The Top 10 Honeymoon Registry Sites You Should Definitely Consider In 2023

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jun 22, 2021

Last Updated: Dec 6, 2022

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Your honeymoon trip is bound to be a vacation to remember, but in order to turn your traveling dreams into a reality, you may want to consider a honeymoon registry. 

A honeymoon fund registry works similarly to how a traditional retail wedding registry works. Except in this case, your guests are contributing funds to specifically go towards your honeymoon trip instead of purchasing items like a toaster. Let’s take a look at the top honeymoon registry sites that all wanderlust couples should consider.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. When you make a purchase we may receive a small commission at no extra expense to our readers.

What Is A Honeymoon Registry?

Whether you’re going on an all-inclusive honeymoon through Sandals or backpacking through South America, it’s always helpful to get some extra funds to help you along the way!

Signing up for a honeymoon registry provides you and your partner with the extra financial help you need to make your travel dreams become that long-awaited trip of a lifetime. When your guests view your honeymoon registry, they can choose to contribute money or purchase a component of your trip such as your hotel room, dinner plans, or wine-tasting excursion.

Top 10 Honeymoon Registry Sites For 2023

1. Honeymoon Wishes

honeymoon wishes honeymoon registry

How It Works

We partnered with Honeymoon Wishes to offer the best honeymoon registry to our readers, here’s how it works! 

The Wedding Hashers Honeymoon Registry  is your ticket to a dream Honeymoon. Simply choose where you want to go, pick amazing activities and travel amenities (like room upgrades and dining or spa credits) to add to your registry, and share with your guests.

Through your free registry account, you can manage, add, and change your plans as much as you’d like.

Once it’s all set up, let your guests know of your registry and let the funding begin. Your friends and family can easily visit our site, search for the couple, and purchase the desired experience.

You and your partner can then collect your funds at any time either directly to you or to the hotel or tour company.

wedding hashers honeymoon registry


The Wedding Hashers Honeymoon Registry features not only a registry, but also offers both couples and their guests with toll-free customer service to help out with all things registry-related. A premium wedding website is also included as a great tool to organize your wedding plans and keep your guests up to date.

Honeymoon Wishes also offers Honeymoon Adventures which is a honeymoon registry resource that will connect you directly to the travel companies and resorts you’re booking with in order to help you create your personalized honeymoon itinerary.

honeymoon adventures site


Unlike other sites, these tools are free, just sign-up and register your account. The only charge would be a small service and handling fee of 2.9% that’s required in order to bring you the full-service experience of having live customer service and high security, encryption, and insurance. You can choose to let your guests pay this small fee or absorb it once the funds are transferred.

Why Choose Honeymoon Wishes And Wedding Hashers?

The Honeymoon Wishes and Wedding Hashers partnership is our top choice for honeymoon registries because it’s a full-service platform that’ll provide you and your partner with all the tools and assistance you need to make creating your honeymoon fund registry as seamless as possible. 

It’s hard not to love something that is free, convenient, easy to use, and has all the tools you need, including a wedding website with RSVP tracking.

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2. Honeyfund

honeyfund registry

How It Works

As seen on Shark Tank, Honeyfund operates as a cash registry. This means that guests can find your registry and contribute a specific amount of money to go toward your honeymoon trip. 

The funds are directly linked to you as a couple rather than going through a service or travel agent. Once the funds are gifted, it’s ultimately up to you and your partner as to how you wish to spend the money throughout your honeymoon vacation. 


Instead of setting up an account, with the Honeyfund Registry, you’re setting up your very own Honeyfund webpage that can easily be shared with your friends and family. The site allows you to create a wish list of experiences or you can set up an easy donation box. Another gift option available through this registry is gift cards from over 200 brands.


Creating your Honeyfund page is absolutely free. The site boasts that it also never charges guests extra fees. The only fee couples will experience is a transaction fee such as a 2.4% fee when depositing funds into your bank account. Gift card gifts, on the other, hand won’t have a fee.

Why Choose Honeyfund?

Honeyfund is a simple site, easy for you to set up and receive your money. Every time you receive a cash gift, the fund will automatically be deposited into your bank account. These streamlined features make Honeyfund a great option for couples looking for a simple and automatic honeymoon registry.

3. Zola

zola registry for honeymoons and weddings

How It Works

Zola is a site that is part wedding registry and part wedding planning. By building your own desired honeymoon registry, your guests can choose to contribute their desired amount or fixed amounts. You’ll be notified every time a contribution is made and can choose when you’d like to transfer the funds into your bank account.


