228 Best Wedding Hashtags For You & Your #ButterHalf

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Oct 9, 2020

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023

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Last updated: March 2023

Looking for the top wedding hashtags to celebrate your special day? Luckily, Wedding Hashers has got your back!

It’s the twenty-first century and hashtags are everywhere. So, it just makes sense for hashtags to wedding to have them too. For those wondering why you even need a wedding hashtag, the simple answer is why not? They’re super fun to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, and to make people laugh.

The best hashtags are the ones that get widely used by your wedding guests as they post pictures and videos in celebration of your big day. Using a one-of-a-kind, clever hashtag keeps your beautiful memories digitally organized online.

While a wedding ceremony seals the bond between two people a great wedding hashtag is what brands that bond.

If you’re now excited to start your search for the best wedding hashtags to promote your wedding day, you have three clear options. You could either hire a professional writing service, use a hashtag generator, or create some yourself.

For all the wedding inspiration you need, check out our 228 wedding hashtags ideas below!

Get Your Wedding Hashtags From Pro Writers

A lot of work and details go into the wedding planning process. Perhaps you’d rather focus on the nitty-gritty details of your big day with a wedding planner and simply don’t have the time or patience to create your own wedding hashtag.

Well, fear not. That’s where the professionals come in!

Wedding Hashers is a quick and easy service with pro writers on hand to customize the best wedding hashtags for you and your spouse. 

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The process is simple.

You just type out both of your names then answer some optional questions about your relationship and wedding details. Info about where you met, what hobbies you have, what wedding theme you’re thinking about, as well as your venue location and wedding date can all be helpful tidbits for creating the best wedding hashtags for you.

The writers at Wedding Hashers will take care of the rest and you’ll receive a custom list of your top wedding hashtags sent directly to your inbox typically within 24 hours. 

The benefits of hiring a professional writing service like Wedding Hashers guarantees that you receive the best possible hashtags for your big day. When planning the most important day of your life, every decision matters. This hashtag is something you will remember for the rest of your relationship. It helps you keep track of all the memories and photos from your special day.

Leave it to the professional writers and you’ll get great ideas with great customer service. Another pro to going with this option would be the individualized and personalized results you get from the process.

Your other options may lead to wedding hashtags that are too overly generic to be truly special for you and your partner. Professional writers on the other hand work hard to make the hashtags personal and meaningful.

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Use A Wedding Hashtag Generator

There are plenty of free wedding hashtag generators out there that are just a Google search away. These generators will simply ask for the couple’s names, than they’ll churn out your hashtag results in a matter of seconds.

wedding hashers free wedding hashtag generator

Although wedding hashtag generators are free, quick, and convenient, there are cons to consider when using them.

Going with the generator route can be a gamble since the results they produce are often overly generic and non-personalized.

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How To Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag

wedding hashtag banner

Lastly, you do have the option of making up a wedding hashtag for yourself. It’s time to dig deep and discover the inner pun master within you. Sit down and let those creative juices start flowing.

Don’t know where to begin? Consider using puns or a play on words. Think of how your names can be cleverly used to fit within a saying or phrase. You can also rely on alliteration by using words that share the same first letter as your last name. Or use a rhyming dictionary for inspiration.

Throughout this creative process, remember that the more personalized your hashtag is, the more special it will be for your big day. Try brainstorming how your nicknames or your shared interests can work into the final result. 

Feel free to consult those close to you for extra inspiration. Your bridesmaids, wedding party, and family know you best.

Tap into all the minds of people who care about you as a couple and see what together you come up with! There’s always strength in numbers.

If you still need some help coming up with creative ideas, we have even more wedding hashtag ideas below for you to consider!

228 Best Wedding Hashtags

Customizable Wedding Hashtags

couple holding a wedding hashtag sign

1. #TyingTheKnotWithThe[LastName]

2. #[LastName]PartyOfTwo

3. #HitchedWith[FirstNameAndLastName]


5. #[Insert Name Here]TakesThePlunge

6. #HereComesThe[LastName]

7. #JourneyTo[LastName]

8. #[FirstNameAndLastName]SealedTheDeal

9. #HappilyEver[LastName]

10. #HappilyEver[LastName]

Funny Wedding Hashtags

Couple laughing at their wedding

11. #TurnDownForWatts

This hashtag is sure to make your friends and family chuckle as an homage to the popular Lil Jon song.

12. #JamaicanMeAWallace

Clever and fun. Who wouldn’t be excited to post using this hashtag?

13. #PromDateToSoulmate

High School Sweethearts? Here’s one of the best wedding hashtags to capture just how long you’ve been together.

14. #BurgersAndTies

For the couple who’s cooking up class while keeping their wedding guests well fed.

15. #YouMayKissTheMcBride

An Irish addition to the classic wedding day phrase.

16. #ForeverYoungs

Doesn’t everybody wish for eternal youth?

17. #VivaLasVega

For the Elvis fan in all of us. You can replace the name Vega with your own last name for a hashtag wishing you a long marriage. 

