25 Creative Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas To Display

25 Creative Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas To Display
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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Sep 7, 2022

Last Updated: May 19, 2023

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Whether you’re in the market for a unique wedding hashtag or have a personalized tag ready to go, there are so many display options when it comes to wedding hashtag sign ideas.

Plastering your wedding hashtag around your ceremony and wedding venue is an excellent way to get it the recognition it needs. The more your wedding guests see and interact with your tag, the more likely they’ll be to use your custom hashtag when they go to post their wedding photos and memories on social media.

Signage is important so let’s dive into some clever ideas for displaying your wedding hashtag signs.

Creative Ways To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

1. Engagement Photos

An engagement photoshoot is a fantastic idea to help announce your good news and your perfect wedding hashtag at the same time. Post these newsworthy photos on social media and be sure to use your hashtag.

paris engagement photo by eiffel tower

2. Wedding Website

Your wedding website can be a helpful resource for wedding planning. This site is the place where you can send out digital wedding invitations, track RSVPs, and communicate with your guest list in the form of updates, polls, survey templates, and more.

Customize your wedding website to fit your style and wedding theme. You can add photos of you and your partner on it and include your unique wedding hashtag prominently on the homepage for all your guests to see.

Try our free wedding hashtag generator if you don’t have one yet!

wedding website for #kcroyalwedding

3. Wedding Welcome Sign

Right at the opening of your wedding venue would be a smart place to display your custom wedding hashtag. A wedding welcome sign sets the scene for your big celebration. Its aesthetic can match your wedding theme whether you’re having a rustic wedding, a nautical theme, or a vibrant celebration. Along with your and your partner’s names and your wedding date, this first sign should include your hashtag to encourage your guests to use it.

wedding signage on mirror

4. On The Ceremony Program

If you’re planning to hand out wedding programs at your ceremony, be sure to include your very own wedding hashtag on it. This pamphlet is something your guests will hold onto throughout the evening and can be a helpful reference as to what your hashtag is and how to spell it when your guests want to use it themselves.

ceremony program with bride and groom
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5. Behind The Altar

All eyes will gravitate towards the altar, the centerstage and main attraction of your wedding ceremony. The altar is where you and your partner will officially become newlyweds, and it’ll be a beautiful backdrop for a plethora of wedding day photos. With this in mind, as part of your wedding decor to spruce up the altar, you might want to include a cute sign with your one-of-a-kind wedding hashtag on it.

wedding design and decor for modern, clean wedding

6. On The Guest Book Table

Your guest book table can be an elaborate or creative display area where your friends and family can leave personalized messages or simple signatures to denote their presence during your big day. As this will likely be a place where all your wedding guests visit, that means it’ll also be a great place for some wedding hashtag sign ideas.

guestbook signage photo

7. Arrow Signs

Adding directional wedding hashtag signs at your venue or ceremony site can be a helpful way to direct your guests to the main points of interest such as the bar, the bathroom, the wedding photo booth, or other locations. Putting your hashtag on these signs is yet another clever way to brand your big day.

photo of arrow signs for wedding ceremony and reception

8. On A Chalkboard A-Frame

When it comes to wedding hashtag sign ideas, the chalkboard aesthetic is hard to beat. Custom chalkboard designs can fit any wedding theme and is an excellent method for showcasing important details, such as your wedding hashtag.

chalkboard sign for wedding bridal shower

9. Neon Sign

Brighten up the walls at your wedding reception with a stunning, custom neon sign. Have it spell out your hashtag as a one-of-a-kind display that everyone can enjoy, take pictures of, and pose under.

neon sign for wedding hashtag

10. Centerpieces

Take your tables to the next level with some custom wedding centerpieces that have your unique hashtag printed, engraved, carved, or etched right into them! A flower vase or a candle holder with your hashtag on it or something as simple as photo frames at each table make for some great wedding hashtag sign ideas.

photo of wedding centerpiece with hashtag
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11. Acrylic Signage

