70 Awe-Inspiring Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas You Can Steal

Lesley Turner_Wedding Hashers Guest Author

Lesley Turner

Published: May 5, 2022

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Wedding ceremony backgrounds are particularly appealing since they can be customized to fit any theme! And, we’ve seen it all— flower walls and foliage walls, brick walls and rustic doors, metal, industrial altar backdrops, and more. And these backdrops aren’t just for your ceremony. They can be created to be mobile so that you can repurpose it as a background behind the newlyweds head table or as a wedding reception backdrop photo! But, remember, you don’t always have to liven up your wedding altar. The stunning natural landscape, such as a raging ocean or majestic mountains, is sometimes all that’s needed. 

But, since you’re here, we have 70 awe-inspiring wedding ceremony backdrops for you to swoon over. Maybe one will be perfect for your special day. 

70 Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas You Can Steal

Simple Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

First up are some simple wedding backdrops, and, by simple, we don’t mean boring. 

1. Floral Candle Fireplace

As simple and romantic wedding altars go, you can never go wrong with a beautiful brick fireplace adorned with greenery and florals that’s perfectly illuminated by the soft glow of flickering candles. And, if your reception takes place in this same setting, it’ll also provide a stunning wedding reception backdrop for the newlyweds’ sweetheart table. 

2. Flowered Arch

We’re feeling a little whimsy and romance with this gorgeous and grand circular ring of white flowers and greenery. A perfect ceremony backdrop that can be repurposed in your wedding reception – perfect for your event photos. 

3. Palm Leaves

Oh, how we love the simplicity of this. But it still has an awe-inspiring feel to it, right? Pillars are a lovely sculptural element that can be used to flank your ceremonial space. But you don’t have to use big boxy things all the time. This couple took some simple and organic palm leaves and created a visual space that’s Insta-worthy!

4. Twinkly Lights 

Hey, twinkle lights aren’t just for the holidays! Dress up your wedding ceremony backdrop with twinkly lights for an ultra-dreamy and romantic look. Dangling lights create an ambiance like no other; use them to impress your wedding guests during your ceremony and reception.

5. Seamless Paper Wedding Backdrop 

For a minimalistic and simple wedding ceremony backdrop, add seamless paper. Who would’ve thought you could simply use a roll of paper to create a magical wedding altar? Just add some florals, and boom! You’re ready to say, “I DO!”

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6. Color Scheme Backdrop

WOW! This stunning statement ceremony backdrop was designed with tones of tangerine and clay in mind and created a beautiful setting to tie the knot. 

7. Floral Pillars

Another excellent example of using the vertical visual effect of pillars, only this time they’re gorgeous blooms of flowers. The perfect frame for your “I Do’s.” And these floral pillars or ones similar to them can work in any setting. And yep! You guessed it! Repurpose them into your reception space, too. 

8. Semi-Circle With Florals

This lovely ceremony altar idea is arranged in a semi-circle. It’s stunning and can be created from fresh or faux flowers of your choice. 

9. Brick With Wall Display

It always seems like when you’re just looking at a brick wall, it isn’t all that glamorous. But when it comes to wedding days, WOW, do they really show up! We think brick walls offer a rustic yet somewhat sophisticated scene for your wedding. Add some flowers, signage, and candles, and you’ll transform it immediately into a romantic and intimate setting. 

10. Growing Greenery

Here’s another example of a brick wall that serves as the background to an organic and beautiful wedding altar. Again, the greenery vines climb organically, providing a breathtaking setting. 

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Boho Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

Oh! Do we LOVE boho weddings? Of course, and when it comes to pulling off a boho wedding theme, it’s all about the aisle, the altar, and the boho wedding ceremony backdrops. Here are 10 boho ceremony backdrops that are sure to WOW!

11. Vintage Doors

Nothing says boho and rustic more than a couple of vintage doors. These have a touch of faded blue and were adorned by whimsical florals creating the perfect entrance to your boho wedding. 

