100+ Wedding Favor Ideas To Suit Every Taste And Budget (2023 List)

Rebecca Bretana

Published: Feb 25, 2021

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2023

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If you’re in need of wedding favor ideas, we’ve got you! We’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of wedding favors for every budget.

100+ Wedding Favor Ideas

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Wedding Gifts For Your Guest List

1. Take-Home Mason Jars 

Mason jars are lovely vessels for anything you want to give your guests. A special cookie mix, your favorite cocktail mixer, or seeds for planting a summer garden — the options are limitless with a mason jar.

cocktail mixes in mason jars

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2. Bubbles 

Bubbles are a fun, inexpensive party favor. They make for an eco-friendly substitute for rice, and they can be used throughout the reception to create a magical ambiance.

personalized wedding bubble labels

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3. Candles

Who doesn’t need candles? Candles commemorate your wedding for days and weeks after the event. Every time your guest lights their party favor at home, they’ll think of you. Take your wedding theme into consideration to customize your candle. Different wax colors, decorative holders, and so many more options are available to you.

custom wedding candle favors

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3. Lighters

When it comes to wedding favor ideas, lighters are useful and easy to get customized for your wedding. For the groomsmen or women, you can even have high-quality, reusable metal lighters personalized. 

lighters wedding favors

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4. Shot Glasses

Again, shot glasses are useful but also fun. You can get these in bulk and etch them yourself or go right to a wholesaler and have them custom stamped with your names, date, and a wedding hashtag.

shot glasses for wedding guests wedding favor ideas
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5. Kissing Bells

Ring, ring, ring! Instead of tapping on glasses with the butter knife, these cute kissing bells make for a musical (and romantic) reception.

kissing bells wedding favors

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6. Personalized Bottle Opener

Every time a friend raises a glass, they’ll be thinking of you. Personalized bottle openers are a great wedding favor idea and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be given out alone or attached to a complimentary bottle of your favorite brew. 

personalized bottle openers as wedding favors

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7. Personalized Mini Hot Sauce Bottles

Hot sauce is all the rage, so why not brand your own. You can find a company that can customize the bottles for you, or you can create your own label and attach them to your preferred hot sauce bottle.

Personalized Mini Hot Sauce Bottles wedding favors

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8. S’more Kits

 Here is a wedding favor idea everyone can get excited for. S’more kits will make your guest feel like they’re leaving with dessert. Put a couple graham crackers, pieces of chocolate, marshmallows, and skewers into a cellophane bag and tag with the directions for making these special s’mores. For added fun, put flavored marshmallows into the kit! 

S'mores kits wedding favors

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9. Lip Balm

Pucker up! Your guests will love customized lip balms. The label can have words, images, and even your engagement photos. There is a lot of versatility here.

custom lip balms wedding favors

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Ideas For Cheap Wedding Favors

10. Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene is more important than ever. Why not offer your guests a way to stay safe and have fun? Personalized hand sanitizer is easy to customize and fits nicely in your guest’s place setting.

personalized hand sanitizer for wedding

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11. Wedding Sparklers

For big weddings, wedding sparklers are a fun touch for your guests when you are having your first dance or leaving the reception. You can buy them in bulk so they are the perfect cheap wedding favor for your big day!

wedding sparklers

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12. A Flower For Each Guest

A simple gesture that says so much, a flower expresses a simple sentiment. Flowers have a language all their own. For instance, daisies say “innocence” while honeysuckle expresses the “bonds of love.” 

personalized flowers for guests

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13. Personalized Luggage Tag

Whether you’re having a backyard or destination wedding, a personalized wedding tag is a keepsake your guests will love.