18. #BassDayEver

Let it be known to all through a funny wedding hashtag just how awesome your special day will be.

19. #TisTheSeasonToBeMarried

Technically any season can be wedding season, but this hashtag might be best for those taking the plunge around the holidays.

20. #ElopedAndBreakingTheNews

Perhaps weddings aren’t really your thing and you’d rather secretly seal the deal. Here’s an effective hashtag for sharing your life update.

21. #FancySuitsAndPhotoShoots

If you’re a wedding photographer looking for a funny hashtag, this one is perfect for showing off your stylish wedding photos.

It’s also a great hashtag to use in a photobooth.

22. #MarriedHasANiceRingToIt

Celebrate your new status with a fun wedding hashtag like this one. You can also swap out the word “Married” and replace it with your new last name.

23. #CatchMyBouquet

If you’re looking forward to the traditional wedding bouquet toss, this wedding-themed hashtag is right up your alley.

24. #OneExpensiveParty

It’s no secret that weddings can get costly. If you’re in the mood to poke fun at your wedding budget, try out some funny wedding hashtags like this one.

25. #FromTheAlterToTheAfter

This catchy tag tells the journey of celebrating love and marriage from the ceremony to the reception. It’s the perfect way to caption your memorable photos.

26. #BridesAndTides

This wedding hashtag is fitting for the brides planning their wedding day by the ocean.

27. #SheFinallySaidYes

Have you been chasing that special someone for quite some time now? Well, this fitting hashtag certainly makes that clear in a funny and joyful way.

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28. #MatriMoney

For another clever hashtag that calls attention to wedding day expenses, your guests are sure to find this slogan funny. 

29. #IDoTimesTwo

There’s nothing better in the wedding hashtag world than a nice and catchy rhyme.

30. #HallOfMeLovesHallOfYou

If you’re looking for funny wedding hashtags inspired by song lyrics, the Halls will be happy to discover this clever tag inspired by the romantic John Legend song.

31. #YouHadMeAtBurrow

Pop culture fans will love this clever twist to an iconic movie line. “You had me at hello” is a famous line from Jerry Maguire, but it can also make for a fun wedding hashtag with a little creativity.

32. #LoveAtFirstSwipe

Dating apps have become a very popular way of meeting new people, and there are plenty of success stories from couples who found their soulmate via an app. If this relates to you and your partner, then it’s time to swipe right on this fitting hashtag.

33. #IDoWithAView

Is your wedding venue taking place outdoors in a picturesque location amid the mountains, surrounded by the forest, along the lake, or by the beach? If your big day will involve a gorgeous view, then this tag is for you.

34. #TheSaltToMyPaprika

Show off your quirky relationship with this catchy hashtag. Forget salt and pepper. You two go together like salt and paprika but still make it work.

35. #SugarBrideHoneyBunch

Familiar with the song lyrics, “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch”? Well, if you can’t help yourself because you love your bride and nobody else, then this sweet and funny hashtag is exactly what you need.

36. #ThisDayTakesTheCake

This clever hashtag is a fitting way to express your joy about the greatest day of your life all while alluding to the sweet anticipation of your beautiful wedding cake.

Technology is truly amazing, but it can’t quite replace human creativity.

Classic Wedding Hashtags

wedding photo with bouquet

37. #BrownWearsWhite

Wearing white on your wedding day is a long-standing tradition. Celebrate the traditional aspects of a wedding ceremony with hashtags like this one.

38. #HappilyHitched

A simple way to express your special day.

39. #WrightWhereWeBelong

A cute and sentimental statement for Mr. and Mrs. Wright.

40. #FinallyMyForever

It’s official! Celebrate your forever commitment with this classic wedding hashtag.

41. #AToastToTheTwo

The traditional wedding toast is the time for guests to celebrate the happy couple. Let the toast continue on social media with a hashtag like this.

42. #AlbertsAtTheAlter

Here you can see alliteration is at play in this fun wedding-themed hashtag.

43. #ChaplinsAtTheChapel

Same idea, different result. Play around with how your wedding location may fit within your wedding hashtag.

44. #WalkingInStyleDownTheAisle

Showcase your wedding attire with this rather fitting hashtag.

45. #ThePerfectSpotToTieTheKnot

This lovely hashtag works for any wedding and any location because any spot becomes perfect when you’re tying the know with the one you love.

46. #MadisonsOffTheMarket

The ‘off the market’ phrase can work with pretty much any name, making it one of the best wedding hashtags to use.

Creative Wedding Hashtags

47. #IloveYouTerryMuch

Get creative with your last name by creating a sweet and cheesy hashtag like this one.

48. #HeyHeyWereTheMooneys

When it comes to creative wedding hashtags, why not look towards The Monkees for inspiration? This clever tag can be used by replacing The Monkees’ iconic lyrics with your own last name.

49. #TyTheKnot

For all the Tylers out there, this tag can be a fun way to celebrate your big milestone.

