50 Enchanting Fall Wedding Theme Ideas (Plus Outdoor Tips)

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Sep 23, 2022

Last Updated: Nov 7, 2022

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Whether it’s the crisp air, the vibrant warm colors, or the fall foliage, autumn can be a highly sought-after time of year to host an enchanting fall wedding theme. Overall, the charm of the season can elevate your wedding ceremony in the best possible way as you embrace the natural wonder of the fall.

No matter if you’re deep into your fall wedding theme dream board, or just beginning to entertain the theme idea, here are 50 incredible fall wedding ideas that will make you fall in love with the theme.

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50 Fall Wedding Ideas

1. Floral Fall Wedding Invitations

Embrace your fall wedding theme with the wedding invitations you send out to your guests by having autumn flowers and colors prominently represented on your cards.

fall-themed wedding cards

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2. Wedding Guest Book

Your wedding guest book is a great place to get creative and showcase your lovely wedding theme. It doesn’t even have to be a book at all. For example, it could be a pumpkin decoration that all your guests write messages on or wooden fall leaves your guests sign and attach to a larger tree display. Let your guest book be as simple or elaborate as you see fit.

wooden pumpkin guest book etsy photo

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3. Muted Orange Wedding Bouquet

When it comes to your wedding bouquet and floral arrangements, if you’re having a fall wedding, you have to have fall wedding flowers. Stick to warm colors such as by having muted orange as your main flowers, with brown and yellow plants as accents.

photo of muted fall colors for wedding bouquet

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4. Autumnal Corsage

Once you have the fall wedding bouquet perfected, it’s time to talk about the corsages. Again, you want to take into consideration a fall color palette and in-season flowers to fit your autumn wedding. You could even put mini fake fruits within it, including berries, pumpkins, or apples for added charm.

autumnal corsage for autumn wedding

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5. Full Bloom Arch

To give your wedding arch a more natural feel, cover it completely with fall flowers that are currently blooming in the exact location of your outdoor wedding. This way, your arch will directly complement your outdoor space as it blends in with the gorgeous greenery surrounding it.

photo of bride and groom with whimsical floral arch
Photo By: Madeleine Ryan 

6. Orchard Wedding Venue

If you and your partner are still deciding on your wedding venue for your big day, an orchard venue can certainly do the trick to match your fall theme. Early on in the fall season, an orchard is bursting with life and color as ripening fruit fills the trees. It can make for an incredibly picturesque location and a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.

photo of bride and groom smiling at orchard venue
Photo By: Amanda Afton

7. Merlot Tuxedo

Stand out as the groom and embrace the warm color palette of fall foliage with a lovely merlot tuxedo. It’s sure to complement the theme well and correspond incredibly as you take your wedding photos outdoors surrounded by fallen leaves and colorful trees.

photo of groom in burgundy tuxedo

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8. Pressed Flowers Escort Cards

Keep everything organized while helping your guests find their assigned seats by handing out escort cards. Having a simple card featuring pressed flowers is one of the best fall wedding ideas you can implement on your big day.

etsy pressed floral escort cards

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9. Pampas Dried Boutonniere

Dried flowers are absolutely trendy and a perfect fit when it comes to a fall wedding theme. Dried pampas grass can be an excellent choice for your boutonnieres for a simple yet stylish aesthetic.

photo of dried pampas grass boutonnieres

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10. Pumpkin Vases

Think outside of the box as you decide on your wedding decor centerpieces. Instead of a vase of flowers at each table, consider creating DIY pumpkin vases for a clever and charming centerpiece.

pumpkin vases for fall wedding
Photo: A Pumpkin & A Princess

11. Cozy Blankets as Wedding Favors

Make sure your guests remain cozy during your fall wedding by offering fuzzy, warm blankets as wedding favors throughout the night. For an added touch, you can even personalize these cozy keepsakes to have your names, wedding date, or wedding hashtag embroidered somewhere on the blankets.

photo of wedding welcome table with fleece blankets
Photo By: Eliza Jane Photography

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12. Mercury Glassware

Mercury glass offers a mirrored finish for a classy and vintage aesthetic when it comes to your glassware. This mid-century look can be quite fitting for the fall season.

