40 Delectable Wedding Cake Alternatives For Your Wedding Day

40 Delectable Wedding Cake Alternatives For Your Wedding Day
jennifer skulski wedding hashers guest author

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Aug 2, 2022

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When it comes to wedding day desserts, there are plenty of delicious and stylish wedding cake alternatives for those couples looking to try something different. Whether cake really just isn’t your thing or you’re looking to get creative and go an untraditional route, we have some top-tier dessert ideas that’ll put traditional wedding cakes to shame.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 40 most delectable wedding cake alternatives that’ll make your dessert table the talk of the town!

40 Wedding Cake Alternatives

1. Wedding Cake Pop Wall

Traditional wedding cakes are good, but cake pops are better. Who wouldn’t want to serve their cake in this fun form? Everything tastes better on a stick and a wedding cake pop wall can still be a dazzling dessert display for all your guests to marvel at.

wedding cake pop wall idea by Flickr
Image by: Flickr

2. Mini Wedding Pies

For those looking for wedding cake alternatives, have you thought about pies? Pies can be a delicious alternative, and even better when it’s snack size, allowing your guests to try multiple versions of these fruity or chocolatey treats.

photo of mini wedding pie assortments with chalkboard menu
Image By: Cluney Photo
Planning By: Glacier Park Weddings

3. Donut Cake

Donuts can definitely have a very similar vibe as cake, but they can also make for some nifty wedding cake alternatives. Stack your favorite donut flavors in a tower to create a mouth-watering donut display.

donut cake display for wedding cake alternative
Image by: AMB Photography
Dessert by: VG Donuts

4. Cupcakes

Cakes may be pretty, but slicing a cake can be less than fun. You have to plan out your slices just right so all pieces are equal and fair. When it comes to cupcakes, however, these tasty treats are the perfect proportions, all ready for your guests to consume. Plus, who doesn’t love a delicious cupcake?

wedding cupcakes for cake alternative
Image by: Unveiled Weddings
Dessert by: VG Donuts
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5. Individual Fruit Tarts

Individual desserts can be a great option to have at your wedding so all of your guests feel like they have some choice in their sweets. Fruit tarts can be that sweet and refreshing cake alternative your reception needs.

individual fruit tarts for wedding reception
Dessert by: French Secret Pastry

6. Macaron Tower

Macarons have a certain natural elegance to them. They’re delicate sandwich cookies that are light and chewy. Displaying your macarons in a tower can serve as the perfect nontraditional wedding cake. These treats can also be dyed to fit your wedding color scheme.

macaroon cake ensemble with foliage topper
Image by: Lauren Fair Photography
Dessert by: Meredith at Unoriginal Mom

7. Candy Buffet

Wedding cake alternatives like this one will make you feel like a kid in a candy shop as this idea involves literal candy. Set up your favorite sweets and treats on a dessert table to create your very own candy buffet.

pink candy buffet for wedding dessert table
Image & Dessert by: Sweet Tooth Candy Buffets

8. Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls

While cinnamon rolls can of course be enjoyed at any time of day, this non-traditional wedding cake can be an excellent idea if you’re planning a morning wedding celebration right in time for breakfast!

cinnamon roll cupcakes for morning wedding reception
Image & Dessert by: Cinnaholic

9. Wedding Cake Rice Krispies Treats

You can’t go wrong with a nice, ooey-gooey Rice Krispies treat. While they might make your hands sticky, these treats are sure to bring joy to your wedding guests as they enjoy these marshmallow and cereal bars, thinking fondly of their childhood.

photo of rice kripsies for wedding dessert alternative
Image & Dessert by: Mary at Chattavore

10. Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake

Maybe sweets aren’t your thing, but cheeses totally are. In that case, get creative by ditching the DIY wedding cake and opting for a DIY cheese wheel cake creation instead! It’s a stunning display that you can easily create yourself. Just don’t forget to label the different cheeses.

photo of cheese and grape display for wedding cake alternative
Image & Cheese Wheel Cake by: Wisconsin Cheese

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11. Wedding Bundt Cake

Beautiful wedding cakes don’t have to look traditional. Your cake doesn’t need to have tiers or be fully coated in icing. Instead, it can be a Bundt cake with a frosting drizzle, providing the perfect look and the same great taste.

stackable nothing bundt cake instagram photo with frosting drizzle
Image & Dessert by: Nothing Bundt Cakes

12. Croquembouche Tower

A croquembouche is a French dessert consisting of individual pastry balls displayed in a tower form and then drizzled with caramel. This fancy dessert option is appealing to look at and delicious to eat. 

photo of croquembouche tower for wedding cake idea
Image & Dessert by: Jen Lindsey-Clark at She Bakes

13. Wedding Brownies

For all the chocolate lovers out there, a delectable wedding brownie might be the dessert calling your name. Ditch the cake and opt for beautifully decorated brownies to put out on display instead. 

photo of girl in red dress standing by chocolate brownies and other wedding desserts
Image & Dessert by: Sweet Velvet Bakes

14. Layered Cookie Wedding Cake

Cookies are a dessert-time staple. They’re quick to make, easy to snack on, and delicious to enjoy. They’re one of those treats that never fail to impress. If you’re a lover of cookies, then consider a non-traditional wedding cake made out of cookies instead.

