Funny Wedding Cake Toppers: 25 Examples That Will Definitely Catch Everyone’s Attention

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Aug 12, 2021

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2022

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The perfect way to make your wedding day stand out during dessert time is with some funny wedding cake toppers. Everyone loves wedding cakes! And finding the perfect wedding cake flavor combination for your big day is among the most fun aspects of wedding planning. As you begin to decide on the style of your wedding cake, you may also want to consider having a funny bride and groom cake topper.

For the goofy couple looking to express their fun-loving personality through their funny wedding cake toppers, this guide is for you! We’ve gathered some of the funniest wedding cake toppers around to inspire you and your partner’s search for the perfect wedding cake embellishments.

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25 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

1. The Love Pinch Cake Topper

The love pinch wedding cake topper

This funny bride and groom cake topper features a cheeky surprise. While the front of this topper is designed to keep up appearances with a normal bride and groom stance, the view from behind tells a different story. Funny wedding cake toppers like this one are great for adding a little personality and humor to your delicious dessert.

Shop Now: Couples on Cakes; $39.99

2. Beach Wedding Topper

beach wedding cake topper

If you’re planning your perfect beach wedding, this adorable wedding cake topper was made for you. Featuring a sandy shore base with seashells and the words “Just Married” written in the sand, you’ll definitely fall in love with this cake topper.

With the groom figure sweeping up the bride off her feet, this cake topper might even be the perfect pose to try to recreate with your spouse at your beach wedding. Now all you need is your beach-themed wedding cake to place underneath this awesome topper.

Shop Now: Etsy; $52.95

3. We Swiped Right Topper

we swiped right wedding cake topper

Modern relationships require modern, funny wedding cake toppers. This topper is a great option for the couple who met on a dating app like Tinder or Bumble. Let your cake toppers showcase a part of your love story by making it known how it all started with funny wedding toppers like this one that says, “We Swiped Right.”

Despite the funny sentiment, this cake topper is beautifully made to fit the style of any wedding theme. This topper features cursive writing on a wooden design. You can also choose from eight different wood finishing colors to further customize this cake decoration.

Shop Now: Etsy; $17.12+

4. Western Cowboy Funny Wedding Cake Topper

western cowboy funny topper

Perhaps you and your fiancé have always fantasized about living out your favorite cowboy western films. Well, now you can in the form of this funny bride and groom cake topper. The 7-inch cake topper features a felt cowboy hat with a horseshoe along a base embellished with silk cording and a satin skirt. The bride and groom couple on top are hand-painted porcelain figures in a “ready for action” pose.

This topper is also completely customizable as you can select which colors you want the bride and groom’s hair, facial hair, suit, tie, shoes, garter, and veil to be.

Shop Now: Wedding Collectibles; $35.95+

5. Wedding Gamer Cake Topper

Wedding gamer funny cake topper

If you or your partner loves video games, this could be a fun topper to purchase. The cut-out topper features a silhouette of a bride pulling her groom away from the TV set as he has a video game controller in his hands. 

This wedding cake topper is also customizable as you can choose to include your last name along the bottom of it. You can also select the size you want your topper to be in order to match your cake size. Then further personalize it with a colored acrylic or wooden finish to match your wedding color scheme.

Shop Now: Etsy; $12.50+

6. Funny Weightlifting Couple Topper

weightlifting couple topper

Whether you and your partner are known to lift weights and work out together or you simply enjoy funny wedding cake toppers like this one, this cake topper will definitely draw attention. 

Customize this sculpted topper to resemble you and your partner by uploading a picture of the two of you to the site. Then choose your eye colors, skin colors, and hair colors. You can also choose the size you want, if you want their heads to bobble, and if you want to add any additional embellishments to the base. 

Shop Now: BobbleGifts; $149+

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7. Taking a Plunge Topper

emotional take the plunge wedding topper

This comical wedding cake topper features the groom getting ready to take the plunge. This topper is definitely a fun way to showcase the rollercoaster of emotions you’ll most likely experience leading up to your wedding day. To add more personality to these figures, you can customize them with your proper hair colors.

