70+ DIY Wedding Decorations That Look Like Big-Budget Creations

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Apr 1, 2021

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2023

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If you’re looking to give your wedding a more personal touch, consider creating your own DIY wedding decorations. Planning your big day can be one of the most stressful yet exciting projects of your life. Creating your very own decor can be a great way to destress while personalizing your reception to match your dream vision.

DIY wedding decorations are a great option for people who want to handle the wedding planning themselves or bring personality into the decor. Whether you’re very crafty or not at all, there are tons of creative options when it comes to DIY wedding ideas!

70+ DIY Wedding Decorations

DIY Wedding Arches

1. Wooden Arch With Flowers

This simplistic yet stunning arch design requires a gorgeous flower arrangement and three long planks of wood. Choose to display your flowers along the top of the rectangular arch or even drape two matching arrangements along both wooden pillars to create the perfect frame.

wooden arch with flowers

2. Curtains Hanging From The Venue’s Natural Architecture

Get creative with your DIY wedding decorations by enhancing your venue’s original appearance. Simply draping beautiful curtains along a tree or other structure could create a beautiful wedding arch for photos.

curtains hanging from tree

3. Two Doors Connected By A Pole

In considering DIY wedding ideas, you’re opening yourself up to infinite possibilities when it comes to crafting your unique arch. Consider a fun backdrop display like this one which frames a unique scene amid two doors painted to appear aged.

rustic door backdrop with vines

4. Tree Branches With Greenery

Using tree branches to create your arch gives this piece of decor a naturalistic feel. Enhance your creation with flowers, greenery, and even drapery for a lavish arrangement.

tree branches with greenery

5. Geometric Shapes

Add as many sides as you’d like to your lovely DIY arch creation. All this hexagonal arch requires is connecting together six long, equal slabs of wood. Triangles, pentagons, octagons, and circles are also shapes to consider for a unique arch design.

geometric backdrop

6. Arches With Twine

No matter the shape of your arch, get crafty by personalizing your decor with twine or garland. A beautiful macramé embellishment can make a big difference aesthetically.

macrame backdrop

7. Curtains Over A Wooden Arch

Allow for a wooden arch to provide you with the perfect frame for the true star of the show: the curtains. This DIY wedding arch adds an elegant style to your venue.

curtain backdrop for a wedding

8. Arch With Wedding Hashtag Or Names

Opting for DIY wedding decorations allows you to truly personalize your decor. Include your wedding hashtag or your names on the arch for a design unique specifically to you and your partner. 

arch with wedding hashtag
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9. Hanging Flowers

Hang some flowers along the opening of the arch. Their dangling design will create a beautiful effect making this DIY project especially perfect for picture taking.

hanging flowers backdrop

10. Decorate A Wire Arch

Wire arches are perfect for providing you with the skeleton of your DIY creation. Decorate your wire arch to personalize it to you and your partner’s taste. Weave ribbons, fabric, string lights, or flower arrangements into the wire to create your very own arch design.

DIY wire wedding backrdop

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Let your DIY wedding decorations take center stage in the form of uniquely personalized table centerpieces.

11. Flowers In A Mason Jar

Be sure to add mason jars to your shopping list as they make for rather versatile DIY wedding decorations. For a beautiful centerpiece, add some flowers to your mason jar. You could even add twine, lace, or a bow to further personalize this DIY decor.

lavender in a mason jar

12. Twinkly Lights In Mason Jars

Looking to get even more use out of your mason jars? Add mini lights inside the jars as well. This fun design is sure to leave your tables twinkling.

twinkly lights in mason jars

13. Wooden Plaques With Candles And Flowers

Give your candles and flower arrangements a wooden platform for the perfect DIY display. By using small wooden tree stump plaques, you can personalize your centerpiece to fit a variety of rustic or outdoorsy wedding themes.

wood plaques with candles and flowers

14. Scattered Candles And Flowers

When creating your perfect DIY wedding decorations, it’s important to consider the centerpiece display as a whole. You don’t have to get overly fancy in your design. Simply scattering candles of different heights and adorning your candle holders with flowers can easily create a stunning display.

flowers and candles tablescape

15. Twinkly Lights In A Glass Bottle

For a modern DIY centerpiece that will stand out and glow all night long, simply put a strand of twinkly lights inside an empty glass bottle. 

