The Cost Of Wedding Flowers In 2023: Everything You Need To Know

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Aug 26, 2021

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2023

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As you and your fiancé start planning your wedding budget, you may be curious as to how much weddings flowers cost. Flowers make for beautiful accessories to both wear and use as decor throughout your ceremony, venue, and centerpieces. Wedding flower arrangements come in a variety of different forms with a variety of different prices.

If you and your partner are interested in finding wedding flowers on a budget, this guide will help you better understand the wedding flowers cost breakdown.

Cost Of Wedding Flowers Breakdown

Wedding flower arrangements can be made into a plethora of designs from the bridal bouquet to the groom’s boutonniere to floral decorations and more. Let’s dive into each arrangement to see how much these wedding flowers cost.

Wedding Flowers Decor Cost

wedding floral arrangement for ceremony

Wedding flowers can make for excellent decor whether you line your aisle with flowers, hang wreaths from the walls, hand flower baskets from the ceiling, or even include flowers in your wedding arch. Other couples may choose to dedicate an entire wall to flowers as the perfect photo destination to pose in front of. Flower decorations can get quite elaborate and expensive, but you can also choose on more subtle and subdued floral designs.

No matter how you choose to decorate your ceremony and venue with flowers, they’ll come at a price. So how much do wedding flowers cost as decor? Let’s break it down.

Lowest Price: $200

Average Price: $600

Highest Price: $2,000+

wedding flowers decor cost

Bridal Bouquet Cost

bridal bouquet sunset photo cost

The bridal bouquet is a gorgeous addition to your wedding apparel. It’s the item you’ll carry with you down the aisle and pose within pictures. You want this beautiful bouquet to seamlessly match your wedding color scheme in order to pair nicely in photos. Once your big day is through, many brides wish to frame and preserve their bridal bouquet as a meaningful memento from their wedding celebration.

Bridal bouquets are a very traditional accessory to the wedding gown look. Let’s check the bridal bouquet costs.

Lowest Price: $65

Average Price: $160

Highest Price: $275

bridal bouqet wedding flowers cost

Bridesmaid Bouquet Costs

bridal bouquet arrangement with sunflowers

Selecting your bridesmaid bouquets is the perfect chance to accent your own bridal bouquet. Embrace colors and flowers similar to the bridal bouquet in order to truly allow your wedding flowers to coordinate and look aesthetically pleasing in your wedding photos.

Now that we’ve covered how much a bridal bouquet costs, let’s find out how much the bridesmaids’ counterparts each cost. Keep in mind that this figure will be proportionate to the size of your bridal party.

Lowest Price: $30

Average Price: $75

Highest Price: $100

bridesmaids bouquet wedding flower cost

Flower Girl Average Cost

flower girl petals and hair piece photo

Having a flower girl is a fun tradition to let the sweet, young girl in your family shine by promoting her with this big role. The flower girl is responsible for gracing the aisle with rose petals while looking adorable while doing so. 

At the very least, you’ll need to consider purchasing flower petals for your flower girl to use whether they’re real or fake. If you’re looking to deck your flower girl all out in greenery, you may also consider giving her a flower crown and even her own miniature bouquet. Let’s take a look at the average flower girl costs.

Lowest Price: $15

Average Price: $40

Highest Price: $75

flower girl wedding flower cost
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Groom’s Boutonniere

groom's wedding boutonniere cost

The groom’s boutonniere is a stylish flower accessory to go on the left lapel of his suit. The boutonniere can come in many creative styles to match the groom’s taste as well as the wedding theme. Let’s see how much these small yet charming wedding flowers cost.

Lowest Price: $15

Average Price: $20

Highest Price: $35

grooms boutonniere cost

Groomsmen/ Ushers Boutonnieres

groomsmen boutonnieres

Just as the bridesmaids have their own bouquets, groomsmen often have their own boutonnieres. These accessories should complement that of the groom’s, or be very similar in concept. It’s also common for the best man to have a slightly different style than the rest in order to distinguish his additional roles. Other wedding guests that you may wish to give boutonnieres to would be ushers, your ring bearer, fathers, stepfathers, or grandfathers. 