50. #TwoIsSetterThanOne

Let your hashtag be a fitting romantic statement that cheerfully references your union.

51. #IDreamOfJovi

This tag is a creative homage to the hit sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie from the 1960s.

52. #OnceUponATime

A hashtag idea to consider for all those planning their magical storybook wedding.

53. #ThisJustin

Share your newsworthy life update on social media with this clever slogan, perfect for anyone with a first or last name of Justin.

54. #HookedOnAFallon

Song lyrics can be your best friend. This creative wedding hashtag takes inspiration from the iconic song originally by B.J. Thomas.

55. #WeddyOrNot

Ready or not, your wedding day has come. Savor the moment with this silly hashtag.

56. #RowlingIntoMarraige

If any of your names can be used as a homophone, be sure to take advantage of it to create a clever hashtag like this one.

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Punny Wedding Hashtags

best wedding hashtags

57. #OneBellOfAWedding

Hey, if you know your wedding will be a night like no other, might as well boast about it.

58. #EverythingsComingUpRosses

If you’re a fan of the song, the Broadway musical Gypsy, or just the saying itself, this is the hashtag for you.

59. #ItWasKentToBe

Simple, yet one of the best wedding hashtags for the couple who was destined for each other.

60. #HolySprattrimony

Now this is another level of creativity. Combining a name with the sacrament itself is wedding hashtags at its peak.

61. #LetTheJamesBegin

This playful hashtag expresses the excitement of sharing your futures together.

62. #TheRestIsHesstory

Looks like this marriage will be one for the books.

63. #ShrewThickAndThin

Shrew it all, it sounds like this couple is ready to overcome everything together.

64. #DressedToTheHeinz

Can’t get enough of that dress? Post pictures of your best wedding day looks using this elegant-looking hashtag.

65. #ForButlerOrWorse

Take a peek through traditional wedding vows and perhaps they’ll inspire a pun of your own.

66. #NappoliEverAfter

The perfect hashtag for a fairytale wedding.

67. #LetsMakeItOFishal

Make everything crystal clear by announcing your news with a punny hashtag like this one. It’s perfect for an ocean-themed celebration or if your last name happens to be Fish.

68. #KnightInShiningOmar

Forget about Prince Charming. This punny storybook hashtag will make you believe in true love’s kiss.

69. #NewGroomies

A fun and catchy slogan for the Grooms who are starting their forever.

70. #MATCHrimony

Have you found your match? Then spread the word with some punny wedding hashtags like this one.

71. #WeddySetGo

Are you ready for the weddy? And by that we mean the wedding. If so, go on and use this hashtag for your big day.

72. #StillTheJuan

After all those years, if they’re still the Juan for you, it’s time to tie that knot!

73. #LoveYouAWholeLatte

This tag is for all the coffee enthusiasts who must start their day with a good ol’ cup of Joe.

74. #NoBunnyButYou

Perhaps you and your partner have pet names for each other. If so, think of punny ways to use those names in your hashtag.

75. #CanKnotWait

Struggling to contain your excitement about getting married? Then this hashtag is the perfect match!

76. #DontGoBaconMyHeart

Food puns are always a surefire way to get your guests to chuckle. This fun one references the classic Elton John song.

77. #OnYourMarkGetWeddyGo

Your wedding day is the starting line for a lovely relay that will last the rest of your lives. If you or your partner’s name happens to be Mark, this tag is even more effective.

78. #ILoveYouSmore

Who doesn’t love S’mores? Well, picture this. Your lovely summer wedding comes to an end as you encircle around the bonfire with your close friends and family, all roasting s’mores together.

Oh, what a night!

79. #LuckyToLoveHugh

If your names easily rhyme with the word “you,” there are seemingly infinite possibilities out there for crafting some punny wedding hashtags like this one.

80. #MossBeTrueLove

For Mrs. and Mr. Moss, this clever tag is sweet and punny.

81. #BarackAndRoll

Ready for a love story that will top the charts? This musical-themed wedding hashtag is sure to help you achieve the #BassDayEver!

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Cute Wedding Hashtags

cute wedding photo

82. #TonightBeginsForever

Get ready for the rest of your lives together with cute wedding hashtag ideas like this one.

83. #LoveHasNoLimit

The power of love is a strong and beautiful force. Express hope love has no bounds with this limitless hashtag.

84. #PerfectPair

For a short and sweet hashtag, consider using the one above to convey you and your partner’s union.

85. #EternityIsOurs

Your marriage marks the beginning of forever together. Make a claim as to how you and your partner are going to take the world by storm together with this fitting hashtag.

86. #TodayTomorrowAndAlways

Cute wedding hashtag ideas like this one come with beautiful meanings behind them. While today starts your marriage, tomorrow and always refers to your endless future together. How sweet!

#todaytomorrowandalways wedding hashtag

87. #FinallyMetMyMatch

The phrase to meet your match typically refers to a competitive environment where you found an equal opponent. Using it as a wedding hashtag gives it a cute, new meaning as you announce you’ve found your perfect pair, someone who is always at the same level and on the same page as you.