layered cookie wedding cake with long silver and gold candles
Image & Dessert by: Jenna at Butternut Bakery

15. Cannoli Tower Wedding Cake

Cannoli are Italian pastries filled with ricotta cheese in the center. They’re an elegant treat that’ll satisfy your dessert cravings. If cannoli are calling your name, serve them stacked in a tower for a fun wedding dessert display.

cannoli tower wedding cake display
Image & Dessert by: Jas at Cannoli & Cravings

16. Wedding Fortune Cookies

These fun, decorated treats can easily become a wedding day must-have. Not only are they one of the more original wedding cake alternatives on this list, but the possibilities are endless when you think about the fun fortunes you can create and have added to every adorable fortune cookie. This wedding dessert idea is sure to make your menu memorable. 

wedding fortune cookies with chocolate tux drawings
Image & Dessert by: My Wedding Favors 

17. Mousse Shooters

When it comes to desserts, presentation is everything. These adorable mousse shooters are exactly the type of non-traditional wedding cakes that nail the presentation. Each guest can help themselves to a beautifully structured snack-sized glass of chocolate mousse and cake.

individual mousse shooters for non-traditional wedding cake idea
Image & Dessert by: Frosted Cakery

18. Creme Brulee Shots

Adding to our ideas of delicious desserts served in a shot glass are these creme brulee shots. It’s the delicious, custard goodness of creme brulee all in an easy-to-grab glass. And don’t forget about the torched sugar on top. We all know that’s the best part.

creme brulee in a shot glass for wedding dessert
Image & Dessert by: Daria Khoroshavina at Buttery Planet

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19. Lemon Bars

Feeling zesty? It’s time to indulge in the citrusy sensation of lemon bars at your wedding reception. If you’re craving that strong, fruity flavor, this can be an excellent option as far as wedding cake alternatives go.

lemon bars for wedding cake alternative
Image & Dessert by: Extraordinary Desserts

20. Milkshakes

While you may be mostly concentrated on desserts you can eat, how about a creamy and refreshing option you can sip on? That’s right, we’re talking about milkshakes. To serve milkshakes with an elegant, wedding-day touch, consider serving them in mason jars embellished with lace and top the shake-off with pearl sprinkles.

photo of wedding milkshake in mason jar
Image & Dessert by: Lyuba Brook at Will Cook For Smiles

21. Cookie Dough Display

If there’s one guilty pleasure most people have, it’s sneaking in spoonfuls of cookie dough before baking cookies. To appease this crowd, consider serving edible cookie dough at your wedding reception.

cookie dough display with wooden signage
Image & Dessert by: Flavor Cup Cakery

22. S’mores Cups

Nothing says summer quite like roasting marshmallows around the bonfire and making delicious, gooey s’mores. Bottle those fun and tasty memories into an individual serving cup for a unique wedding dessert option.

s'mores cups for wedding dessert option
Image & Dessert by: Flavor Cup Cakery

23. Parfaits

Speaking of individual cup desserts, parfaits can be excellent wedding cake alternatives for those who want more variety on their dessert table. Parfaits can be layers and served in all different flavors whether they be chocolatey or fruity. 

leah rhianne photo of fruity parfaits
Image by: Leah Rhianne Photography
Dessert by: Flavor Cup Cakery

24. Pate De Fruit

Pate de fruit are like gourmet chewy fruit candies that’ll bring a unique aspect to your wedding dessert lineup. These bite-sized treats are colorful and sweet, perfect for your guests to enjoy.

pate de fruit candy for wedding dessert table
Image by: Hoffmann Photographer
Dessert by: William Dean Chocolates

25. Caramel Apple Dessert Cups

Caramel apples are delicious treats that come to prominence, especially during the fall months. No matter what season it may be, if you, too, want to enjoy that great caramel apple taste but in a bite-sized manner without all the mess, then caramel apple dessert cups are a great alternative. 

caramel apple dessert cups for fall wedding
Image & Dessert by: StregaSweets on Etsy

26. Bride & Groom Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The cost of a wedding cake can get rather expensive. However, gorgeous treats like these Bride and Groom chocolate-covered strawberries can be significantly cheaper while being that much more unique and stylish than your traditional wedding cake. 

photo of bride and groom chocolate-covered strawberries
Image & Dessert by: The Cards We Drew

27. Mini Cheesecakes

Another fantastic non-traditional wedding cake option includes individual treats in the form of mini cheesecakes. Dress up these standard New York-style cheesecake cups with colorful fruits to bring your display to the next level. 

photo of mini berry cheesecakes
Image & Dessert by Melissa Howell at Ice Cream Inspiration 

28. Meringue Kisses

Meringue kisses are a unique dessert idea that is light, soft, and will melt in your mouth. This simple-to-make treat requires only sugar and egg whites. You can make them yourself and have delicious snacks in no time. Pipe them out to make fun shapes and add food dye to match your desired scheme. 

meringue kisses in pink and green
Image & Dessert by: Carrie Sellman at The Cake Blog

