70+ Trending Wedding Color Schemes To Steal In 2023

Jennifer Skulski

Published: May 18, 2021

Last Updated: Dec 6, 2022

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A prominent feature of all weddings involves their corresponding wedding color schemes. As you begin planning your nuptial celebration, deciding on your favorite wedding color themes may be one of the first objectives on your list. 

If you and your partner are looking to keep up with the latest wedding trends, you’ll definitely need some wedding hashtags, and you’ll also need to consider your wedding color palette.

To inspire your search for the perfect palette for you and your fiancé, we’ve got over 70 different top wedding color schemes to choose from!

What Are Wedding Color Schemes?

Wedding color schemes are the chosen colors that’ll pull the design of your venue together. By deciding on one cohesive color palette, you and your future spouse’s wedding will appear perfectly coordinated and incredibly picturesque.

Colors themselves give off their own energies and associations. When you pair one color with another, you’re creating a unique palette with a new meaning. In many color schemes, you’ll have a main color or two surrounded by other flattering shades that will help accent their beauty.

The color scheme you chose will help dictate the colors of your bridal party’s apparel, your table settings, your wedding decor, and your flower arrangements. Ultimately, your wedding color palette’s your guideline for how you envision the atmosphere of your big day. 

What Are The Trending Wedding Color Schemes For 2023?

A popular trend for 2023 wedding color schemes involves incorporating gradients into your theme. One of the top wedding color ideas for this year are gradient blues. Don’t just settle on one shade when you can dazzle your guests with a beautiful gradient design in which your light shade of blue gets paired with darker and darker versions of itself.

Other top wedding color schemes for 2023 include pairing reds with bold gold accents or pairing raspberry with a soft gray. These two wedding color ideas are sure to nicely tie your venue together in a flattering and trendy manner. 

How To Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme

Wedding color schemes can say a lot about you and your partner’s relationship and style. Are you yearning for a bright, bold, and energetic celebration or a more subdued and elegant atmosphere?

Your wedding color palette can also greatly influence the feeling of your venue and the clarity of your wedding theme. Nautical or beach-themed weddings often feature a prominent blue scheme. Rustic weddings on the other hand feature more naturalistic and lighter colors. 

Deciding on your wedding color themes may also be dependent upon the season you’re getting married. Certain wedding color schemes have strong associations with different times of the year. Having a maple, orange, and mustard color scheme may be perfect for fall, but not a great fit for a spring celebration.

As you begin to explore you and your partner’s wedding color palette ideas, remember to keep both your wedding theme and wedding date in mind. Once you decide on a color scheme that matches your tastes and styles, you can begin putting that beautiful color scheme to good use.

70+ Trending Wedding Color Schemes

1. Gradient Blues

Embrace every shade of blue by designing your venue with a gradient theme in mind. Get creative with this scheme by incorporating different shades of blue into your table settings or even bridesmaid dresses.

Gradient Blues wedding color scheme bridesmaid dresses

2. Reds And Gold

Let the color red represent the passion and love of your relationship. Pair your shades of red with a dazzling gold accent to let your wedding color palette shine.

reds and gold wedding color scheme

3. Raspberry And Soft Gray

Complement the bold coloring of raspberry with the subdued nature of a soft gray for a beautifully unique scheme.

bridesmaid on beach with gray dress and raspberry flowers

4. Earthy Colors

Wedding color schemes like this one are perfect for an outdoor or rustic-themed wedding. Take inspiration from the colors of our Earth by incorporating browns, greens, and oranges into your wedding.

earthy color palette from Laura Likes

5. Green And Ivory

Allow green, the color of nature, luck, health, and tranquility to take centerstage at your celebration. Balance your green scheme out with a lovely ivory accent to pull these wedding color themes together.

Green and ivory colored wedding dining table
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6. Yellow And Lavender

The combination of yellow and lavender is sure to create a happy and upbeat atmosphere. These joyous, bright colors are perfect for a springtime wedding and can make for beautiful flower arrangements.

yellow and lavender wedding flowers

7. Sunset Colors – Rich Yellow, Orange, Red

Let your love of sunsets shine bright with a dazzling warm color scheme. Imitating the colors of nature is a great way to find some amazing wedding color ideas. It’s no secret that the colors of the sunset beautifully pair together, so don’t be afraid to use these bright colors as inspiration.

sunset colors bridesmaid portraits

8. Blush, Emerald, And White

With the bold jewel color of emerald paired with the elegant charm of blush and white, this color scheme will provide your wedding day with a sophisticated style.

bridesmaid emerald dress with blush and white florals

9. Brown And Pine Green

For more naturalistic wedding color schemes, try keeping it simple with brown and pine green leading the charge as you decorate your venue.