88. #TimeStandsStillWithYou

This cute sentiment alludes to how being beside your partner is all you need in life. If time stands still when you’re with them, you know you’ve picked the right one as you’re so caught up in the moment together, the world seems to melt away.

89. #TableForTwo

Start getting used to requesting that table for two! This cute wedding hashtag is a clever way to announce your union and a catchy phrase to put to use.

#tablefortwo wedding photo

90. #TheBeginningThatNeverEnds

This cute hashtag idea conveys the fact that marriage is a lifelong commitment. Your wedding day marks the beginning of your chapter together, and as you grow through life with one another, that bond is something that will never end.

91. #LoveYouLongTime

Use this trendy phrase as your wedding hashtag to express the longevity of your relationship. This can also be a great wedding pun hashtag if your last name happens to be Long.

92. #OneLoveOneLifetime

This adorable phrase can make for some excellent wedding hashtag ideas. If you’re a Broadway fan, you may recognize this sentiment from the lyrics of “All I Ask Of You” from The Phantom of the Opera.

Trending Wedding Hashtags

93. #InstaWedding

Show your Instagram feed some love by sharing your top wedding moments using trending hashtags like this one.

94. #HappilyEverAfter

This hashtag may be simple, yet it’s a classic. Plus, it’s one of the top trending wedding hashtags to include in your wedding posts.

95. #TodayWasAFairytale

For all those couples planning a trendy fairytale wedding, this hashtag is sure to match your style.

96. #JustTheBeginning

Your wedding day isn’t the final step of your relationship, but rather one of the firsts. Let your journey begin with this trendy hashtag.

97. #MrAndMrs

This tag is a great way to announce your changing status in a simple and straightforward manner.

98. #MeantToBe

Your love is like no other. You and your partner were destined to meet, and now you’re destined to use this hashtag to get your big day trending.

99. #IDoForever

Your wedding vows are a powerful way to prove your lifelong commitment. Highlight this promise through your wedding hashtag.

100. #WeddingTime

Get pumped up by letting everyone know what time it is!

101. #FromThisDayForward

Your wedding day marks a pivotal milestone as from this day forward you take your significant other to be your wedded partner for life.

102. #LoveOfMyLife

Finding that one person who ignites your flame is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Express how you’ve found the love of your life with a trendy wedding hashtag.

Disney Wedding Hashtags

Woman in wedding gown, holding her shoes

103. #JustCantWaitToBeKings

Hakuna Matata.

It means, don’t worry about your wedding hashtag, we’ll help you create one as clever as this Lion King reference.

104. #EverybodyWantsToBeAKatz

Let this jam from the Aristocats become you and your partner’s slogan for life.

105. #JustKeepSchwimming

Everybody loves this encouraging mantra from Finding Nemo’s Dory. So why not make it your wedding hashtag?

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106. #OnceUponADreamTeam

Who’s on your Dream Team? We hope your fiancé made the cut. If so, this Sleeping Beauty hashtag is the one for you.

107. #WereAllenThisTogether

Anyone having a High School Musical wedding? Looks like this hashtag could be the start of something new.

108. #StartingOurOhana

For all the Lilo and Stitch fans out there, this one’s for you. It’s cute, meaningful, and generic enough to work for any couple.

109. #BibbidiBobbidiBueller

Let your Hashtag Fairy Godmother inspire you with this Cinderella-themed wedding hashtag.

110. #BirdsSingingWeddingBellsRinging

Inspired by the fairest of them all, Snow White sings these lyrics in “Someday My Prince Will Come.”

111. #WeFinishEachOthersSandwiches

Love is an open door when you’re so in sync with your better half. This is one of the best wedding hashtags out there for Frozen fans.

112. #YouAintNeverHadASpouseLikeMe

A wedding hashtag from Genie’s iconic song in Aladdin is sure to be a crowd-pleaser to any Disney fan.

Romantic Wedding Hashtags

best Wedding Hashtag Sign From Etsy.com

113. #OurCarreytaleWedding

Capture just how magical your wedding day is with this enchanting hashtag.

114. #LoveYouToTheBooneAndBack

You know what they say. When the Boone hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!

115. #AllYouNeedIsLove

A romantic sentiment to use for the couple who listens to The Beatles eight days a week.

116. #HewittKnewItAtFirstSight

If you believe in love at first sight, consider using this wedding hashtag.

117. #LoveNeverFails

Love is patient, love is kind. Take your favorite lines from any verse and make them your wedding hashtag.

118. #TaylorMadeForEachOther

Let your hashtag express you’ve found your soulmate. If your name can be used as a homophone to create a clever play on words, even better.

119. #2HeartsBeatAsWan

The bond of marriage is a beautiful thing. If you’ve found someone who matches your rhythm, two heats truly do beat as one.

120. #LoveAtHurstSight

Romantic? Check. Cheesy? A little. But, when you know, you know. You know?

121. #ForeverBeginsToday

A new chapter has begun. It’s time to start writing your new adventures together.