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29. Pancake Wedding Cake

Getting ready for your brunch wedding theme? Then there’s no better non-traditional wedding cake than a pancake cake. Stack your various-sized pancakes on top of one another with a thin layer of icing or whipped cream in between then embellish the presentation with fruits, decorative flowers, and powdered sugar.

pancake wedding cake idea
Image & Dessert by: Alpha Foodie

30. Churro Cart

Looking to up your wedding dessert game with some freshly fried churros? Look no further than the churro cart. Renting out a churro cart and letting your guests decorate their own piping hot churro can be quite a memorable way to serve dessert.

churro cart for fun wedding dessert idea
Image & Dessert by: The Churro Cart CA

31. Hot Chocolate Bar

If the weather outside is frightful, then the hot chocolate bar can be so delightful. Keep your guests warm and cozy with a create-your-own hot chocolate bar full of different flavoring options and marshmallow toppings for your guests to indulge.

photo of hot chocolate bar with blue paper cups
Image & Dessert by: A Bride On A Budget

32. Kransekake Wedding Cake

The Kransekake is a Norwegian wreath-shaped cake. It has a very almondy taste to it as that’s one of the main ingredients when making one. A traditional Kransekake cake has at least 18 rings of cake, if not more. When it comes to wedding cake alternatives, this is the perfect option for feeding a large guest list.

photo of Kransekake wreath-shaped cake with peppermint sprinkles
Image & Dessert by: Cake By Courtney 

33. Oreo Cookie Tower

It’s amazing what a little creativity and a couple dozen packages of Oreos can do. If you or your partner happens to be an Oreo fanatic, satisfy your wildest dreams by serving an Oreo cookie tower cake at your wedding. You can top this crazy creation off with a funny wedding cake topper.

oreo cookie tower wedding cake photo
Image & Dessert by: Whitney Landers at Just Add Candles

34. Snow Cone Display

This unique option is especially refreshing for a warm, outdoor wedding ceremony. Let your guests cool off with a crushed ice snow cone. Create a snow cone station for your guests to test out different flavorings.

photo of pink snow cone display for outdoor wedding
Image by: Simply Breathe Events

35. Ice Cream Sandwich Tower

This adorable display is one that won’t last too long. Have ice cream sandwiches prepared beforehand then put them out for display for a limited time before the melting ensues. Your guests are sure to love this beautiful and delicious presentation. 

ice cream sandwich tower for summer wedding
Image by: Courtyard And Cobblest & Scott Piner

36. Gelato Truck

Another refreshing, cold snack comes in the form of gelato. Hiring a gelato truck to cater for your wedding reception can be a unique and memorable experience. 

photo of gelato truck catering a wedding reception
Image by: Gelato Brothers

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37. Klondike Bars

Introducing a dish best served cold. That’s right, it’s an entire plate of Klondike Bars. Sometimes nothing beats an ice cream bar on a warm day. Serving ice cream as wedding cake alternatives can certainly be a crowd-pleaser. 

photo of Klondike bars for wedding reception
Image by: Brass Tacks Events

38. Mini Banana Pudding Cups

Looking for the best wedding cake alternatives? Well, the proof is in the pudding. These mini banana pudding cups are super cute and sure to delight.

photo of mini banana pudding cups
Image & Dessert by: Chris Nease at Celebrations At Home

39. Sushi Wedding Cake

Forget the sweets, it’s time for savory. Have you thought about having a sushi non-traditional wedding cake? Simply create a sushi bar on a tiered display, and let your guests dig in. What a unique presentation!

photo of sushi bar on tiered display
Image & Sushi Cake by: Sushi Rolls

40. Waffle Wedding Cake

We had a non-traditional wedding cake made out of pancakes earlier on this list, but how about waffles? A stack of waffles and a drizzle of maple syrup can be a deliciously sweet wedding cake alternative for your big day.

photo of couple pouring syrup on waffle wedding cake
Image by: Weddingomania

Wedding Cake Alternatives: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to not have a wedding cake?

It’s often traditional to have a white, tiered wedding cake at your wedding reception; however, this isn’t something you absolutely must have. Cake isn’t everyone’s favorite, so if you’d rather opt for a non-traditional dessert option, feel free to do so!

Do people eat desserts at weddings?

Typically wedding ceremonies will have cakes or other desserts to end the main meal. While desserts can be a fun and sweet way to close out your celebration, for example, if you’re planning a more unique wedding such as a brunch wedding, you can get creative with “dessert time” by serving a pancake or waffle wedding cake instead.

What’s a dummy wedding cake?

Dummy wedding cakes are fake cakes used primarily for decoration and photo opportunities. A dummy cake is made out of Styrofoam and then decorated all fancy to look like the real deal. When the time comes for dessert, you can then serve a simple sliced sheet cake that’s been hiding in the kitchen.

Dig In!

Now that you’ve had the chance to look through various wedding cake alternatives, it’s time to select your ideal dessert menu and dig in! You truly can’t go wrong with any of these options. 

Whether you’re simply not a cake person, you have dietary restrictions, or you just want your favorite dessert to be served on your big day, there are so many reasons to choose a non-traditional wedding cake!


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