twinkly lights in a bottle

16. Numbered Twinkly Lights In Bottles

Your glass bottle with twinkly lights inside can also make for the perfect table numbering display. Just paint or add a number decal to the outside of the bottle to help your guests easily find their table.

twinkly numbered bottles

17. Lanterns Surrounded By Flowers

Another great DIY creation involves lanterns as the centerpiece. The lanterns themselves make for a fun and popular wedding day look, but you can also surround them with flowers to make this centerpiece truly stand out. 

lanterns and flowers

18. Flowers In Bottles

Unconventional flower vases are another simple way to create fun DIY wedding decorations. Buy, paint, or recycle various glass or plastic bottles to personalize this DIY wedding idea for yourself. 

flowers in bottles

19. Twinkly Lights In Lanterns

Lanterns were meant to light the way. Leave the candles behind and opt to fill your lanterns with twinkly lights instead for a fun light up centerpiece every table will enjoy. 

twinkly lights in lanterns

20. Geometric Glass

Adding geometric glass centerpieces or candle holders can make for quite the unique DIY wedding decorations. By adding pebbles, candles, or succulents into the geometric container, you can create fun terrariums for your guests to admire.

succulents and candles in geometric glass

DIY Rustic Wedding Decor

If you’re looking for the best rustic wedding ideas when it comes to decor, consider making the decorations yourself. Embracing these DIY wedding decorations can bring your rustic wedding theme to the next level.

21. Wooden Sign Wedding Guest Book

Get creative with your rustic themed guest book by having your guests sign a handcrafted wooden plaque. Use multiple slabs of wood to create the shape you wish your sign to be. In the corner, personalize this unique guest book with you and your partner’s date, wedding date, or even your best wedding hashtag.

wooden sign wedding guest book
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22. Wooden Wedding Cake Stand

As far as DIY wedding decorations go, this one is both personal and practical. By designing your wooden cake stand you’re providing a practical display for your traditional desert while also personalizing the front of the stand for the ultimate display. It’s also perfect for photo ops.

wooden cake stand

23. Mason Jars As Floating Candle Holders

Again, we get to see just how many creative uses mason jars can have. Fill your mason jars with water and add tea candles to the top for a fun, floating look. 

candle mason jar

24. Wooden Bar Sign

Wood, nails, and paint is all that’s needed for simple rustic DIY wedding ideas like this one. Personalize your wooden drink sign to fit your menu and display it by your bar.

DIY wooden menu sign

25. Burlap & Lace Chair Decor

This beautiful bow decoration appears so elegant yet is simple to create. Don’t forget that a bit of burlap and lace can go a long way as you start to plan out and create your DIY wedding decorations. 

DIY bow on chair

26. Vases Hanging From Lights

Make your flower vases defy gravity by hanging them from strings of light for a unique and lovely DIY styled design. 

hanging vases

27. Wine Cork Place Card Holder

Get your wine corks ready for one of the more simplistic yet fun DIY wedding ideas out there. By cutting a slit through the wine cork, you can create the perfect rustic holder for your guest’s place cards.

wine cork place card holder

28. Personalized Wooden Wedding Clothespins

Clothespins are one of those ever so versatile tools that pair perfectly with crafters. Personalize your very own wedding clothespins to include you and significant other’s name and wedding date. These fun clothespins can then be used creatively to hold up seating charts, place cards, photos, and more. 

DIY personal wooden clothespin

29. Wooden Sign

Include fun wooden signs throughout your wedding venue to fit with your rustic theme. The best part of DIY wedding ideas like this one is that the sign is truly up to you. Personalize your DIY signs in whatever way represents you and your partner’s celebration. 

diy wooden sign

30. Mr. & Mrs. Chipboard Signs

Having wooden Mr. and Mrs. signs at your rustic wedding is a great way to signify your official relationship. Use these signs on the back of your chairs or as a nice backdrop behind your designated table.

Mr & Mrs. signs

DIY Wedding Exit Decor

It’s one thing to consider a grand entrance, but perhaps it’s time to consider a grand exit as well. Use these DIY wedding decorations to make your exit just as spectacular as the entrance. 

31. Sparklers

End your night right with a sparkler send-off. Organize this fun DIY event by creating your own kit including sparklers, confetti, and a fun explanation of the event and send-off time.

