Ultimate Guide On Wedding Rings & Bands [Plus 78 Styles To Choose From]

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Mar 5, 2021

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2023

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As you begin to select your wedding day attire, you’ll also be faced with choosing the ultimate marriage accessory: your wedding rings.

Choosing your wedding rings is a pivotal step in every wedding planning process. Your wedding bands represent you and your partner’s lifetime commitment to each other. These will be the bands you’ll wear for the rest of your lives. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure you select the best wedding rings according to you and your significant other’s style.

This guide will walk you through the top tips for exactly how to handle picking out both women’s and men’s wedding rings. If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, we hope our list of beautiful and elegant styles will bring you the inspiration you need. 

couple looking at a wedding ring

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How To Shop For The Perfect Wedding Ring Or Band

Decide On A Style

First, try limiting down your search by considering what type of ring you’re looking for. Are you interested in wedding rings adorned with prominent diamonds and stones or would you rather invest in a classy, simplistic band?

If you or your partner is leaning towards a wedding band, there are additional embellishments you should also consider. It’s quite common to get your wedding bands engraved. Perhaps you want to include a brief “I love you” message on the inside of the ring, your names or nicknames, or even the date of your wedding. 

You’ll also want to consider the width of your ring. Are you looking for a thin yet elegant look or something with more thickness to it? The width of your wedding rings may also be dependent upon the stones you wish to have on it. 

While stones can be cut into all different shapes and sizes, if you’re interested in a larger stone, you may need a wider ring to support the jewel. Likewise, smaller stones may appear more elegant upon a thinner band.

Instagram post of several diamond rings

Also take into account the shape you want your stones to take. The most popular styles include round, oval, pear, heart-shaped, or princess. Take some time to decide which shape fits your style.

Lastly in terms of style, you’ll want to determine the type of metal you want your wedding rings to be. Choose from common metals like steel, gold, platinum, or titanium. For some, selecting the metal type is all about the look and coloring of the metal. For others, it’s about what feels most comfortable on their skin. Select the wedding ring style that’s right for you!

Set A Budget

Wedding rings are a beautiful and meaningful accessory that will last a lifetime, but every charm has its expense. Before shopping for your rings, it’s important to set your wedding band budget

Discuss your financial guidelines with your fiancé to get a better understanding upon the price you both are willing to pay for your rings. Consider going shopping with your partner to view your ring options and anticipate the corresponding price tag. 

Understand The 4 C’s

When shopping for your diamonds, let the 4 C’s be your guide: color, cut, clarity, and carat. Now, what does that all mean?

Color refers to the hue of the diamond itself. The colors range from colorless to a light yellow. Colorless diamonds are the most rare and thus the more expensive option. Diamonds are graded on a colorless scale of D to Z with D being the most colorless and Z having more noticeable hints of yellow to it.

Instagram post explaining the diamond color scale

The cut of a diamond refers to how well the gem is polished and proportioned. While this factor is often believed to be about the shape and size of the diamond, it more so involves the quality and precision of how the diamond was cut. This quality is graded on a scale from Excellent to Poor.

Clarity involves grading the diamond based upon the natural imperfections that may be visible. The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA rates clarity on a scale from Flawless to Included. “Flawless” refers to a diamond deemed of the highest quality with no visible imperfections, while “Included” indicates flaws are present. 

The fourth C, carat is the measurement of the diamond’s weight. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. The carat is not necessarily a direct indicator of size as diamonds can take on all sorts of unique measurements. Ultimately, the more weight a diamond has, the more expensive it will be.

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Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Choosing your wedding bands is naturally one of the biggest decisions on your wedding checklist. Give yourself plenty of time to weigh your options and discern your taste in rings. If you’re interested in getting a custom ring, you’ll need to give yourself even more time. 

Don’t settle on the first ring you spot or the first jeweler you visit. If this is your first experience within the wonderful world of jewelry, take a few months to do your research. Now that you know the 4 C’s of diamond quality, begin to inspect the rings with a deeper understanding and appreciation for what they are.

Test out the styles that stand out the most to you and take note of how it looks and feels. You’ll most likely be trying on plenty of rings so you’ll want to keep track of the ones that match your style (and budget) the most. 

By giving yourself plenty of time throughout this process you’ll be able to cross-reference multiple jewelers to find the perfect ring and price tag for you and your partner.

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Find The Right Jeweler

It’s important to feel comfortable with the jeweler you ultimately pick. When purchasing something so precious and meaningful, you want to ensure you’re not getting scammed in any way.