12. Antique Folding Screen 

If you dig the vintage style, an antique folding screen with white blossoms is the way to go. This could be the perfect setting for your wedding vows, and it’s simple to incorporate into the reception later. During cocktail hour, your altar can also serve as a photo opportunity for guests, which can be appreciated later in the day.

13. Wood Backdrop With Flowers

We love how this wedding ceremony backdrop was positioned perfectly to be framed by the woods. It’s a beautiful, rustic floral wall made from pallets, and the petal floor gave it a magical, woodland feel.

14. Distressed Wood Wall With Candles & Flower Decor

This gorgeous stained wood panel served as the perfect boho wedding ceremony altar. All it needed was a few flowers and greenery and two love birds to tie the knot. 

15. Rounded Doors With Flowers

How about oversized barn doors with a unique rounded top for your boho altar? It’s simply perfect with the floral blooms and greenery framing the sides and a “Better Together” sign. Other signage ideas include using your wedding hashtag

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16. Hanging Lanterns On Branches Backdrop 

WOW! This idea just blows us away. All you need is a grand old tree, some drapery, a little bit of greenery and flowers, and you have a breathtaking wedding ceremony backdrop. Picture-perfect, we think. 

17. Antique Book Display

Book Lovers, where are you? When we saw this wedding altar backdrop, we were in awe. Look at how unique and creative is the finished piece! For all our book-loving friends out there, how incredible is this book backdrop?

18. Hanging Greenery

Flowers and greenery were suspended in the air as if sent from heaven. We may have never been more enamored with a wedding backdrop. The contrast between profuse blossoms and a convenient, austere setting is worth swooning over.

19. Wood Stumps With Candles

Check out this stunning altar for the show-stopper of the ceremony. Isn’t it a great way to impress your guests? Waterlily Pond’s Natasha Lisitsa created this masterpiece with 75 “super-heavy” tree stumps and 300 candles. Absolutely incredible!

20. Bohemian Macrame Backdrop

You can’t have a boho list without some macrame, right? Well, here she is! The pièce de résistance of boho wedding ceremony backdrops. Make your boho-inspired wedding magical with this show-stopper!

DIY Ceremony Backdrops 

21. Hanging Disco Balls & Flowers 

Your wedding ceremony is nothing short of the ultimate celebration, so why not go for a disco ball theme, relive the 80s, and give your guests a taste of all the fun dancing they can expect at the reception?

Pro Tip: Buy some disco balls or make them yourself, then arrange them with a selection of fine seasonal blooms. They’ll reflect natural light beautifully on the couple and look uniquely glamorous.

22. Industrial DIY Arbors

An industrial arbor design that combines the best of both worlds, rustic yet modern chic, is an excellent concept for your wedding ceremony or altar backdrop. The arbor can be silver, rose gold, yellow gold, or copper tinted, making it visible from afar, especially when it’s all decked out in foliage and pastel-colored roses.

23. Triangle Metal Arches

Metal triangles in décor never go out of style, so choose one as your wedding ceremony backdrop and add elements such as foil balloons, branches, dried buds, seasonal flowers, or more sophisticated full bloom roses ribbons, and flowing silk. 

24. Arch With Flowers and Hanging Curtains

Arches, especially those made with wooden pillars, are whimsical and fairytale-like. You can take it further by adding some bright silk curtains in light pastel or pale colors with large floral arrangements. Imagine pink roses, hydrangeas, and ribbons trailing down to where you’ll say your vows. 

25. Dried Flowers Backdrop

Dried flowers are believed to capture beautiful memories of love and joy. You can bring that symbolism to your ceremony backdrop by having dried flowers hanging on a wall or immaculately arranged dried flowers and foliage bouquets

26. Hanging Geometric Candles 

Candles have been synonymous with romance and weddings since time immemorial. Give your traditional heart a glimpse of modern, contemporary glamor for your ceremony by hanging pillar candles in geometrically shaped candle holders in rose gold or copper finish. 