DIY sparkler bag

32. Glitter In A Bottle

Once your reception is complete, perhaps you’d love to embrace a glittery exit. If that’s the case start filling small vials with glitter for all your guests to take. Embellish this cute craft by including ribbon with a tag that says “toss me” to clarify its purpose. 

glitter in a bottle

33. Sprinkles

You may be familiar with the tradition of throwing rice at weddings. But how about sprinkles? Get creative with your send-off ideas. Include a space at your reception with pre-packaged sprinkles or let your guests scoop some up for themselves.


34. Glow Sticks

Glow stick exits are excellent for a bright and colorful ending to your big day celebration. These DIY wedding decorations would look lovely on display in a glass bottle, decorative bucket, or flower vase prior to the send-off.

glow sticks
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35. Bubbles

Bring back your favorite activity as a child. Include a DIY bubble display for your guests to take and start using. Walking through bubbles is not only a fun way to exit, but it makes for some pretty unique photo opportunities.

bubble display

36. Beach Balls

A beach ball send-off is a perfect fit for your beach wedding. Leave a basket full of beach balls in the sand and create a fun rhyme to display at the site.

basket of beach balls

37. Wooden Bell Wands

End the celebration by having your guests ring in the newlyweds. These cute DIY wedding ideas require tying a mini bell onto a wooden rod. You can embellish these adorable bell wands further by adding personalized ribbons that match your color scheme and have your names, wedding date, or a fun slogan printed on them.

wooden bell wand

38. Party Poppers

Create your own party poppers for a fun DIY decoration that will end your night in a BANG! Followed by festive confetti of course. You can also customize your poppers and confetti with your wedding details and color scheme. 

party popper

39. Flower Petals

For a more elegant exit decor option, consider creating a beautiful table arrangement with self-serve flower petals. Fill various wooden baskets with different color flower petals and include a scooping tool in each basket. Leave out well-themed bags, cups, or bowls for your guests to fill up with petals and toss at you and your spouse as you make your grand exit. 

flower petals in baskets

40. Paper Airplanes

DIY wedding ideas like this one are sure to bring your night to new heights. Fold up some personalized paper airplanes in preparation for takeoff. When the time comes, have your guests throw them for a unique event that will add some magic to the sky. 

paper airplanes

DIY Aisle Decor

As you begin to create all your DIY wedding decorations, don’t forget to include some DIY wedding ideas that will add some style to your aisle. 

41. Hanging Vases

As you start placing your lovely flower decor throughout your venue, try hanging some of your vases along your aisle as well. Whether you opt for traditional vases, glass bottles, or mason jars, be sure to hang those vases tightly around the chairs to ensure they all make it through the duration of the ceremony.

hanging vases

42. Peony Bush Bridal Bouquet

Create your very own bridal bouquet using peonies and other elegant looking flowers for a stunning bouquet to decorate every aisle with.

peony bridal bouquet

43. Wedding Program Hand Fan

Make your wedding program serve two purposes. At the end of each aisle, include a basket of hand fan programs. By printing your wedding program on thick paper and attaching them to something as simple as popsicle sticks, you can easily impress your guests with these cute and purposeful fans.

DIY wedding program

44. Painted Wedding Aisle Signs

Get your aisle looking as cute as ever by creating your own signs. Grab a wooden plaque, paint on some meaningful sayings, and begin decorating your aisle. 

painted wedding aisle signs

45. Potted Plants

Add some greenery to your wedding aisle by including potted plants throughout. Pick out some beautiful flowers that will match your color scheme for a picturesque ceremony. 

potted plants

46. Hanging Framed Photos

Have your guests admiring every row by hanging a unique framed photo on each one. This adorable DIY idea is sure to be memorable and is the perfect way to personalize your decor. 

hanging framed photo on a chair

47. Floating Flower Vases

If you’re looking for decor a bit more unique than flowers in vases, consider floating flowers in vases. For this idea, fill a clear vase full of water and allow the heads of the flowers to float on top for a stylized look.

floating flower vase

48. Metal Flower Pails

For a vintage or rustic wedding, metal pails will never fail. Add baby’s breath or a flower of your choosing to each pail and line the aisle with these creations for a unique look. 