No list of wedding hashtag sign ideas would be complete without mentioning acrylic signs. These types of wedding hashtag signs have certainly become one of the most popular wedding trends as they’re stylish and versatile enough to match any theme. A nifty acrylic sign with your hashtag written in calligraphy can go a long way.

wedding acrylic signage

12. Wedding Photo Booth Background

A wedding photo booth is a fun place for your friends and family to gather and take silly photos together to remember your momentous day. Once these classic photos are taken, it’s only inevitable for them to end up sharing on social media. What better way to brand these photos and remind your guests to use your hashtag than to create wedding hashtag signs to have in the background of your photo booth photos?

wedding photobooth background photo with wedding hashtag

13. Photo Booth Props

Aside from having your hashtag displayed in the background of photos, how about some silly photo booth props with your hashtag that your guests can hold in the foreground? This can include a plastic chain necklace with your hashtag on it, silly sunglasses, mugs, and more.

photobooth photo with wedding hashtag

14. Customized Print On Napkins

Another fun item you can customize for your wedding day would be napkins. Whether it’s the napkins at the bar, the napkins at the snack table, or the napkins served with your wedding cake, personalizing these napkins with your names and wedding hashtag can certainly be a cute way to celebrate.

hashtag on wedding napkin items

15. Behind The DJ Booth

Just as the altar and the photo booth are both places that’ll be prominently photographed throughout the night, the DJ booth will be as well. Having your hashtag behind your DJ is yet another perfect place for wedding hashtag sign ideas as it’s a spot your guests are sure to notice.

quote behind wedding DJ booth photo
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16. On The Vendor List

To stay organized, as you’re creating your vendor list to thank all the hard-working people helping out with your big day and to showcase who did what, you may want to also showcase your wedding hashtag somewhere on this list.

wedding photo with candles and boho florals

17. Framed On The Bar

The bar at your wedding reception can also be a picturesque location that deserves decor and attention. Style your bar with custom menus and drink signs that can double as a hashtag board for wedding decor.

wedding hashtag photo with drink signage

18. Wedding Decor Vignettes

When it comes to decor, vignettes refer to small, quaint spaces at your reception that have a purpose whether that be a resting area, lounge, cocktail table, or refreshment station. To achieve this look, set up a charming table, some rustic wedding floral arrangements, and beautiful memories and photo frames of your relationship in this small yet picturesque area to create a lovely DIY vignette. Don’t forget to include some wedding hashtag signs in this area, too.

#happilyeverrankin hashtag

19. Wall Decor

As you’re decorating your tables, booths, and bar with lovely wedding signage, don’t forget about the walls. Fill out your wall space with a hashtag board for wedding decor. Choose something fitting for this wall display such as a wooden sign, marquee lighting, or spell out your hashtag with a flower wall.

wedding hashtag with #lovingyouisEZ

20. Wedding Treats

Think of your wedding hashtag as a fun way to brand your special day. To go all in with this branding, consider plastering your hashtag on the wrappers and packaging of your wedding treats or have it written in icing on your desserts. Don’t be afraid to get cheesy with it!

wedding hashtag on cookies photo

21. Illustrated Chalkboard Sign

Take your chalkboard sign to the next level by having some stylish illustrations on it. These illustrations can include chalked-on floral accents, social media icons, or even illustrations of your specialty drinks should you decide to place this sign by your bar.

#wellseeyouincabo wedding chalkboard sign
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22. On The Transportation

Have you arranged specialty transportation to take your guests from the hotel to your venue or from the ceremony to your reception? Or maybe you rented out a limo for you and your wedding party. If you’re planning to have wedding day transportation, don’t forget to create cute wedding hashtag signs to have on the outside or inside of your vehicle of choice.

wedding photo of bride and groom driving away

23. On The Glasses For Toasts

As you prepare for your wedding toast, why not brand your special champagne flutes with your personalized wedding hashtag? Plus, getting your glasses engraved will double as a charming souvenir.

photo of champagne flute wall

24. Wooden Wedding Board

When it comes to using a hashtag board for wedding decor, wood can be a charming material to use. Wooden wedding hashtag signs can be simple yet effective for showing off your hashtag while still making it fit in with the rest of your decor.

wooden wedding board with hashtag #sweetonsweeney

25. Wedding Favors

Another clever placement for your wedding hashtag sign ideas would be on your wedding favors. As you’re thanking your guests for celebrating with you, now’s your last chance to gently remind them what your hashtag is and that they should use it.

