65 Modern Wedding Invitations That Are Made To Impress

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jan 22, 2021

Last Updated: Oct 24, 2022

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When you’re planning your wedding, there are so many decisions you’ll need to make, and you can truly design the day to be yours. Whether you want to go traditional or opt for a modern wedding invitation and plan, the choice is yours. You can mix and match or just pick one overall genre for your wedding. If you choose to go the modern route, one of your first choices is planning your stationary. Finding a modern wedding invitation doesn’t have to be difficult, though.

Modern wedding invitations are often more crisp and clean than traditional wedding invitations. The font is often more blocky or handwritten, rather than scripted. Or, they’re more tied to the theme of your wedding, as opposed to being just the pertinent information. They often have more design elements and generally feel like they belong in 2020, rather than 1990. If you’re still not sure how you’d like to take your invitations, here are 65 different modern save the dates you can use when planning and creating your stationary. Inspired by all of these great ideas, try designing them on BeFunky to match the wedding you’ve always imagined.

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Modern Wedding Invitations

1. Black & White

Black and white invitations are simple and crisp. The minimalist modern design is basic and only uses the two colors. You can find them on Paperlust and design them to perfectly match your day’s plans.

black and white modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Paperlust

2. Earthy

If you choose an earthy wedding invitation, you’re going to be looking more for something floral and with some generally darker, redder colors. Find some like these, available on Etsy so they can perfectly fit with your theme.

earthy wedding invitation

Shop Now: Etsy

3. Watercolor

Watercolor invitations feel very light and airy. Their colors are more pastel, and you can choose to have something specific painted in watercolors or go with a more general feel instead. Check out some of our favorite watercolor invitations at Greenvelope.

watercolor invitation

Shop Now: Greenvelope

4. Debossed Lettering

You’ve probably heard of embossed lettering before, but have you heard of debossed lettering? In this case, the letters are stamped into the paper and make an indentation. Bella Figura has a wide variety on their site.

debossed lettering invitation

Shop Now: Bella Figura

5. Rustic

If you’re planning an outdoor or a barn-themed wedding, you might want to choose rustic invitations. Some of these modern save the dates even have paper that looks wooden. Check them out at Ann’s Bridal Bargains.

rustic modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Ann’s Bridal Bargains

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6. Geometric

Selecting a geometric style is certainly choosing modern wedding invitations. These invites often have shapes with straight lines, but you can choose the coloring to match the rest of your theme. Find your invitations or get inspiration at Basic Invite

geometric modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Basic Invite

7. Transparent

Transparent wedding invitations are very popular right now. Show off your favorite photo without printing directly on it. Instead, you’ll have a transparent vellum sheet with your information printed on it over the top of a photo, like these on Etsy.

transparant invitation

Shop Now: Etsy

8. Southern

Depending on exactly what your theme is, you might choose to go with a southern wedding invitation. These tend to feature script writing and often some sort of icon indicating a beach, tropical weather or rustic look. You can find plenty of options on Zazzle.

southern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Zazzle

9. Beachy

But what if you’re getting married on the beach? Just a simple southern invitation won’t do. You’ll need a modern wedding invitation that screams “beach” – from seaside images to traditional beachy colors, you can choose how literal you want to go with an invitation like this from Pro Wedding Invites.

beachy invitation

Shop Now: Pro Wedding Invites

10. Elegant

While “elegant” can mean a little something different to almost everyone, traditionally it means flowing, scripted writing. Maybe there’s even a lace overlay or additional layers in the envelope. See Elegant Wedding Invites for many different options.

elegant wedding invitation

Shop Now: Elegant Wedding Invites

Not sure which stationary is right for you? Take this fun quiz to find out!

11. Minimalist

If you’re looking to keep things simple and minimalist, make sure you start with your invitations. They help set the mood and tone for your whole day. Minted has many different options, from a photo and a few words to just the most necessary information.

minimalist modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Minted

12. Abstract Watercolor

Perhaps you like the watercolor idea, but you don’t want an image of something in particular. With an abstract watercolor modern divination, you’ll get the feeling of watercolor, like these from Etsy.

abstract watercolor modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Etsy

13. Acrylic

Acrylic wedding invitations are literally printed on acrylic – not paper. They are often transparent, other than the words, and they look perfectly modern. Here’s a great example of these modern save the dates from Elegant Wedding Invites.

acrylic modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Elegant Wedding Invites

