Top 12 Best Wedding RSVP Online Services In 2023

RSVP websites

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Feb 8, 2022

Last Updated: May 19, 2023

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A wedding RSVP website can be an excellent resource for all couples in the planning stage of their big day.

These websites can help organize your guest list and streamline the planning process.

In this guide, we’ll cover the top 12 best wedding RSVP websites to use in 2023 as we detail exactly how each site works and what great features they have to offer.

What’s A Wedding RSVP Website?

A wedding RSVP website is a useful tool for creating, sending, and tracking your wedding invitations.

Traditionally, mailing out wedding invitations and waiting for your guests to mail back their responses may take weeks. There are always those more forgetful guests who may not mail back a response at all, leaving you and your partner scrambling to get a proper headcount.

Furthermore, compiling home addresses for everyone on your guest list can be tedious, and this back-and-forth messaging risks invitations and RSVPs getting lost in transit.

Fortunately, in this technological age, you can track a guest’s wedding RSVP online.

In fact, there are countless websites dedicated to this exact function. Many of these sites allow you to create and send out your digital wedding invitation in the same place.

Once your guests receive a link to the digital invitation on your website, they can immediately respond whether or not they can attend, and the wedding RSVP website will organize these responses for you.

Using an online tool to track your RSVPs is also useful if you need to send a gentle reminder to guests as your RSVP deadline approaches or if you need to send a brief update about your wedding details to your guest list.

All these scenarios can easily be accomplished with the help of a wedding RSVP website.

Let’s take a look at the various online RSVP services out there, how they work, and which one fits you and your partner’s wedding planning needs.

Top 12 Best Wedding RSVP Websites In 2023

1. Honeymoon Wishes Free Wedding Website

The Honeymoon Wishes Wedding Website is a simple and effective way to get your wedding details out to your guest list. It’s free to use and fun to personalize.

free wedding website

How It Works

To sign up for your free wedding website, you simply need to fill out your name, email address, and wedding details, then you’ll be ready to start.

Next, you’ll be greeted with a variety of different website templates and themes to choose from as you begin to customize your own site.

On your wedding website, you’ll want to include all the important details that your guest list will need to know.

Once you send your guests your personalized website, there will be a button at the top of the screen for them to RSVP, select their meal, and write any additional comments.

What Makes It Stand Out

Honeymoon Wishes stands out due to its simplicity of use. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to start personalizing your wedding website in a way that fits your style.

This resource allows you to have your wedding details, your wedding RSVPs, your wedding or honeymoon registry, and a digital wedding photo album or blog all in one place. Not to mention, this service being free is another convenient perk.

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2. Wedsites

Wedsites not only focuses on a user-friendly website builder, but it also has digital planning tools to keep all your wedding details and plans in one convenient location.

How It Works

Wedsites allows you to easily keep all your spreadsheets, RSVPs, budgeting sheets, seating chart details, vendor information, and more in the same place.

The site helps you achieve proper organization by allowing you to customize your website and planning dashboard to fit your unique wedding day.

Once your site is live, you can use visitor analytics to track when your guests visit your site as well as track their RSVP responses.

There are so many different features, tools, and website designs you can choose from when using Wedsites.

Just select the features that best fit the information you’d like to display and keep organized then personalize your page accordingly.

While the website builder is simple to use with drag-and-drop functions to bring your page to life, if you do find yourself needing assistance, you can always chat with members of their tech team in real-time through the app.

What Makes It Stand Out

Wedsites is the ultimate place to keep track of all your wedding details while customizing your experience to fit your wedding planning needs.

With Wedsites, you can select and design your wedding invitations to match your wedding website look. When it comes to building your website, you can dive right in by adding applicable details such as your timeline of events, wedding countdown, gift registries, online guestbook, travel accommodations, wedding party bios, and more.

You can also modify your website with custom CSS and use the translation feature to make your site accessible in multiple languages.

3. The Knot

The Knot also offers a free wedding website service.

This wedding RSVP website will help share your love story and your wedding details to your guest list.

the knot wedding rsvp website

How It Works

The Knot offers online wedding invitations with RSVP, meaning your guest’s responses will be tracked on your wedding website in real-time.

Furthermore, the website allows you to stay connected to your guest list by allowing you to send wedding details and messages directly to the phones of your guests. They’ll get each and every update via text message.

As you choose a theme and customize your website, you can also choose to include the story of your relationship as well as a tab that will keep all your wedding registries together in one location. If you’re having a virtual wedding or a hybrid wedding, this website can also host the link to your livestream.

What Makes It Stand Out

A wedding website like this one definitely streamlines the process by having all your wedding details, RSVPs, registries, updates, and streams all in one convenient location.

Furthermore, the service strives to create a cohesive feel as The Knot offers paper wedding invitations to match the exact design of the various wedding website templates they offer. 