If they take a trinket home that has your personalized wedding hashtag printed on it, not only will it make for a wonderful souvenir, but it’ll also remind them to use it on social media as they look through their camera roll and post their favorite memories.

wedding favor wall with hashtag photo

How To Come Up With A Wedding Hashtag

If you haven’t yet found the best wedding hashtag for you and your partner, it’s time to start brainstorming one. Before you can implement all these great wedding hashtag sign ideas, let’s go over exactly how to get a custom hashtag.

Hire A Professional Writer

The first and most effective method for getting your personalized wedding hashtags would be to seek out a professional hashtag writing service. Wedding Hashers, for example, has a team of professional hashtag writers with years of experience that can help suggest personalized hashtag ideas specifically for you and your partner.

All you have to do is fill out a brief questionnaire about your and your partner’s names, nicknames, hobbies, relationship facts, and wedding details. With all these tidbits in mind, a pro writer will immediately begin their creative process to deliver one-of-a-kind wedding hashtags for you and your fiancé.

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Start With The Basics

If you decide to brainstorm your hashtag yourselves, it’s important to start with the basics. Getting into a creative mindset can be challenging, so try to jumpstart your process by connecting pen to paper.

Jot down your initial thoughts and details. Writing down your names, last names, and any nicknames or pet names you have for each other is a good place to start. Often the best wedding hashtag ideas stem from a clever pun using one or both of your names.

It’s Time To Rhyme

Once you have your names or other basic details, hobbies, or interests written down, it’s time to consult a rhyming dictionary. Start writing down all the various rhymes you can think of. You may never know what keyword or silly rhyme might ultimately become a winning hashtag idea.

As you begin this creative process, be sure you and your partner have a good idea of how you intend to use your wedding hashtags. Setting the tone or having a style in mind may also help as you rhyme it out and brainstorm ideas.

Use Common Phrases

To create a catchy hashtag slogan, consider common phrases you can use as puns. Here’s where your list of rhymes will come in handy. Think of a phrase using one of your rhymes then replace that rhyming word with your last name.

For inspiration on common phrases, you can look up well-known idioms, think of movie quotes, pop culture references, song lyrics, or even use traditional wedding vow lines.

Have some fun with it, get creative, and make an event out of it by inviting your close friends and family to help with the ideation process.

Wedding Hashtags: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a wedding hashtag?

Having a wedding hashtag for your big day is an excellent way to brand your celebration with your and your partner’s lifelong slogan. When you and your guests post using the hashtag, all your wedding day memories will be neatly organized digitally for years to come.

What are some good wedding hashtags?

The best wedding hashtag examples are the ones that are completely personalized to fit you and your fiancé’s one-of-a-kind relationship. For example, if you both enjoy golf, using #FOREeverAndAlways might be the perfect tag for you. Or if your last name is Newton, then using alliteration with a #NewlyNewtons tag might work.

How do I make a clever wedding hashtag?

For starters, to come up with a clever wedding hashtag, you may want to consult a free wedding hashtag generator. This can help you get initial inspiration as you start brainstorming with rhymes, common phrases, and using alliteration to think of clever ways to transform your names and interests into a cohesive hashtag. If you’re finding this process to be challenging, just leave it to a pro hashtag writer for an easy and stress-free solution.

Decorate Your Venue With Wedding Hashtag Signs!

Now that you know all about how to create your wedding hashtag and various ways to show it off with wedding hashtag sign ideas, it’s time to let the decorating begin! Letting your unique hashtag shine bright with charming wedding hashtag signs is the perfect way to get the word out about your hashtag all while creating a picturesque backdrop for some of your best wedding photos.


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