50 Rustic Wedding Ideas That Take Your Special Event To The Next Level

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Feb 11, 2021

Last Updated: May 26, 2023

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Planning the rustic wedding of your dreams? Creating a natural and rural look to your wedding celebration doesn’t have to be stressful. We have the top rustic wedding ideas to make your wedding day aesthetic spectacular. 

Wedding themes truly have an important impact when planning your big day. Choosing a wedding theme is the hard part. Deciding on a rustic wedding and planning out your rustic decor is the fun part. 

Let’s explore some of the beautiful, rustic wedding ideas out there for you when it comes to designing your decor, venue, invitations, and dining options.

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50 Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas 

1. Rustic Wedding Arch

Wedding arches are a beautiful way to pull everyone’s attention front and center. You can easily stylize your arch to fit within the rustic theme by using natural woods, twigs, and flower embellishments. 

Your rustic wedding arch will make for a lovely backdrop as you read your vows and make your love official. 

couple getting married under a rustic wedding arch

2. Lanterns

Looking to add that extra touch to your ceremony and reception? Consider including lanterns. Lanterns make for quite versatile rustic decor. You can hang them from the ceiling of your venue, have lantern centerpieces at every table, or even line the aisle with them at your ceremony.

rustic wedding lantern

3. Wooden Crates And Barrels For Candles And Flowers

Get creative with how you display your decor. Instead of placing your flowers in typical vases or putting simple candles on tables, spice up their appearance with wooden crates and barrels.

This idea will surely create a unique display that perfectly matches your rustic wedding theme.

wooden crates and barrels used as decoration

4. Boutique Sign For Names And Wedding Hashtags

Rustic signage will always add a bit of charm to your decor. Include a boutique sign to welcome your guests into your venue. The sign should highlight the names of the newlyweds and can include the wedding party if you so choose. 

This would also be the perfect location to display your personalized wedding hashtag for your guests to admire and use throughout the celebration. 

boutique sign
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5. Vintage Seating Chart

When planning your big day, all couples know the importance of deciding upon a seating chart. Once you’ve settled on the chart, now’s your opportunity to display it in a unique and fitting manner.

Put your seating chart on a vintage mirror to help your guests find their seat amid your rustic wonderland. 

vintage wedding seating chart

6. Pinecone Centerpieces

Discover just how adorable pinecones can be when decorating your tables. Pinecones can make for terrific centerpieces as well as creative name card holders. 

pinecone center pieces

7. Eclectic Flower Vases

Commit to your rustic wedding theme by getting original with your decor. Include eclectic flower vases to enhance your wedding day set-up.

rustic flower vases

 8. Twinkly Lights

Let your venue sparkle and shine like a fairytale moment. Hang your string lights from the ceiling to create the effect of a twinkling night sky. This idea is perfect outdoors or for those having a rustic barn wedding where higher ceilings can make the effect even more dazzling. 

string lights used as decoration at a wedding

9. Crochet Doilies

Give your venue a cozy, handmade feel by having crochet doilies act as display mats for various decor such as under your centerpieces or flower vases.

crochet doilies hanging from chairs

10. Wine Cork Table Numbers

Table numbers are essential to help your guests find their seats. They also can make for lovely decor. Create table numbers out of wine corks to match the fun, rustic vibe you’re looking for.

table numbers made of wine corks

Rustic Wedding Venues

11. Barns

What’s more rustic than having a barn venue? A rustic barn wedding is a quaint and lovely option to host your big day. Barns offer a unique aesthetic of their own making them a picturesque location for your rustic wedding theme.

Barn used as a wedding venue

12. Open-Air Chapels

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds between an indoor and outdoor wedding, consider an open-air chapel. These brilliant structures provide beautiful covering while also granting a sense of being outside with nature.

open-air chapel used as a wedding venue

13. Winery

Capture the beauty of your big day with a picturesque winery as your backdrop. This venue idea is sure to help pull your rustic wedding theme together. 

winery used as a rustic wedding venue
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14. Field

Become one with nature by hosting your wedding day celebration amid a gorgeous field. Your rustic wedding decor will fit right in as barrels, crates, and lanterns can be set up nicely in the grass.

field used as a wedding venue

15. Vintage Inn

If you’re searching for an aged yet cozy vibe, a vintage inn can be your perfect rustic wedding venue. 