27. Fabric Streamers Backdrop

DIY Fabric streamers in white, beige, and other light colors can be a chic version of party streamers so you can imbue your ceremony with festivity and excitement with that added sophisticated touch. 

28. Pampas Backdrop

Pampas grass is the epitome of warmth and texture in décor, and it also adds a dream-like quality to wedding arches because of its soft, bohemian feel and neutral color. Have your wedding ceremony arch decorated top to bottom in pampas and flowers, and it’ll make your wedding dress stand out all the more.

29. Hanging Paper Birds

Paper birds make for a uniquely contemporary ceremony backdrop because they’re handmade, reminiscent of stunning origami animals. They can be paired with florals, branches, dried bunny tails, mirrors, and ribbons for a humble yet dazzling look. 

30. Simple Floral Wood Rectangles

Simplicity, especially in wedding ceremony decor, has its own appeal. Wooden life-size rectangles that you can DIY with a selection of your favorite florals are an awe-inspiring choice to complement an already scenic venue! 

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Religious Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

31. Simple Cross

For a Christian ceremony, a wooden cross as an altar and backdrop is simply impactful, and you can drape it with white or pink silk or use foliage for a rustic, outdoorsy effect. 

32. Bible Verse

A verse from the Bible as your wedding ceremony backdrop is an inspirational idea, and it shows your steadfast devotion to your faith and how you view marriage and love within that context. A biblical verse at your altar will calm your nerves and enrich your heart to receive the blessings of holy matrimony headed your way. 

33. Floral Cross

Enchant with the best blooms of the season by having a floral wooden cross as your ceremony backdrop. Whether you love roses, peonies, tulips, or gardenias, you can express yourself with your favorite flowers while honoring your faith and inviting blessings and inner peace on the day of your wedding. 

34. Hanging Tapestry

A tapestry with a quote from the Bible as your wedding ceremony backdrop says many beautiful things about you as a couple. Your faith undoubtedly brought you together and will always steer your path in life. So let your inspirational tapestry signal the next chapter of your life!

35. Wood and Flower Verse

For a scenic outdoor venue, you want to enhance the natural elements you’re surrounded by so that your ceremony backdrop blends in beautifully. Using a wooden arch or pillars and flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, sweet pea, or anemones, a verse that fills your heart with joy and peace is an altar to remember. 

36. Centered Floral Cross

A centered floral cross is an elegant way to honor your faith on the happiest day of your life. Its symmetry and the use of natural materials like wood and twine make it an inspirational DIY wedding décor project that your guests are sure to love! Furthermore, white florals are a sublime choice for the centerpiece on the cross. 

37. Arched Verse

Arches are phenomenally festive and a cornerstone in wedding decor, especially if they’re covered in foliage and hydrangeas and have a beautiful verse. You could also sign the bottom or have the ceremony date painted on for added effect as a couple. Then, after the ceremony’s over, you can keep the fabric of the verse as a souvenir to cherish forever! 

38. Floral Branch Arch

Suppose you have an ethereal, outdoor forest nymph theme for your wedding ceremony. In that case, a DIY arch made with branches and overflowing with richly colored florals make for a heavenly wedding altar.  

39. Standing Arbor

A copper or rose gold-colored arbor surrounded by white roses and hydrangeas and draped with white or beige chiffon is a classic ceremony backdrop that never fails to impress, especially if you’re trying to capture a refined and elegant vibe. 

40. Wood Signage

If you love rustic vibes in weddings and want a unique keepsake to serve as your ceremony backdrop, invest in a wood sign with a verse from the Bible engraved or painted on top with you and your partner’s names and the ceremony date.  