If you have a reputable jeweler you’ve dealt with in the past, consider seeking out their assistance first. It’s also a good idea to conduct your own research on various locations in terms of reputation and price. 

large diamond post on Instagram

Check out the reviewers of certain jewelers in your area or consult your friends, family, or bridal party to see if anyone has any recommendations. After a bit of research, it’s time to check out a few locations for yourself. Go with the one you feel most comfortable in while also being able to adhere to your budget.

Get A Second Opinion

Once you’ve selected the right jeweler and found your ideal wedding rings, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. 

You want to ensure the ring itself and any diamonds added to the band are worth the amount it’s appraised for. Cross reference alternative jewelers to determine that the ring you’re about to purchase is of the best quality and the best price available to you. 

Not sure which ring style is right for you? Take this fun quiz to find out!

78 Wedding Ring & Wedding Band Styles

Now that you have the top tips for how to go about purchasing your ideal wedding rings, it’s time to start browsing through your options. With 78 incredibly stunning ring designs below, we hope you’ll find some inspiration for your ultimate wedding ring style. 

Wedding Rings For Women

1. White Gold Round Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring

Embrace the beauty of an elegant, braided band for a modern look. The surrounding stones compliment the main jewel in a lovely manner to create a gorgeous ring that’s sure to please. 

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $1,215

white gold round twisted diamong ring

2. White Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Add just the right amount of sparkle to your ring finger with a lovely wedding band entirely encompassed in stones, complete with the show-stopping oval gem of your dreams.

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $2,025

white gold oval diamond engagement room

3. Pear Shaped Halo Diamond Ring

Fall in love with this expertly crafted ring complete with a pavé setting of tiny diamonds lining the shank of the ring for a continuous sparkle.

Shop Now: She Said Yes $355

4. Princess Cut Three Stone Diamond Ring

Why settle for just one stone when you can have three beautifully cut princess stones to create the perfect look.

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $3,915

5. Heart Shaped Halo Diamond Ring

As wedding rings are a symbol of your love and commitment towards your partner, commit to this ideology by embracing a heart-shaped diamond.

Shop Now: She Said Yes $645

6. Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

Opt for some color to your wedding ring with this striking yellow stone within a yellow gold band.

Shop Now: Tiffany & Co. $9,250

cushion cut yellow diamond ring

7. White Gold Round Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Compliment your center stone with the regal beauty of two sapphires.

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $1,180

white gold round sapphire & diamond ring

8. Estrella Diamond Ring

This dazzling band features an array of lovely stones, each demanding their own unique attention and admiration.

Shop Now: Brilliant Earth $2,590

estrella diamond ring

9. Marquise Diamond Double Frame Twist Ring

This beautiful marquise shaped diamond comes complete with a remarkable pavé braid around the band for an awe-inspiring piece of jewelry. 

Shop Now: Zales $5,999.99

marquise diamond double frame twist ring

10. Rose Gold Double Cushion Frame Ring

Choosing rose gold as your desired metal adds trendy coloring to your wedding ring. With its polished band and assortment of stones, this ring becomes quite captivating.

Shop Now: Zales $999.99

rose gold double cushion frame ring

11. Rose Gold Oval Diamond Ring

The center oval stone becomes even more glorious when complimented by two rows of pavé settings filling out the shank of this rose gold wedding ring. 

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $2,390

rose gold oval diamond ring

12. Round Seven Stone Diamond Ring

Embrace a lovely repetitive pattern with seven equally sized stones all ready for you to show off.

Shop Now: Brilliant Earth $5,490

round seven stone diamond ring

13. White Gold French Cut Pavé Diamond Ring

This thinner band complete with a pavé pattern allows for the center stone to truly take center stage.

Shop Now: James Allen $1,220

white gold french cut pave diamond ring
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Men’s Wedding Bands

1. Black Plated Tungsten Band

When searching for men’s wedding rings, be open to straying from traditional metals. This tungsten band offers a wooden-themed design.

Shop Now: Manly Bands $275

black plated tungsten band

2. White Gold Satin Grooved Edge Men’s Band

Embrace the unique design factors that make men’s wedding bands truly stand out. The grooved edges of this band make for a fun design.

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $1,340 

white gold satin grooved men's band

3. The Globetrotter Cobalt Chrome Ring

Commit to the perfect level of bedazzlement as this seemingly plain silver ring comes complete with accent black stripe along the profile of the ring.

Shop Now: Manly Bands $525

Manly Bands The Cartographer ring

4. 18K Yellow Gold Matte Band

No man out there could ever go wrong with a gorgeous matte gold wedding band. 

