77 Wedding Theme Ideas For 2023 That Will ‘Wow’ Any Couple

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jan 11, 2021

Last Updated: Jan 4, 2023

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The first step in planning your big day may include thinking up some impressive wedding themes. A wedding theme pulls your whole wedding ceremony together. Once you and your partner establish a theme, you’ll have a better take on how to decorate, setup, and plan your big day.

Wedding themes come in every shape and size. They represent the vibe, feeling, experience, and even color scheme that you want your ceremony and reception to be. Your theme could be anything from a fairytale wedding, to a rustic wedding theme, to even a Disney themed wedding.

No matter what your tastes are as a couple there is a perfect wedding theme out there for you. We’ve compiled 77 of the best wedding theme ideas to inspire you and your significant other during the wedding planning process.

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What Is A Wedding Theme?

What’s A Wedding Theme?

A wedding theme represents the aesthetic or vibe you wish your big day to have. Choosing a specific wedding theme will provide you with direction when it comes time to make decisions on a color scheme, your venue, wedding decorations, and even additional entertainment you plan on having.

If you want your wedding day to feel carefully orchestrated and organized, a wedding theme can help make that happen. As you begin planning your wedding details, if you ever find yourself struggling on decor options, venue choices, or floral arrangements, you can always consider which options best correspond to your theme. Committing to a specific wedding theme will help inspire your choices to create a cohesive atmosphere.

Is A Wedding Theme Necessary?

There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to choosing a wedding theme. While having a theme may help throughout the planning process, you don’t necessarily need one. However, even a themeless wedding is bound to have some sort of underlying organization.

Ultimately, your wedding day is all about you and your partner. Personalizing your ceremony and venue to create a one-of-a-kind celebration is a theme in its own right. Even if you are struggling to put a name or label on your wedding theme, your theme is ultimately the combined aesthetic of you and your partner.

Themes don’t always have to be obvious or exaggerated. Don’t think of a wedding theme as being reserved for only those who throw fairytale weddings or rustic celebrations. Not all themes have to require high-effort. Even a minimalistic style can be its own wedding theme. Or if you take inspiration from a particular color scheme or from the season you’re getting married, all these options can also be considered subtle themes and aesthetics that celebrate your personalities and preferences. 

How To Choose Your Wedding Theme

To choose a wedding theme, you should begin considering what you wish your event to feel like. Do you want a romantic vibe, a modern feel, a tropical aesthetic, or something more whimsical? How do you envision the atmosphere of your ceremony? Is it elegant and formal or casual and laid-back? These are all helpful questions as you begin to decide on a theme and desired mood.

Based on you and your partner’s own styles, personalities, and preferences, you should select and personalize your wedding theme in a way that best matches you two as a couple. Once you and your fiancé have agreed on the perfect aesthetic, you can begin planning your big day from there!

Wedding Themes

 1. Modern Wedding Theme

Pull off a beautiful modern wedding with simplistic, yet sleek decor that’s sure to impress you and your guests. A modern theme allows your venue to feel clean, open, and elegant. 

modern wedding theme

 2. Rustic Wedding Theme

Create a natural, aged, and cozy reception with a rustic wedding theme. Include pinecones in your bouquets, use tiny logs as place name holders, or transform lightbulbs into flower vases. A rustic wedding theme is the perfect theme for an outdoor ceremony and a barn-style reception.

rustic wedding

3. Travel Themed Wedding

For the couple who loves to hit the road to find their next adventure, consider a travel themed wedding. Decorate your venue with pictures and maps of your travels. Have your guests sign a globe as an adorable keepsake instead of a guest book. There are so many creative wedding theme ideas related to travel.

travel themed wedding
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4. Vintage Wedding Theme

Pull out your typewriters and polaroids because it’s time for an old fashioned wedding. Lucky for you, vintage is totally in style. Who wouldn’t love a trip down memory lane complete with awesome vintage props and retro decor?

vintage themed wedding

5. Shabby Chic Wedding Theme

If you’re interested in a theme that will make your venue seem aged yet sophisticated, a shabby chic wedding theme is one to consider. Shabby chic is a very stylized theme and can lead to a cozy and creative environment. 

shabby chic wedding

6. Disney Themed Wedding

Live out your fairytale wedding dreams with a Disney themed wedding. Let your wedding day be a magical one filled with laughter, love, and Mickey Mouse. It’s your day to shine and feel like your very own Disney princess. Embrace your imagination for a picture-perfect Disney themed wedding. 