brown and pine green indoor rustic reception photo

10. Cream And Gold

This wedding color palette creates a soft and charming atmosphere. These colors are an excellent reminder that your color choices don’t have to be bright and bold to dazzle your guests.

cream and gold color palette wedding color scheme

11. Gradient/ Ombré

With a gradient or ombré color scheme, you can make your space stand out by acknowledging the beautiful tradition from one color to another.

gradient ombre wedding color scheme at the altar

12. Indigo And Violet

Embrace the final two colors of the rainbow by pairing these purple shades together for one cohesively cool scheme.

indigo and violet florals with bride and groom leaving ceremony

13. Green And Off-White

Pair your green theme with off-white for a more subtle combination. This scheme can be a perfect fit for a rustic or outdoor celebration.

green and off-white theme wedding table

14. Light And Dark Browns

Combining both light and dark browns together can be a great option for a fall or outdoor wedding ceremony. This color scheme will give your big day a rustic or nature-inspired feel to it.

wedding reception light and dark browns

15. Sage And Magenta

Let your wedding scheme serve to complement each other. The light and charming tone of sage is the perfect match against the bright and bold tone of magenta. 

sage and magenta bridesmaid dresses and florals

16. Black And Gold

For a more formal mood to your venue, opt for blacks and golds. This theme will add a layer of sophistication to your ceremony and will serve as a great contrast to the bright white coloring of wedding gowns

black and gold wedding color scheme table decor

17. Cherry Red And Purple

Impress your guests with vibrant wedding color themes like this one. The bold pairing of cherry red and purple is sure to bring life to your venue.

cherry red and purple wedding florals

18. Green And Pink With Black And White

This color palette offers a soft and elegant tone. It’s the perfect balance between natural and formal. As you begin planning the ways to use your chosen color scheme, don’t forget that your wedding invitations are the perfect place to start. 

green and pink wedding invitations

19. Salmon And Brown

For a rustic or floral vibe, salmon and brown can be a rather fitting duo. Decorating your space with wooden and floral decor can be an effective way to showcase these beautiful wedding color ideas.

salmon and brown beach wedding photo

20. Pink Gradient

Don’t just settle on a pink wedding when you can dazzle your guests with a pink gradient theme. Show off the beauty of pink tones by arranging your centerpieces, flower arrangements, and place settings to take on darker and darker shades as you move down the table.

pink gradient wedding florals
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21. Pink, Blue, And Ivory

For a delicate and sophisticated color scheme, consider pairing pink, blue, and ivory. These colors will create an ever so elegant atmosphere as you include these shades in your bouquets and venue decor. 

pink, blue, and ivory wedding detail shot

22. Red Gradient

From white to red and everything in between, you’ll definitely fall in love with the bold and beautiful style of a red gradient scheme.

red gradient wedding altar

23. Yellow Gradient

The color yellow is strongly associated with happiness, optimism, and energy. It’s a joyous color to include on your wedding day and even more stunning when included as a gradient or ombré theme. 

yellow gradient wedding programs

24. Green And Gold

Gold as an accent color will typically add a level of charm and sophistication to your color scheme. Paired with green, this palette creates a natural and enchanting atmosphere.

green and gold wedding table with florals and candles

25. Burgundy, White, And Dark Brown

By pairing your burgundy theme with the more neutral tones of white and dark brown, you’ll get a cohesive theme that truly allows your reds and burgundies to pop.

burgundy, white, and dark brown wedding cake table

26. Tan, Orange, And Red

For warm wedding color ideas, consider this lovely scheme combining tan, orange, and red. This warm and vibrant theme can be a prime palette for a summer wedding.

tan, orange, and red wedding table setting

27. Yellow, Green, And Brown

This color combination has a rather relaxed and down to earth feel to it. Yellow and green are analogous colors as they appear next to each other in the rainbow and on the color wheel. This means the two colors offer a comfortable pairing and the addition of brown makes this scheme feel even more natural.

yellow, green, and brown wedding table setting

28. Soft Pink, Dark Green, And Maroon

Looking for a fun and vibrant scheme? The soft pink and dark green will offer a nice balance to your theme while the presence of maroon can work as a trendy accent. 

soft pink, dark green, and maroon wedding florals

29. Gray, Silver, And Navy Blue

With gray and silver offering a sleek and consistent scheme, your navy blue accents are sure to stand out.

gray, silver, and navy blue wedding head table

30. Dark Green And Pastel Blue

This cool-toned scheme offers a unique balance as the brightness of pastel blue works against the dark green to create a cohesive theme.