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Modern Wedding Ceremony Backdrops 

41. Rose Wall With Signage 

What could be more spectacular than a wall with roses and a gleaming neon sign? As far as modern backdrops go, this one cannot be beaten. It’s easy to DIY if you know how to pick the best blooms, and you can have neon signs made for a wedding hashtag, names, dates, or phrases. 

42. Fenced Backdrop

Floral fences are a labor of love for the perfect DIY ceremony backdrop, but they can be purchased ready-made and then fitted with the flowers that best define your style and bring you happiness. 

43. Hanging Lights & Greenery

A ceremony arbor or arch richly decorated with foliage, white florals, and twinkling fairy lights is a wonder to behold and easy to put together, especially for beachside ceremonies.  

44. Jungle Wall With Signage

A wall of lush green foliage with rose gold metallic lettering for names or a quote is incredibly eye-catching for a ceremony backdrop, and it’s quite a rejuvenating sight. Rich green scenes like this also contrast wonderfully with a white wedding dress, making it look brighter.

45. Double Circle 

A double metal arch is an aesthetic variation on a more traditional wedding arch, and it’s effortlessly modern yet rustic. It can be beautified with branches, dried florals, ample foliage, and exotically colored flowers. 

46. Monogrammed Wall With Lemons

Lemons are nature’s way of signaling the coming of spring, just like all citrus fruits, not to mention they inspire positivity, happiness, and hope, all of the profound qualities you need on your wedding day! Create a background wall of dense foliage with lemons, topping it off with gold or rose gold initials at the center to tie the look together. 

47. Dried Palm Leaves

Dried palm leaves and bunny tails for a ceremony arch are remarkably trendy for the fall and spring seasons, especially for beachside, tropical, or forest-themed weddings. A dried palm leaves backdrop suits both a bohemian vibe and a shabby chic one.

48. Industrial Neon Backdrop

The industrial neon style that uses neon monograms, black metal, and pure white florals is a statement backdrop. In retro to contemporary modern, this white industrial style is far from the mainstream with its unique, futuristic allure. 

49. Curtain With Candles And Wreaths

Having a slightly enclosed altar where the couple holds hands, reads their vows, and stands before the officiant is commonplace in many cultures. Create a dreamy ceremony backdrop with flowing white silk or chiffon curtains enclosing the altar, complete with tall pillar candles (they can be electronic if you fear a fire) and streaming vines of lush green foliage. 

50. Plumeria Screen With Floral Frames

A plumeria screen is inspired by the spectacular bloom of the plumeria flower with its outstretched petals. It’s an elegant statement to make as your ceremony backdrop because it’s chic, royal, and coupled with the floral side screens accompanying it; it’ll make you feel like a princess.

Pro Tip: Plumeria screens can be set up with pillar candles at the bottom, large bouquets of perfect white florals, and even draped silks or branches. 

Wedding Reception Backdrops 

51. Photo Wall

Create a memory photo wall as both a wedding ceremony backdrop and keepsake. This beautiful display of photos on wood planks can be used to tell the couples’ story and honor loved ones who have passed. 

52. Champagne Wall

Nothing says luxury and party-time like champagne. So we love this romantic wall covered with greenery, topped with beautiful explosions of florals and shelves lined with champagne-filled glasses. 

53. Peony Wedding Backdrop

Create a wall with both stripes and add unique florals with vibrant colors, greenery, and large leaves for a real WOW and significant impact. This incredible wedding ceremony backdrop is one of our favorites, and it can transition to a photo wall and wedding reception backdrop. Double-duty, baby!

54. Photo Backdrop

This wedding reception backdrop is delicate, whimsical, and romantic. Simple to make but provides a beautiful backdrop for photos. 

55. Seating Area Backdrop

The statement “Happily Ever After” is synonymous with weddings. And some illuminated signs create an incredible wedding reception backdrop or seating area backdrop. 