Of course, how many groomsmen you have and how many additional individuals you wish to give boutonnieres to will ultimately affect how much you’ll pay. Here’s what each boutonniere may cost.

Lowest Price: $5

Average Price: $10

Highest Price: $20

groomsmen boutonniere cost

Table Centerpieces

floral arrangements wedding flower cost

Your wedding table centerpieces are truly a place to impress your guests. They can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, but should be consistent with your color scheme plans and wedding theme ideas. While not all table centerpieces have to include flower arrangements, it’s quite common to do so.

If you and your partner are interested in adorning your tables with flowers, here’s what the wedding flowers cost breakdown looks like in terms of each individual centerpiece. Your total centerpiece cost will thus be proportional to the number of tables you plan on having.

Lowest Price: $20

Average Price: $75

Highest Price: $250+

table centerpieces wedding flowers cost

Hair Piece

flower crowns wedding flower cost

Having a flower crown or flower hairpiece has become a popular wedding trend. Flowers make for gorgeous accessories so why not put some in your hair? If you’re considering incorporating wedding flowers in your hair, here’s what the cost could look like.

Lowest Price: $30

Average Price: $50

Highest Price: $100

hair piece wedding flowers cost

Bouquet Toss (Optional)

bouquet toss wedding flowers cost

While this traditional, extra expense is completely optional, you still might want to consider its cost. The tossing of the bouquet tradition originated in England as guests would tear off pieces of a bride’s dress or take petals from her bouquet as tokens of good luck.

Today, this bouquet toss is directed towards the single ladies in attendance and whoever catches the bouquet is believed to be the next woman to get married. If you’re looking forward to having this tradition at your wedding, you may want to consider purchasing a second bouquet specifically for the toss so you can still keep your bridal bouquet. Here are the corresponding prices you should anticipate.

Lowest Price: $18

Average Price: $30

Highest Price: $40

bouquet toss cost

Conditions Affecting The Cost Of Wedding Flowers

If you’re wondering how to better control your wedding flower budget, there are a variety of different factors that will affect the prices. These factors include the season your flowers bloom, the types of flowers you’re looking for, and how extravagant you want your arrangements to be.

Seasonal Factors

Every flower has its peak season of bloom. While some may be accessible all-year-round, and thus a less expensive flower choice, others may only be seen in the Springtime and thus are more exclusive.

When you begin to select your flower arrangements, you must also consider the season of your wedding. If you’re having a summer wedding and select summertime flowers, you’ll be paying an average price for your arrangements. However, if you wish to use flowers that are out of season at the time you’re tying the knot, be prepared to dish out a few extra bucks.

Furthermore, if your flower choices aren’t local to your area, you may also see an increase in your wedding flower prices due to the cost of outsourcing. Keep these factors in mind and opt for local and seasonal flowers if you’re looking to keep your wedding flower budget low. 

dahlias for seasonal wedding flowers- wedding flowers cost
Winter Wedding Flowers

Seasonal flowers for a winter wedding include amaryllis, cosmos, evergreens, holly, and poinsettias.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Flowers that blossom in the springtime and are most popular for spring weddings include irises, daffodils, tulips, cherry blossoms, and peonies.

Summer Wedding Flowers

For a summer wedding, consider seasonal flowers such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, daisies, cosmos, and lavender.

Fall Wedding Flowers

To celebrate your fall wedding, use seasonal flowers like chrysanthemums, marigolds, zinnias, and dahlias.

Types Of Flowers

Flower types are another important aspect in regard to price. Not all flowers are priced equally as certain breeds are rarer than others. Be prepared to pay more for garden roses than you would for carnations for example. Here’s a wedding flowers cost breakdown in terms of which flowers are the most expensive and which are the least expensive.