Personalized Luggage Tag wedding favors

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14. Lavender Linen Sachets 

These are easy to make yourself! Sachets can be found in any craft shop, and you can buy dried lavender in bulk. The sachets can be placed in cars, drawers, or closets for a sweet scent.

lavender sachets wedding favors

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15. Tied Bag Of Nuts

Snacks are always good. With this wedding favor idea, guests will take home a bag of tasty, salted treats either on the way home from your reception or at their homes the following day. Some guests are more interested in consumable wedding favors than holding onto items for years to come.

bag of nuts wedding favors

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16. Custom Popcorn Boxes

Easy-to-access snacks are always welcome! Custom popcorn boxes are easy to assemble yourself and package nicely with popcorn you buy bulk or pop yourself. People will love snacking during the cocktail hour after dinner!

popcorn wedding favors

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17. Hot Chocolate

For cold-weather weddings, hot chocolate is just the warming party favor you need, and you can make it as elaborate as your budget allows. A simple premade mix in a bag tagged with a lovely message or mason jar filled with your favorite hot chocolate mix and toppings (including the mini marshmallows) is just what your guests need.

hot chocolate wedding favors

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18. Thank You Message In A Bottle

This sweet favor is romantic all on its own. For small and medium weddings, this is a lovely personalized touch. It’s often hard to express yourself in the midst of the wedding reception. So, make a heartfelt note for each of your guests that expresses your gratitude. A message in a bottle allows you to express your gratitude to guests in a unique way!

message in a bottle wedding favors

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19. Handfans 

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, hand fans are a must. Hand fans will keep your guests cool in the heat, but they also add a bit of old-time glamor to your special day. Fans, ranging from flat paper to high-quality folding fans, are all customizable.

hand fans wedding favors

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Wedding Party Favors

20. Custom Wine Glasses

Serve your guests wine in their very own take-home glasses! Glassware can be etched or printed on for whatever look you’re going for. You can have your wedding date and wedding hashtag printed on it or your guest’s name.

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21. Matchboxes 

Timeless and classic, matchboxes have been given as gifts through the ages. Matchboxes are small and easy for your guests to carry out with them. Every time they strike a match, they’ll think of you both!

matchbox wedding favors

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22. Custom Sunscreen

Protect your guests with a tube of custom sunscreen! All you need to do is have labels printed and applied over the sunscreen with this one-of-a-kind wedding favor idea.

custom sunscreen favors

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23. Personalized Playing Cards

Whether or not it fits into your theme, custom playing cards are a fun-filled gift. Don’t be surprised if you find random games of poker and blackjack breaking out in the middle of your reception!

custom playing cards wedding favors

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24. Mini Bottles Of Champagne 

The party continues with mini-bottles of champagne for your guests to take home. This wedding favor idea is always a popular one! 

mini champagne bottles as wedding favors

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25. Personalized Wine Bottles

Same as above, take-home libations are the way into your wedding guests’ hearts! They can take their wine bottle, labeled with your custom print, home and enjoy a drink in honor of the happy couple.

personalized wine bottles as wedding favors

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26. Wine Bottle Stopper

Bottle stoppers are often made of metal or plastic heads fitted onto rubberized cork-like stoppers. There are many designs, often hearts or other shapes, that can be stamped with your names, wedding date, and a special message.

wine bottle stopper as wedding favors

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27. Personalized Masks

Masks are a fun way to masquerade during your wedding reception. And the best part? Your guests can take them home to use on their own time or place on a shelf or mantle to commemorate your romantic day.

personalized face masks as wedding favors

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28. Framed Pictures Of The Wedding Party

While you’ll need some advance wedding photo shoots to pull this off, it’s a special keepsake. Guests won’t have to wait to place orders for wedding photos. They can take one home the day of. 

framed photo as wedding favor

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29. Koozies

Having an outdoor wedding or casual wedding? Koozies are easy to get customized and they can be used during your reception.

koozies wedding favors

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Bridal Shower Favors

30. Custom Straws

Wedding party favors are needed throughout the timeline of wedding parties, including bridal showers. Custom straws jazz up your shower and add a playful ambiance to the celebration.

custom straws as wedding favors

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31. Personalized Chocolates 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Different shapes and messages can be molded into the chocolate for a delicious, meaningful treat.

personalized chocolates wedding favors

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32. Custom Tote Bag

If you plan to have bridal shower games with lots of take-home gifts, custom tote bags are the way to go. Your guests can fill them with any swag they plan on taking home.

custom tote bag as wedding favors

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33. Personalized Key Chain

Always stay with your guest, even after your wedding by giving your guests a personalized keychain. It can include a photo or just a message, including your unique wedding hashtag.