Shop Now: The Wedding Outlet; $28.95

8. “No Golf” Bride and Groom Cake Topper

"no golfing" bride and groom topper

For the golfing duo looking for some funny wedding toppers, look no further than this gem. This comical wedding cake topper features a bride pulling her golf-loving groom away from the golf course for their upcoming big day. You can choose to customize their hair color, hairstyle, skin color, wedding dress, and golf bag color to further resemble you and your fiancé.

Shop Now: Etsy; $89+

9. Kissing Couple Funny Cake Topper

kissing couple cake topper

If you’re looking to step up your wedding topper game with more than just the bride and groom in a standing pose, consider these romantic figurines. This porcelain kissing couple is sure to liven up your wedding cake and catch your guests’ attention.

Shop Now: Wayfair; $50

10. Hooked For Life Topper

Hooked for life bride and groom cake topper

If you’re interested in reeling in some funny wedding cake toppers, this one is quite the catch. And if you or your partner enjoy fishing, then this topper is even better! Get your guests laughing with this funny topper featuring a bride reeling in the groom with a fishing rod with the phrase “Hooked For Life” written below. 

You can personalize this topper in terms of size and color so it can match whatever theme or color scheme you’re looking for.

Shop Now: Etsy; $12.50+

11. The Bride Wears The Pants Funny Cake Topper

bride wearing the pants funny wedding topper

For the couple looking to make a comical statement with their wedding cake topper, consider this funny one. This topper features two separate figures. The groom appears in a tuxedo and his boxers because his bride is the one wearing the pants. This one is bound to get a few laughs from your guests as they admire your wedding cake before dessert time.

Shop Now: Wedding Favors Unlimited; $29.98 each

12. Sweet Embrace Topper

sweet embrace wedding topper

These lovely, posed figurines feature a bride sweetly embracing her groom from behind. The bride wears a sleek wedding dress style while the groom appears in a dapper vest. Customize these hand-painted porcelain figures to match your and your fiancé’s hair colors. 

Shop Now: The Wedding Outlet; $61.95

13. Unicorn & Horse Cake Topper

unicorn and horse wedding topper

Out of all the funny wedding toppers out there, this one might take the cake. Enjoy this comical topper featuring a bride in a unicorn costume and the groom in a horse costume. This wedding cake accessory is sure to add some levity to your wedding venue.

Shop Now: Amazon; $14.99

14. Wedding Couple Playing Football Cake Topper

wedding couple football wedding topper

This playful cake topper is a great addition for the couples out there that are football fanatics. Embrace your sport-loving personality with a funny topper that depicts a groom giving his bride a piggy-back ride all the way for a touchdown. You can customize this topper by selecting from three different skin tones.

Shop Now: Wedding Favors Unlimited; $59.98

15. “Hooked On Love” Funny Wedding Topper

hooked on love wedding topper

Funny wedding cake toppers like this one can truly transform your wedding cake into an action scene. The groom sits on top of the cake dangling a fishing pole with a wedding ring caught on the line. The bride figurine is to be displayed at the bottom of the cake, reaching up towards the ring. While the two figures are sold separately, together they form quite the comical scene.

Shop Now: Etsy; $15.71 each

16. Hollywood Glamour Couple “Star for a Day” Topper

glamorous Hollywood bride and groom topper

Roll out the red carpet for this one, we’ve got ourselves a Hollywood-themed wedding topper. If you and your partner have ever imagined having your names up in lights, then it’s time to live vicariously through your wedding topper figures.

This fun topper features a bride and groom posing in front of their “Mr. & Mrs.” star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Choose to personalize this glamorous topper by adjusting the hair, suit, and dress colors as you see fit.

Shop Now: Wedding Collectibles; $19.95+

17. “Achievement Unlocked” 8-Bit Wedding Topper

8-bit wedding cake topper

This awesome cake topper is every gaming couple’s dream. Showcase your nerdy side with an 8-bit funny bride and groom cake topper. Level up to married status with this “Achievement Unlocked” accessory. Customize this fun topper by selecting a color or choosing to add your wedding date to be engraved in the heart.

