35 Fun And Romantic Activities For Newly-Weds You Should Definitely Try

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jun 3, 2021

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2023

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Calling all newly-weds! After officially tying the knot with your spouse, it’s time to start planning your post-wedding bucket list. As newly-weds, your recent marriage represents a new lifetime journey together full of love and adventure. 

With your wedding day planning officially behind you, you and your partner can finally breathe. Take a moment to relax as you embark on this next chapter in your relationship, but don’t forget about the importance of date nights. There are so many fun and romantic activities you can and should enjoy as a newly married couple, and we have 35 ideas to help spark some inspiration.

35 Fun And Romantic Activities For Newly-Weds

Date Nights On A Budget

Who says date nights have to be expensive? Spending quality time together as a newly-wed couple is what truly counts and can make all the difference in creating a special night.

1. Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

There’s nothing like reliving your fondest memories together. Start the night off with a homemade dinner then spend some time going through your photo albums or scrapbooks together. Now would even be a great time to watch the video of your wedding night. This adorable date is perfect for newly-weds or even for those celebrating their first anniversary.

newly-wed date night looking at old photos

2. Crated With Love

For a box full of date night activities and games delivered right to your door, Crated With Love is the thing to try. Each of these date night subscription boxes are uniquely themed for a fun, one-of-a-kind night.

crated with love date night box

3. Recreate Your First Date

As your wedding day is a great time to reflect on how far your relationship has come, a great date night idea for newly-weds is to recreate that first date. Take some time to share with your partner your excitement, nerves, or the thoughts that were running through your mind on that very first outing together.

4. Dress Up And Have A PhotoShoot

This date idea is something you can do on the fly, anytime and anywhere. Get all dressed up and put your photography skills to the test. Have some fun finding the perfect backdrop and don’t be afraid to get creative with your poses. Posting your photos together on social media is also a great opportunity to get more use out of your wedding hashtag.

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5. Picnic

Picnics will never fail to be a romantic option for you and your spouse. Pack up your meals and plan for an incredible dining experience while enjoying the beauty of nature. Plan your picnic in the evening to watch the sunset or choose to wait even later in the day for a romantic starlit meal and stargazing.

picnic newly-wed date idea

For Adventurous Newly-Weds

If you’re a newly-wed couple who loves to explore the outdoors and test your limits by trying new adventures together, then these next activities are for you.

6. Ropes Course

Take your new marriage to new heights by trying out a ropes course. This adventurous activity can offer a challenging course requiring teamwork and problem solving. It’s a great way for newly-weds to test their communication skills in a fun and thrilling environment.

couple doing a ropes course

7. Scuba Diving

As a newly-wed couple, you’ve taken the plunge, but have you taken this plunge? Dive down deep into the ocean and explore some amazing sea creatures with your partner by your side. Scuba diving can be an incredible adventure and a wonderful memory to have with your better half.

couple scuba giving

8. Sailing

Come sail away together by chartering a private cruise or sailboat. Leave all your stress on land and enjoy sailing the seas with your spouse. Whether you opt for a soothing cruise, a sunset launch, or a wine tasting experience at sea, this adventurous date can be both romantic and memorable.

sailing newly-wed date night idea

9. Hiking

Another great option for all those outdoorsy newly-weds is to enjoy each other’s company on a good hike. State parks and National Parks are great ways to find hiking trails. Pick the hike that fits your style and experience whether that be a mountain with high elevation changes or a nice meadow trail that remains flat, yet still offers gorgeous views.

hiking newly-wed date night idea

10. Kayaking

For an enjoyable afternoon on the water and for an excellent arm workout, let kayaking be your next big adventure together. Kayaking is a great activity for novices and pros alike. Choose a tandem rental with you and your partner paddling together, rent individual kayaks and explore the waters side by side, or even book a kayak tour for a more structured excursion.

kayaking newly-wed date night idea

Stay-At-Home Activities For Newly-Weds

If you’re looking for a relaxing night at home, luckily there are so many great date night ideas you and your spouse can enjoy without even stepping out of your house.