122. #ToHaveAndToHolt

There’s not a wedding without wedding vows. This hashtag takes advantage of the classic vows.

Silly Wedding Hashtags

123. #AwwSchucks

Come on admit it. We know this one made you smile.

124. #TwoLeesInAPod

A cute saying for a cute couple.

125. #CruzingIntoMarriage

For the couple who just wants to roll their windows down and cruise.

126. #PutThePatelsToTheMetal

Get those engines ready and drive into marriage at full speed with this wedding hashtag.

127. #CantStopSinghing

Love can do crazy things, including making you wanna break out into song nonstop. 

128. #PartyOf2SaysIDo

When in doubt, rhyme it out. 

129. #NewYearNewName

Starting off your year with a wedding? This is one of the best wedding hashtags for a New Year’s themed wedding.

130. #HappyAsClamBe

If your wedding has major beach vibes, this hashtag is calling your name.

131. #ThePolaroidPlunge

If polaroid photographs are totally your style, this is one of the wedding photography hashtags you’ll totally want to have. 

132. #MeowiedAtLast

For the cat lovers out there, this is the purrfect hashtag for you.

Movie Themed Wedding Hashtags

best movie themed wedding hashtags

133. #OnWednesdaysWeWearWhite

Inspired by the ever so quotable movie Mean Girls. This one is customizable to fit whichever day of the week you’re getting married, making it one of the best wedding hashtags out there.

134. #MayTheFordsBeWithYou

Calling all Jedis. This hashtag might be your only hope.

135. #TheresNoPlaceLikeHolmes

Just click your heels three times like Dorothy and you’ll come up with the best wedding hashtags in no time.

136. #HoustonWeHaveAProposal

The perfect proposal hashtag for the space lovers out there who watched Apollo 13.

137. #HortonsHearIDo

A nod to Dr. Seuss’s classic book, “Horton Hears A Who,” which of course later became a movie.

138. #LoveLongAndProsper

Star Trek fans? Let this adjusted Vulcan salute be your hashtag.

139. #ThePowellOfLove

Huey Lewis and The News believed love was powerful enough to bring Lorraine and George McFly together in Back To The Future. Now that’s the power of love for you.

140. #LaLaLandedASpouse

Whether you’re a fan of Seb’s jazz or simply enjoy movies that have controversial endings, this could be the perfect hashtag for you.

141. #YoureTheOneThatIWant

If you and your partner go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong, then this is the Grease themed hashtag for you.

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142. #MeetTheFaulkners

Comedy fans will have a good laugh at this one.

TV Show Wedding Hashtags

Winter photo of a Groom

143. #TheWintersAreComing

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Winter of House Targaryen. Queue the Game of Thrones theme.

144. #JimFoundHisPam

Whether you met at the office or simply are fans of the show The Office, this hashtag represents the epitome of TV couple goals.

145. #HouseOfCarters

If you’re into political thrillers like House of Cards, this hashtag could be yours.

146. #TheseHappyDaysAreYoursAndMine

As lyrics from the theme song of the classic show Happy Days, this hashtag’s sentiments are sure to bring happiness to your special day.

147. #WhiteIsTheNewBlack

Forget orange, it’s time to shine in that stunning white gown.

148. #TheHeissIsRight

Be the closest to guess the price of the bride’s gown without going over and win a prize. Just kidding, she’ll never tell.

149. #ItsABeautifulDayToShareLives

In honor of the famous quote from Grey’s Anatomy, let your wedding hashtag mark the start of sharing your lives together.

150. #WubbaLubbaDubThee

Rick and Morty hereby dub thee husband and wife.

151. #2WhoviansBecomeOne

Get out your Sonic Screwdrivers because it’s time for a Doctor Who themed wedding.

152. #LetsSealTheDeal

Hmm, should we go with curtain number one or curtain number two?

Hobby Based Wedding Hashtags

Golf cart with a Just Married sign

153. #FOREeverAndAlways

Fore the golfing duo who found their PARtner for life.

154. #SwingAndAMrs

For batter or worse, it looks like two baseball fans are tying the knot.

155. #LevelingUpOurLove

Attention all gamers. Congrats! You’ve reached the next level: Marriage.

156. #LetsGetKnotical

For the sailors and boaters out there who’d rather be writing hashtags at sea, this is for you.

157. #ClimbingThroughLifeWithYou

If hiking is your thing, Mount Marriage is waiting to be climbed and this hashtag is waiting to be used.

158. #PitchPerfectWedding

For the musically inclined couple.

159. #PicturePerfectWedding

For the photographically inclined couple.

160. #ForTheArrestOfOurLives

To the police officer and law enforcement couples looking for good wedding hashtags.

161. #MePlusYouEquals2

A perfect equation for the mathematical couple.

162. #CookingUpThePerfectMarriage

You may now kiss the Cook.