photo of mercury glass set

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13. Dahlia Flower Arrangements

Dahlias are an excellent flower to use as decor at your fall wedding as they’re symbols of beauty and commitment. Their bloom is at its peak during the autumn and they come in a wide array of colors to create the stunning arrangement you need at your ceremony.

photo of dahlia floral arrangement
Photo: Garden Wedding Expert

14. Plaid Invitation Suite

Nothing quite spells the season of fall as much as a plaid patterning. Plaid simply reminds us of flannel shirts and cozy blankets. This unique pattern can serve as significant inspiration as you and your partner are selecting your invitation suite.

photo of plaid invitation

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15. Rustic Wedding Invitations

The rustic wedding theme is a theme in touch with natural elements, much like the season of autumn. Combining these two aesthetics is one of the best fall wedding ideas you can put into action. Start with your wedding invitations by purchasing ones with a rustic vibe.

photo of autumn wedding invitation from Minted

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16. Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Place card holders can be a creative and fitting opportunity for fall wedding decor. Instead of a generic clip or stand, invest in some small faux pumpkins to hold up your place cards in the most adorable manner.

pumpkin place card holder photo

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17. Sunflower Ceremony Arch

Early autumn is typically the end of sunflower season. If these are your flowers of choice, they can be a stunning addition to your wedding ceremony arch by adding a pop of color to your greenery.

photo of sunflower ceremony arch

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18. Burnt Orange Suit

A burnt orange suit for the groom or even members of your wedding party can be the perfect way to ensure your fall wedding theme is bursting with color. It’s also very fitting if your wedding day falls around Halloween for an orange aesthetic.

burnt orange suit from SuitShop

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19. Cottagecore Wedding Dress

The cottagecore aesthetic is rooted in the simplicity and charm of a countryside lifestyle. If this is the style you’re looking to achieve for your fall wedding theme, then picking out a cottagecore wedding dress will prove to be pivotal. To achieve this look, a long and flowing gown with multiple layers of lace and tulle might be exactly what you need.

photo of Cottagecore wedding dress

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20. Fall Flower Crown

After finding your wedding dress, now it’s all about the accessories. Complete your gorgeous wedding hairstyle with a boho fall flower crown.

photo of flower crown

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21. Fresh Fruit Centerpieces

Your table decor is another prime location to truly let your fall wedding theme shine. Rather than sticking to simple floral arrangements, try incorporating fresh fruit such as apples, cranberries, and pumpkins into your centerpieces as well.

photo of fresh fruit centerpieces
Photo By: Tec Petaja

22. Fall Wedding Flower Arch

Having a wedding arch makes for a stunning backdrop at your altar or wedding reception. To provide your arch with an autumnal feel, make sure it includes natural fall flowers and greenery that’ll complement your color scheme.

photo of fall wedding flower arch

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23. Painted Pumpkin Centerpieces

Pumpkins are a prime symbol and aesthetic for this wonderful time of year, but perhaps you’re going for a more whimsical vibe rather than naturalistic. If that’s the case, painting your pumpkins different colors such as silver and gold or using a pastel palette can add an extra layer of originality to your fall wedding centerpieces.

whimsical pumpkin centerpiece
Photo By: Billye Donya

24. Autumn Leaves Confetti

Having some form of a wedding send-off at the wedding ceremony can be an engaging way for guests to interact with the newlyweds as they toss up the confetti in celebration and for good luck. For various traditions or for aesthetics, guests throw rice, coins, confetti, or even blow bubbles at the newlyweds. When it comes to fall wedding ideas, this is the perfect opportunity to use autumn leaves as natural confetti for some gorgeous candid photos.

bride and groom kissing with fall leaves dropping
Photo By: Lara Hotz

25. Fall Foliage Wedding Centerpiece

Aside from having fresh fruit or pumpkins as your table centerpieces, you can also decorate your tablescapes with fall leaves. These can make for a fitting addition to your floral arrangements or other rustic table displays, all while bringing out some color.

fall foliage wedding centerpiece colors
Photo By: Jen Fariello

26. Burnt Orange Wedding Altar

For the pop of color you need in your wedding altar, consider going for a burnt orange color palette. This will draw all eyes to the altar, as intended, while also matching the fall theme.