11. Dinner And Movie Night

This date idea is simple, yet classic. You can never go wrong with a nice meal and an enjoyable movie. Carving out this time and dedicating it strictly to your date is an important part of this activity. Ditch your phones and take your mind off of work. Simply enjoy dinner and a flick with your favorite person for an amazing night at home.

dinner & movie newly-wed date night idea

12. Learn A New Recipe

There’s no time like the present to learn something new. Experience the thrill of trying your hand at something new by learning a new recipe with your better half. Whether you ace the recipe first try or learn an important lesson for your next attempt, this can be a fun bonding experience for the newly-weds looking to stay within the comfort of their own kitchen.

learn a new recipe newly-wed date idea

13. At-Home Tasting

Spice up your night with a food and wine tasting, but from the comfort of your own home. Head to the store and pick up a variety of different wines and beers to test out. Don’t forget to pick up some snacks as well. Spend the night trying new drinks and food together and be sure to keep track of all your favorites.

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14. Game Night

Time to pull out your board games, card games, and video games because it’s time for good old fashion game night! Game night can be a great trip down memory lane as you face off in your favorite games from the past and present. This is the perfect at-home date night for the competitive newly-wed couple.

photo of scrabble and wine

15. Start A House Project Together

Sometimes the best activities for newly-weds can include starting a new project. As you embark on this next chapter of your life together, you may also be moving into your first home together. Take some time to spruce up your new place by teaming up for a house project. Not only will this be a great bonding experience, but you’ll feel so accomplished once your project is officially complete and ready to show off.

For The Newly-Wed Couple Seeking Community

Looking to pick up an extra hobby with your partner? Let your new chapter together be an excellent time to try new things by joining a club, class, or team in your local area.

16. Join A Dance Class

If you’ve got rhythm pulsing through your feet, show it off by joining a dance class. Dance classes with your partner can be an amazing bonding experience whether you two are novice or experienced dancers. This is also a great opportunity to meet new people who share with you the love and enjoyment of dance.

couple dancing

17. Book Club

For the newly-weds who would consider themselves book worms, it’s time to find or start your very own book club. Book clubs are an excellent way to stay motivated to read all while enjoying the company and perspective of other friends reading the same book. 

couple reading together

18. Group Bar Hop

There’s no better way to explore the variety of nightlife in your area than to bar hop. Get a group together and map out your own bar hopping route or look up if any bar hopping events or specials are happening in your area. This is a great way to relax and spend time with your partner and a group of friends. 

19. Language Class

Learning a new language with your partner can be a rather romantic activity. Take a language class together and impress yourself and others with your new vocabulary. Perhaps this is even in preparation for an upcoming international trip, in which case the class will definitely help when it comes time to put your new language skills to the test. For example, before a trip to the most romantic city in the world, Paris, to prepare for your vacation, consider enrolling in an online French course.

20. Recreational Sports Teams

Miss those days of your youth spent on a field or court playing sports with a team? Then find a recreational sports team to join! Yes, these do in fact exist for adults and can be a fantastic new hobby to stay active with your partner while meeting new friends.

people playing volleyball

Sit Back And Relax

You just got through the stress of planning and hosting your wedding day, and you’re finally looking to relax as a newly-wed couple. Some rest and relaxation is super important for all couples and can be just as fun, romantic, and memorable as a night out and about. So, take some time for yourselves. You both deserve it.

21. Spa Day

There’s nothing quite like a spa day to help you feel relaxed and pampered in the way you deserve. Release all that tension in your body and feel your stress melt away. Indulging in a spa day with your spouse can be both romantic and revitalizing. Escape from reality and discover tranquility with your equally relaxed partner right by your side.

massage newly-wed activity

22. Wine Tasting

Relax and unwind by spending the evening on a wine tasting excursion. Visit your local winery and experience a variety of tastings with your spouse. Not all wines will be your favorite, but tastings are a fun way to try some new tastes and truly explore you and your partner’s palette. 

wine tasting

23. Manicures And Pedicures

Pamper yourselves with some manicures and pedicures. Yes, guys will enjoy this, too. Getting your finger and toenails filed, cut, and polished is a relaxing experience great for a newly-wed couple.

