How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost In 2023?

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Lesley Turner

Published: Oct 27, 2021

Last Updated: Sep 1, 2023

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Newly engaged and stressing about how to plan your big day?

Have you been wondering, “How much does a wedding planner cost?” You’ve come to the right place! We know that after your engagement, that giant diamond rock shining on your finger keeps you excited to walk down the aisle.

But getting married is not as simple as just saying ‘I do.’ You’ll have a long list of activities and planning to do to make the big day your dream day.

This is where hiring a wedding planner becomes your saving grace.

But there are many different types of wedding planners and coordinators, and knowing which one is right for you can be challenging.

So, we put together this handy guide to answer the question, “How much does a wedding planner cost?” as well as a description of the different types of available planners.

How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost? Here’s What You Need To Know

Full-Service Wedding Planner Cost 

Yes! It’s true.

Planning your dream wedding can be exhausting and stressful.

And if the thought of taking on such a massive task by yourself frightens you, hiring a wedding planner is a great idea. And for the easiest, stress-free wedding planning experience, having a full-service wedding planner in your corner is a lifesaver.  

Average Cost 

While we can’t tell you exactly how much you will spend on a wedding planner for your big day, we can give you some ideas.

Wedding planner costs will vary based on demographics, experience, and how much you want them to do for you. Weddingwire says that on average, a “full-service” wedding planner in the U.S. costs between $3,000 to a whopping $12,000.

These costs can differ depending on your geographic location, the planner’s amount of experience, and sometimes even the day of the week or season.

For example, peak wedding season may have higher rates, while having a wedding planner for a Tuesday wedding may be less expensive. 

bride on her wedding day

What Does A Full-Service Wedding Planner Do?

A full-service wedding planner takes charge of all the details that’ll make your wedding day flawless.

This type of wedding planner is interested in your wedding from start to finish.

With a full-service wedding planner on the job, you and your partner can cruise over, preparing your mind for the big day.

They’re usually hired approximately 10 months before the wedding and generally at the beginning of the planning process. 

They’re professional consultants who have a huge responsibility in making your big day. Here’s what they do: 

  • Manage Financial Investment

Full-service wedding planners take charge of every money matter.

They help you make cost-saving decisions as you develop your budget. These planners negotiate with vendors, review contracts, get you the best price for good standards, and ensure payment is scheduled at the right time. 

wedding hashtag
  • Develop A Budget

One of the great things that a full-service wedding planner will do is help you create and stay on budget.

There are many moving parts to planning a wedding, and budgets can quickly get blown. It’s easy just to keep saying yes to every idea that sounds good because you don’t understand how much a wedding costs.

Having your full-service wedding planner will keep you organized and on track. 

  • Create Your Wedding Hashtag

Today’s modern couples are creating unique wedding hashtags to share their love story easily on social platforms. But unless you’re a creative wordsmith, creating an engaging and creative wedding hashtag that’s unique to you can be a challenge. So use their creative mind to help you find the perfect wedding hashtag for you. 

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  • Provide Expert Advice

No matter the number of weddings you have attended, you still can’t know it all.

Full-service wedding planners are the gurus of all things weddings. They have all the necessary details on every aspect of your wedding and help you avoid cliches. 

  • Develop A Stress-Free Plan

Brides with wedding planners are more likely to glow on their big day.

With the planner on their toes to create perfection, you have all the time to visit the spa and get yourself relaxed for your big day. 

  • Executes Wedding To Perfection

You have their sole focus, and that means they pay attention to every detail, including lighting, press linens, seating arrangement, and more. 

wedding planner lighting for reeption
  • No Request Is Too Big Or Too Small

Your full-service wedding planner will be the ultimate personal assistant.

You cannot even begin to imagine all the weird, crazy, and unexpected things they have to tackle when planning weddings. There’s no request too big or too small, which is why they charge more than other types of planners.

When it comes down to the question of, “How much does a wedding planner cost?” you’ll pay more for the full-service wedding planner. 

Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Cost 

Another type of wedding planner service that’s available is day-of wedding coordinators.

