The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Cars In America In 2023

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Sep 23, 2021

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2022

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Whether you’re looking to make an entrance or make an exit on your wedding day, having a wedding car can help turn your dreams into a reality.

Wedding cars are fun investments to travel in the style on your big day. It’s not only a practical transport vehicle, but it’s also perfect for some stylish wedding photos to commemorate your celebration.

As you begin looking into which wedding car is best for you, there are two major points to consider.

The first would be: What is your budget for a wedding car?

Then, what style of car are you looking for?

Let’s look into a variety of different wedding car styles you and your partner may choose from and the corresponding price tag that comes with it all.

No matter what your budget may be, we’ve got the tips and tricks to help decorate and embellish your car to make it the wedding ride you’ve always envisioned having.

Top Wedding Car Options In 2023

Limo Wedding Cars

limo wedding car

Limousines are a vehicle synonymous with luxury and special events.

A white limo is a very popular wedding car. It’s spacious enough to transport your entire wedding party along with you if you’re looking for a big enough bridal car. Limos can be a very fitting car option for a modern wedding or even a luxurious wedding theme

The ultimate cost of a wedding limo will depend upon how fancy the embellishments associated with the car are.

Some limo interiors boast about their extra bells and whistles that create the ultimate party atmosphere. Others are more subdued and elegant on the inside.

The cost of having a limo as your wedding car will differ depending on the service you’re looking for and the design of the vehicle, but we’ve included the average price to expect below.

Average Cost

$700 – $1,100

Vintage Wedding Cars

vintage wedding car

If you’re planning a vintage-themed wedding, you can easily commit to your theme through your wedding car. Vintage wedding cars are a popular choice for those who appreciate a more rustic or laid-back style to their vehicle.

When choosing a vintage car for your wedding, you may want to consider a romantic convertible, a classic Rolls Royce, or a glamorous Maserati. These iconic styles fit the vintage vibe perfectly and will look elegant and classy for photo ops.

Average Cost

$650 – $1,000

Wedding Car Options On A Budget

VW Campervan

Campervan for wedding car

These iconic vans will bring about a memorable style to your big day.

They have a very classic and fun appearance while also being large enough to fit as many as 8 people, perfect for those couples considering a smaller bridal party.

Not only does this classic camper look cool, but it also won’t drastically hurt your wallet. Depending upon the style and service you choose, you may find this type of car to be more manageable with your wedding budget.

Average Cost

$400 – $700

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Alternative Wedding Cars

Looking to get creative when it comes to your wedding day transportation? Nothing says you have to have your vehicle be a car at all. Here are some car alternatives that can get you from one place to the next on your big day.

Wedding Carriage

wedding carriage as a getaway car

Whether you’re planning a fairytale wedding or simply would love the opportunity to feel like royalty, consider looking into a wedding carriage as your transportation of choice. Wedding carriages may vary in style from taking on the form of an elegant buggy to being a spherical shape like Cinderella

No matter which option you choose, you’ll have to consider the service that goes into renting one of these such as the horses involved and the coachman to drive it. Y

ou’ll also need to make sure that horse-drawn carriages are allowed on the roads you are planning on taking your wedding cavalcade. 

Average Cost

$500 – $1,000

Transportation By Boat

boat as wedding exit

If you’re hosting your wedding day celebration by the sea, river, or lake, then transportation by boat may be a fun alternative to consider.

Ditch the bridal car and instead allow your entire wedding party to enjoy a ride through the water. Or choose a smaller vessel such as a personalized watercraft for just you and your spouse.

Average Cost

$300+ for Sailboats

$800+ for Motorboats

Transportation By Plane

jet plane for wedding exit

Maybe you want to take your wedding transportation options to new heights by considering a wedding plane.

This option may be a bit more costly than the rest, but if you’ve dreamed of taking off in a small, private plane or helicopter after you tie the knot, then a plane sendoff can definitely be arranged.

