65 Wedding Dessert Ideas That Will Satisfy Every Wedding Guest’s Sweet Cravings

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jan 11, 2022

Last Updated: Oct 9, 2023

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Every wedding day deserves a delicious celebration of sweets and that’s where these wedding dessert ideas come in! Level up your dessert game by embracing unique sweets in addition to or as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake

We’ve culminated 65 different wedding dessert ideas for you and your fiancé to consider for your big day. Included below you’ll find DIY wedding dessert recipes, mini desserts for weddings, and wedding dessert ideas.

You’re bound to find inspiration for the perfect dessert idea for your wedding day celebration!

65 Wedding Dessert Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Wedding Desserts You Can Make At Home

1. Macarons

For an elegant, French-inspired dessert, get creative with some delicious homemade macarons. Opt for a traditional vanilla macaron or get creative with your cookie and filling flavors. When it comes to decorations, you can even customize your wedding macarons to include your name, initials, or even your wedding hashtag written in icing.

macaroons for wedding dessert

Make It Yourself: DIY Macaron Recipe

2. Pudding Parfaits

Pudding parfaits can be the perfect option for personal-size mini desserts for weddings. A black and white pudding parfait can be a simple yet elegant option to serve at your wedding.

DIY wedding dessert pudding parfait

Make It Yourself: DIY Pudding Parfait Recipe

3. Wedding Cake Pops

Cake pops are not only incredibly trendy, they’re also incredibly delicious. Get all the same great taste of a wedding cake in a personal, pop-sized form that is fun to make. Plus, you can easily decorate your pops to match your wedding attire or wedding theme.

DIY wedding cake pop

Make It Yourself: DIY Wedding Cake Pops

4. Petit Fours

Petit fours can come in a wide array of final forms, yet in general, they’re small, mini desserts for weddings. Think of petit fours as bite-sized sponge cakes, making them the ideal portion for your wedding guests.

petit fours wedding dessert idea

Make It Yourself: DIY Petit Fours

5. Chocolate Fountain

If you’re looking for some fun wedding dessert ideas cheap, give a chocolate fountain a try. This idea is simple to set up and fun to enjoy. Once you set up your chocolate fountain device, offer platters of fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, and other bite-sized goodies for your guests to dip in the fountain and smother with chocolate.

DIY chocolate fountain wedding dessert idea

Make It Yourself: DIY Chocolate Fountain

6. Wedding Truffles

Wedding truffles can be delicious, poppable mini desserts for weddings. They can be personalized to fit your favorite flavors and to match your wedding day vibe.

DIY wedding truffles for mini wedding dessert

Make It Yourself: DIY Wedding Truffles

7. Bite Size S’mores

For a rustic, backyard wedding theme, embrace the tasty, sticky vibe of bite-size s’mores. Choose to have these mini s’mores pre-prepared for everyone’s enjoyment or create a DIY station with s’mores kits for everyone to create their own. Either way, this is one of the best wedding dessert ideas cheap.

DIY wedding smores

Make It Yourself: DIY S’mores

8. Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls make for a delicious pastry, notably served at breakfast time, but also a delicious snack to indulge in for dessert. 

mini wedding dessert idea: cinnamon rolls

Make It Yourself: DIY Cinnamon Rolls

9. Wedding Hand Pies

If you and your partner enjoy the taste of homemade pies, take that idea to the next level with some adorable wedding hand pies. Hand pies are a great alternative to cakes and pies as their size makes for the perfect portion for your guests to enjoy.

mini wedding hand pies

Make It Yourself: DIY Wedding Hand Pies

10. Easy Cupcakes

When it comes to DIY wedding dessert ideas, nothing is simpler and fitting than an easy cupcake recipe. Choose your ideal cake flavor and buttercream frosting flavor, then ice your beautiful cupcakes to your heart’s content.

DIY easy wedding cupcakes

Make It Yourself: DIY Easy Cupcakes

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11. Cookies

Cookies are one of the simplest desserts to make, yet always are delicious to eat. Who doesn’t love a good cookie? Make your favorite cookie dough and choose to decorate it in accordance with your wedding color scheme so it can be displayed nicely at your venue. You can also opt for the standard sugar cookie and ice them to fit your theme.

wedding cookie idea

Make It Yourself: DIY Wedding Cookies

12. Custard Shooters

Custard shooters are a delicious, creamy treat that can be made in mini shot glasses for some fun, mini desserts for weddings. There are so many possibilities when it comes to adding toppings and flavorings to your custard so be sure to personalize this dessert to match you and your partner’s sweet tooth.