This type of planner is only going to be of assistance on your actual wedding day.

So, if you’re the type of person who loves to tackle all the challenges and tasks of planning a wedding, this could be the right wedding planner for you.

As the couple tying the knot, you won’t be able to direct the flow of the wedding.

They help with things like the announcements of when to serve dinner, who sits where, which lighting sets the accurate mood, and other logistical issues. You and your spouse are the center of attraction, and that must not be distracted. 

The day-of wedding coordinator makes sure that the day’s flow goes smoothly and handles any unexpected hiccups to ensure a fantastic event.

So when it comes to answering your question, “How much does a wedding planner cost?” the day-of wedding coordinator is a more affordable option and worth every penny.

Wedding Planner Vs. Wedding Coordinator 

The fundamental truth is that your wedding planner becomes a coordinator on your wedding day.

This is because planning ends before the wedding day and coordination of the events begins. But for brides who do all the planning work themselves, you’ll need a separate person for coordination. 

Therefore, a wedding planner is someone who focuses on nailing down all the details in your wedding vision and picking out all necessary elements like venue, vendors, wedding theme, rentals, contracts, invitations, and others.

This is the person you call right after you get engaged. 

wedding rentals

While a wedding coordinator takes charge of executing all plans and making sure that the day is flawless, you get to meet with them a month or a few weeks before the wedding day to go over your wedding timeline. 

Average Cost 

The average cost of a day-of wedding coordinator varies depending on the size of the wedding, complexity, and service rendered.

But, we can estimate that you’ll spend about $500 – $2,500, with the national average being $600. So consider the type of wedding you’ve planned before setting the price you wish to pay the coordinator. But, don’t be one of those couples that overlook the need for a day-of wedding coordinator. These coordinators help you handle the unexpected.

In the grand scheme of things, “how much does a wedding planner cost” is not only about the price tag for their services. It’s also about your sanity, stress level, and making your wedding planning experience enjoyable. 

What Does A Day-Of Wedding Planner Do?

A day-of wedding planner simply coordinates your day. Their roles include:

  • Managing the wedding timeline
  • Overcoming unforeseen or last-minute issues
  • Overseeing the vendors during the event

Month-Of Wedding Planner Cost

A month-of wedding planner helps you create a timeline for your big day. Like the day-of-wedding coordinator, they also handle unwanted surprises and stressors a month before the wedding. 

month-of wedding planner

Average Cost 

Getting a month-of wedding planner may cost you between $1000 – $4000.

This cost also depends on your choices and the type of wedding. Their level of expertise and commitment may also determine the planner’s price. 

So What Does A Month-of Wedding Coordinator Do?

These experts ensure that every last-minute issue like weather changes is well handled.

You can’t be perfect. Last-minute stressors happen to even the most organized bride on earth. A month-of wedding planner reaches out to all your vendors and makes sure you are a priority on their list. Their duties include:

  • Pre-wedding consultations
  • Seating arrangements
  • Creating the wedding timeline
  • Communicating with vendors
  • Managing RSVPs
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Wedding Weekend Coordinator Cost

This is similar to the day-of wedding coordinator. In this case, it’s for the wedding weekend, which means the coordinator is hired for a few days, including the wedding days.

A wedding weekend coordinator helps you manage logistical issues that may spring a day or two before and after the wedding. 

So, your payment schedules, day-of wedding coordination, wedding timeline execution, and impromptu issues can be sorted out dutifully by a wedding weekend coordinator. 

Average Cost 

Wedding weekend coordinators set their costs according to the kind of service they’ll render at your wedding.

Also, the average price is determined by the size and type of wedding. But, you can include an estimate of $1,000 – $4,000 in your budget. Some wedding coordinators also charge per hour about $75 to $275 per hour.  

What Does A Wedding Weekend Coordinator Do?

The duties of a wedding weekend coordinator are similar to that of the day-of and month-of wedding planner. Their duties include:

  • Tackling last-minute issues
  • Creating wedding timeline
  • Managing and communicating with vendors
  • Organizing rehearsals and seating charts
seating chart with wedding planner

Destination Wedding Coordinator Cost

For adventurous couples, destination weddings are always the deal.

