How To Make A Wedding Bouquet: DIY Guide And Design Ideas

wedding bouquet
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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jan 5, 2022

Last Updated: Oct 4, 2023

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As you’re preparing your wedding day floral arrangements, you may be stressing over how to make a wedding bouquet.

Fear not! This guide is full of all the tips and design suggestions that’ll walk you through exactly how to make a wedding bouquet of your very own.

Making your own bridal bouquet is perfect for those interested in a DIY wedding style. Not to mention, you’re sure to impress your guests in the process. Decor and the cost of wedding flowers can get expensive, so why not save some money and unleash your creativity by creating your lovely bouquet arrangement yourself! 

How To Make A Wedding Bouquet: DIY 

Decide What Style You Want

Before you can begin to learn how to make a bridal bouquet, you must first decide on the ultimate style and design you wish to achieve. Here are some tips and advice to keep in mind as you decide upon your gorgeous bridal bouquet design:

Picking Your Flowers

What style of flowers are you interested in? Are you looking for big and bold or ones with smaller buds? Do you want them to be fresh or dried?

Of course, the answers to these questions can be varied. Bouquets typically comprise a lovely combination of multiple flowers. You’ll thus want to consider what flowers will be your primary star of the show within the bouquet and what you’ll have as secondary flowers to have as accents to help pull the whole bouquet together.

To inspire your search for the optimum bouquet flowers, consider romantic options such as roses, ranunculus, peonies, dahlias, Limonium, eucalyptus, or lilies.

picking flowers for wedding bouquet

Take Into Account Seasonality

When carefully selecting your bridal bouquet design, allow the season of your wedding ceremony to help act as your guide. Check what flowers are in season in your area. For example, sunflowers make for a perfect summer bouquet with their bright and bold colors that come alive during the summertime. 

In the spring, roses and tulips come to mind. Autumn is a popular season for dahlias and lilies to bloom while winter is a lovely season for amaryllis and holly.

Choosing flowers that coordinate with the season of your wedding isn’t only fitting to match the seasonal color scheme, but these flowers will also be easier and more accessible to obtain. Ultimately, this makes things easier on you as you begin to learn the DIY techniques of how to make a wedding bouquet.

DIY wedding bouquet with dahlias

What Would Fit Your Wedding Theme?

Aside from taking into account the season, you may also wish to entertain what bouquet styles would align well with your wedding theme. Having bright red roses with a pastel wedding theme might not be so fitting. However, enhancing a nautical wedding theme with a variety of blue pansies or orchids can make for an enchanting accessory.

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Design Ideas For Inspiration

A Dazzling Orange Bouquet

This incredible DIY bouquet thrives in its diversity as it features a healthy variety of different flowers to perfectly complement its orange and green color scheme.

orange and green color scheme for wedding bouquet
A Rustic Bouquet Featuring Berries

If you’re looking for inspiration for a rustic wedding bouquet, this elegant DIY arrangement is exactly what you need. As you begin learning and practicing how to make a bouquet of flowers, don’t be afraid to add extra embellishments such as berries to make your bouquet truly stand out.

rustic wedding look
Leaves Are Your Best Friend

As you’re designing your bridal bouquet, don’t become overly fixated on filling your bouquet with loads of blossoming flowers. Sometimes it’s the leafier plants that can truly make a difference in pulling your bouquet together.

eucalyptus leaves
Consider The Dried Flower Trend

Dried flower wedding bouquets have recently become quite popular. These stylish bouquets are unique and fitting for a boho wedding with a muted color palette or for those embracing a fall wedding. Not only do dried flowers look intriguing, but you also won’t have to worry about your bouquet wilting, drooping, or looking dehydrated since these flowers are already dried.

dried flower wedding bouquet
Variety Can Make Your Bouquet Appear More Elaborate

Here we see a stunning, elaborate bouquet. If you’re looking to replicate a similar style, know that it may be easier than you may think. The key is in the variety and pairings happening within the bouquet. Having five or more different flowers of various shapes and sizes with a color scheme of four or more different colors can create an impressive design like the one below.