DIY custard shooters for mini wedding dessert idea

Make It Yourself: DIY Custard Shooters

13. Dipped Candy Apples

Candy apples are the perfect treat for those who love to turn their fruit into sweets. Choose to dip your apples in chocolate, caramel, or even marshmallow for a tasty dessert. These apples can also be fabulously decorated to fit an elegant occasion.

DIY dipped candy apples for wedding dessert idea

Make It Yourself: DIY Dipped Candy Apples

14. Pecan Pralines

Pecan pralines are one of the perfect wedding dessert ideas for those who love the combination of sweet and crunchy. This treat mainly consists of brown sugar, butter, and pecans for a delicious, caramel snack.

pecan pralines for wedding dessert idea

Make It Yourself: DIY Pecan Pralines

Wedding Dessert Ideas For Cake Lovers

Pro Tip: If you’re leaning towards having a cake for your wedding, The Caker has delicious cake mixes and receipes that makes a DIY dessert a piece of cake! Now let’s get into some of our favorite cake options:

15. Mini Bundt Cakes

If you love the idea of unique wedding cakes, consider having a plethora of mini Bundt cakes. The traditional Bundt cake shape allows for icing and toppings to beautifully cascade down the cake, for an appealing dessert look.

mini bundt cake for mini wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

16. Mini Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are a trendy wedding cake design, popular especially for rustic weddings. These cakes limit the amount of icing around the exterior of the cake for a simplistic, unique design.

mini naked wedding cakes

Image Source: Pinterest

17. Snowball Cakelettes

Wedding dessert ideas like this one are perfect for all the coconut lovers out there. Snowballs are chocolate cakes filled with marshmallow cream then coated in toasted coconut on the outside. If this dessert sounds appealing to you, consider putting snowball cakelettes on your wedding day dessert menu.

wedding dessert idea: snowball cakelettes

Image Source: Pinterest

18. White Cake

For an elegant, pure, and classic wedding cake, consider an all-white cake consisting of white, vanilla cake with white buttercream frosting. 

white wedding cake

Image Source: Pinterest

19. Monogram Cake

For a personalized wedding cake, consider a monogram. Choose to write your initials prominently on the top of a traditional wedding cake or order your cake in the shape of your chosen monogram. 

monogram wedding cake

Image Source: Pinterest

20. Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are a sweet dessert option traditionally made with a graham cracker base and a cream cheese filling. While traditional cheesecake flavor is creamy on its own, you can customize your cake further with your own flavors or fruit toppings.

cheesecake for wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

21. White Wedding Cake With Raspberry Filling

For an added embellishment to a traditional white wedding cake, consider adding a raspberry filling to your special treat.

white wedding cake with raspberry filling

Image Source: Pinterest

22. Lemon-Coconut Cake With Mascarpone Frosting

Bring your wedding dessert ideas to the next level with a unique flavor combination. A lemon-coconut cake offers an appealing balance of citrus and sweetness. Completing the cake with mascarpone frosting brings a refreshing, creamy taste to the treat.

lemon coconut cake

Image Source: Pinterest

23. Three-Tier Sponge Wedding Cake

Having a sponge cake as your wedding dessert is simple and light. Furthermore, it’s great if you’re looking for cheap wedding dessert ideas.

three-tier sponge wedding cake

Image Source: Pinterest

24. Black Forest Naked Wedding Cake

The trendy black forest naked wedding cake consists of layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream icing and cherry filling between each layer. The exterior of the cake remains free of icing for the traditional “naked cake” appearance, then the top of the cake is adorned with delicious cherries for a delectable dessert.

black forest wedding cake idea

Image Source: Pinterest

25. Triple Lemon Wedding Cake

For a summer, citrus wedding, a triple lemon wedding cake is sure to fit the bill. Indulge in a refreshingly sweet cake that is sure to satisfy your guest’s sweet cravings.

triple lemon wedding cake idea

Image Source: Pinterest

26. Red Velvet Wedding Cake

Red velvet is an iconic cake flavor. The rich, moist, and chocolatey cake becomes increasingly enticing with its red appearance. Complete with white cream cheese frosting for a delicious treat that is fitting for a traditional wedding.

red velvet cake for wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

Unique Wedding Cake Alternatives 

27. Cheese Wheel Cake

If you and your partner are not true lovers of cake, there are plenty of other dessert alternatives that can be just as appealing, delicious, and presentable. For example, get creative with your cheese plating by creating a tiered cheese wheel cake design or even a tiered charcuterie board for a stunning unique wedding idea.