Disney themed wedding

7. Fairytale Wedding

Step out of the storybook and into your very own fairytale wedding. Create a venue fit for a prince and princess complete with beautiful flower bouquets, elegant decor, and a cake that can feed an entire palace.

Fete NY Instagram

The key to picking the perfect wedding theme is to find beautiful inspiration and surround yourself with it. Visualize all aspects of your wedding and make sure they all properly honor and represent you both”

Jung Lee, Wedding Planner

8. Star Wars Themed Wedding

Take your wedding day celebration to the next galaxy. Fill your reception with lightsabers, droids, Wookiee cookies, and even Baby Yoda’s blue macarons. Unleash your inner geek with this awesome wedding theme and may the force be with you as you plan it. 

stars wars wedding theme

9. Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Get your wands and spell books ready for a magical Harry Potter wedding. Transform your reception into a Hogwarts of your own. Sort your guests into different houses by having each corner of the room represent one of the four houses. Embrace the colors of Gryffindor with a red and gold dining theme. 

Harry Potter themed wedding

10. Winter Wedding Theme

Turn your wedding day into a winter wonderland. If you’re hoping for a cozy, snow covered affair, a winter themed wedding may be perfect for you. The winter season can make for a romantic wedding backdrop. Embrace this theme to add a magical element to your wedding.

winter wedding theme

11. Spring Wedding Theme

Let your love fully bloom with a magical spring ceremony. Spring represents the blossoming of new life making it a fitting theme for a wedding as you and your partner begin your new lives together.

spring wedding theme

12. Summer Wedding Theme

For a vibrant and warm feeling to your wedding, look towards Summer as your guide. Capture the feeling of long days and sunshine by including bright colors and beautiful flowers at your ceremony and reception.

summer wedding theme

13. Fall Wedding Theme

Celebrate the season of harvest on your wedding day. Let the beautiful colors of the changing leaves be your inspiration by incorporating yellow, orange, and red into your reception.

fall wedding theme

14. Sunflower Wedding Theme

Theme your wedding with a specific flower in mind. Sunflowers are often seen as symbols of happiness, faithfulness, and good luck, making them the perfect symbolic addition to your big day.

sunflower wedding theme

15. Beach Wedding Theme

If a sandy shore is what you’re looking for, it’s time to start looking for the perfect beach venue. Put on your flip flops and create an aisle in the sand. Decorate your bouquet with seashells and let the waves crash your ceremony. Beach wedding themes are very popular and are always fun to execute. 

beach wedding theme

16. Country Wedding Theme

Looking to take your celebration to the countryside? Embrace the theme by making your reception feel natural and one with nature. This one goes hand in hand with a rustic wedding theme.

country wedding theme

Not sure which theme is right for you? Take this fun quiz to find out!

17. Pink Wedding Theme

Some of the best wedding theme ideas come from using a specific color scheme. Pink is a delicate and romantic hue that’s sure to brighten up your wedding theme.

pink wedding theme

18. Orange Wedding Theme

The color orange symbolizes energy, warmth, and adventure. For bold wedding theme ideas, consider using orange throughout your venue.

orange wedding theme

19. Yellow Wedding Theme

Yellow is the color of freshness, clarity, and joy. Embody the vibe of this color on your wedding day by having yellow decor and flowers all around you. The color yellow is sure to brighten up any room.

yellow wedding theme

20. Green Wedding Theme

Go green for your big day as a symbol of life, growth, and harmony. The natural and peaceful vibe of a green wedding theme can also be viewed as a sign of good luck towards your marriage. 

green wedding theme

21. Blue Wedding Theme

Blue is the color of peace, wisdom, and dedication. Transform the tables at your reception to feel like a tranquil blue river connecting you with your partner and all your guests as two families become one. 

blue wedding theme

22. Lavender Wedding Theme

Purple is the color of royalty, elegance, and serenity. Embrace the grace and purity of lavender flowers by using the color throughout your venue. 

lavender wedding theme

23. Burgundy Wedding Theme

Burgundy symbolizes ambition and sophistication. Style your wedding as such by committing to a burgundy wedding theme.