Unique Wedding Hashtags

163. #BeckysPerfectMattch

This unique wedding hashtag was created for Wedding Hashers’ clients Becky and Matt McDermott. Creatively fitting both names into one hashtag is something our pro writers do best. 

Becky and Matt McDermott Wedding Hashers customers
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164. #ATaleOfTwoCassidys

For the literary couple, here’s a clever hashtag Charles Dickens never would have imagined existed.

165. #PairingUpInParis

Having a destination wedding? Make your location the focal point to create the best wedding hashtags for your special day.

166. #TheVrabelsHaveTurned

Perhaps your names or last names are pretty uncommon. No worries!

Brittany Brown and Michael Vrabel thought their name might be difficult before our Wedding Hashers team crafted this unique hashtag for them.

Brittany Brown and Michael Vrabel Wedding Hashers customers

167. #ACoppolaNewlyWeds

Cute and unique, what else can we say?

168. #MeAndBaesWeddingDay

Hey, honey bunny. Consider using pet names and nicknames to make your hashtag more personalized.

169. #RingAroundTheRoberds

As another example of clients with unique last names, Madison Frieben and Jacob Roberds received this fitting hashtag from the Wedding Hashers writers, proving yet again a little creativity can go a long way.

Madison Frieben and Jacob Roberds Wedding Hashers customers

170. #NotThrowingAwayMyShotWithYou

Know every line to the musical Hamilton? If you work nonstop you too can think of a hashtag like this one.

171. #WifeBeginsAt40

Not everyone’s journey through love is the same. Adding details like this to your hashtag creates a more personal touch.

172. #AprilShowersBringMayFlowerGirls

Using the month of your wedding can make for some good wedding hashtags. Here’s one for all those tying the knot in May. Even better for those also having a wedding shower in April.

173. #AishasAllThatMahers

Still think your names might be too challenging for the perfect wedding hashtag? Think again.

Just take a look at this brilliant example of the unique wedding hashtag created for clients Aisha Jamal and Maher Saleh.

Aisha Jamal and Maher Saleh Wedding Hashers customers
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174. #RedWhiteAndIDo

And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, use this hashtag with care. Perfect for those having a patriotic wedding. 

175. #HeresToYouMrsRobinson

Relatable song lyrics always make for the best wedding hashtags. In honor of Simon & Garfunkel, here’s a hashtag for the newlywed Robinsons.

176. #LettingTheWavesCrashOurWedding

Wedding on the beach? Shell be saying ‘I Do’ to taking this as her lawfully wedded hashtag. 

Wedding Hashtags By Letter (A-Z)

Wedding Hashtags For A Last Names

177. #AlbertsonsAtLast

For “A” last names, you can replace the name shown here with that of your own to customize your hashtags using alliteration.

178. #AllAboutArmstrong

Using three words in a row starting with “A” is simply the epitome of alliteration.

Wedding Hashtags For B Last Names

179. #BecomingBrooks

For “B” last names, try starting with the word “becoming” to depict your excitement for taking on a new last name together.

180. #BringItOnBradshaw

This hashtag is perfect for those who want to show just how ready they are for marriage.

Wedding Hashtags For C Last Names

181. #CallUsCarter

Announce your new last name with this commanding hashtag.

wedding hashtag with last name
182. #ClubCrawford

Haven’t you heard? It’s the hottest club in town and super exclusive. Get your name on the list fast!

Wedding Hashtags For D Last Names

183. #DuncansSayIDo

Pair your “D” last name with “I Do” to add to your list of wedding hashtag ideas.

184. #DoubleDownOnDavidson

When you “double down” on something, it expresses a certain level of confidence whether that be at the casino or in your relationship. Use funny wedding hashtags like this one if you and your partner have a last name beginning with “D.”

Wedding Hashtags For E Last Names

185. #EverlastingEvans

“Everlasting” is a great word to use to express the limitless nature of your union, especially if you have an “E” last name to pair it with.

186. #4EverEmerson

Here is another satisfying idea for those looking for “E” last name wedding hashtag ideas.

Wedding Hashtags For F Last Names

187. #FinallyFergusons

This catchy hashtag certainly has a nice ring to it for when you and your partner finally and officially exchange vows.

188. #FranklinsForever

Another simple way to convey your lifelong commitment would be putting your “F” last name with the word “Forever.”

"forever" wedding hashtag for f last names

Wedding Hashtags For G Last Names

189. #GottaGoWithGordon

Try saying this one ten times fast. It’s a bit of a tongue twister, but perfect alliteration for couples taking on “G” last names.

190. #GladlyGarcias

For a simple and wholesome hashtag, create a phrase like this one.

Wedding Hashtags For H Last Names

191. #HappilyEverHowards

We can’t get enough of this happy hashtag that came straight out of a storybook. 

192. #HarrisonsGotHitched

The idiom, “getting hitched” is an informal way to announce your marriage and can make for a funny wedding hashtag, especially when used with an “H” last name.

Wedding Hashtags For I Last Names

193. #IWannaBeIrvin

Your “I” last name deserves an “I” action phrase to create a fun wedding hashtag.