cheese wheel wedding cake idea

Image Source: Pinterest

28. Tartlets

A tartlet is a pastry shell with some sort of filling in the middle to create cute, cup-shaped mini desserts for weddings. Traditionally, tartlets have a fruit filling of berries but can be customized to be filled with chocolate, cream cheese, caramel, nuts, custard, or other delicious options.

mini wedding dessert idea: tartlets

Image Source: Pinterest

29. Crepe Station

Crepes are thin pancakes that can be dressed up to be sweet or savory. They can be a delightful alternative to the sweet, thick, and dense nature of a wedding cake. Instead, opt for a crepe station where your guests can customize their crepe with the toppings or fillings they desire.

crepe station for wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

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30. Fruit-Tarts

For those who love fruit-centric desserts, consider bringing the colorful and tasty flavors of fruit-tarts to your wedding day celebration for cheap wedding dessert ideas.

fruit-tart for cheap wedding dessert option

Image Source: Pinterest

31. Cookies With Milk

 The classic combination of cookies and milk has been a staple for years. Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect choice to dip or drink alongside a cold glass of milk. Let your guests indulge in this dessert favorite by offering it at your wedding.

cheap wedding dessert idea: cookies with milk

Image Source: Pinterest

32. Ice Cream Station

If cake isn’t your style, perhaps a nice bowl of ice cream is. Consider creating an ice cream station at your wedding venue and serve you and your partner’s favorite flavors. Don’t forget to get creative with your topping bar for a delicious DIY sundae station.

ice cream bar for wedding dessert

Image Source: Pinterest

33. Donut Wall

As far as wedding dessert ideas go, having a donut wall may take the cake. This not only is incredibly trendy and Instagrammable, but having a variety of donuts can be a great way to appease various taste buds in an organized manner.

wedding dessert idea: donut wall

Image Source: Pinterest

34. Hand-Held Ice Cream Sundaes

Take the ice cream sundae to the next level with unique wedding dessert ideas like this one. Instead of a cake or even a typical sundae, choose to make your ice cream treat hand-held by offering gourmet waffle cones, creating personal ice cream pops, or allowing guests to make their own hand-held ice cream sandwiches.

ice cream sundae for cheap wedding dessert option

Image Source: Pinterest

35. Cotton Candy

Embrace your inner child through this unique wedding dessert. Consider even having your own cotton candy machine at your venue for guests to make their own cotton candy or for them to watch in the mesmerizing process. The best part is that it’s great for wedding ideas cheap since the actual ingredients for cotton candy are relatively basic.

cotton candy wedding dessert

Image Source: Pinterest

36. Cereal Bar

A bowl of cereal is great in the morning but can also be superb at your wedding venue. Put out your favorite sugary cereals for dessert or even make creative desserts out of cereal such as cereal marshmallow bars, cereal parfaits, or cereal bark.

cereal bar for wedding

Image Source: Pinterest

37. Beignets

Beignets are delicious deep-fried pastries that pair ever-so nicely with a dusting of powdered sugar. While you can decorate and top your beignets in any way you choose, these dough confections make for delicious treats.

beignets mini wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

38. Crepe Cake

While a crepe station appeared earlier on our list, instead of offering individual crepes, you could also create a crepe cake for a unique dessert idea. Simply layer the thin pancakes on top of each other, putting cream or icing of some sort between each layer for a truly original wedding dessert idea.

crepe wedding cake idea

Image Source: Pinterest

39. Cream-Puff Tower

Instead of that traditional tiered wedding cake, consider a dazzling cream-puff tower, also known as a croquembouche. These stacked cream puffs can create a marvelous display while being a delicious treat for your wedding guests.

creme-puff tower wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

40. Candy Bar

Transform your wedding venue into a candy store by including a candy bar as the dessert table. Fill your table with your favorite chocolates and fruit-flavored candies for your guests to enjoy. Wedding dessert ideas like this one will satisfy any sweet tooth.

candy bar wedding dessert option

Image Source: Pinterest

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41. Pies

A great alternative to cakes would be pies. Pies come in so many lovely flavors that you and your partner are bound to have a favorite. Plus, if you’re planning the ultimate fall wedding, pumpkin, pecan, or sweet potato pie can be the perfect wedding day treat for the fall season vibes.