RSVPIFY is an event planning software that can easily be used when planning anything from a birthday party, to a charity event, to even your wedding day.

rsvpify wedding website

How It Works

RSVPIFY offers ready-made templates to get your wedding event website off the ground.

After you create your event, you can begin customizing the site to fit your wedding details, such as by adding meal preference options to match your wedding day menu or adding other custom questions you need your guests to answer. 

The software offers custom data collection to display your guest’s responses in your dashboard in an easily accessible manner.

Plus, it also includes an online wedding seating chart maker which can be very helpful in your planning process.

What Makes It Stand Out

Another helpful feature RSVPIFY offers is the creation of secondary events.

Weddings typically involve many events from engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wedding rehearsal dinner, and many more. Using this software, you can easily create online wedding invitations with RSVP to cover all the events surrounding your wedding day.

5. With Joy

With Joy offers completely customizable wedding websites to fit you and your partner’s needs, planning, and style.

free wedding rsvp website

How It Works

To get started with this free wedding website service, all you have to do is create an account.

From there you can begin customizing your website to your heart’s content by using a template, changing the colors and fonts, and adding your favorite images.

With Joy allows you to create personalized schedules and choose which guests see which invitations whether it’s for the wedding day, wedding rehearsal, or post-wedding brunch.

To make your website as useful as possible, you can also include a guest Q&A, a page for guests who have to travel by including helpful flight, hotel, and travel information, fun bios from your wedding party, and a link to your wedding registry.

What Makes It Stand Out

With Joy prides itself upon the customizability to make your wedding website truly your own.

Their helpful tools and templates will help keep the most pertinent details about your wedding day all in one place.

Furthermore, to ensure the style and design of your website are exactly how you envision, you can even add your own code to your website to change the CSS in any way you so choose.

6. Pixpa

Pixpa is an all-in-one website-building platform that simplifies website building and makes it possible to create beautiful, feature-rich websites effortlessly and without touching a single line of code. 

Pixpa can help you create a wedding website for RSVP’ing quickly, easily, and affordably!

How It Works

To start building your wedding website you will need to sign up for a Pixpa account which is super simple. You only require an email address to sign up.

Next, you will have to select a wedding template for your website. Pixpa comes with a wide range of professional templates including single-page templates to help you create the perfect website for your wedding.

The Pixpa studio lets you customize every aspect of your website and create something that is uniquely yours.

You can add various design elements and features to your website like contact forms and a guestbook to help your guests convey their details as well as wishes and messages.

You can also use specialized integrations like Eventbrite to further streamline the process. Social media widgets can help you further promote your wedding website through social media. 

What Makes It Stand Out

Pixpa’s ease of use, functionality, and affordability are definitely the stand-out features.

It simplifies the process of creating detailed, custom websites with extensive features like a guestbook, social media widgets, galleries, blogging tools and so much more. You get all of this at an incredibly lucrative price point, starting at just $3 a month!

7. Papier

Papier is another service that’ll help you complete your wedding RSVP online.

This site will help keep your guest list and their responses organized digitally while also offering stationery and printed invitations if you’re looking for that as well.

Papier wedding rsvp online

How It Works

Once you create an account with Papier, you and your significant other will be able to create digital save the date invitations, create or import a sheet with your guest’s names and contact information, then gather everyone’s responses as they RSVP. 

You can also easily manage your guest list by sending unlimited messages to everyone invited to your wedding, or messaging guests individually or in smaller groups to easily communicate with your friends and family.

What Makes It Stand Out

Aside from the online wedding invitations with RSVP that Papier offers, the site can also be used to purchase wedding invitations, envelopes, menus, name place holders, guest books, welcome signs, thank you cards, photo albums, and any other stationary need you may have.

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8. Zola

Zola can also help make your wedding website dreams become a reality. With customizable templates, you can quickly design your own website and send it along to your guests.

Zola for wedding website rsvps

How It Works

Zola works in three simple steps. First, begin with the design or theme for how you want your website to appear.

Next, start customizing your site with all your important wedding details. Lastly, send your website out to your guests and watch as the RSVPs start rolling in.

With Zola, you can also start your wedding registry on their site and display all your wedding details easily in one, convenient location.

They also offer invitations to match your wedding website to make your design theme truly seamless across mediums.

What Makes It Stand Out

For the couple who’s unsure how to create and design a wedding website of their own, Zola offers many different templates and design suggestions to quickly get your wedding website looking great and ready for virtual visitors within a few simple clicks.

9. Hitched

Hitched offers a variety of helpful wedding planning tools, including the opportunity to create your own free wedding RSVP website.


How It Works

Inputting your name and email address is all it takes to get started.