photo of bride behind dark green and pastel blue florals

31. Purple And Burgundy

For a bright and stunning theme, choose purple and burgundy. Using these two red-based colors can create a surprising palette full of vibrancy and energy. 

purple and burgundy wedding florals

32. Gold And Lavender

The paring of gold and lavender is known to be a rather regal palette. This scheme is perfect for an elegant and charming atmosphere. 

gold and lavender wedding color scheme

33. Red And Green

Red and green are complementary colors as they appear on opposite sides of the color wheel. This scheme has been known to create a stunning balance and can be a very fitting choice for a festive holiday wedding.

red and green festive holiday wedding table

34. Gold, White, And Black

This charming scheme is timeless. For surefire wedding color ideas, this palette will without a doubt shine and create the elegant atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of. 

gold, white and black wedding color scheme

35. White And Red Tones

A white and red wedding is the perfect mix of purity and passion. With the softness of white offering a clean and fresh appearance, the addition of red tones will truly make your space come alive.

photo of white and red tones at the head table

36. Purple Gradient

Purple is the color of royalty, wisdom, and devotion. If you wish for this color to be the star of your big day, consider using it as a gradient or ombré theme to create dazzling floral arrangement and venue decor.

bridal portrait behind purple gradient backdrop

37. Blues And Greens

As blues and greens are known to pair nicely together, wedding color schemes like this one can be the perfect theme to bet on. 

blues and greens outdoor wedding color scheme

38. Brown Gradient

For a natural look to your big day celebration, opt for a brown gradient to truly allow for the colors of nature to stand out.

brown gradient name tags

39. Green And Brown

As another natural pairing, green and brown can create a beautiful, rustic environment throughout your ceremony and venue. 

earthy wedding reception table
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40. Mint Green, Light Pink, And Black

While mint green and light pink are a perfect pastel combination, adding black to this theme can pull it all together to further draw attention to your dazzling color choices. 

mint green and black wedding cake with light pink florals

41. Green And Purple

Green and purple are contrasting colors that together offer a unique combination. These two cool tones can bring about a relaxed, yet distinguished feeling to your wedding space.

green and purple wedding detail shot

42. Brown And Pastel Pink

For a delightful springtime wedding, consider brown and pastel pink. This beautiful pairing takes on the beloved scheme of Japanese cherry blossoms. 

brown and pastel pink wedding tables

43. Olive, Sage, And Gold

Embrace a green scheme where olive and sage tones take center stage. Complete this lovely wedding color palette with gold accents to add some warmth to your big day.

olive, sage, and gold bridesmaid dresses

44. Emerald And Ruby

Jewel tones make for a deep, luscious color palette. As emerald and ruby are complementary tones, this color scheme will undoubtedly dazzle on its own.

emerald and ruby wedding seating area

45. Teal, Purple, And Magenta

For a vibrant affair, choose a bold color pairing such as that of teal, purple, and magenta. These bright wedding color ideas will have your ceremony bursting with color and energy.

teal, purple, and magenta wedding chairs

46. Pastel Pink, Pale Orange, And Greens

This quaint palette radiates the feeling of spring. The mix of pastel pink and pale orange offers a light and elegant style while the addition of greens serves to cool off the warm tones.

pastel pink, pale orange, and green wedding table detail shot

47. Maroon And Turquoise

This trendy color scheme is perhaps a combination that wouldn’t have come to mind yet creates a lovely pairing. The bright tone of turquoise is well-balanced with the deep tone of maroon for a scheme exuding beauty and joy.

maroon and turquoise wedding table with sunflowers

48. Light Red With Pinks

Pair all your favorite shades of pink with a light red for a warm and energetic wedding color scheme. 

light red with pink bubblewrap wedding table

49. Light Blue, Tan, And Gold Tones

The warmth from the tan and gold tones is perfectly balanced by the cool hints of light blue interspersed throughout this beautiful, earthy theme. 

light blue and tan wedding florals

50. Pink, Green, And Gold

This color combination gives off a rather tropical vibe. The contrast between the pink and green creates a playful atmosphere while the gold embellishments add an air of sophistication.

pink and green wedding table

51. Brown To Gold Gradient

Let your wedding day shine with a golden theme. By using a brown to gold gradient, you’ll create a stunning yet neutral scheme that will appear subtle yet very impressive. 

brown to gold gradient wedding cake

52. Pastel Pink, Magenta, And Green

First, pair two shades of pink together such as pastel and magenta. Next, balance this scheme out by adding green as a contrast and you’re well on your way to creating a masterful wedding color palette. 