pie wedding dessert table for fall wedding theme

Image Source: Pinterest

42. Pastries

When in doubt, pastries can typically get the job done. Dough-based sweets can easily be customized to fit your flavor profile from adding chocolate drizzles or filling pastries with fruit jams. This unique idea can be a great alternative to a traditional cake.

dessert-filled pastries

Image Source: Pinterest

Creative Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

43. Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies are delicious hand-held cakes or cookie sandwiches with a cream filling or frosting between. Allow your guests to customize their own whoopie pie by creating a station to choose their cake flavor and frosting type. If you want to take the whoopie pie bar to the next level, include toppings such as Oreos or sprinkles for your guests to roll their whoopie pies in for additional taste and texture.

cheap wedding dessert idea: whoopie pies

Image Source: Pinterest

44. Bite-Size Toasting Cakes

Offer your guests tiny, bite-size cakes that will pair nicely with your toasting beverage of choice whether that be champagne, wine, or something entirely different. This creative dessert idea is bound to be a hit as you and your guests celebrate the start of your relationship with a lovely toast and a delicious treat.

toasting cake for mini wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

45. Mini Donuts

Mini donuts are easy to make or order in bulk and can be a great option when it comes to customization. Create a mini donut bar where your guests can frost their own donuts, add toppings, or inject them with filling. We absolutely love how unique this idea is!

mini donuts for wedding dessert bar

Image Source: Pinterest

46. Fancy Dipped Strawberries

Fruits pair so well with desserts. Strawberries are one of those fruits that many love to dip in chocolate for a delectable dessert. Choose to have a strawberry dipping station at your wedding for a fun, interactive experience.

dipped strawberries mini wedding dessert option

Image Source: Pinterest

47. Waffles

Waffles are quite the versatile option. Choose to have them for breakfast with butter and syrup or indulge in some waffles for dessert with chocolate sauce, ice cream, or fruits and whipped cream. A waffle bar is a great way to allow everyone to customize their dessert with the toppings and sauces they desire.

waffles for wedding dessert table

Image Source: Pinterest

48. Chocolate-Caramel Kettle Chips

Pair salty with sweet with some chocolate-caramel kettle chips. Creative wedding dessert ideas like this one are sure to impress your guest list and get everyone interested in this simple yet satisfying treat.

chocolate-caramel kettle chips for cheap wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

49. Maple Nut Toffee

Maple nut toffee is the perfect sweet, salty, sticky, and crunchy snack to offer at your dessert table. These candies will be so good, it’ll be impossible to resist a second helping.

maple nut toffee dessert option

Image Source: Pinterest

50. Rice Krispie Treats

We all loved these ooey-gooey marshmallow cereal treats as children, but who says we can’t enjoy them as adults? Gourmet rice krispie treats are a sweet snack we all could use in our lives. Plus, these treats are easily moldable, so get creative with your rice krispie treat display!

rice krispie treat for cheap wedding dessert option

Image Source: Pinterest

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51. Brownie Bites

Chocolate lovers everywhere are sure to love wedding dessert ideas like this one. Indulge in the chocolatey, fudgy goodness of a brownie by creating a brownie bites bar at your wedding venue for all to decorate their brownies in any way they choose.

chocolate fudgy brownie bite

Image Source: Pinterest

52. Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Chocolate and marshmallows are an iconic duo. You can’t go wrong with this sweet pairing, plus this is a fantastic dessert option if you’re looking for wedding dessert ideas that are cheap.

cheap wedding dessert idea: chocolate and marshmallows

Image Source: Pinterest

53. Mini Ice Cream Cones

Having mini desserts for weddings can be a creative way to apportion out servings for desserts while offering guests the option to try out a variety of treats rather than one slice of cake. Serving mini ice cream cones can be a creative and cute way to serve your dessert.

mini ice cream cones

Image Source: Pinterest

54. Wedding Shooters

One of the best creative wedding dessert ideas out there would be creating a station to serve wedding shooters. Allow your guests to create their own shooter or parfait by laying out pudding, small cake slices, sauces, fillings, cookie crumbles, fruits, and other toppings for your guests to customize their own dessert within adorable shot glasses.

wedding shooters for mini wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

Non-Traditional Wedding Desserts

55. Chocolate Cookie Shots

Chocolate cookie shots can be a unique and creative way to serve your dessert. These treats involve a chocolate chip cookie exterior that’s shaped like a shot glass where you can pour milk or other dessert liquors in the center for a memorable dessert experience.