wedding at a vintage inn

16. Warehouse

Exposed brick walls, high ceilings, rustic vibes. A warehouse may be the dream wedding venue you never knew you were dreaming of. Selecting a warehouse as your venue comes with the perks of having a wide-open space all to yourself, making it perfect for large gatherings and even a large dance floor.

wedding in a warehouse

17. Distillery 

If you’re still searching for the ideal venue, a distillery comes with its own unique rustic charm. You can easily add your rustic decor, signs, flowers, and centerpieces to this venue to create a dazzling rustic wedding.

wedding in a distillery

18. Ranch

Host your wedding at a ranch for a southern, countryside aesthetic. Enjoy the vibe of a beautiful rustic barn wedding and don’t forget to bring along your cowboy hats!

wedding on a ranch

19. Mountain Wedding Venue

Take your wedding venue to new heights for a stunning mountainside ceremony. A mountain venue practically decorates itself as the gorgeous view will be a showstopper.

mountain wedding venue

20. Desert

Head to the desert for a unique rustic wedding venue. With the eclectic desert plant life and cacti around you, this venue will provide an exciting and natural vibe to your rustic theme.

desert wedding venue

Rustic Wedding Invitations

21. Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

With the power of laser technology, laser cut wedding invitations can offer some sleek, lacey designs. The delicate look of a laser cut invitation is sure to stun and impress your guest list.

laser cut cards

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22. Tied With Twine

Make twine a staple for your rustic themed wedding. Tying up your wedding invitations with some nice twine will give your cards a natural and rustic finish.

rustic wedding invitations tied with twine

23. Dried Flowers

As a rustic theme involves decor with an aged look, dried flowers can be seen as the perfect fit. Complete your wedding invitations with dried flowers for an aged, yet delicate appearance.

dried flowers on a wedding invitation

24. Vintage Letter Stamp

There’s nothing quite like a wax seal to give stationary a stylized look. Stamp your wedding invitations for a unique and vintage vibe.

vintage letter stamp on wedding invitations

25. Letter Tags With Your Initials, Wedding Date, Or Hashtag

Add a special tag to the outside of your card to enhance your invitations. On this tag you can have your initials, your wedding date, and even your best wedding hashtag.

letter tag on wedding invitation
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26. Wood Invitations

For a natural finish, resort to invitations with a wooden design. This wooden look is perfect for driving home your rustic wedding theme.

wood wedding invitation

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27. Lace + Burlap

Impress your invitees with an invitation that will be hard to put down. Get everyone admiring the elegant and rustic design of your lace and burlap wedding invitations. 

lace and burlap wedding invitations

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28. Vintage Key

Include designs of a vintage key on the invitations to call attention to your stylized rustic wedding theme. To further embellish on this idea, you could even tie your invitations with twine and include a small, physical vintage key along with them.

rustic wedding invitation with vintage key

29. Twinkly Lights Border

Style your wedding invitations to include strings of lights on the top border of your cards. This can be an effective yet minimalistic way to design some beautiful wedding invitations.

wedding invitation with a twinkly lights border

30. Spray With Pine Mist

Add an extra dimension to your wedding invitations by spraying them with pine mist. As your guests open these cards, they’ll be graced by the pleasant aroma of pine trees. This will serve as an impressive precursor to the dazzling rustic wedding yet to come.

rustic wedding invitation sprayed with pine mist

Rustic Wedding Dining Ideas

31. Donut Wall

Looking for a fun way to display some dessert time treats? Offer your guests a selection from the donut wall. This unique idea creates a delightful display. To fit your rustic theme, have your donut wall be a wooden panel with wooden pegs to hold the donuts up. 

donut wall

32. Smores With Bonfire

Having a bonfire can be a rather unifying activity, making it perfect for a wedding celebration. Gather your guests around the bonfire and start making some delicious smores. This dining idea will give your reception a cozy, rustic feel.

smores and bonfire at a wedding

33. Cake Wrapped in Vines

After all your cake taste testing is complete and you’ve settled on a flavor, it’s time to decide upon a design or presentation. For your rustic wedding, consider wrapping your cake in vines for a fun, naturalistic appearance. 

rustic wedding cake wrapped in vines

34. Naked Wedding Cake With Flowers

A popular rustic trend is to serve a naked wedding cake. Naked cakes involve stripping the sides of the cake of icing. It creates a sleek, minimalistic look that will match the rustic vibes of your venue. 