Average Cost

$1,300 – $3,000 per hour for a small, private plane

$500 – $2,000 per hour for a small, private helicopter

Factors That Influence Wedding Car Prices

Vehicle Type And Age

wedding getaway car ideas

The type of vehicle you’re thinking of having for your wedding day will be the biggest monetary factor of all. Of course, you should expect to pay more for a large limo that can fit up to 20 people than you would for a compact buggy big enough for only two.

The more luxurious and famous the car brand is, the more you’ll have to pay as well.

Then there is the age of the car to consider.

Brand new car models and older vintage models in great condition will both be higher in price than anything in between. Both modern and vintage cars bring about their own unique style so if you find these options appealing to your own wedding theme, you’ll have to plan your budget accordingly.


wedding buggy

The location of your wedding venue and reception is another factor to consider.

How far will you be needing these cars to travel?

Is the road open and easily accessible or is there often heavy traffic or toll roads?

Wherever your wedding day takes place, you’ll need to plan out your traveling route ahead of time to assess the proper costs of renting a car or investing in a service with your own chauffeur.

Whether you’re using the cars to get from the church to the reception or from the hotel to the venues and back, you’ll need to look into whether or not your desired location will create additional costs for your wedding car rentals.

Wedding Date

summer wedding car idea

Like any service or reservation you’re trying to book as you begin planning your big day, you’ll definitely need to take into account the date of your wedding.

For more popular wedding months like those in the summer, you’ll need to book well in advance, and you’ll need to understand that prices may be higher in these months in correlation to the higher demand.

If you’re booking in an off-season month or on a weekday, which is typically less busy, then the price for your wedding car service may be better priced.

Party Size

party size getaway car

You’ll also need to consider your party size and how you wish to use your wedding cars.

Are these vehicles just for you and your partner to ride off into the sunset?

Or do you wish to have your entire wedding party in on the fun?

If it’s the latter, you’ll need to consider getting a limousine, van, or private trolley that can easily seat your entire party in your bridal car.

Otherwise, you’ll need to consider renting a whole fleet of smaller cars that can also handle your party size.

Perhaps you want your wedding transportation to take care of everyone on your guest list for simple transportation to and from the venue and hotel. If this is the case, looking into party buses is something you may want to consider. While the buses may not fit everyone at once, they can work as effective shuttles to take care of your traveling needs.

If you do have larger party needs, then this will without a doubt affect the overall budget of your wedding car rentals as more people and larger vehicles will equate to higher corresponding price tags.

Top Wedding Car Rental Companies In The U.S.


Vinty wedding car rental companies

If you and your partner have settled on a vintage wedding car style, Vinty is a great place to start looking. This online car rental company allows you to input your location, the date you need your car, and if you want it to be chauffeured, self-drive, or commercial.

Once you hit the search button you can browse through all the classic, vintage cars in your area that are available for your big day.

The pricing of these rentals will depend upon the car you select, the location, and the date, but they average between $100 to $300 per hour.

Visit the Site For More Details: Vinty

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Rockstar Limo

Rockstar Weddings

For all those couples getting married on the East Coast, Rockstar Limo is a rental company in over 600 cities worldwide.

They specialize in limos, buses, and trolleys which is perfect for those looking for bridal cars or guest transportation options.

Their service includes certified chauffeurs and wedding coordinators that can help you plan out your transportation needs and logistics.

The price for the service will depend on how large of a vehicle you want and which city you’re located in.

Visit the Site For More Details: Rockstar Limo


Turo for car-sharing wedding car

Turo is a car-sharing, peer-to-peer marketplace.

You can browse through their car inventory according to location or car type. With every posted vehicle available, you’ll be able to easily access information about the host of the car and their rating from other users of the platform.

Through the site, you can find practically any vehicle you’d imagine as your getaway car and choose to reserve it for your big day.

This unique way of renting a car is relatively easy on the wallet as most cars posted can be reserved for an entire day for around $60 to $200, depending on the model.

Visit the Site For More Details: Turo


enterprise rental car

While many car rental locations for your wedding car may be local shops, you can also look into larger rental agencies like Enterprise. Enterprise has locations in practically every state, making it easy for most to view their inventory and rent the car of their dreams.