Shop Now: Brilliant Earth $850

gold matte band

5. White Rose Gold Satin Center Wedding Band

Let your wedding band stand out with a two-toned design to highlight its presence. 

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $1,475

gold satin center wedding band

6. The Officer Black Plated Wedding Band

Men’s wedding bands don’t have to be ordinary. Spice up your selection by searching for bands with a bit more color in it like this one. 

Shop Now: Manly Bands $325

The Officer Black Plated Wedding Band

7. The CEO Platinum Gold Wedding Band

This stunning platinum gold band is bound to look impeccable upon any man’s ring finger. 

Shop Now: Manly Bands $425

CEO Platinum Gold Wedding Band

8. White Gold Engraved Center Pattern Wedding Band

Having an engraved design surrounding the entirety of the band is another truly unique option out there. 

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $1,400

white gold engraved pattern wedding band

9. The Storyteller Black Zirconium Wedding Band

This one comes lined with a silver center as the black zirconium is added to complete a perfect border to make your band stand out.  

Shop Now: Manly Bands $425

The Storyteller Black Zirconium Wedding Band

10. The Night Raven Wedding Band With Black Diamonds

For an endlessly captivating design, look no further than this stunning men’s wedding ring, complete with a twisted design and accented black diamonds all around. 

Shop Now: Manly Bands $2395

11. White Gold Rectangular Center Grooved Band

The center grooves along the band truly make this white gold ring a unique accessory. 

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $1,250

white gold rectangular men's band

12. The Old No.7 Men’s Wedding Band

If you’re looking for men’s wedding bands with subtle diamonds, this one is perfect for you.

Shop Now: Manly Bands $5,295

The Old No.7 Men’s Wedding Band

13. King Arthur Titanium Wedding Band

For men’s wedding rings with a smooth finish, yet striking appearance, look no further than this titanium band.

Shop Now: Manly Bands $325

King Arthur Titanium Wedding Band
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Matching Wedding Rings

1. Step Edge Dome Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Perhaps you’re interested in getting matching wedding rings with your fiancé. If so, these gorgeous bands may be a delightful style to consider. 

Shop Now: 25 Karats $1,316

dome diamond wedding ring set

2. Franklin Gold Matching Diamond Wedding Band Set

These lovely matching bands differ in thickness for both a dainty and more masculine pairing. 

Shop Now: Rockford Collection $5,480

gold matching diamond wedding band set

3. Grove Matching Set

These matching gold bands are complete with a handmade chisel pattern for a uniquely one-of-a-kind design. 

Shop Now: Ken & Dana Design $790

matching gold bands set

4. Matching Gold Wedding Band Set

Embrace the beauty in the simplicity of these matching gold bands.

Shop Now: Lily & Dahlia $1,092

gold wedding band set

5. Milgrain Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Match your partner’s ring diamond for diamond with this stunning silver wedding band set. 

Shop Now: 25 Karats $1,856

diamond wedding ring set

6. His & Hers Matching Heart Wedding Band Set

This lovely matching ring set symbolically represents how you and your spouse-to-be complete each other as together you create one whole heart. 

Shop Now: Love Wedding Bands $971

his & hers matching heart wedding band set

7. Meteorite Matching Wedding Ring Set With Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

This set has an extraordinary amount of character to it as both rings incorporate a Gibeon meteorite within them. 

Shop Now: Jewelry by Johan $2,620

rough diamond engagement ring

8. Briggs Gold Matching Diamond Wedding Band Set

These stunning rings create a chained design while heavily embellished by beautiful diamonds.

Shop Now: Rockford Collection $4,810

diamond wedding band set

9. 14K Yellow Gold Petite Micropavé Wedding Ring Set

Embrace a more traditional style with this wedding ring set complete with two gold bands. The woman’s band includes a micropavé setting along a thinner band design. 

Shop Now: Blue Nile $1,110 

yellow gold wedding ring set

10. Rose/ White Gold Two Tone Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band Set

This incredible set features white gold on the outside, rose gold on the inside, and a princess diamond along the center of both.

Shop Now: 25 Karats $1,590

princess cut diamond wedding band set

11. 10K White Gold Diamond Trio Ring Set

This set includes three rings for matching wedding bands as well as an engagement ring. Each white gold ring features diamonds set diagonally along the bands for a stunning appearance. 

Shop Now: Pompeii3 $1,590

white gold diamond trio ring set

12. Handmade Titanium Gold Wedding Band Set

These standard gold wedding bands become beautifully embellished by a handmade matching pattern along the center of the ring. 