194. #IngramsIDo

What’s a more iconic wedding line than uttering the words, “I do”? Use this phrase to your advantage when crafting a wedding hashtag.

Wedding Hashtags For J Last Names

195. #JoiningTheJennings

This hashtag is a catchy way to announce how you and your partner are expanding your families by joining last names through marriage.

wedding hashtag for j last name
196. #JustMarriedJohnson

The “Just Married” phrase is one we see time and time again plastered on the back of wedding cars. If you have a “J” last name, this may be the perfect fit for your wedding hashtag.

Wedding Hashtags For K Last Names

197. #KeepingUpWithTheKennedys

You’ve probably heard of the Kardashians, but if your last name begins with “K”, their popular TV show name can create an excellent template for a wedding hashtag.

198. #KellersAKeeper

Now that you’ve found someone you consider a “keeper,” why not use this terminology during your wedding day?

Wedding Hashtags For L Last Names

199. #LetsBeLewis

Announce to the world that you’re ready to take on a new last name with this sweet and catchy hashtag idea.

200. #LuckyToBeLawrences

Feeling lucky to be in love? Use your “L” last name with this phrase.

Wedding Hashtags For M Last Names

201. #MarriedToMurphy

Simple? Yes, but sometimes it’s the simplicity that really pulls everything together.

202. #McAdamsMetTheirMatch

It’s a wonderful thing to find your match in life. Express this feeling using alliteration from your “M” last name.

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Wedding Hashtags For N Last Names

203. #NewlyNewtons

A grand hashtag idea for the newlyweds with the last name starting with “N.”

wedding hashtag for n last name
204. #NoblesTieTheKnot

The idiom “tie the knot” is a timeless and unique way to say you’re getting married. Feel free to use it within your hashtag.

Wedding Hashtags For O Last Names

205. #OneAndOnlyOsbornes

Convey how unique your one-of-a-kind relationship is with this “O” heavy wedding hashtag idea.

206. #OntoOBrien

This hashtag sets up the idea that you’re moving on from your maiden name and looking forward to your married name. If this is the case for you, this could be a good hashtag to use.

Wedding Hashtags For P Last Names

207. #PlungingIntoPatterson

“Taking the plunge” is another interesting way to discuss getting married. If you have a “P” last name, this wedding pun hashtag may be an excellent fit.

208. #PartyingAsPeters

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate your union with all your friends and family. It will be the first time you party as newlyweds, so create a hashtag that represents that.

Wedding Hashtags For Q Last Names

209. #QuestToQuigley

While “Q” last names may seem a bit trickier to create hashtags for, there are still plenty of creative options. Think of your new journey together as a quest. This hashtag can be especially meaningful if you and your partner are into video games as quests are often a necessity for leveling up and advancing within games.

210. #QuinlanPoppedTheQuestion

Another idea for a “Q” last name, would be incorporating the phrase “popping the question” as this is known to refer to wedding proposals and the four-word inquiry, “Will you marry me?”

Wedding Hashtags For R Last Names

211. #ReadySetRobinson

This fun hashtag relates to queuing up for a race or competition. Are you ready and set to take on marriage with a new last name?

#readysetrobinson wedding hashtag
212. #RogersGotTheirRings

Wedding rings are incredibly symbolic as wearing one publicizes that you’re in a lifelong, committed relationship. Express your excitement about sharing wedding rings with this hashtag for “R” last names.

Wedding Hashtags For S Last Names

213. #StartingOffAsSullivans

Your wedding day is the start of something brand new as you officially enter married life with your partner. Use this sentiment in your wedding hashtag.

214. #SayingYesToSimmons

Share your proposal news with a wedding hashtag like this one. If you said yes to your partner’s proposal and have a last name beginning with “S”, this hashtag idea can have the perfect sound. 

Wedding Hashtags For T Last Names

215. #TwoBecomeThompsons

Weddings are a time in which two people become one. Convey this sweet sentiment with this fun hashtag for “T” last names.

216. #ToastToTheTownsends

Cheers to the newlyweds! A wedding toast marks a very special moment during your wedding reception in which your guests celebrate your official union. Take inspiration from this special moment to create a clever hashtag.

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Wedding Hashtags For U Last Names

217. #UnitedAsUlrich

The words “union” and “united” come up a lot during a wedding day and can be great words to use for your wedding hashtag too!

218. #UCanCallUsUpton

Create a casual and catchy hashtag like this one if you have a last name that starts with “U”.

Wedding Hashtags For V Last Names

219. #VowingToVaughn

Wedding vows are a pivotal part of a wedding ceremony as you and your partner discuss your commitment towards each other and the future you plan to build.

#vowingtovaughn wedding hashtag idea
220. #VowsVeilsAndValdez

This catchy hashtag idea pairs two wedding-themed words together with a “V” last name for an original hashtag creation. 

Wedding Hashtags For W Last Names

221. #AVeryWatsonWedding

Having a “W” last name can make for a simple wedding hashtag as these names pair well with the word “wedding” in a variety of different ways. Try out some variations for yourself!