burnt orange wedding altar with geometrical frame
Photo By: Kourtney Fossaluzza

27. Homemade Pies

Curious about wedding cake alternatives? A delightful homemade pie could do the trick. Plus, pies are all the rage in the fall months. Whether it’s pecan, blackberry, apple, or pumpkin, pies are sure to satisfy your wedding day sweet tooth.

photo of pies at wedding
Photo By: Angie Wilson

28. Autumn Wedding Memory Book

Aside from a wedding guest book for your guests to sign their names to, you can also take this idea a step further and allow a larger space for them to write custom messages or marital advice for you and your partner to enjoy. Personalize your memory book to have your names and a cute autumn theme, then put it on display at your wedding reception.

autumn wedding memory book photo

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29. Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

For a fall wedding theme, it just makes sense for your bridesmaids to be dressed for the season. Choose a color that corresponds to the fall foliage such as having burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

photo of bride and bridesmaids in burgundy color
Photo By: B. Flint

30. Tweed Suit

Looking for a suit that is both cozy and stylish? If so, then tweed is what you need. This fun woolen fabric is perfect for a breezy outdoor wedding celebration in the fall.

photo of groom in woolen tweed suit
Photo By: Tracy Enoch
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31. Denim Bridesmaid Jackets

Once you and your bridal party pick out the ultimate autumnal bridesmaid dresses, you might be interested in accessorizing the look further. To fit your fall aesthetic all while keeping your bridesmaids comfy, consider adding stylish denim jackets to the look.

photo of bride and bridesmaids in denim jacket
Photo By: Jono & Laynie

32. Rustic Grazing Table

Elevate your snack table with a rustic style. Layer your charcuterie boards on wooden crates and palettes, then decorate your table with lanterns and rustic floral arrangements.

photo of snack table at wedding
Photo By: Bonnie Jenkins

33. Dark Purple Tuxedo

Fall colors are vibrant and fun, so what better way to celebrate this color palette than with your wedding day attire? A dark purple tuxedo is sure to stand out and look fabulous as you tie the knot with your significant other.

collage of groom in dark purple tuxedo
Photo By: Praise Wedding

34. Donut Tower

Let’s be real, donuts are great in any season, but apple cider donuts are definitely something special during autumn. Celebrate the season with a rustic donut tower as a delicious fall display.

photo of wedding cake with donut tower
Photo By: Summer Taylor

35. Pumpkin Tablescape

Every fall we pick them, we carve them, we eat them, and enjoy them. Why not decorate your wedding tables with them, too? Their natural orange color is sure to spruce up your decor whether you purchase the real deal or craft up your own faux pumpkin displays.

pumpkin tablescape photo
Curated By: Four Oaks Manor

36. Autumn Florals Invitation

Your wedding invitations can be a great way to announce your chosen wedding theme. It’ll set the tone for the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. Let your fall wedding theme stand out on your invitations with a warm, muted color scheme and fall flowers and foliage.

photo of autumn florals invitation

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37. Foliage-Filled Portraits

When it comes to wedding photos, it’s all about finding that perfect location for poses. Luckily, Mother Nature can be a magnificent backdrop as you capture your portraits in front of a foliage-filled destination.

photo of foliage-filled portrait
Photo By: Will Pursell

38. Ornate Rug Altar

Aside from calling attention to your altar with a wedding arch, try decorating the ground of your altar as well. Place an ornate rug in the grass as a way to spice up the outdoor setting.

photo of ornate rug altar with bride and groom kissing
Photo: Wildly Collective

39. Autumnal Accessories

Adding autumn-themed accents to your attire can be a fun homage to your seasonal wedding theme. Something as simple as an autumn flower clip can go a long way.

photo of fall hair wedding accessory

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40. Ombre Orange Wedding Cake

White wedding cakes may be traditional, but adding a burst of color to your sweets can create a dreamy look. When it comes to fall wedding ideas, it only makes sense to decorate your cake to fit the season. Perhaps an ombre orange cake is the enchanting style you need at your reception.