burgundy wedding theme

24. Copper Wedding Theme

Spice up the look of your wedding reception decor by adding the richness of copper. Copper is said to represent the goddess of love, making it an ideal theme for your wedding day.

copper wedding theme

25. Maroon Wedding Theme

Maroon represents strength, love, and passion. Deepen the warmth and mood of your reception environment by having maroon be your theme.

maroon wedding theme

26. Gold Wedding Theme

Adding gold accents to your wedding day can be associated with spirituality, generosity, and success. Furthermore, the color adds a level of sophistication and glamour to your venue making it a wedding theme that’s sure to impress.

gold wedding theme

27. Red and Gold Wedding Theme

If you’re looking for a theme with multiple complimenting colors, red and gold is an enchanting combination. It’s the perfect mix of love, passion, and glitz. These two colors will add a level of warmth that will nicely contrast with the bright white color of a traditional wedding dress.

red and gold wedding theme

28. White and Gold Wedding Theme

For a combination that’s lighter and purer, white and gold may be the color scheme for you. This dynamic duo will create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury.

white and gold wedding theme

29. Black and White Wedding Theme

For a classic styled wedding, black and white is a theme that will never fail. This theme symbolizes balance and unity. It will prove to be quite fitting for a wedding as marriage is all about the union of two people in a balanced relationship.

black and white wedding theme
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30. Rainbow Wedding Theme

For those looking for a more vibrant and colorful atmosphere to their big day, don’t be afraid to embrace every color of the rainbow. The colors of the rainbow can be a symbol of hope as well as representative of the LGBTQ community

rainbow wedding theme

31. Pastel Wedding Theme

If you’re looking for a colorful yet softer theme, a pastel wedding may be perfect for you. Pastel colors represent a subtle yet powerful dynamic. Choose a pastel wedding theme for a peaceful and charming vibe.

pastel wedding theme

32. Neon Wedding Theme

In contrast to pastels, light up your venue with the vibrancy of neon colors. Include shades you’d only see as highlighters for a confident and energetic feel to your reception. Customize your own neon sign to spell out your names or wedding hashtag to serve as the main piece of your neon decor.

neon wedding theme

33. Peacock Themed Wedding

Peacocks are often associated with beauty, nobility, and integrity. Taking inspiration from the creature’s gorgeous feathers, your wedding theme could involve a beautiful combination of deep blues and natural greens.

peacock wedding theme

34. Movie Themed Wedding

It’s your big day. The spotlights are on you, the cameras are rolling, your fans are all patiently waiting for you to walk down the red carpet… well, the wedding aisle. If you love cinema, a movie themed wedding is right down your alley. 

movie themed wedding

35. Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

For all the fans of the poetic work of F. Scott Fitzgerald who depicted a world of excess and jazz, this one’s for you. For those who skipped the book yet were enchanted by Leo’s performance in the film adaptation, these next two wedding themes may also work for you. 

great gatsby themed wedding

36. 1920s Themed Wedding

Embrace the era of Gatsby with a 1920s themed wedding. Incorporate all the jazz and flapper dresses you can for a wedding that’s sure to go down in history as a roaring good time.

1920's theme

37. 1950s Themed Wedding

Looking for more nostalgic and fun wedding themes? Try recreating the 1950s on your big day. Look towards Grease or Rebel Without a Cause for inspiration on hair, clothing, and style. 

1950's theme

38. 1970s Themed Wedding

Stylize your wedding theme with the groovy orange colors of the 70s. Head to your local thrift store to find some retro decor to fit your theme. Pull the theme together by wearing a fun headband or by styling your wedding party to have flowers in their hair.

1970's theme

39. Pearl Wedding Theme

Wedding themes involving pearls are said to be associated with a long marriage. This theme is sure to stand out for its elegance and beauty.

pearl wedding theme

40. Christmas Wedding Theme

Tis the season to be married! Celebrate the season of love and giving by giving your love through marriage. Embrace the red, green, and white colors of Christmas to add a level of holiday magic to your big day. 

christmas theme

41. Romantic Wedding Theme

Capture the feeling of romance with this wedding theme. Select a venue with an enchanting view and opt for gorgeous chandeliers to create a romantic wedding theme you’ll never forget. 

romantic theme

42. Cozy Wedding Theme

Make your reception feel like an intimate affair by adding cozy elements to your theme. Select a venue with a beautiful hearth for you and your guests to marvel at and use for warmth. 

