy, $12.99+

58. Planter Box Centerpieces

This simple craft is a great way to have your stunning centerpiece double as the table numbers. Simply build the wooden boxes, add your greenery, then tie a table number tag around each awesome planter box to complete the look. 

DIY planter box wedding centerpieces

Create Now: Rustic Wedding Chic

59. Recycled Can Decorations

Another fun recycling centerpiece idea involves taking any empty aluminum cans you may have and adding gorgeous floral arrangements to the inside.

recycled can decorations for wedding table

Create Now: Real Simple

60. Burlap & Lace Bottle Vases

For this DIY idea, you’ll want to gather up any empty bottles and transform them into stylish vases by embellishing them with burlap and lace decorations. Don’t worry about the bottles all being the same size. In fact, different shapes and sizes can be a fun way to stagger or diversify the look of your wedding table decorations.

lace and burlap vase jars

Shop Now: Etsy

Have You Settled On A Centerpiece?

We hope that this list of wedding table decorations has given you newfound inspiration for buying or creating your own centerpieces. Get creative when it comes to your centerpieces, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different ideas by adding flowers, candles, lanterns, or other elements to any of your centerpiece ideas.

No matter the style you’re looking to achieve in your wedding table arrangements, there’s always a way to personalize these centerpieces to match your vision.


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