photo of ombre orange wedding cake
Photo By: mimimi_cakes

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41. Foliage Ceremony Arch

While decorating your wedding arch with fall flowers is an excellent place to start, try adding some foliage into the mix. The dried fall leaves will add some lovely variety to your ceremony arch design.

photo of bride and groom at floral arch
Photo By: Love Tree Studios

42. Custom Vinyl Guest Book

Another creative idea for a unique guest book would be having your guests sign a personalized vinyl record. This custom vinyl can include a photo of you and your partner as well as your names and wedding date. At the end of the night, you’ll have a charming memento from your big day.

photo of custom vinyl guest book

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43. Purple Wedding Cake

Deep purple colored icing can look fabulous on a white wedding cake. Whether your cake has streaks of lilac, a purple marbling effect, or is a solid plum hue, your cake can steal the show at your autumnal celebration.

photo of purple wedding cake
Cake By: Lilac Patisserie

44. Rustic Floral Arrangements

Putting a rustic touch on your floral arrangements is all about how you choose to display them. Place your lovely fall flowers in a steel bucket, in a wooden crate, or in a large mason jar to achieve the desired rustic look.

photo of floral arrangements in steel buckets
Photo By: Annie Spratt

45. Retro Invitations

A retro aesthetic can often complement the fall season well. From the burnt orange and pale pink color scheme to the fun fonts associated with it, having retro invitations can help further inspire your theme.

etsy retro wedding invitaitons

Shop Now: Etsy

46. Pampas Grass Table Runner

Separate, organize, and decorate your tablescape with a pampas grass table runner. The natural and neutral tones of pampas grass can fit with any color palette all while adding some charm to your wedding tables.

photo of outdoor table runner with pampas grass

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47. Autumn-Centric Altar

Your altar should be a beautiful and symbolic structure for you and your partner as you say your vows underneath it. It’s a great area to dress up a bit with your own style and flair. Make it fit the season by using wood, twigs, tree branches, and fall foliage to make it a nature-centric focal point.

photo of autumn-centric altar
Photo By: Ama By Aisha

48. Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Can’t decide on the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your crew? Perhaps velvet is your answer. Due to the very nature of velvet, these dresses will add a charming dimension to your bridal party’s look. The soft, lush aesthetic will seamlessly integrate into your fall wedding theme.

photo of bride with bridesmaids in velvet dresses
Photo By: Liz Fogarty

49. Show Off Rings On Autumn Leaves

Whether it’s for your engagement photo shoot or for the photos you take on your wedding day, getting a unique shot showing off your wedding rings can make for a memorable picture. Go all in on your fall wedding theme and place your rings on autumn leaves. The colored leaves will beautifully enhance the look of your rings for a must-share image.

photo of bride and groom leaves with wedding rings
Photo By: Lauren Fair

50. Hot Chocolate Favors

A chilly fall celebration calls for some cozy wedding favors. Give your guests a hot chocolate kit for them to enjoy during the season. Purchase pre-made kits or create DIY favors by placing the cocoa mix, marshmallows, and any other desired toppings in a stylish mug, mason jar, vile, or tube.

wedding hot chocolate favors

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Best Places For An Outdoor Fall Wedding

Vineyard or Winery

Most vineyards are at their peak from the summer months through the autumn harvest. Embrace this time of year by planning your outdoor wedding celebration at a picturesque vineyard or winery.

As a pro tip, you should research the types of packages the vineyard or winery offers in terms of tastings and catering. Not only will it be a beautiful fall location, but you’ll have a memorable experience as you serve local wines at your reception for you and your guests to sample and enjoy.


For a more rustic setting, a barn can make for a fabulous fall venue. It’s perfect for having both an outdoor area around the barn as well as a quaint reception within it. Barns can have a lovely flow to them as guests mix and mingle freely in this open area.

When it comes to a barn reception, if you’re planning for your celebration to go well into the night, you’ll need to consider lighting. Often barns offer beautiful natural lighting during the day but get rather dark at night. Hanging fairy lights along the rafters can be a fitting solution that’ll also look gorgeous within the barn.


For a countryside aesthetic, a ranch outdoor wedding is the venue for you. Just imagine acres of land surrounded by roaming livestock for a picturesque celebration that’ll be one with nature.