14. Whimsical

For the carefree couple, whimsical wedding invitations can be an excellent choice. With a slight nature design, this option from Walgreens can be a great way to show off your light and airy side for your wedding.

whimsical wedding invitation

Shop Now: Walgreens

15. Leather

Looking for something incredibly unique? Choose leather – it’s certainly a modern wedding invitation option. It can be difficult to find, but if you find a creator like Penn and Paperie, you can get gorgeous, unique invitations.

leather invitation

Shop Now: Penn & Paperie

16. Handmade

There’s something extra special about a handmade invitation. Whether you choose to DIY them or find someone like Margo and Bees who creates handmade invitations, your guests are sure to love the thought and care that goes into making them.

handmade invitation

Shop Now: Margo & Bees

17. Floral

Floral is an ever-popular theme for modern invitations, especially if you’re having a springtime ceremony. If you’re extra organized, you could even match the flowers on your invitations to the flowers you and your bridesmaids will be carrying! You can find some floral designs from Greenvelope.

floral modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Greenvelope

18. Gold

Another classic idea is to go with a gold-themed invitation. Adding gold foil makes everything feel a little fancier, especially your modern wedding invitations. Whether you want a little or a lot, incorporate some sparkle and shimmer into your stationary, like these from Invitations by Dawn.

gold invitation

Shop Now: Invitations By Dawn

19. Mid Century Modern

Mid Century modern wedding invitations tend to have a retro feeling about them. From the colors to the design to the fonts, they’re a nice blend of modern and nostalgia. Find one like this on Zazzle.

mid century modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Zazzle

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20. Tissue Paper

You can add tissue paper to just about any modern wedding invitation. It’s an excellent way to spruce it up a bit and make it feel just a little more polished. You can get a pack of invitation tissue paper from Cards and Pockets so you can up your invitation game.

tissue paper invitation

Shop Now: Cards & Pockets

21. Confetti

If you want some confetti with your wedding invitation, you can do this two different ways. You could actually add confetti into each envelope before you send them out, but that can be tedious (and messy for your guests). Or, you can add a confetti look to the invitation itself, like these from Minted.

confetti invitation

Shop Now: Minted

22. Color Blocking

A color blocked invitation organizes the information on the page itself by adding shapes of color to surround certain pieces of text. This is a really modern technique that gives your invitation an easy-to-read look. Just look at this example from the Knot.

color blocking modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: The Knot

23. Chinoiserie

Imagine the beautiful blue and white china you’ve certainly seen before. Wouldn’t that make a beautiful modern invitation? That’s what chinoiserie invites are here to do for you. Check out this invitation suite on Etsy.

chinoiserie modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Etsy

25. Illustrative

Add an extra personal touch to your modern wedding invitations with an illustration. You could mimic your engagement photos, illustrate icons about your day, or even have custom illustrations of you and your soon-to-be-spouse, like this one from Etsy. With invitations like the ones on Minted, the options are endless!

illustrative inviation

Shop Now: Minted

26. Indie

Indie wedding invitations tend to have a rustic and floral type look to them, without going overboard. This invitation here is especially unique because it’s designed by Paperless Post: it’s all digital!

indie invitation

Shop Now: Paperless Post

27. Dip Dye

For a seemingly effortless and gorgeous wedding invitation, try a dip dyed option, like this one from Paper Source. It’s beautiful, simple and unique – just like your big day will be.

dip dye modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: PaperSource

28. Royal

Were you inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day? Choose a royal-inspired wedding invitation and you can design your own fairy tale day. This simple and elegant invitation from Minted is surely giving off royal vibes.

Shop Now: Minted

29. Wood

We talked about leather earlier – now it’s time to talk about a different medium. How about printing your invitations on wood, like this one from Paperlust? That’s certainly something your guests would never forget.

wood modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Paperlust

30. Cut Out

Add a bit of spice to your invitation with some cutouts. Whether you want to add a fold-over flap with a cut out design or simply enhance your card with a nice border, cutting out part of the invitation adds dimension. Check out this example from Zazzle.

cut out modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Zazzle

31. Copper Foil

Maybe you like the look of foil, but you’d rather have the warm shades of copper. Many foil-pressed invitations have various foil colors, like this bronze-copper shade from Minted.

copper foil modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Minted

32. Sandy

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the sand between your toes, and sometimes a great image of sand can bring about those feelings. Choosing a sandy-style invitation is fun, especially if you’re having a destination wedding. These modern save the dates, found on Amazon, are so fun!