personalized key chain as wedding favors

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34. Succulents

Succulents are a popular houseplant that is low-maintenance. With just occasional watering, even the worst green thumb can keep these plants alive. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can place them in your favorite petite pots.

succulents as wedding favors

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35. Engraved Champagne Glass

Toast to your wedding at your bridal shower and let your guests take the glassware home. Everyone needs a champagne flute, and every time they use it, they will be reminded of your shower.

engraved champagne glass as wedding favors

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36. Heart-Shaped Trinket Dish

These little dishes have been a wedding shower staple for decades. Why? These heart-shaped trinket dishes are the perfect spot to stash rings, candy, or coins depending on your guests’ needs.

heart-shaped trinket dish as wedding favors

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37. Magnetic Bouquet Magnet Favors

One way to ensure your party favor stays with your guests for years to come is by making it a magnet! Cute pictorial bouquets or real dried flower mini-bouquets can be mounted onto a magnet for your guest to place in their kitchen, office, or anywhere a magnetic surface lives.

Magnetic Bouquet Magnet Favors as wedding favors

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38. Mini Bud Vases

Mini is always cuter. Tiny vases that hold one or two small flowers are a sweet decorative piece your wedding shower guest is sure to love.

Mini Bud Vases as wedding favors

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Wedding Favors DIY

39. Scrabble Magnets

Spell out a special message or your wedding hashtag for your guests to hang in their homes or office.

Scrabble Magnets wedding favors

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40. Cooking Salt Jar

For those couples that love to cook together, salt jars, or salt cellars, are beautiful wedding party favor ideas. You can fill them with your favorite pink Himalayan salts or black salts. 

Cooking Salt Jar wedding favors

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41. Birdseed Hearts

Feed the neighborhood with birdseed hearts. You can source this ready-made, or if you’re more into DIY, you can make these by hand.

Birdseed Hearts wedding favors

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42. Small Painted Canvas

A small commemorative painting is a lovely, artistic gift. Again, you can source your own favorite print, or if you have artistic aptitude, you can paint them yourself.

Small Painted Canvas wedding favors

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43. Coffee Bean Jar

Coffee is a way of life. If you both love a good cuppa joe, why not give your guests your favorite roast to take home and drink for themselves?

Coffee Bean Jar wedding favors

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44. Customized Candy

Candy bags and candy bars are all the rage at weddings these days. They’re a sweet treat for a sweet occasion! You can easily have candy customized with your name, wedding date, or even your wedding hashtag.

Customized Candy wedding favors

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46. Tree Seedling

The gift that keeps on giving, tree seedlings are a commemorative wedding favor idea to be remembered. For couples who care about the environment, this is the perfect way to ensure your event is making a positive impact on the world

47. Cocktail Kits

Create a custom cocktail for your wedding and give your guests one to make at home! All you need is your mixer, a tiny bottle of your special spirit, and maybe mini straw to sip it with. You can place it all in a mason jar or plastic container or place in a cellophane bag tied with your instructions to make the cocktail.

cocktail kits for your wedding favors

48. Mini Tambourines

Make the music in your wedding an interactive experience by offering mini tambourines customized with a special message on the drum!

49. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers last for ages and smell delicious. You can wrap them in pretty paper or place them in a vase or mason jar for your guests to carry home.

dried flowers to give wedding guests

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

50. Organic Seed Bomb

Bring spring to your wedding with an organic seed bomb your guests can plant in their yard or garden.

51. Fresh Potted Herbs

Edible and green, potted herbs will bring some earthiness to your guests and remind them of your day as they eat what has grown.

52. Reusable Bags

Useful and customizable, reusable bags allow your guests to bring home groceries and shop without wasting plastic.

custom tote bag for wedding guests

53. Custom Honey Sticks

If you can find a local apiary with honey for sale, custom honey sticks are a way to support the environment and make anything taste delicious.

54. Terrarium

Bring green into the home with a handmade terrarium. Plants improve indoor air quality by filtering air. Your guests will love this decorative but mindful party favor.

handmande terrarium

55. Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Sunscreen is wonderful for protecting your skin, but only if it doesn’t destroy the environment. Reef-safe sunscreen is one way to do that. Put your custom label on the container and pass one out to each guest.