As with all outdoor weddings, you’ll want to plan accordingly when it comes to your ranch venue. Prepare for all types of weather that might be thrown your way, including having backup rain plans. You’ll also want to dress comfortably, not only for the weather, but also if you plan to do any ranch-based activities such as horseback riding.

Lakeside Wedding

Perhaps finding a venue with a water feature is high on your list. In this case, a lakeside wedding will without a doubt fit the bill. Gazing out into the distance to see the reflection of the colorful autumn trees within the water can truly be magical.

Just remember, it can get chilly by the lake, so make sure you prepare accordingly by handing out blankets, advising your guests to bring jackets, and setting up heaters or a bonfire if appropriate.

Mountain Wedding

If the mountains are calling you and your partner’s names, we don’t blame you. Take your ceremony to new heights to have an elevated view of the wonders of Mother Nature during the fall. The sight of rolling mountains and colorful tree lines is sure to take everyone’s breath away.

Find a lodge, resort, or another venue that is situated nicely on the mountain. Be sure to check out various venue contenders before you book to ensure your mountain view is an unobstructed one.

Fall Forest

What’s more enchanting than celebrating your big day deep within a lush and vibrant fall forest? The idea of looking upwards and being completely mesmerized by a canopy of fall foliage is hard to beat.

To prepare for your fall forest wedding, consider all the amenities you need to pull off an outdoor celebration including restrooms and a kitchen or some sort of prep area for catering. Then plan your venue accordingly.

8 Fall Wedding Color Scheme Ideas

Selecting a fall wedding color scheme is all about pairing together a few naturally occurring colors of the season. Here are some of our favorite palettes for an autumnal ceremony.

1. Rust Orange With Greenery

A good rust orange palette will be the talk of the town this fall. This subdued color is symbolic of fall leaves and all things pumpkin. Pair your rust orange with some greenery as accents to make this color scheme feel whole.

rustic orange wedding arch

Shop Now: Etsy

2. Evergreen And Blush

A deep green paired with a pale pink blush is sure to delight. This sophisticated theme will feel like late fall without being overly vibrant or whimsical. It’s perfect for a boho aesthetic.

evergreen and blush bouquet for bridesmaids
Photo By: Style Me Pretty

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3. Peach And Charcoal

This light scheme is subtle yet effective. Peach may be a light color, but when combined with charcoal gray, the peach will pop a little bit more for a dazzling fall scheme.

peach and charcoal wedding party colors
Photo By: Lindsey Lyons Photography

4. Burgundy And Gold

Fall is the perfect season to embrace those jewel tones and what better combination than burgundy and gold? These colors are deep and rich. They’ll complement each other well amid the fall foliage.

burgundy wedding flowers for tablescape
Photo By: Mill Photo Studio

5. Dusty Yellow And Maroon

Dusty yellow is the perfect offset color to pair with the darkness of maroon. These two will play nicely with each other as the yellow will brighten up your scheme while your maroon sets the tone.

wedding photo of casual wedding party with sunflower bouquets
Photo By: Alexa Penberthy Photography

6. Dark Red, Copper, And Gray

The warm palette of dark red and copper gets some cooling relief with the addition of gray. This scheme is bold and vibrant as it truly encapsulates the colors of autumn.

photo of moody wedding table with menu
Photo: Wedding Mania

7. Deep Purple, Orange, And Mustard

For a more vibrant fall color scheme, consider a deep purple base that’s complemented by orange and a yellow mustard shade for bursts of color that scream fall.

photo of wedding stationery

Shop Now: Etsy

8. Orange And Beige

Your orange and beige scheme will certainly feel warm, cozy, and seasonal. The beige will keep your palette grounded with a natural feel while the orange will provide you with the pop of color you need.

photo of wedding centerpieces with orange and beige florals
Photo By: Lauren Mecum

Fall In Love With Your Fall Wedding

From the best fall wedding ideas to the most autumn-centric venues to the top fall wedding color palettes, we hope that this guide has inspired the planning process of your seasonally themed wedding. By embracing a natural, rustic aesthetic and discovering clever ways to represent the fall season’s colors, flowers, and produce, you’ll be well on your way to a beautifully enchanting fall-themed wedding day.


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