Shop Now: J Ring Studio $189

gold wedding band set

13. Modern Two Tone Dome Diamond Set

Embrace the style of both silver and gold tones in this matching wedding band set featuring a beautiful array of micro diamonds along the woman’s ring.

Shop Now: 25 Karats $1,120

two tone dome diamond set
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Wedding Ring Sets

1. Moss Agate Ring & Opal Set

This set comes complete with a white-green moss agate gemstone, and Australian opals on the matching bands.

Shop Now: Capucinne $1,822

2. Vintage Round Diamond Wedding Set

These two wedding bands include forty-two hand-selected round diamonds with room for you to select your own center stone for a personalized appearance. 

Shop Now: Shane Co. $2,087

round diamond wedding set

3. 18k Gold Diamon Ring Set

This beautiful engagement ring set features emerald-cut diamonds with an 18k gold band for a design bound to sparkle. 

Shop Now: Capuccine $7,600

18k Gold Diamon Ring Set

4. Diamond Double Frame Bridal Ring Set

This stunning diamond bridal set includes an engagement ring with a double frame of accent diamonds as well as a matching diamond wedding band for your big day

Shop Now: Gordon’s Jewelers $1,599

diamond double frame bridal ring set

5. Round Diamond Swirl Wedding Set

This ring set involves truly unique craftsmanship as the swirl design is created by two interlocking bands to create one impressive ring.

Shop Now: Shane Co. $900

6. Teagan Oval Tanzanite & Diamond Halo Ring Set

The beautiful appearance of the tanzanite engagement ring only improves once the diamond studded wedding band is added to further accent the main stone.

Shop Now: Rogers & Hollands $5,295

diamond halo ring set

7. Three Diamond Set

Invest in all three rings at once with this unique set which features a white marquise center diamond, and an open diamond ring with trillion cut diamonds.

Shop Now: Capucinne $4,000

Diamond engagement ring set, triangle open wedding ring set

8. Turquoise Bridal Set With White Gold 3 Stone Ring

This colorful turquoise bridal set pairs two handcrafted white gold rings together for both your engagement and wedding bands.

Shop Now: Jewelry by Johan $3,478

turquoise bridal set

9. Cathedral Diamond Wedding Set

Select the center stone of your choice for this gorgeous bridal ring set that holds twenty-seven round diamonds.

Shop Now: Shane Co. $2,785

cathedral diamond wedding set

10. Quad Princess Cut Diamond Frame Split Bridal Set

If rose gold rings suit your fancy, consider a dazzling rose gold bridal set like this one. 

Shop Now: Gordon’s Jewelers $1,329

quad princess cut bridal set rings

11. Mid Century Diamond Wedding Band Set

If you’re interested in a vintage style or even a vintage wedding theme, consider this striking set with matching engagement and wedding bands.

Shop Now: Lang Antiques $7,450

diamond wedding band set

12. Diamond Wedding Set With Pavé Setting

If a pavé setting is what you’re looking for, invest in a diamond bridal set like this one to add some sparkle to your ring finger. 

Shop Now: Shane Co. $1,700

diamond wedding set with pave setting

13. Rose Gold Set

Opt for a ring set with some originality to it as these rose gold rings include 14k rose gold and white diamonds.

Shop Now: Capucinne $3,600

Rose Gold Ring Set

Unique Wedding Rings & Wedding Bands

1. “You And Me” Men’s Two-Tone Gold Wedding Band

Men’s wedding rings like this one are sure to become the talk of the town with its silver and gold tones and plentiful number of diamonds. 

Shop Now: She Said Yes $910

2. VULTURE Comfort Fit Men’s Gold Wedding Ring

Find a jeweled wedding ring to match your style. This unique men’s wedding ring is both dazzling yet reserved as all the diamonds are skillfully embedded within the band’s design. 

Shop Now: She Said Yes $485

3. 14K White Gold Free Form Round Diamond Ring

Embrace a unique shape like this stunning free form ring encompassed by an array of stones leadings up to the centerpiece.

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $2,080

gold free form diamond ring

4. Sparkling Cushion Cut Ruby With White Diamonds

If you’re looking to add some color to your wedding ring, consider this ruby ring with white diamond side stones. 

Shop Now: Ken & Dana Design $2,350

sparkling ruby ring with white diamonds

5. Galaxy Scattered Diamond Wedding Band

The scattered nature of the diamonds within this wedding band mak it a truly unique yet lovely galaxy design. 

Shop Now: Krikawa $3,030

diamond wedding band

6. Cirque Small Half Eternity Ring With Emerald

Emeralds are often believed to be a symbol of truth and love making them the perfect gem to include on your wedding band.