56. Bride & Groom Dining Backdrop

The sweetheart table is a great place to create a wedding reception backdrop. This dreamy example is made with Cinerea Eucalyptus, Phalenopsis orchids, Smilax vine with toffee roses and Dutch hydrangea created a magnificent flower arch. Smaller strands of pampas grass tying in the dramatic palm fronds and other dried grasses nodded to the still-popular boho wedding style.

57. Wine Wall

This is another stunning example of how a faux wall can turn into a magical wedding ceremony and reception backdrop. The wall is covered with greenery, florals are added at the top, and shelves of wine are ready for the guests to enjoy. 

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58. Wine Sign

A beautifully rustic faux wall with a simple sign “Wine Time” creates a lovely photo wall for your wedding reception backdrop. 

59. Bar Backdrop

A rustic-chic wedding bar with the couple’s initials in flowers… oh, yes, please. What a great idea!

60. Dessert Wedding Backdrop

Here’s another great idea! Create an oversized sign on paper or cloth with your favorite saying or slogan as the wedding reception backdrop for your dessert table

Unique Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

61. Balloon Arch

You can never go wrong with a balloon arch. Whether you choose multiple colors, a monochromatic or all-white look like this couple did. 

62. Succulent Wall 

Faux walls are turning into works of art. And this succulent wall is an incredible addition to any wedding as a reception backdrop or your wedding ceremony backdrop. Love it!

63. Crescent Flower Arch 

Go big on decor with this gorgeous half-moon floral masterpiece. And since it’s mobile, it can do double-duty as your ceremony backdrop and then again as your wedding reception backdrop. 

64. Arbor With Hanging Flowers

A lovely arbor with dangling flowers and rows of delicate white rosebuds looks enchanting.

65. Framed Flower Wall

How romantic is this framed flower wall? Nothing screams “romance” more than lush roses and flowers in shades of white and pink. 

66. Hexagon Arbor 

Geometric shapes provide an attractive visual aesthetic and beautiful wedding ceremony backdrop for any wedding, indoor or outdoors. 

67. Double Hexagon Arbor

Who said outdoor, rustic weddings couldn’t be gorgeous and romantic. We love how this couple used a double hexagon arbor with beautiful flowers and twinkle lights as their ceremony and photo backdrop. 

68. Arranged Pine Trees

Whether you’re having a winter wedding or just want a unique ceremony backdrop, arranged pine trees will WOW your guests.  

69. Peace Sign

Isn’t this the *COOLEST* statement piece you’ve ever seen?! A large Peace symbol adorned with beautiful florals made the best altar backdrop! This might be used for various occasions, from modern + hip to backyard bohemian. We especially like how it’s styled with silver streamers and blooms and peep the silver disco balls. 

70. Paper Flower Backdrop

Paper flower altar backdrops have long been a favorite of couples getting married. They’re beautiful, unexpected, and create great photo backgrounds. 

Wedding Ceremony Backdrops Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Wedding Backdrop?

Many factors play into the cost. For example, the size, the type of materials, and flowers will impact the price and if you DIY it or hire someone to create it. If you want to save, simply drape some fabric from natural trees and your wedding ceremony backdrop could cost less than $100. The grander design, the more it’ll cost and run up into the thousands. 

What Is A Ceremony Backdrop?

Wedding ceremony backdrops are similar to putting the ideal frame around a picture of the two of you. It defines the space, fits your concept, and brings life to the event!

Do You Need A Backdrop For A Wedding? 

The answer to this will depend on your venue and how you want your special day to look. If your reception space has enough decor and fits your theme, you may not need a backdrop. Or, if you’re saying “I Do” outdoors, a backdrop might not be necessary.

A Backdrop You’ll Cherish Forever

Between exchanging your wedding vows and rings to sharing your first kiss as a married couple, the ceremony is probably the most important (and most photographed) part of your special day. And, of course, you’ll want an unforgettable wedding backdrop for such a momentous occasion! The designs and options are truly endless. So, follow your heart, consider your wedding theme and choose a wedding ceremony backdrop that you’ll cherish forever.


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