sandy invitation

Shop now: Amazon

33. Engraving

Add flair to your invitations with engraving. When invitations are engraved, they are stamped with a metal plate. This often leaves indentations in the paper, since the plate is so heavy. Reaves Engraving has an excellent collection of engraved wedding invitation options.

engraving invitation

Shop Now: Reaves Engraving

34. Beige

Sometimes a simple, plain background color is all you need for your modern wedding invitations. Choosing beige, like this option from Shutterfly, lets your text be the star.

beige invitation

Shop Now: Shutterfly

35. Blue

Matching your invitation to your wedding colors is a great idea. If you’re going with blue, there are so many ways you can take it, from the beach to the night sky and anything in between. This option from Invitations by Dawn showcases the sky.

blue invitation

Shop Now: Dawn

36. Bohemian

You don’t have to be getting married on the beach to have a bohemian-style wedding invitation! Choose a look that uses neutral colors, geometric designs and some floral aspects added in, too, like this invitation from Etsy.

bohemian invitation

Shop Now: Etsy

36. Ivory

Did you know that very few wedding dresses are pure white? It turns out that pure white doesn’t actually look that good on too many people. Instead, they often come in shades like ivory. You could match your invitations to the shade of your dress, like this option on Etsy.

ivory invitation

Shop Now: Etsy

37. Romantic

Some people want their wedding day to be dreamy and romantic. If that’s you, then you have many different invitation options to choose from anywhere you look. Look for something with lighter colors and maybe some floral elements, like this digital option from Paperless Post.

romantic invitation

Shop Now: Paperless Post

38. Luxury

On a day as important as your wedding, you can be as luxurious as you’d like. Find the perfect invitation that gives you that luxe feeling, like these elegant cut-out leaves from Invitations by Dawn. They provide a bit of mystery and an extra layer of special.

luxury invitation

Shop Now: Dawn

39. Marbled

Very few things give off the same level of “fancy” as marble does. That’s why we love these marbled invitations from Elegant Wedding Invites. They’re clean, neutral and help elevate the whole invitation look.

marbled modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Elegant Wedding

40. Bold

Like many of these options, bold can mean different things to different people. To us it means doing something creative – like having your invitations in an unexpected shape. These invitations from Minted have an arched top, which really takes it to a new level. Check out some other variations of bold wedding inviations here!

Shop Now: Minted

41. Greenery

Having greenery on your wedding invitation, especially framing the text on the card, is incredibly popular right now. The beautiful thing is, though, that there are so many options and kinds of greenery that you can showcase. You can go with a delicate option or a more full-bodied look like this one from Minted.

Shop Now: Minted

42. Glitter

While you could add some glitter directly into your envelopes, your guests might not appreciate that. Instead, choose a beautiful, modern wedding invitation that has glitter on it. This way your invites can sparkle and your guests will love them, like this option from Elegant Wedding Invites.

glitter invitation

Shop Now: Elegant Wedding

43. Tropical

Bright colors, unique flowers and fun lettering can only mean one thing: tropical! Add some extra pizazz to your wedding and invitations with something like this from Minted.

tropical modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Minted

44. Artistic

If you can find an artist to draw your wedding invitations, you’ll have something beautiful and unique that you and your guests will love. For instance, check out this creative Invitation on Minted.

Shop Now: Minted

45. Delicate Border

Maybe you’d prefer something classy and elegant, with just a simple border around the edge. There are plenty of options for you, but we love this one from Greenvelope.

Shop Now: Greenvelope

46. Monogram

Whether you want to show off your new monogram or simply use your initial and your fiancé’s initial intertwined, a monogrammed invitation can be very sweet. It’s a great way to symbolize your future together. You can grab ones similar to this from Minted.

monogram invitiation

Shop Now: Minted

47. Typography

If you love the look of various fonts and typefaces, consider playing around with them on your wedding invitation. This invite from Paperlust uses the same typeface for the initials and the ampersand, while the rest of the text is more block-like.

typography invitation

Shop Now: PaperLust

48. Linear

Linear invitations look very crisp and clean, so if that’s the look you want for your wedding, this can be a great option. Pixie Chicago has a linear floral option, shown here, that’s elegant, simple and beautiful.

linear modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Pixie Chicago

49. Filmstrip

Show off some of your favorite pictures of you and your fiancé. These can be from your engagement session or just pictures you love. Either way, your guests will love to see it. Shutterfly has some great choices for filmstrip invitations.

filmstip invitation

Shop Now: Shutterfly

50. Simple

Sometimes simple is best. It makes sure that everyone is on the same page and no one misses any crucial information. This invitation from GreenVelope covers just that.

