What To Say When Proposing: 7 Tips You Absolutely Need To Know Right Now

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jul 29, 2021

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2024

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Deciding what to say when proposing may require some thought. Popping the question is a big deal. You and your special someone will remember this one moment for years to come. But no pressure! By being yourself and talking about your sincere feelings, you can without a doubt make your proposal speech perfect!

If you’re looking for the top tips on how to speak from the heart during your proposal, we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through exactly what to say when proposing to ensure you ask the big question confidently.

What To Say When Proposing – Our 7 Best Speaking Tips

1. Talk About When You First Met

Of course, that iconic moment when you first laid eyes on your special someone is always a great topic if you’re curious about what to say when you purpose. Sometimes that first meeting is instantly magical, and other times the world may have had an interesting way of bringing two people together.

Whatever your story may be, mention that romantic or funny tale to your partner and describe your thoughts, feelings, or nerves that were occurring in that moment. Bring your story full circle by elaborating how those thoughts and feelings have evolved to present day to create the beautiful relationship you have to date.

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2. Share The Exact Moment You Knew They Were The One

When you know, you know. In every successful relationship, there exists a special moment when you’re with your significant other and suddenly everything clicks. You realize they’re the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

When was this moment for you? Perhaps it was the first time you met that made you believe in love at first sight. Maybe you began as childhood friends who later became high school sweethearts. Or maybe it was a random Tuesday date night dinner.

As you begin thinking about what to say when proposing, try incorporating this special moment into your speech. Tell them the moment you knew they were the one and how you’ve been waiting ever since to drop down on one knee.

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3. Talk About What You Love Most About Them

Proposals are a special moment where you get to speak from your heart and request your partner’s hand in marriage for a lifetime commitment to one another. Drafting what to say when you propose should definitely mention the traits, qualities, and characteristics that truly made you fall in love with your partner.

Don’t be afraid to get sentimental as you propose. Tell them how you feel and what you love the most about them. It’ll surely be an emotional moment, but your sentiments are something that’ll be remembered and cherished for a lifetime.

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4. What About Your Future Makes You Most Excited?

This question is a great one to keep in mind as you begin to come up with what to say when proposing examples. Think about what you’re excited about the most when you think about your new futures together.

Try to relay these thoughts and feelings to your partner as you propose. Discuss your excitement for waking up every day beside your soulmate and your excitement to soon start your new journey together as newly-weds

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5. When Proposing, Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Emotional

Proposals mean the most when they come from the heart. Don’t be afraid to show if you are nervous or emotional! Take your time, take a deep breath, and profess your love to your partner. 

Your significant other will most likely be just as emotional as you deliver your beautiful words. As you perfect what to say when proposing, remember your emotions are also a powerful tool that can do some of the talking for you. Express those feelings to create a genuine and unforgettable proposal.

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6. Explain How Your Life Is Better With Them In It

The very reason for a marriage proposal is for you to express all the reasons why your significant other should in fact agree to this lifetime commitment. In deciding what to say when proposing, you should express how your partner makes your life better.

In explaining why you two are the perfect couple meant to be together, your partner will in turn reflect on the ways you make their life better as well. If the two of you both feel as if you can’t live without the other, then without a doubt they’ll accept your proposal.

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7. Always Remember To End Your Proposal With The Infamous Question

A lot of thoughts, feelings, nerves, and emotions may be running through your head as you get down on one knee and try to recall what to say when proposing, and that’s understandable. You’ll probably both be swept up in the moment, trying to take it all in. However, don’t forget to end your romantic speech with those four infamous words.

Proposing is a big deal and when you do so, you want to ensure that your partner knows it’s happening and that it truly is a real proposal. In order to erase any confusion or shock that may occur in the exciting moment, be sure to seal the deal with the iconic four words, “Will you marry me?”

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Tips For The Perfect Proposal

Write It Down Beforehand

Once you figure out what to say when you propose, you’ll probably want to write it down before the big moment. Writing the proposal will help you sort through your thoughts and memorize the sentiments you want to express. 

Plus, if you have an organized cheat-sheet of what to say when proposing examples, you’ll be able to consistently practice the same order of your thoughts and speech, which brings us to our next tip.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect; it isn’t just a myth. The more you practice reciting your speech, the more confident you’ll become when the moment arises. As we discussed earlier, proposals can be an emotional, exciting, and nerve-wracking experience. By practicing what to say when you propose ahead of time, you’ll be better equipped at remembering everything you wanted to mention when it’s your time to shine. 

Find what the best way to practice is for you. Perhaps you’ll gain confidence by reciting your proposal in front of the mirror and paying attention to your emotions and expressions. Maybe that feels too strange to you and practicing with a close friend or family member will be more effective for you as you can also get instant feedback. Whatever your method may be, make sure to practice this moment as many times as you need.

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Optional: Ask For A Blessing Or Honor Any Traditions

This tip may not be applicable for all couples, but for some it may be very important that you receive a father’s blessing or a family’s blessing before the proposal. Before the big moment, make sure you know if this is something your significant other values and receive this blessing beforehand in order to ensure the proposal goes off without a hitch!

If proposal traditions are important to the family, make sure you are aware and keep with up their traditions as well. Traditional weddings may involve a particular proposing ritual or may expect you to create a proposal not only for your partner, but for their whole family as well.

If this is the case, you can still use the same what to say when proposing examples and tips from above. Ultimately, you’ll want to create a speech that expresses to your partner and their family how important your significant other is, your excitement for marriage, and why you need them in your life.

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Have A Wedding Hashtag Ready

Once your proposal is accepted, it’s the perfect time to start branding your relationship. There will be much excitement in your engagement and the eventual planning of your wedding day. You’ll probably want to break the news to your friends and family and what better way to do that than on social media?

Having an awesome wedding hashtag can be a great way to start. After your partner says ‘yes,’ you’ll of course get to take your first photos together as an engaged couple. Now is also the perfect time to get those close-ups of the gorgeous ring. When you go to post these beautiful photos on social media to make your announcement, having a fun wedding hashtag to post along with it can be a great way to start organizing and accumulating memories of your relationship leading up to your wedding day.

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What To Say When Proposing: Infographic

what to say when proposing infographic

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Have You Mastered Your Proposal?

After giving your proposal some thought and proper preparation, you’ll easily be able to ace your iconic speech. Let this moment be the time to reflect upon your relationship and truly express your memories together and the ever-growing love you have for your soulmate.

There is no one-size-fits-all proposal, as each line should be unique and personalized to fit your loving relationship. Keep in mind that there is also no wrong way to propose as long as you are speaking from the heart. You can even propose without a ring should you want a more creative way to express your love.

We truly hope that our tips have helped you figure out what to say when proposing. No matter when or where you chose to pop question, make it a memorable one by reflecting on your how you first met, when you knew they were the one, and how much they mean to you.

Remember it’s perfectly fine and even encouraged to let your beautiful emotions shine through as you pop the question and end your speech with that magical line, “Will you marry me?”

Now take a deep breath and let your heart do the talking. With a little bit of preparation and practice, your proposal will become an iconic milestone in your lengthy relationship. 

Best of luck!


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