You can easily dress up your naked wedding cake a bit by adorning it with flowers to create a truly beautiful presentation.

naked wedding cake with flowers

35. Plain White Wedding Cake With Greenery

Sometimes the simplicity of your decor or desserts can make all the difference. Serve a plain white wedding cake that is solely decorated with greenery. Create a cake that embraces a more natural look, while still appearing beautifully delicious.

Plain White Wedding Cake With Greenery

36. Casual Barbeque

Embrace the casual and cozy nature of a rustic wedding. If you’re planning a micro wedding with a smaller guest list, a casual barbeque may be the perfect dining idea. Create an intimate atmosphere by having a backyard, family-style barbeque. It will be fun for all ages!

casual barbeque at a wedding

37. Rustic Cocktail Cart

Transform your bar area into a rustic cocktail cart. Give the cart an unmistakable aged look to add to the theming. 

rustic cocktail cart

38. Mason Jars For Punch Cocktails

Mason jars have seemingly infinite uses from storing ingredients, being vases for flowers, to even being drinking glasses. Embrace these mason jars at your bar by serving your guests punch cocktails in them.

mason jars for cocktails
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39. Wood-Style Frosting

Stylize your rustic wedding cake to fit the look of a log or tree stump. By frosting the cake in such a way, you’ll provide it with a beautifully rustic look. To complete the presentation, you can display your wood frosted cake on a log pedestal. 

wood style frosting on a rustic wedding cake

40. Add Lace To The Cake

Looking for a more elegant or romantic touch to your wedding cake decorating? Try adding some lace. Lace can add a level of sophistication and beauty to the presentation of your cake.

lace on a wedding cake

Additional Rustic Wedding Ideas

41. Leather Bound Vow Books

Create a special rustic keepsake from your big day by writing your vows down in leather bound books.

leather bound vow book

42. Wood Lawn Games

Get all your guests partaking in the celebration with wooden lawn games. If your venue is outdoors, lawn games are a great way to fill some space and bring everyone together. Memories like these will surely last a lifetime.

wood lawn games at a wedding

43. Wooden Place Card Holders

For more rustic decor ideas, consider having your place card holders match the theme. Personalize wooden tags or mini wooden stumps with everyone’s name on them to help with your seating chart. 

wooden place card holders

44. Drapery

Consider using white or brown drapery to embellish upon some of your rustic decor. For an outdoor wedding, you can use drapery as an elegant and light covering over your venue. You can also hang drapery from an arch to create a prime spot for beautiful photos.

drapery at a wedding

45. Pampas Grass for Decor

The earthy color of pampas grass is perfect for a rustic wedding. There are so many creative ways you can spice up and embellish your rustic decor with pampas grass.

Add pampas grass to your table centerpieces, border a walkway with it, add it to your rustic arch, put it in a flower vase, or display it by your wedding cake. The choice is yours. Unleash your creativity!

pampas grass used as decor at a wedding

46. Wood Stumps And Benches For Seating

Add rustic seating around your venue by transforming wooden stumps or benches into perfectly themed seating arrangements.

wood stumps and benches for seating at a wedding

47. String Band For Music

If you’re looking for clever music arrangements for your rustic wedding, consider hiring a string band. The beautiful sounds of acoustic strings can enhance the atmosphere of the venue.

 string band performing

48. Jars Of Fairy Lights

Putting fairy lights inside a jar is a simple and easy idea yet can create stunning decor. Place these jars along your tables for a fun, rustic centerpiece.

mason jars with fairy lights inside

49. Simplistic Bouquets

Create simplistic bouquets using dried lavender, pampas grass, dried flowers, or baby’s breath. These flowers will make for beautiful rustic bouquets that will look lovely around your venue. 

rustic wedding bouquet

50. Chandeliers 

Consider a rustic chandelier to lighten up your venue. Perhaps the chandelier is made to look like antlers. Or maybe it’s shaped like a wagon wheel with light bulbs dangling down. There are many rustic chandelier designs out there that will without a doubt brighten your reception.

rustic wedding chandelier

Embrace The Rustic Theme

As you can see, there are an endless number of ideas that can help make your rustic wedding truly something spectacular. We hope that some of these ideas have inspired you and will make their way into your wedding planning process.

From simple details such as the style of your place card holders to larger details such as the presentation and design of your wedding cake, there is plenty of room to let your rustic theme shine.

Enjoy the process as you pick out and design your venue and rustic decor. Once your big day arrives, your creativity and hard work will not go unnoticed!


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