56. Organic Home-Made Preserves

A handmade goodie is always appreciated, and nothing says handmade and good like organic home-made preserves. Pick your favorite fruit and make something your guests will love.

homemade preserves in cute jars wedding favor ideas

57. Lavender Handmade Freshener

A satchel can be used in cars, drawers and even closets. You can make your own eco-friendly satchel by placing fragrant dried lavender into a small linen bag, making it an easy wedding favor idea!

58. Natural Bath Salts

You can make your own unique bath salts with epsom salt and your favorite essential oil. Use a mason jar and a label to instruct your guests on how to enjoy it.

59. Eco-Friendly Organic Soap

There are artisan soap makers everywhere these days. A handmade, organic soap is a lovely wedding favor idea.

handmade organic soap gift

Seasonal Wedding Favors 

60. Personalized Ornaments

Getting married around Christmas? Why not give a personalized wedding ornament to your guests? 

61. Rustic Tea Bags

Cold weather deserves a warm drink. Rustic tea bags can be stuffed by hand with your favorite loose leaf tea and directions for making the best tea.

loose leaf tea

62. Wax Candle Aromatherapy

Relaxation is the name of the game with wax candles made with essential oils. Your guests will appreciate the gesture.

63. Fall Cookie Cutters

Leaves, scarves, and acorns are all ways to celebrate the fall season. You can get plastic or metal cookie cutters and place them in a bag with your favorite cookie recipe.

64. Beach Balls

Summer time calls for beach bashes. Why not give your guests inflatable beach balls to take home or to use during the reception?

65. Sunglasses

Your future’s so bright, your guests need to wear shades. You can buy bulk multi-color sunglasses to pass out to your guests. Even better, you can have your shades customized with your wedding hashtag to encourage lots of social media buzz around your event.

custom sunglasses for your wedding guests
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66. Parasols

Keep your guests cool by offering pretty parasols during your ceremony or reception. While these can be customized, just basic traditional patterns will add lots of mood to your event and is an easy wedding favor idea.

67. Wooden Butterflies

These decorative pieces will look lovely at place settings and in your guests’ homes. The backs can include magnets or hooks for easy mounting. 

68. Blanket

If your wedding is going to take place in the lower temperatures, a little throw blanket will keep laps warm and make for a thoughtful party favor.

blanket for wedding favor ideas

69. Pumpkin Candles

Nothing says fall like pumpkin spice. Give the gift of seasonal smells for your wedding. 

Rustic Wedding Favors

70. Wood Wedding Favor Magnet 

A wood wedding favor magnet is a keepsake that your guests will want to hold on to for years to come.

wood wedding favor magnet

71. Mini Jam Flavors

Yum yum! Jam come in a variety of flavors and nearly everyone, from children to the elderly, love a good jam

72. Custom Wedding Mints

Fresh breath is important when meeting people, and your guests will love munching on your custom wedding mints after their meal and in the days and weeks after your wedding.

customized mints for wedding guests

73. Wildflower Seed Wedding Favor

A tiny vial of wildflower seed makes for a charming wedding favor. The apothecary style vial adds to your wedding’s atmosphere.

74. Pinecone Fire Starters

These lovely fire starters are available for purchase from multiple vendors. You can give them in a little satchel with directions for use.

75. Custom Sunflower Seed Bags

A snack with a message, these sunflower seed bags can be printed with any message you want to convey to your guests.

custom sunflower seed bag

76. Crochet Wedding Favors

This could be a really nice project for you or even family members who know how to wield a crochet hook. You can make whatever you like, from a lip balm holder to a set of coasters.

77. Personalized Leather Keychains

Leather keychains are sturdy and liked by men and women alike. Leather keychains pair well with monogrammed stamps.

personalized leather keychain

78. Instant Drinks In A Jar

Give your guests a drink for home with an instant drink in a jar. Choose your favorite cocktail and add all the ingredients in a jar with directions for your guests to assemble.