It comes with entirely different planning that can be stressful for you. You have to deal with vendors who work at a different pace and time. Hiring a destination wedding coordinator will save you a whole lot of confusion and energy. 

It may come with the total cost of travel and accommodation fees, but it gives you peace of mind. This type of wedding coordinator should have hands-on experience with your destination and local connections that would help you know the best vendors to work for your day.

Average Cost 

Most destination wedding planners come with extra costs for travel and accommodation.

It also depends on the location of the wedding and the type of service. If you want full planning of your destination wedding, you should prepare a budget of about $1,200 – $4,500. This may not include the travel accommodation for some wedding planners. 

What Does A Destination Wedding Planner Do?

You may not be able to overlook hiring a destination wedding planner if you want a glamorous destination wedding.

These are their duties:

  • Provide local knowledge and research on the destination’s permits, laws, and license requirements
  • Selecting the best vendors and venues to reduce cost
  • Offer advice and suggestions that reduce your budget
  • It helps you plan your trip with confidence
  • Prepare and manage RSVP and guestlist
  • Take charge of bookings and reservations
destination wedding planner

What Is Included In The Cost Of A Wedding Planner

If you want to enjoy the best of your day, get a wedding planner or coordinator. Comfort and expertise are the significant benefits of a wedding planner. This may just seem simple, but it’s a paid ticket to absolute peace of mind. 

So, before you conclude that your wedding planner’s cost is high, what are the duties of a wedding planner?

  • A wedding planner provides vendor referrals due to their experience and expertise. They negotiate contracts and attend meetings with vendors on your behalf
  • Create a detailed timeline of your wedding
  • Brainstorming on style and ideas
  • Coordinating the wedding design details
  • Managing rehearsal
  • Keeping you on budget and overseeing everything

All this takes at least 170 hours of your time before the wedding.

Do you have the time to do all the planning yourself?

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Type Of Wedding Planner

How Many Services You’ll Realistically Need

Before deciding whether you need a planner or not, you must consider the type of wedding you want and the services involved.

For instance, you may not necessarily need a full-service wedding planner if you’re hosting an intimate event. On the other hand, you may only need someone to coordinate the day of your wedding. Talk it over with your partner to ensure that you make the right decision.

The answer to, “How much does a wedding planner cost?” impacts both of you and your overall budget. 

Consider Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on planning and coordination?

Don’t forget that using a wedding planner also helps you save costs. So put your budget into consideration before choosing a type of wedding planner. 

Consider The Size And Location Of Your Wedding

Where is the wedding venue?

How many guests will you be inviting? With this, you can determine how large the wedding will be and the level of assistance you’ll need.

Consider Your Current Connections And Resources 

What level of connections do you have at the moment?

Do you know friends who can offer you some of the vendor services or other essential services?

If so, you may only need a wedding coordinator. 

Top Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

Handles The Little Details

Wedding planners who have long years of experience have foresight.

They can take a proactive approach to lingering issues. In addition, wedding planners have insider knowledge about vendors and their services.

So, they pay close attention to details and can recommend the best. “How much does a wedding planner cost?” boils down to who you hire and what you want them to do.

wedding planner tablescape design

An Unemotional Third-Party 

Planning with your partner, friends, and family can spring up a lot of emotions. But with a wedding planner, it’s just business and entirely centered on getting you satisfied. 

Stress-Free Planning For The Couple And Family 

Hiring a wedding planner makes your wedding as easy as just dreaming about it and seeing it come true.

All the stress of brainstorming, contacting, and negotiating is out of the way. You only have to bother about glowing on your big day.

Wedding Planner Cost in 2023

Knowing how much a wedding planner costs in 2023 is crucial to hiring the right one, staying on budget, and ultimately planning the most unforgettable wedding. 

No matter which type of planner you choose, their services will take a lot off your plate and ultimately help you breeze through wedding planning.

From your wedding hashtag to the final goodbyes, how much your planner helps you is up to you and your partner.


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