wedding aisle lined with flowers

49. Painted Wooden Ceremony Reserved Sign

Reserve seats down your aisle with a classy handmade reserved sign. Write in cursive on a wooden plaque for a stylized design then include flowers and ribbon to hang the sign on the chairs. 

painted wooden reserved sign

50. Origami Chair Decor

For unique DIY wedding decorations to add to your to-do list, try creating your very own origami decor. Tie your origami creations to various chairs along the aisle. These fun paper decorations are sure to make your aisle stand out. 

orignami decor

DIY Wedding Favors

Don’t forget to include wedding favors as part of your DIY wedding decorations. Wedding favors are a nice gesture to thank your guests for their attendance and support throughout your big day. These favors are also the perfect time to unleash your creative side by coming up with a unique personalized gift for your guests to enjoy.

51. Succulents

Succulents make for great additions to any home. All this unique wedding favor gift requires is small glass jars, dirt, and succulents. Whether you opt for real or fake succulents, the cute plant is sure to please. Finish this DIY gift with a twine bow for an enhanced presentation.


52. Snack Mix

Create your very own snack mix for your guests to enjoy. Personalize this wedding favor with an adorable label commemorating your big day.

snack mix wedding favor

53. Sea Salt

No matter the wedding favor you decide upon, presentation is everything. Sea salt gifts in a small, corked bottle complete with a twine bow and a thank you tag is definitely the way to go.

sea salt wedding favor
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54. Chocolate

If you’re hoping to please everyone, chocolates typically make a wonderful wedding favor. Personalize your bag of chocolates with a fun label you created yourself for an added layer of sincerity. 

personalized wedding favor chocolate

55. Candles

Personalize your candle favors by giving out a meaningful scent with a unique label. Include your names and wedding date on the tag and add a bow or ribbon for enhanced appearance.

personalized candles

56. S’mores Kits 

In a clear plastic bag, include all the fixings for the perfect s’more for your guests to devour later on. Wedding favors like this are the perfect place for cheesy puns. Be sure to add a fun s’mores pun to the tag of these clever kits.

smores kit for wedding favor

57. Mints

Mints are a standard treat for saying thank you. Package up your wedding mints with a fun phrase like “mint to be.” Display these mints on the way out for your guests to take before leaving. 

mint wedding favor

58. Hot Chocolate

For an exciting treat your guests can enjoy at a later date, include all the mixes and toppings for a delicious hot chocolate into one container. A test tube of ingredients is a fun way to display these lovely favors. 

personal hot chocolate

59. Tea Kits

If tea is more style, create your own tea kit wedding favors instead. The similar presentation of fitting all the fixings into a glass tube is a popular aesthetic. Complete this gift with a hang tag and a twine ribbon.

personalized tea kit

60. Coffee Beans

For all those coffee loving couples, give the gift of coffee beans. Personalize these favors by including the roast that you favor most. If you and your partner can’t decide on just one, consider having wedding favor options which highlight both your tastes. 

coffee beans in baskets

DIY Flower Decor

Spice up your DIY wedding decorations by creating incredible flower creations. From flower accessories to flower decor, these DIY wedding ideas are sure to impress.

61. DIY Bouquets

Become your very own aspiring florist with DIY bouquets like this one. Begin with the flower of your choice such as roses, then add leaves and baby’s breath for a dazzling accent. Wrap your bouquet with floral tape then add a lace ribbon to complete the craft.

wedding bouquet

62. Boutonnieres

These lovely DIY boutonnieres will be a showstopper. Once you select your flowers and greenery, arrange them nicely and tie the stems together with twine or tape. Include a safety pin on the back for an easily attachable accessory. 

DIY boutonnieres

63. Flower Crowns

For more wearable flower accessories, consider making your very own flower crown. Create a wire frame to match the size of your head and begin attaching the flower stems to the crown with floral tape. Design the crown any way you’d like to fit your style.

flower crown

64. Pet Collar

If your furry four-legged friend will be making a guest appearance at your wedding, consider accessorizing them as well. Adding flowers to their collar can make all the difference. 