79. Coffee Bean Wedding Favors

Give your guests the gift of caffeine in the form of coffee beans. Find your favorite roast and bag it up for them!

Wedding Giveaway Ideas

For games and contests, here are some prize ideas your guests are sure to love:

80. Engraved Knife Set

An engraved knife set is a valuable contest gift. Your winner will be surprised by the prize.

81. Nice Bottle Of Wine

A high-value gift is a nice bottle of wine. We’re talking $20 to $30 for a good bottle of wine any guest is sure to love.

fancy wine as a party favor

82. Cocktail Kit

Same as the wine, a cocktail kit is a festive gift. Guests will love hosting their own after-party with your kit.

83. Engraved Moscow Mule Cups

Fancy drinkware is popular these days, and Moscow Mules are a delicious drink. Engraved Moscow Mule cups say so much, and including a funny logo or your wedding hashtag is a great way to say “thanks!”

moscow mule cups for wedding guests

84. Olive Oil Gift Basket

Fancy olive oil makes a great weddding favor idea for anyone who cooks. A olive oil gift basket can include imported olive oil, flavored olive oil, and high-heat blends for all types of cooking.

85. Tiffany Champagne Flutes

Designer champagne flutes by Tiffany & Co. are mouth-blown and made in Sweden. The recipient will be delighted by this jaw-dropping gift.

Tiffany & co champagne flutes

86. Fragrance Lamp

Fragrance lamps are also called effusion lamps that scent the home. They’re often made from beautiful, colorful glass.

87. Gift Card

When you’re not sure what to buy for prizes, gift cards are always a safe choice. From restaurants to retail shops, you can choose from a variety of establishments.

88. Gourmet Chocolate Collection Box

You can taste the difference in gourmet chocolate over the stuff you buy in the grocery store. Search the internet for top-quality chocolates any wedding guest would be excited to receive.

gourmet chocolates for party guests

89. Stainless Steel Wine Chiller

A wine chiller makes white and sparkling wines taste even better and preserve their temperature as it’s being consumed. Wine chillers can be customized, too, with monograms or your wedding date.

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Theme-Based Wedding Favor Ideas

90. Travel Themed

These destination travel tags are a sweet way to share your theme or honeymoon destination. 

destination travel tags

91. Music Themed

For music lovers, custom guitar picks are the way to go. Guests can use them for their intended purpose or even turn them into keychains or necklaces.

92. Beach Themed

Flip flops make for apt wedding party favors for a beach-themed wedding. Get everyone in the mood for sand and sun.

93. Nautical Themed

Your nautical wedding is nothing without some anchor bottle openers. These nifty gifts say “thank you” in a way that adds to your wedding theme and decor.

anchor bottle openers

94. Las Vegas Themed

A custom card set is an entertaining way to express your gratitude to guests coming to your Las Vegas themed wedding.

95. Love Themed

Nothing says love like hearts! These glass love coasters express your feelings and the theme of your wedding. 

glass coasters for wedding favor

96. Sports Themed

Sporty couples, we haven’t forgotten about you. When it comes to wedding favor ideas, personalized golf balls are a playful way to say “thanks” to wedding guests.

97. Vintage Themed

Disposable cameras are a way to encourage your guests to take candid photos of your wedding. The interactive nature of this party favor is always a favorite among guests.

vintage themed camera for wedding favors

98. Fairytale Themed

A crown-shaped bottle opener really ties your fairytale theme together and gives guests something they can use for years to come.

99. Nature Themed

Give mini garden herbs to your wedding guests. As your guests nurture their plants, they will be reminded of your love and your wedding day.

nature themed wedding favor

Bonus: Kids Wedding Favors

Kids need something to do at weddings too. Here are some kids wedding favors that will keep the little ones occupied:

100. Custom Coloring Book & Pencils

101. Temporary Tattoos

102. Bubbles Kit

103. Mini Games (Board Games Made In Mini Version)

104. Personalized Candy Bags

children playing at a wedding

Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

These days, you have so many options available to you for wedding favor ideas. Just remember, whatever you choose should come from your heart. How do you really want to thank your guests? The answer to that question should guide your choice.


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