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24. Scenic Walk

If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon, take a stroll around a scenic location. Bask in the gorgeous views as you mosey along your way. Don’t go crazy with an intense inclined hike, but rather go at your own pace and take the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company as you walk, talk, and take in the views.

scenic walk newly-wed activity

25. Hot Springs

Enjoy some time relaxing in or at some hot springs around you. If there are hot springs in your area that allow you to sit or swim within the mineral water, this can be a great relaxing location for newly-weds to try. If you don’t live around natural hot springs, another option includes finding a local spa that offers hot spring treatments for you to enjoy as a couple. 

For The Foodies

If you’re the type of newly-wed couple who just can’t get enough of trying out and discovering new foods and restaurants, then these date ideas are made for you.

26. Dining Cruise

Imagine setting sail on an amazing, relaxing cruise where your biggest concern is trying to pick which meal you want to try first. Dining cruises can be a delicious change of pace for a memorable meal. Enjoy a sunny sail at lunchtime or watch the sunset from the ship while you dig into your dinner.

dining cruise newly-wed date idea

27. Food Tour

Whether you wish to seek out the food scene in a city near you or hit the road to discover the best bites a bit further away, food tours are an excellent idea for the newly-weds looking for some memorable meals. 

food tour newly-wed date idea

28. Cooking Class

Another great way for a newly-wed couple to bond over food is to take a cooking class together. This can be an incredibly fun way to try new food all while learning a new recipe. Take your newfound cooking skills and lessons home and take turns impressing each other with home cooked meals.

cooking class newly-wed date idea

29. Happy Hour Checklist

Take note of all the happy hour deals and discounts happening at local bars and restaurants around you. Now it’s time for you and your spouse to explore the happy hour scene. Make it your mission to find your new favorite food and drink.

30. Charcuterie And Wine Picnic

Get classy with your picnic by preparing a charcuterie board alongside your favorite bottle of wine. Don’t forget to bring the picnic basket and blanket too. Now head outside to your favorite park and enjoy a relaxing evening sipping and snacking with your significant other.

For The Newly-Weds Who Need To Get Away

If you and your partner are looking to get out of the house and travel to and explore a remote destination, then these next activities will help you do just that.

31. Sandals Resort

For a romantic getaway, consider a Sandals Resort. Here you’ll experience a luxurious beach resort perfect for some much-needed fun and relaxation. It’s time to leave your hometown behind and discover some place new with your spouse. 

Sandals newly-wed getaway

32. Learn A New Culture

For those who love all aspects of travel, try travelling to another country and learn a new culture with your partner. Let your international trip be an incredible experience that will teach you the customs and traditions of someplace new whether that be in regard to food, music, transportation, language, art, or something else entirely. 

33. Couples Retreat

A newly-wed couple might truly enjoy the experience of a couples retreat. A couples retreat is a great chance to get away with your partner, meet other couples, and bond together through challenges and activities that put your relationship to the test.

couples retreat

34. Camping

Whether you choose to get away for the week or even just for one night, camping can be both a relaxing and adventurous activity for the newly-weds looking to be one with nature. Pack all your favorite camping gear and snacks and enjoy some time with your spouse by the campfire while roasting s’mores and sharing laughs.

camping newly-wed activity

35. Road Trip 

If you and your partner are truly in the mood to get up and go, there’s nothing quite like a road trip adventure together. Just you two, miles of road, delicious snacks, and a quality playlist. Map out a route to hit all those famous tourist roadside destinations you’ve always wanted to visit or just wing the trip and discover new destinations along the way. 

newly-wed road trip activity

Enjoy Your New Lifetime Of Adventures

As newly-weds embarking on a new journey together, this chapter of your lives marks a new lifetime of adventures together. Each and every day is another chance to make a lasting new memory together no matter how big or small.

We hope that these ideas for fun and romantic activities have inspired you and your spouse in planning your next date night together. As long as you’re enjoying each other’s company, any adventure or activity can be a lovely one.


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