Shop Now: Jane Taylor Jewelry $1,980

7. Bingham Men’s Gold Wedding Band With Diamonds

If you’re looking for a bold, creative design in men’s wedding bands, this band takes attention to detail to the next level. 

Shop Now: She Said Yes $550

8. The Journeyman – Rose Gold Plated Tungsten

For the adventure seekers, let this men’s wedding ring remind you of life’s journey through its wooden look and unique splash of color. 

Shop Now: Manly Bands $325

rose gold plated tungsten

9. Rose Cut Pentagon Engagement Ring

Embrace the unique shape of this pentagon-cut diamond surrounded by square accent stones.

Shop Now: Michelle Fantaci $12,000

10. Contemporary Claw Ring

Go for a unique stone in a unique setting. This ring features a pear shaped, salt and pepper colored diamond within a claw shaped setting.

Shop Now: Lauren Wolf Jewelry $9,800

claw ring

11. 14K White Gold Split Shank Round Ring

The shank of this ring splits off into three rows of pavé diamonds around the center stone for an absolutely striking appearance.

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $3,620

14K white gold split ring

12. Diamond Raquel Ring

The handcrafted nature of this one-of-a-kind ring features a Rapunzel band with a unique, cloudy grey center diamond. 

Shop Now: Polly Wales $9,240

diamond ring

13. Etched Bezel Ring With Pear Ruby Sides

Within this etched bezel setting lies five beautiful stones including the round center diamond, two pear-shaped rubies, followed by two more diamond accents on the sides. 

Shop Now: Adel Chefridi $3,150

ring with pear ruby sides
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Cheap Wedding Rings & Bands

1. Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Nothing says wedding rings have to break the bank. This lovely diamond ring featuring heart-shaped settings is not only gorgeous, but also reasonably priced. 

Shop Now: Kay Jewelers $289

round cut sterling silver ring

2. Blue Carbon Fiber Stainless Steel

The blue carbon fiber accent within this black stainless steel ring makes for quite the unique design at quite the low price.

Shop Now: Jared $149.99

stainless steel ring

3. White Gold Split Shank Round Diamond Ring

This beautiful diamond ring takes on the look of a budding flower as the shank splits into a leaf-like design to surround the center stone.

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $900

white gold round diamond ring

4. The Maverick Copper Tungsten

The wooden look to this tungsten copper plated band gives off the perfect rustic wedding vibes. 

Shop Now: Manly Bands $325

5. Diamond Solitaire Ring

This single oblong diamond ring is sure to leave your ring finger sparkling. 

Shop Now: She Said Yes $310

6. White Rhodium Plated Ring

What could possibly be better than two beautiful rhodium plated rings with crystal chaton embellishments at one great price?

Shop Now: Swarovski $165

white plated ring

7. The Instigator – Rose Gold & Black Plated Band

Unleash your wild side with this bold men’s wedding band with an 18k gold sleeve and black plated sides.

Shop Now: Manly Bands $425

Manly Bands The Instigator wedding band

8. 14K White Gold Princess Cut Diamond

Enjoy this ring’s traditional solitaire setting with four prongs to perfectly secure your princess-cut diamond.

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $615

gold princess cut diamond

9. White Sapphire 10K Gold Vintage Style Wedding Ring

Vintage never goes out of style. Complete your vintage aesthetic with this stunning white sapphire wedding ring.

Shop Now: Zales $499

vintage style wedding ring

10. 14K White Gold Oval Diamond

Embrace a classy white gold wedding band complete with a solitaire setting to hold your delightful oval diamond in place. 

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $640

white gold oval diamond

11. The Starlight Silver Wedding Ring

Much like the night sky, this starlight diamond wedding ring is sure to dazzle through its sparkling appearance.

Shop Now: Modern Gents $169.95

starlight silver wedding ring

12. The MVP – Rose Gold Plated Tungsten

This rose gold plated band features both a matte and brushed finish for a unique look.

Shop Now: Manly Bands $325

rose gold plated tungsten

13. Vintage 14K Rose Gold Round Diamond

With its slim rose gold band and round diamond focal point, this wedding ring is both sleek and charming. 

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. $650

gold round diamond vintage ring

Get Shopping!

Now that you know how to evaluate diamonds with the 4 Cs and have a better understanding of what wedding ring styles appeal most to you, it’s time to start browsing.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time throughout this process, set a budget, and get a second opinion as you narrow in on the ring of your dreams. 

For a beautiful and meaningful accessory that will last a lifetime, be sure to put the necessary time into your search. With all these tips in mind, you’ll find the perfect ring for you and your partner in no time!


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