chocolate cookie shots

Image Source: Pinterest

56. Cheesecake Cones

Combine cheesecake with waffle cones for a non-traditional yet brilliant wedding dessert option. Cheesecake cones are not only delicious, they can be customized like any other sundae bar for an incredible handheld treat.

cheesecake cones wedding dessert option

Image Source: Pinterest

57. Boozy Bakes S’mores

For a grown-up treat, add some rum or other liquor to your baked smores mixture. This dessert idea is ideal for couples looking for wedding dessert ideas cheap. It just requires the standard graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows with a hint of booze. 

boozy s'mores

Image Source: Pinterest

58. Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are traditionally a nutty cookie base that’s thoroughly dusted in powdered sugar. This type of cookie is sure to melt in your mouth and is perfect for those looking for non-traditional wedding dessert ideas.

mexican wedding cookies

Image Source: Pinterest

59. Fries And Shakes

Embrace the diner or soda fountain vibe with the comforting combination of fries and shakes. This dynamic dessert duo is perfect for sipping and dipping. Your wedding day dessert doesn’t need to be elegant or fancy. Ensure that your treat of choice represents you and your partner’s style.

fries and shakes for wedding dessert option

Image Source: Pinterest

60. Stout Chocolate Pudding

Take chocolate pudding desserts to the next level by embellishing the recipe by adding a stout beer such as Guinness. This non-traditional dessert is sure to stand out in comparison to the standard white wedding cake.

stout chocolate pudding wedding dessert

Image Source: Pinterest

61. To-Go S’mores Kits

Leave your guests with snacks to-go. To-go s’mores kits can be a clever way to incorporate dessert into your wedding favors. Simply include all the fixing for s’mores into one cohesive packaging for the perfect exit gift.

s'more for wedding favors

Image Source: Pinterest

62. Pie Pops

You may have heard of cake pops, but have you heard of pie pops? Pie pops are exactly what they sound like. They’re mini pie crusts that are elegantly shaped to fit on a lollipop stick and are filled with your favorite pie filling for a unique, bite-sized snack.

mini wedding dessert: pie pops

Image Source: Pinterest

63. Coconut Macaroons

Macaroons are coconut biscuits that have a toasted, crunchy exterior with a creamy coconut interior. Often these tasty desserts are dipped in chocolate for an added layer of deliciousness. If you and your partner are a fan of coconut treats, this unique dessert option is fitting for your big day.

coconut macaroons

Image Source: Pinterest

64. Mini-Chocolate Chess Pie

Mini-chocolate chess pie is a simple miniature dessert that requires basic ingredients to achieve the desired pie-like taste and texture. You can’t go wrong with chocolate pies, and having them be mini is a convenient way to easily serve your wedding day dessert.

mini chocolate chess pie for wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

65. Mousse Shooters

Chocolate mousse shooters are a delectable dessert that’ll leave you wanting more. These mini parfaits served in shot glasses are the perfect snack size for your wedding guests to indulge in. 

mousse shooters: wedding dessert idea

Image Source: Pinterest

Wedding Dessert Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest wedding dessert?

If you’re looking for cheap and budget-friendly wedding dessert options, consider a dessert bar. Dessert bars are fun and interactive as they offer your guests a wide variety of options, yet at the same time, they’re relatively cheap to set up.

How many desserts should you have at a wedding?

Plan out your wedding desserts so each guest can have 2 to 3 mini desserts. If you’re having a traditional cake, consider having small treat alternatives like cookies or at least fruit options for guests to enjoy.

Is it cheaper to have cupcakes or cake at a wedding?

Choosing individual wedding desserts such as cupcakes over a tiered cake can in fact be cheaper. This price difference ultimately will depend upon the bakery and how elaborate or simple you want your cupcakes to be.

How much should you spend on dessert for a wedding?

When it comes to wedding dessert costs, you’ll most likely be spending around $500. This figure will largely depend upon the number of guests you choose to invite with the dessert price per guest ranging between $2.50 to $8.00.

Which Tasty Treat Suits Your Style?

Ultimately, your wedding day dessert display is entirely up to the taste and style of you and your partner. Are you looking for a traditional wedding cake or for some creative wedding dessert alternatives?

Regardless, we hope that this list of wedding dessert ideas was helpful as you begin to establish your dessert menu.

Remember: your big day is entirely up to you. Opt for unique or non-traditional dessert options if you feel as though those ideas better match your and your partner’s personalities or wedding theme.

If you’re interested in easily customizable desserts, having a dessert bar full of various toppings and treats is an effective way to get your entire guest list excited about creating their own dessert. Enjoy!


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