Shop Now: Etsy; $13.59+

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18. “To Have And To Hold” Wedding Topper

to have and to hold topper

Inspired by the vows, “to have and to hold,” this funny wedding cake topper is sure to get everyone talking. It features a bride figurine cradling her groom in her arms. To get this charming, hand-painted porcelain couple to match you and your fiancé, you can choose to customize their hair color.

Shop Now: Just Cake Toppers; $52.95+

19. Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper

star wars funny wedding cake topper

This funny wedding cake topper comes from a galaxy far, far away. Fall in love with this adorable droid bride and groom topper featuring R2-D2 with a top hat and BB-8 with a bow and veil. 

It’s the perfect wedding cake embellishment for all the Star Wars couples out there. Choose the size you want your acrylic cut-out topper to be then select your color. 

Shop Now: Etsy; $14.44+

20. Tie Puller Bride & Groom Wedding Topper

tie-puller bride and groom topper

This comical cake topper includes a bride figure in a sparkly, white wedding gown pulling on the tie of her groom dashing towards the exit. Of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding day without making jokes about someone getting cold feet and running away. This funny bride and groom cake topper depicts just that.

Shop Now: Party City; $19.99

21. Flamingo Wedding Cake Topper

flamingo wedding cake topper

Flock towards love with this goofy flamingo wedding cake topper. These funny flamingos are the perfect representation of a loving couple, especially at a tropical-themed or destination wedding. Choose if you want your flamingos to wear bow ties or have veils. This adorable pink duo is bound to brighten up your wedding cake.

Shop Now: Etsy; $45

22. Funny Las Vegas Wedding Cake Topper

Las Vegas wedding cake topper

You’ve really hit the jackpot with this winning cake topper! If you’re celebrating your big day in Vegas, this is the perfect accessory for you and your partner. The whimsical design features a bride in a fabulous wedding gown jumping into the arms of her groom. The base of the topper features a royal flush among sequins and trim. We’ll place our bets now and say you’ll definitely love this funny, customizable Vegas cake topper. 

Shop Now: Wedding Collectibles; $38.95+

23. Honeymoon Bound Wedding Cake Topper

just married wedding cake topper

Funny wedding cake toppers like this one and perfect for showing off your excitement for your Honeymoon and beyond. This cute topper features a bride and groom happily waving to their guests from their wedding car complete with “Just Married” written on the bumper and a festive strand of cans following behind. Personalize the topper with your hair colors then display this car with the cans hanging off the side of your cake for a more dynamic appearance.

Shop Now: Just Cake Toppers; $52.98+

24. Funny Football Junkie Cake Topper

football junkie wedding cake topper

It’s time to unglue the groom from the screen. Yes, even if his favorite team is playing. This hilarious cake topper is perfect for the lovable football junkies. You can customize this topper by changing the hair colors, hairstyles, skin tones, and dress style. To further showcase your love for football, pick your favorite football team to have featured on the big screen.

Shop Now: Etsy; $85+

25. High Five Cake Toppers

high-five bride and groom topper

Is there anything more romantic than a crisp high-five? Funny wedding cake toppers like this one perfectly showcase the power of a high-five. These two figures are sold separately, but when placed on top of a cake together, the magic comes alive. You may now high-five the bride.

Shop Now: Wayfair; $39.11 each

Choose Your Topper Wisely!

Have fun with it as you and your partner decide on some funny wedding cake toppers for your big day celebration. Whether you choose to have a comical cake topper for your engagement cake, bridal cake, rehearsal dinner cake, or your actual wedding cake, let your topper be the star of the show.

A funny bride and groom cake topper will without a doubt grab everyone’s attention and get them talking about your clever cake decor. Stand out and add some personality to your wedding cake by allowing your topper to truly highlight you and your partner’s personality and interests.

Whether those interests are video game-related, sports-related, wedding theme-related, or just plain silly, don’t be afraid to pick out some funny wedding cake toppers. Everyone will be glad that you did!


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