cozy wedding theme

43. Cinderella Themed Wedding

This Disney themed wedding is all about Cinderella. Complete this theme with a carriage, some horses, and a glass slipper. Prepare to be the leading princess in your very own fairytale wedding. Now all that’s missing is a fairy godmother. 

cinderella themed wedding

44. Tangled Themed Wedding

Maybe your Disney themed wedding dreams have a different princess in mind. Create a fairytale wedding using inspiration from Rapunzel. Transform your venue into a magical location with floating lanterns. 

tangled themed wedding

45. Royal Themed Wedding

Decorate your venue to be fit for royalty. Include chairs to resemble thrones for you and your partner to take your seats, front and center.

royal themed wedding

46. Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme

Embrace the element of nature by transforming your venue into an enchanted forest. There’s a sense of magic you can create amid the trees. 

enchanted forest wedding theme

47. Mermaid Themed Wedding

Time to head under the sea for a magical mermaid wedding. Capture the beautiful cool colors of the ocean floor by using blues, greens, and purples in your theme.

mermaid themed wedding

48. Lemon Wedding Theme

Lemons can symbolize long life and good fortune. They’ll add a fun, summery vibe to your wedding with their vibrant yellow color.

lemon theme

49. Citrus Wedding Theme

Expand the lemon theme to include limes, oranges, and grapefruits too for the ultimate citrus wedding. The bold colors of citrus fruits are sure to add some flare to your wedding reception. 

citrus themed

50. Starry Night Wedding Theme

If you’ve always dreamed of a wedding under the stars, now’s your time to do just that. Embrace dark, nightly colors and hang strings of lights from the ceiling to resemble the twinkling night sky.

starry night wedding theme

51. Parisian Wedding Theme

Whether you’re having your wedding in Paris or simply bringing a little Paris to your wedding, a Parisian wedding can make for a fun and elegant theme.

parisian wedding theme

52. Hawaiian Wedding Theme

Get tropical with a Hawaiian wedding. Don’t forget to incorporate floral patterns, tropical plants, palm tree fronds, coconuts, tiki torches, and Hawaiian leis into your theme.

hawaiian wedding theme

53. African Wedding Theme

Wedding themes can also be a great opportunity to show off your culture. An African wedding theme can include traditions such as braided grass, kola nuts, and traditional woven fabric.

african wedding theme

54. Grecian Wedding Theme

Lace up your sandals and go Greek for a wedding theme filled with olive branches, decorative columns, and painted vases. A Grecian wedding is one of elegance and charm. Add a gold leaf crown to your attire and feel like a true Goddess on your big day.

grecian theme

55. Bohemian Wedding Theme

Embrace a boho wedding theme with a relaxed yet artsy vibe. Fill your wedding venue with exotic and unconventional decor that all work together in a truly beautifully unique design of its own. 

bohemian themed wedding

56. Nautical Wedding Theme

Enjoy a nautical theme with an oceanside venue or one on a pier. Utilize blue hues to match the nearby water. Decorate the reception area with anchors, ropes, steering wheels, and seashells.

nautical wedding theme

57. Twilight Wedding Theme

Capture the feeling of the sky’s soft glow as the sun sets below the horizon. Add gentle lighting and warm colors to perfectly create a twilight theme.

twilight theme

58. Celestial Wedding Theme

Create a stellar theme that’s out of this world. A celestial theme is one which represents beauty and harmony. Embrace these aspects to create an inspiring heavenly vibe.

celestial theme
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59. Superhero Themed Wedding

BAM! POW! For all the comic book collectors, Marvel fans, DC stans, and anyone else who loves to geek out, a superhero wedding may be calling your name. Complete this theme with corsages made out of comic books and a photo booth for dressing up as your favorite hero.

superhero theme

60. Whimsical Wedding Theme

Embrace the fun and carefree vibe of a whimsical wedding. Let your decor and venue be bright and playful to create a whimsical wonderland every guest will adore. 

whimsical wedding theme

61. Barn Wedding Theme

If you’re looking for a rustic wedding theme vibe, consider a barn wedding. Get cozy with your close friends and family in a beautifully transformed barn venue complete with fairy lights, wooden chairs, handmade candles, and simple plants. 

barn wedding theme

62. Mountain Wedding Theme

If you’re headed into the mountains for a scenic wedding experience, commit to a mountain wedding theme that will be one with nature. 