Most Expensive Wedding Flowers

Expensive wedding flowers often include peonies, hyacinth, hydrangeas, orchids, and gardenias.

Least Expensive Wedding Flowers

Some more affordable wedding flowers to consider would be daisies, baby’s breath, carnations, and dahlias. If you purchase more greenery in the form of vines and potted plants over solely flower choices, you’ll also be able to save a bit.

wedding flower cost on a budget

Extravagance Of Bouquets

How extravagant you wish your bouquets and flower arrangements to be will also have an impact on the corresponding price. If you’re looking for large arrangements to make a statement, they’re going to come at a higher cost. The more variety of flowers you wish to have per arrangement will also increase the price than if you were to stick to a limited number of flower types.

winter wedding bouquet
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Wedding Flowers On A Budget

If you’re curious how to find wedding flowers on a budget, luckily there are still plenty of options to have beautiful greenery without an overwhelming price tag.

DIY Flower Arrangements

Consulting a florist can be a wonderful investment since they are experts in their field; however, if you’re looking to create wedding flowers on a budget, nothing says you can’t make the arrangements yourself! 

DIY flower arrangements don’t have to be overly complicated. Simply purchase the flowers that you love and create the bouquets, centerpieces, or other floral decor items yourself. Or better yet, grow the flowers on your own, too. Obviously, this option will require additional time and preparation, but if you or your family already have flower gardens growing in your backyards, consider creating your arrangements using your very own homegrown resources. 

DIY flower bucket photo- wedding flowers cost

Best Flowers/ Greenery To Use On A Budget

If you’re trying to keep your wedding flowers cost as low as possible, try using seasonal, cheaper flowers paired with greenery to lower the bill. If you’re looking for the best flowers and greenery on a budget, consider using dried flowers or vines to help accent the fresh flowers you do purchase.

Dried flowers are an excellent option due to their reusability. While fresh flowers will last a short window of time, you can use and reuse dried flowers to decorate your bridal shower, your rehearsal dinner, and your wedding day for one convenient cost. 

Common flowers on the cheaper side to pair with dried flowers and other greenery include chrysanthemums, carnations, daisies, baby’s breath, freesias, and Queen Ann’s lace.

If you’re considering faux wedding flowers and greenery as an alternative to the authentic, fresh versions, you may be surprised to learn that silk flowers can be quite pricey. Oftentimes they are even more expensive than real flowers. Instead, you can consider renting out fake floral arrangements if you’re interested in saving a bit of money while still having beautiful decorations that look just like the real thing.

tablescape with inexpensive greenery and florals- wedding flowers cost

Where To Buy/ Find Cheap Flower Decor

Consulting your local florist can be an excellent resource to find cheap flower decor. Your florist can work with you and your budget to help you create the flower arrangements you need with the budget you allocate.

However, if you’re looking to buy cheap flowers to create DIY wedding decorations yourself, another spot to look would be your local grocery store. Most grocery stores, including Trader Joe’s, typically have a fresh flower section where you may be able to find beautiful flowers at a decent price.

DIY wedding bouquet photo

Fall In Love With Your Wedding Flowers

On average, most couples spend around eight to ten percent of their wedding budget on flowers. In 2019, the average wedding flowers cost was around $2,000. While this figure represents what the average couple spent on floral arrangements, you and your partner may end up spending a lot more if you’re looking for larger, more extravagant arrangements, or you can spend a lot less if you follow our budgeting tips above.

For starters, decide on your wedding flower budget ahead of time, then plan your arrangements accordingly. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective methods, remember to choose seasonal flowers, cheaper flower types, and use less variety of flowers in your arrangements. How much your wedding flowers cost will ultimately depend upon the number of arrangements you need and how extravagant you wish them to be.

Choosing your wedding flowers should be fun. It’s always nice to stop and smell the roses amid the stress of wedding planning. No matter how you decide to structure your flower budget, your floral arrangements are bound to be beautiful.

wedding flowers cost breakdown

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