Shop Now: GreenVelope

51. Fall

It can be a great idea to match your modern wedding invitation to the season when you’ll be getting married. For a fall wedding, check out these options on Minted.

fall invitation

Shop Now: Minted

52. Celestial

If you love the outdoors, stargazing or just think the night sky is beautiful, a celestial wedding invitation can be a great choice. This design on Minted shows a simple, elegant starry sky.

celestial modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Minted

53. Nautical

No matter where your love of the sea comes from, a nautical themed wedding invitation is absolutely gorgeous. Mospens Studio created this gorgeous invitation suite, and we think you’ll love it.

Shop Now: Mospens Studio

54. Casual

Looking to have a calmer, more casual ceremony and party with your loved ones? Find an invitation that matches that vibe, like this Shutterfly invite. Use casual language, a fun font and don’t feel the need to stand on ceremony with anything.

casual invitation

Shop Now: Shutterfly

55. Vintage

On the other hand, if you love traditions and the look of vintage designs, consider incorporating that into your big day. Find a classic vintage background, like this floral pattern in the invite by Basic Invite, and then keep more traditional wording. Or you can check out some of these options from Greenvelope and even incorporate a record into your wedding invitation.

vintage modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: GreenVelope

56. Traditional

Speaking of tradition, if you like traditional invitations, choose one like this from The American Wedding. It has a simple, traditional setup and the wording everyone would expect to see on a wedding invitation.

traditional wedding invitation

Shop Now: The American Wedding

57. Musical

If you or your fiancé has a particular love of music, show that off in your invitations. Be creative, like with this Etsy wedding invitation that uses sheet music as the paper.

musical invitation

Shop Now: Etsy

58. Urban

If you’re having an urban wedding, try to capture that city feel in your invitation. We love this option from Minted. The lights and brick wall really sell it for us.

Shop Now: Minted

59. Chic

Elegant, stylish, fashionable…if all these words describe you and your dream wedding, it’s time to choose a chic invitation. Keep it simple, clean and gorgeous and you’ll be set. This option from Paper Culture is so fashionable, and the color is stunning.

chic modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Paper Culture

60. Gothic

Are you going for a darker, more gothic theme for your wedding? Let your modern save the date pass that message along for you. Find a deep, dark, flawless invitation that really captures the essence of your day, like this invitation from Zazzle.

gothic inviation

Shop Now: Zazzle

61. Retro

Looking for a fun, retro wedding invitation? Pick the timeframe you want to find an invitation from and start searching. Think about the colors and styles that would have been popular then. This is a great example from GreenVelope.

Shop Now: GreenVelope

62. Ombre

Ombre is such a pretty trend in general, and it looks gorgeous on wedding invitations. This is a great look if you have a couple of similar colors planned for your wedding day. You could create an ombre effect in those colors! This Minted invitation can give you some ideas.

ombre invitation

Shop Now: Minted

63. Portrait

You can put your photo into just about any wedding invitation template online, but what about having a custom portrait drawn of you and your fiancé? That’s a great way to add a special touch to your wedding invitations. Find a creator you love on Etsy.

portrait invitation

Shop Now: Etsy

64. Landscape

Share your love for the outdoors with your guests by creating a landscape-inspired wedding invitation. This option from GreenVelope has a gorgeous watercolor mountain scene, but you could easily use this for inspiration for any landscape look you like. You could even use a photo if you prefer.

Shop Now: GreenVelope

65. Recyclable (or Plantable!)

Being eco-friendly is important, especially when you’re sending out so much mail. Be sure to check to see if your invitation provider uses recycled paper, if that’s important to you. Or you can go one step farther and create plantable invitations so your guests can see some wildflowers after they’ve gotten your information. Visit Botanical Paperworks for more information about plantable paper.

recyclable modern wedding invitation

Shop Now: Botanical Paperwork

Modern Wedding Invitations

Choosing your wedding invitations is a big decision, but clearly you have plenty of options! These modern wedding invitation styles will wow your guests and help you get even more excited for your big day. Which invitation style is your favorite?


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