pastel pink, magenta, and green wedding ceremony

53. Tan And Greens

Perfect for the outdoorsy couple looking to capture the colors of nature. Tan and greens go very well together and will create a charming and soothing scheme for your big day. 

tan and greens wedding table

54. Silver And Pastel Pink

This theme, although simple, is quite effective. You don’t need to go crazy with colors to create a show-stopping wedding scheme. Using silver with pastel pink is an elegant theme sure to impress.

silver and pastel pink wedding color scheme

55. Blue And Light Orange

With blue and orange being complimentary colors, this scheme is already a winner. By keeping your oranges on the lighter side, you’ll in turn create a seemingly more sophisticated theme.

blue and light orange wedding table decor

56. Pinks And Gray

This subdued scheme is perfect for a beautifully relaxed atmosphere. With a scheme like this, be sure to get your full use out of the gray to truly balance your pink palette.

pinks and grey wedding table photo
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57. Navy Blue And Tangerine

This complimentary palette offers a great balance as the dark navy blue pairs well with the brighter energy brought by the tangerine tones. 

navy blue and tangerine wedding detail shot

58. Pink To Purple Gradient

Including a pink to purple gradient in your wedding scheme is a fun way to incorporate the transition from one color to the next. Experiment with all the colors in between this gradient for a one-of-a-kind look to your venue.

pink to purple floral decor on wedding table

59. Salmon And Yellow

Brighten up your space with this energetic and warm color scheme. This color combination radiates happiness and is a perfect fit for a summer celebration. 

salmon and yellow wedding seating area

60. Orange And Fuchsia

For more lively and vivid wedding color schemes, consider orange and fuchsia. This bold and bright combo will definitely bring the heat and will be quite fitting for any summer or tropical weddings.

bold colors for wedding table

61. White And Pastel Colors

Embrace a classic theme by paring pastel tones with white. This delicate color scheme will create an elegant atmosphere with just the right amount of subtle color.

white and pastel wedding head table

62. Plum And Gold

The deep, luscious tone of plum purple pairs well with the brightness and shine brought by gold. The two tones together create a rather regal palette, perfect for a fairytale wedding.

plum and gold wedding color scheme

63. Blue And Gold

The color blue represents serenity and stability while gold represents compassion and courage. These sentiments together are fitting for a wedding, not to mention that the colors themselves pair nicely for a wedding scheme as well. 

blue and gold wedding color scheme

64. Peach, Cream, And Green

This wedding color scheme is cohesive and charming. The peach and cream pairing creates a warm and pure atmosphere while the addition of green brings the scheme together. 

peach, creme and green wedding color scheme

65. Mauve And Ecru

If you’re looking for a more unique color combination, try mauve and ecru for a sophisticated look. These pink and beige tones offer a subdued splash of color to your big celebration. 

mauve and ecru wedding florals and table setting

56. Pink And Blue

Pair warm and cool by using pink and blue wedding color schemes. This lovely cotton candy palette will add some sweetness to your venue. 

pink and blue wedding color scheme

67. Plum, Gold, And Green

A palette like this one can make for some rather bold and refined wedding color themes. The darkness of the plum mixed with the brightness of gold and the natural tones of the green create an enchanting environment. 

deep colors for wedding table photo

68. Pastel Tones

For a light, colorful, and playful atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with using pastel tones. Choose to work with your two favorite pastel shades or pair all the tones together for a marvelous look.

pastel tones wedding color scheme

69. Light Gray, Blue, And Brown

This scheme is soft and sweet. Wedding color themes like this one are easy on the eyes and will seamlessly blend with whatever wedding venue you may choose.

neutral wedding tablescape decor

70. Gray, Greens, And Soft Blues

This wedding color palette is soft yet charming. The greens and soft blues will balance well against the gray for a beautifully-toned theme.

grays, greens, soft blues wedding color scheme

71. Mint And Lavender

Embrace light yet bold wedding color themes such as with the combination of mint and lavender. This pastel-like scheme is unique and trendy. The contrast between your light greens and purples offers a beautifully dazzling combination.

mint bridesmaid dresses with lavender bouquets

Time To Pick Your Palette!

After browsing through all the marvelous wedding color schemes trending this year, we hope you and your partner have settled on the palette of your dreams. Wedding color themes can say a lot about you, your fiancé, your relationship, and the vibe you wish your wedding day to have. 

Choose your palette wisely, but don’t forget to have fun with it. Wedding planning can be stressful, but deciding on your color palette should be enjoyable. Once you’ve selected your wedding color scheme, let your creativity run wild. Incorporate your colors into your invitation designs, your wedding party attire, your venue decor, and your flower arrangements. Who would’ve thought color coordination could be so fun!


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