DIY floral pet collar

65. Tissue Paper Wedding Flowers

Tissue paper flowers have been a popular craft around for ages. Not only do they look stunning, they’re also relatively easy to make. Accordion fold sheets of tissue paper, staple the fold in the middle, then begin to unravel the paper to create the type of petals you desire. 

tissue paper wedding flowers

66. Flower Wall

DIY wedding decorations like this one are a eye-catching way to frame the bride and groom’s table. Fill in a large picture frame with flowers to create an entire wall of beauty. 

flower wall

67. Foam Craft Roses

Adding foam craft roses to your decor is a lovely way to style any area. Include foam roses like these in your DIY wedding ideas to hang on curtains, create an arch, or to enhance any DIY sign or display.

roses decorating a gazebo

68. Circle Flowers

These beautiful flower creations can easily be crafted using embroidery circles. Simply take the wooden hoop and attach flowers to the button of it. For an extra effect to these DIY wedding decorations, try hanging beads or other ornaments from the top of the circle.

embroidery flower DIY decoration

69. Flower Seating

Another option for incorporating flowers into your DIY wedding decorations would be attaching an arrangement directly to your seating. By using flowers that match your color scheme, this look will complete your venue. 

flower seating at a wedding

70. Flower Lanterns

While lanterns on their own are already aesthetically pleasing, you can choose to further embellish the display to your heart’s content by adding flowers and petals around your lanterns. 

flower lanterns
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BONUS: DIY Bridal Shower Decorations

Now that you’re all set on your DIY wedding decorations, how about your DIY bridal shower decorations?

71. Donut Wall

Get everyone at your bridal shower buzzing over your adorable, Instagramable donut wall. This dazzling donut display can be designed however you see fit, but at its most basic this craft involves adding pegs to a large board for the donuts to hang from.

donut wall at a wedding

72. Designated Chair

Let it be known whose chair is whose by creating some fun designated signs. Choose to carve your titles in cursive or even paint your names on a plaque. The design is up to you!

DIY designated chair

73. DIY Sign

Get crafty by creating your own sign welcoming your guests to your bridal party. Display your DIY sign on a wooden easel to complete the look.

DIY sign at a wedding

74. Photo Wall

Create a corner of your venue designated for a photo op. Hang curtains or a tapestry along the wall with fun celebratory bridal shower balloons or garland. This will be the perfect spot for you and your bridal party to take all the memorable pictures you could ever want.

DIY wedding photo wall

75. Photo Collection

Set up a fun display at the entrance of your party to commemorate your relationship. Add pictures to a wooden display and embellish it with some flowers for you and your guests to admire throughout the day. 

photo collection at a wedding

DIY Wedding Decorations: Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Decorate My Own Wedding?

Decorating your own wedding is a fun part of the process as here is your opportunity to let your personality and wedding theme take center stage. Everyone has different tastes but get creative with the decorations that speak the most to you whether that be an elaborate wedding arch, beautiful flower centerpieces, or decorated mason jars. Find a space such as the aisle, the main tables, the side tables, or other display areas and add your own flare to them.

How Much Should I Budget For DIY Wedding Decorations?

Couples typically allocate around 10% of their wedding budget to decor. While the average couple may spend $3,000 on wedding decor, you can get that cost to under $1,000 by getting crafty with DIY decorations. This cost will of course depend upon the size of your wedding and the amount of decorations you’ll be creating, but should you choose to upcycle material and do a bit of thrift shopping, your wedding can easily look stylish at a fraction of the budget.

How Can I Make A Cheap Wedding Look Expensive?

Transform cheaper material to look like expensive creations with a fresh new coat of paint. For upcycling, paint can help hide imperfections and will give your item a brand new, expensive feel. You can also try pairing your decor items together for a more expensive look such as embellishing empty glass bottles with twinkly lights or enhancing inexpensive lanterns with floral displays.

What Can You DIY For Wedding?

You can DIY anything you want for your wedding day. Even DIY wedding cakes are becoming quite trendy. The most popular DIY wedding items include the table centerpieces, the table numbers, welcome signs, invitations, and wedding favors. The possibilities are as boundless as your creativity!

Craft Time

We hope that all these DIY wedding ideas have ignited your creativity. As you decide upon how you plan on decorating everything from your centerpieces to your aisle, keep in mind that handmade decor is never out of style and can truly appear like big-budget creations.

There’s no reason to break your bank on decorations when you can create meaningful and personalized DIY wedding decorations on your own. Making your own decorations with your fiancé goes hand in hand with making beautiful memories.

Impress your guests with your DIY skills by stylizing your wedding with that handmade touch. Embrace the DIY experience and get crafting!


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