DIY wedding flower photo
Or Keep It Simple

For a beautifully simple wedding, consider creating a bouquet that focuses on one main flower type, such as the garden rose, and embellish your display with greenery, leaves, and small budding flowers like baby’s breath to help compliment your primary blossom.

garden roses in wedding bouquet

Materials You’ll Need 

Now that you’ve had a moment to consider the style, flower types, and colors you’re most interested in using in your bridal bouquet, it’s time to discuss the materials. For all those creative DIY brides out there inspired by the lovely creations above, here’s a list of the material you’ll need once we explain how to make a wedding bouquet:

  • Shears or scissors 
  • String
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Lace or Decorative Ribbon
  • Floral Tape

How To Prep Your Flowers

1. Use Shears To Dethorn Your Flowers

You’ll want to begin to prep your flowers for the bouquet by using your shears or scissors to remove any thorns from your flower stems. Then, gently remove any unwanted leaves from the stems as well. Be sure to use care so you don’t damage the integrity of the stem or accidentally cut any petals.

how to make a wedding bouquet step 1

2. Trim The Stems

Gather up all your freshly pruned flowers and compare their heights. You’ll now want to use your scissors to trim all the stems so that they’re equal in length. Bear in mind that it’s typically best to trim too little rather than too much. You can always trim them shorter in the future so don’t get too carried away in this step.

how to make a wedding bouquet step 2
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Building The Bouquet 

1. Choose Your First Primary Flower

Let’s begin the bouquet-building process by picking out the initial primary flower you wish to start with. Now take a second flower and cross the two by their stems. As you’re learning how to make a bridal bouquet, it’s best to have these two flowers be the same height and to make sure you’re holding them tightly right beneath the blossom as you intertwine them.

how to make a wedding bouquet

2. Intertwine Your Flowers One At A Time

To add to your growing bouquet, continue the process of crossing two stems together, one flower at a time. Be sure to continually rotate your bouquet a quarter with each new flower you add. This will ensure that all stems cross together, and thus help keep your floral creation as one.

step 4

3. Repeat The Process With The Secondary Flowers

Once you’ve effectively crossed the stems of all your primary flowers, you’ll want to repeat the process and do the same for the secondary flowers. Start filling in any gaps and spaces in order for your bouquet to feel full. As you’re styling your secondary flowers, be sure to place them all at the same angle in order to create a lovely symmetrical bouquet.

flower bouquet step 5

4. Time To Tie Your Bouquet

Finally, your floral tape comes into play. Find the highest point of all your flower stems and tie your bouquet tightly around this point. Wrap the floral tape around the stems several times at the top then work your way downwards in a spiral motion, wrapping the stems 4 inches down.

wedding bouquet step 6

5. Choose To Trim Your Stems Further

Now that you have your bridal bouquet tied tightly together, you have the perfect opportunity to cut your stems shorter if you so choose. Practice how you’ll want to hold your bouquet as you’ll want to leave plenty of room for a comfortable grip. Should there be any excess, feel free to use your shears.

step 7

6. Finalize Your Bouquet With A Ribbon

Lastly, finish off your bouquet with a lovely ribbon embellishment. Follow the same process you took for wrapping your floral tape by starting at the highest point of the stems and working your way down. Wrap your ribbon down until you only have 1 to 2 inches of stem left at the bottom. Once you’ve reached this point, wrap your ribbon all the way back up again and secure it in a knot or bow at the top. Congratulations! You now know how to make a bouquet of flowers!

how to make a wedding bouquet step 8

How To Make A Wedding Bouquet: Step-By-Step Video

How To Make A Wedding Bouquet: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to make your own wedding bouquet?

Making your own wedding bouquet may sound like an intimidating feat, yet with the proper supplies and inspiration, it’s an accomplishable task for many DIY brides out there.

How long before the wedding can you make a bouquet?

To keep your wedding bouquet at the optimum freshness, you should only make your bouquet within 24 hours of your big day. Of course, certain buds may be able to withstand a period of 48 hours after being cut; however, it’s best to not create your bouquet too early.

What flowers should not be in a wedding bouquet?

There are certain flowers you may wish to avoid in your wedding bouquet as they’re difficult to manage or don’t survive long once cut. For example, tulips should be avoided as they’re top-heavy and often droop and so should hydrangeas as they are fragile and won’t survive long without water. 

Should I put my bouquet in the fridge? 

Once you’ve made your bridal bouquet, you may wish to store it in the fridge overnight. This can help keep your flowers looking crisp and fresh by helping them retain moisture before your wedding day.

What can a bride carry instead of a bouquet?

If you’re looking for bridal bouquet alternatives, consider carrying lanterns, a fan, or a meaningful family heirloom instead of the traditional bundle of flowers.

how to make a wedding bouquet inforgraphic

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Show Off Your Beautiful Bouquet!

Now that you know how to make a wedding bouquet, it’s time to flaunt your beautiful creation. Making your own bouquet for your wedding is a great way to showcase your personality and creativity. Be proud of your masterpiece and allow your DIY arrangement to accumulate the accolades it deserves.


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