mountain wedding theme

63. Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of beauty, life, and renewal. Their bloom is a significant indicator of springtime’s arrival. Let your wedding celebrate the elegant and delicate beauty of these Japanese trees.

cherry blossom theme

64. Tropical Wedding Theme

Take your wedding theme to the tropics. Include natural elements such as tropical flowers and palm fronds. Go with a warm color palette to match the warming vibe of a tropical destination. 

tropical themed wedding

65. Eco-Friendly Wedding Theme

Wedding themes don’t have to go to waste. Create an eco-friendly reception where not even the centerpieces are wasted. Let your centerpieces be edible flowers and herbs and don’t be afraid to throw around compostable confetti in celebration of your marriage.

eco-friendly themed wedding

66. DIY Wedding Theme

Let your wedding reception have that special do-it-yourself vibe. If you’re feeling ambitious and crafty, you can choose to hand make your own decor. Otherwise, head to sites like Etsy for handmade, personalized decorations that also support small businesses. Don’t forget to have one personalized sign be of your best wedding hashtag!

DIY themed

67. Vineyard Wedding Theme

For wedding theme ideas as fine as wine, consider a vineyard wedding. A vineyard venue is sure to provide a romantic and rustic vibe to your big day.

vineyard wedding theme

68. Garden Wedding Theme

For all the botanists and plant lovers, a garden theme can make for some beautifully breathtaking wedding theme ideas. Surround yourself with elegant flowers, a picturesque fountain, and your lovely friends and family for a delightful wedding all around. 

garden wedding theme

69. Baseball Themed Wedding

Take your guests out to the ball game with a baseball themed wedding. Include baseballs, bats, and mitts in your centerpieces and venue decor. Out of all the wedding themes out there, this one is guaranteed to be a homerun hit! 

baseball theme

70. Football Themed Wedding

Stop fumbling through wedding themes and settle on a theme with some hustle. Get your guests to sign footballs as a sporty wedding keepsake and turn a helmet upside down to use as a creative flower vase. 

football themed

71. Gaming Themed Wedding

For all the gamers out there, theme your wedding after your passion. Include 8-bit decor or references to you and your partner’s favorite games. Even your wedding cake toppers could fit the theme by using figurines of your favorite characters. 

gaming themed

72. Literary Wedding Theme

If you spend your free time with your nose in a book or even met your significant other at a library or book club, a literary wedding theme would be perfect. Celebrate your favorite books at your reception. Then for an amazing photoshoot, include a picturesque bookshelf backdrop.

literary theme

73. Rock N Roll Wedding Theme

If you love rock n roll, host a rockin’ wedding reception complete with an epic playlist, vinyl centerpieces, and guitar decor.

rock n roll theme

74. Punk Wedding Theme

For those who love the idea of unconventional wedding themes, give punk a try. If you love listening to punk music and embrace it as a subculture, let those elements shine within your wedding ceremony. 

punk theme

75. Gothic Wedding Theme

Let the elements of dark romanticism emerge for a beautifully gothic wedding theme. Include blacks, whites, and deep reds for a compelling gothic color scheme. 

gothic wedding

76. Minimalistic Wedding Theme

There’s a certain beauty in simplicity. A minimalistic theme does not lessen the value or extravagance of one’s wedding day. Instead, it adds a fun and fresh vibe to create a close-knit celebration. 

minimalist theme

77. Geometric Wedding Theme

For a trendy wedding reception, a geometric theme is sure to impress. Incredible designs made out of simple shapes creates an eye-catching experience at any venue. Unleash your inner creativity by playing around with your geometric decor.

geometric theme

Pick A Theme, Any Theme

Now that you’ve gone through the list of the best and most beautiful wedding theme ideas imaginable, it’s time to settle on the theme that speaks the loudest to you and your partner.

Once wedding themes are established, the planning process can become more precise and purposeful. Now’s the time to begin selecting your table settings, color schemes, and decor to match your wildest wedding theme ideas.

As you plan out your themed decor, don’t forget to include your wedding hashtag on some of the decorations! There are so many creative ways to cleverly incorporate your hashtag with your wedding theme.

Whether you decide to have a fairytale wedding, a traditional wedding, or an unconventional one, the theme you and your partner choose will ultimately be the perfect representation of you two as a couple. Congratulations and enjoy the planning process!


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