222. #WelcomingTheWallaces

A wedding ceremony marks the official start of your relationship. It’s a very important milestone and beginning. All newly-weds deserve a proper welcome into their new lifestyle together.

Wedding Hashtags For X Last Names

223. #ExcitedToBeXavier

“X” last names can be a bit difficult, but pairing these names with words that begin with “E-X” can have a nice ring to them.

224. #ExclusivelyXander

Here is another option for wedding hashtag ideas that fit with “X” last names.

Wedding Hashtags For Y Last Names

225. #YesToYates

A simple and effective hashtag for the couple taking on a last name beginning with “Y.”

simple wedding hashtag
226. #YouMadeMeAYari

If you’re taking your partner’s last name, this can be a sweet wedding hashtag to use.

Wedding Hashtags For Z Last Names

227. #ZoomingToBecomeAZeller

Love isn’t necessarily a race, but if you’re super excited to get to your wedding day, this could be a fun hashtag to use as inspiration.

228. #ZimmersReachedTheZenith

The “zenith” refers to the summit or highest point. For those with “Z” last names, wedding hashtag ideas like this one are a nice way to say that your relationship takes you to new heights and makes you feel on top of the world.

Wedding Hashtag Best Practices

Now that you’ve had the chance to read through 198 of the best wedding hashtags ever, you might be curious about the next step. You either found the hashtag of your dreams or were inspired to craft your own, so what do you do now?

Use Your Wedding Hashtag On Social Media

As the bride and groom, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once during your celebration. These hashtags can make all the memories you and your guests experience more accessible. Have all your guests use the hashtag when they post pictures on their Instagram story or feed. The use of the hashtag organizes all the pictures in one place for you to easily save and enjoy in a highlight reel or wedding album forever.

best wedding hashtags- social media

Create A Photo Album With Your Wedding Hashtag

The hashtag is more than just an organizational tool. It’s your special slogan for life. Use it in your official wedding photo album or use it as the title of a shared photo album on your iPhone.

Put Your Hashtag On Display

Your hashtag also makes for the perfect prop to show off throughout your wedding venue. Display your awesome wedding hashtag as a fun sign at the entrance of the wedding for all to see, laugh at, and enjoy. Plus, writing it out on your wedding decor will serve as a reminder to your guests of what your hashtag is and how they can spell it.

Use Your Wedding Hashtag In The Photo Booth

Photographs are a vital part of all wedding ceremonies. Wedding photography hashtags keep all those professionally captured images of your special day in one place. If your celebration includes a photo booth for capturing more of the fun, you can also print out your hashtag on different props and have your guests pose with your hashtag on display.

Use The Location As Part Of The Hashtag

One widespread best practice for creating wedding hashtags is to incorporate the location of the wedding into the hashtag. It’s a simple and easy way to add a personal touch to your hashtag while also branding it with the venue. 

Using the location as part of the hashtag can also help guests quickly find and tag their posts related to the wedding. 

You can use the city, state, or venue name as part of the hashtag. For example, if the wedding occurs in New York City, a couple could use the hashtag #SmithsGetHitchedInNYC or #JohnAndJaneNYCWedding. You can create a memorable and personalized hashtag that captures the spirit of their special day by incorporating the location into the hashtag.

Display On Your Wedding Favors

Another popular best practice for wedding hashtags is to display them on wedding favors or other items at the event. Putting your hashtag on your wedding favor gets it right into your guests’ hands. In front of their mind to remind them to use it! It’s a genius way to advertise your wedding hashtag. 

Places you can display your hashtag are on items such as place cards, menu cards, or even wedding favors. This ensures that guests will see the hashtag multiple times throughout the event and helps to create a cohesive theme. 

Also, you can include a note or sign encouraging guests to use the hashtag and share their photos. By displaying the hashtag on wedding favors, couples can increase engagement on social media and create a lasting memory of their special day. And since your guests are taking the wedding favor home with them, they’ll be reminded about your wedding hashtag, which should encourage them to follow it and share more images. 

Share The Photo Feed On Your Wedding Website

One of the best practices for wedding hashtags is to share the Instagram photo feed on your wedding website. 

What better way to keep your guests in the loop with the latest photos and memories from your big day than by sharing them on your wedding website? You can integrate your Instagram photo feed directly onto your website, allowing your friends and family to share the memories of your special day.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your favorite moments and your guests’ photos in a fun and interactive way. It’s a unique and creative way to share and remember your special day for years to come!

Time To Say ‘I Do’ To The Wedding Hashtag For You

Overall, the point is to have fun with your hashtags. Be creative and use them in any way you choose. It’s your special day and the wedding hashtag is just the punny catchphrase to highlight your love.

Hopefully you’ve now thought of the best wedding hashtags to use when your wedding day comes.

However, if you need an extra mind or want to rely on a professional writing service, let Wedding Hashers help you and your #ButterHalf craft the best wedding hashtags imaginable!


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