Aside from the more practical cars that you’d typically reserve from Enterprise, the company also offers Exotic Car Rentals for when you’re looking for more stylish cars for your wedding day. Renting an exotic car will come with an additional price that will be around $400 per day depending upon the car and your location.

Visit the Site For More Details: Enterprise


Hertz convertible car

Another popular car rental option in the U.S. would be Hertz. While you can reserve your typical sedans and minivans at Hertz, they also offer a luxury fleet where you’ll find convertibles and other cars fitting for your wedding day.

Once again, the prices of the vehicles will differ depending upon the car you rent and the city you’re in, but the average car rental at Hertz will cost around $200 to $300 per day for a sports car or convertible.

Visit the Site For More Details: Hertz

Wedding Car Decoration Tips And Tricks

To spruce up your wedding car to be the picture-perfect vehicle of your dreams, some fun decorations can go a long way.

Choose to recreate the iconic scene you see in movies of cans dragging behind the car or opt for a fun banner that lets everyone know you just tied the knot. Here are a few decoration tips to use as inspiration: 

Floral Wreath

floral wreath wedding car decor

Deck out the back window of your luxurious wedding vehicle with an elegant floral wreath. This stylish addition will add some flair to your car and help distinguish it as a vehicle fit for a wedding day. 

As you design this floral wreath, consider using colors that stay true to your wedding color scheme and theme while also corresponding nicely with the model of the wedding car.

Dragging Cans

dragging cans for bridal car

Embellish your getaway car with cans on strings that drag behind your vehicle as you ride. This fun tradition is designed to let everyone know of your joyous celebration as the noise the cans make alerts all those around you that you and your official spouse have finally tied the knot.

Choose to bring this tradition to the next level by personalizing these decorations. Pick strings that match your color scheme then customize or add things to the cans in any way you’d like in order to express you and your partner’s personality or interests.

Greenery Garland

For a more subdued style than clanking cans, consider the elegant approach of adding greenery garland to your vehicle. Choosing to hang garland around the doors or drape across the back of your wedding car will create the perfect balance between nature and machinery. It’s a great way to add some life and style to your car of choice.

Personalized License Plates

personalized license plate idea

Get creative with your getaway car by choosing to add a vanity plate to the bumper.

Let your personalized license plate spell out your initials or new last name to commemorate your big day. This is a fun way to ensure your wedding car feels one-of-a-kind to match your special celebration.

Window Decal

window decal wedding car

Adding a window decal to your rental wedding car can also help make your ride feel more personal. Consider adding you and your partner’s names, your wedding date, or your wedding hashtags as a decal for all to see.

Don’t forget to pose with your car before taking off and be sure to showcase that custom decal in some of your photos. 

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‘Just Married’ Banner

just married banner for bridal car

What better way to commemorate your wedding day than with a fitting ‘Just Married’ banner on the back of your car?

A banner like this is simple, practical, and customizable.

Design your banner in any way you choose and hang it out the back door with pride. 

You’ll likely get a bunch of cars around you beeping at you in celebration throughout the day as they read your happy banner. 


car balloon decor

Celebrations and balloons go hand-in-hand. Create a fun and whimsical look for your getaway car by hanging balloons out the back to travel behind you as you drive away. This creative embellishment creates an instant, eye-catching scene to celebrate your big news.

Ready To Ride

Once you’ve decided on the wedding car that’s right for you, your partner, and your style, it’s time to reserve your rental. Make sure you do some research into the best car rental companies in your area. Plan ahead of time the style, brand, or model vehicle you’re looking for and the number of hours you’ll be needing it.

There are a variety of different services where you can rent the car of your dreams, but be sure to consider whether you’re looking for a basic car rental or for a car rental package or service that comes complete with a chauffeur as well. 

Whether you’re looking for a small car for you and your partner or a party bus to be your bridal car for your entire wedding party, there’s a wedding car out there for every couple.

After you’ve secured the rental for your wedding date, you can begin planning out the decorations you wish to add to your vehicle.

Spice up your wheels with the decor of your choice, then ride off into the sunset with the love of your life.


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