Then, you’ll have an account to begin customizing your wedding website. With the option to choose from pre-designed templates, you and your partner can quickly and seamlessly get your website published.

Once you send your website out to your guest list, RSVP responses will automatically be synced when you view your guest list online.

If you ever have a change of plans, updates, or announcements to tell your guests, Hitched allows you to easily update your site or send our messages.

You can also create surveys to send to your guests if you need to gather information quickly and efficiently in terms of food, allergies, transportation, or other factors.

What Makes It Stand Out

Hitched is a convenient resource to get all your wedding planning done in one place.

Aside from creating a wedding website, you can also create a planning checklist, keep track of your wedding budget, search for venues and vendors, and more.

10. SquareSpace

SquareSpace is a service to help individuals and companies alike build and host websites to match their needs whether that be for blogs, portfolios, ecommerce, restaurants, or even creating a wedding RSVP website.

wedding website online

How It Works

SquareSpace is known for its design templates and user-friendly interface to make it easy for anyone to build their very own website.

Choose from various templates or create a website design to match your wedding color scheme. From there, you can begin adding and customizing different pages on your website to showcase all of the details your guest list needs to know.

You can also easily embed links to your wedding registries or add an option for guests to contribute to a gift registry right on your website.

By creating an account with SquareSpace, you can also customize your website’s domain name to represent you and your partner’s names or even your wedding hashtag

What Makes It Stand Out

SquareSpace offers a customer care team to help guide you through the website-building process 24/7.

You can also download SquareSpace as a mobile app on your smartphone so you can customize and update your wedding website wherever you go.

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11. Wix

For creating your very own website for either personal or professional ventures, Wix might come to mind. This service offers many different templates, including wedding website templates.

wedding website templates

How It Works

To start, you’ll need to create a Wix account.

Then, you can search through the service’s wedding website templates and start customizing. Here’s where you include your wedding details, wedding schedule, wedding location and directions, wedding registries, and more.

You can easily track your wedding RSVP online with Wix by including an RSVP form on your website for your guests to submit their details.

All aspects of your website are completely customizable, and you can view or edit how your wedding website looks on both desktop and mobile to ensure all guests have a great experience viewing your site.

What Makes It Stand Out

With each wedding website template that Wix offers, they also grant you a chance to see that template in action.

Viewing the sample websites they have available can be an excellent resource for inspiration when it comes to crafting a site of your own.

12.  Wedding Woo

Last but not least, Wedding Woo is another helpful service for creating and customizing your wedding RSVP website.

wedding woo

How It Works

You can start your free trial with Wedding Woo at any time then let the customizations begin.

Wedding Woo prides itself on straying about from cheesy website templates. The service can help you seamlessly design an original wedding website to match your and your fiancé’s style.

Once your website is live, you can easily view RSVP updates on your very own dashboard to keep track of it all.

Wedding Woo’s websites also offer opportunities for your guests to submit their wedding day song requests online before the wedding.

Your site can also host a digital guestbook for all your guests to type out sweet messages. Furthermore, you can customize your website with your own widgets, such as by having a wedding day countdown or a Soundcloud widget to play your wedding song.

What Makes It Stand Out

Wedding Woo is simple for creating an original wedding website.

They also support custom domains to truly make it your own. If it’s privacy you’re most interested in, you can protect your wedding website with password protection so only your guests have access.

The service also supports unlimited photos so you can feel free to post endless amounts of memories before, during, and after your wedding day. 

Wedding RSVP Websites: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have A Wedding Website?

Having a wedding website can be a wonderful resource to keep your guest list and wedding planning all organized in one space. With a wedding website, you can include your wedding details, track your RSVPs, communicate with your guest list, post your wedding registries, and even include an online wedding photo album all in one spot.

How Do I Set Up A RSVP Website?

To set up a wedding RSVP website, all you need to do is decide on which online service to use, then create an account, and begin personalizing your very own wedding website using the service’s templates. Once your site is live, you can send the info along to your guest list and start tracking in real-time the online RSVPs from your wedding guests.

How Do You Tell Your Wedding Guests To RSVP Online?

Asking your wedding guests to RSVP online is as simple as sending an email or message with your wedding website link attached. Once your guests have access to your personalized wedding RSVP website, they’ll be able to submit their RSVPs through a simple online form.

Start Building Your Wedding Website!

After looking over the 12 best wedding RSVP websites, we hope that you and your fiancé have settled on the website hosting service that best fits your needs.

Are you more interested in the design of your wedding website or in the type of details and information it can display?

Are you simply looking for a resource to track each guest’s wedding RSVP online or do you need a website with even more wedding planning tools on it?

Once you know exactly what you’re looking to get out of your wedding website, you can select the service that checks all the boxes and start personalizing and publishing your official wedding RSVP website. Enjoy!


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