The Zola site is much more than a wedding registry. The company’s goal is to have everything you need in one convenient location. Aside from creating your honeymoon fund registry, you can also create your traditional retail-style registry on the site as well.

The platform also offers wedding planning services to help you decide on your venue, send out your wedding invitations, and even create a wedding website.


When it comes to Zola’s honeymoon fund registry, creating your fund is free; however, it comes with a 2.4% transactional fee for credit card processing.

Why Choose Zola?

Zola can be an excellent option for the couple looking to stay organized throughout their wedding planning process. If you want all your tools, resources, and registries in the same place, then this honeymoon registry may be for you.

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4. Blueprint

blueprint honeymoon registry

How It Works

Blueprint offers a streamlined process where you can both build your wedding website and create your wedding registries. As far as a honeymoon fund goes, when you create your universal registry, you can choose to add a cash fund for your honeymoon plans.


The various tools Blueprint offers will help you build your unique wedding website, create your registry, manage your guest list and RSVPs, and provide you with resources to help plan your big day.


Signing up, building your website, and creating your registry is free of charge. Like most of these honeymoon registry sites, there’ll be a processing fee associated with cash gifts. On Blueprint this fee is 2.5%.

Why Choose Blueprint?

Blueprint can be an effective organizational tool if you’re looking for more than just a honeymoon registry and are interested in having a website and other wedding planning tools. Its honeymoon registry is easy to create with the option of having a basic cash fund or an itemized list of experiences you’re interested in.

5. Traveler’s Joy

traveler's joy honeyfund registry

How It Works

Traveler’s Joy was one of the first honeymoon registries to be created, having been around since 2004. The site is easy to navigate and has all the theming and image tools you need to bring your registry to life. They also don’t require you to book with a specific travel agency, granting you and your partner the freedom to customize your ultimate trip in any way you choose.


On this registry site, you’ll find honeymoon stories, sample registries, and destination guides to help inspire you as you begin planning your honeymoon and creating your registry. Traveler’s Joy also features the option to create an “Instant Registry,” which allows you to complete your honeymoon fund registry in a matter of minutes by using their pre-made themes.


As with many of the registries on this list, Traveler’s Joy is free to use and build your registry, but there is a 2.95% fee associated with credit card transactions.

Why Choose Traveler’s Joy?

Traveler’s Joy can be an excellent honeymoon registry choice for the couple looking for an easy account that can quickly be set up and ready to go.

6. Wanderable

wanderable honeymoon registry

How It Works

The process works similarly to the other registries on this list. Couples can create their wish list of honeymoon experiences, then guests can visit the site and choose to purchase an item with their credit card or deliver the amount physically to the couple via cash or check. With every gift made, the couple will receive an email notification and the site can also help you track sending ‘thank you’ cards to the guests who used your registry.


What makes Wanderable unique would be their focus on design. The site includes beautiful layouts and other design tools to help bring your registry ideas to life on screen. Alongside your honeymoon wish list, you can personalize your page to include photos and even a story about your relationship.


The site and its resources are free to use, with the only fee being a 2.5% service fee for gifts purchased with a credit card.

Why Choose Wanderable?

If you and your partner are looking for a personalized and aesthetically pleasing touch to your honeymoon fund registry, then Wanderable is definitely one to consider.

7. The Knot Cash Funds

the knot cash fund wedding and honeymoon registry

How It Works

As you create your honeymoon registry with the Knot Cash Funds, you can add as many items to your wish list as you’d like. There’s also space for you to leave notes to your guest and further explain why a particular item or experience is important to you and your partner. By linking your bank account to the site, you’ll automatically receive your gifts as your guests contribute to the fund.


With the Knot Cash Funds, you can keep your honeymoon registry and traditional registry in the same place to make it easier for your guests in deciding which one to contribute to. The site also features a group gifting option for higher-priced items on your list where multiple guests can chip in. 


It’s free to create a registry on the site, and while there is a 2.5% fee for transactions, these fees are passed on to the gift-giver, so couples receive the entire sum of the gift amount they requested. 

Why Choose The Knot Cash Funds?

The Knot Cash Funds is a great registry site if you’re looking for one location to manage all of your registries and you want your funds to be automatically transferred into your bank account.

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8. Hitchd

hitchd homepage

How It Works

First, personalize your registry by adding gifts you want, photos, and a welcome message. Next, launch your registry and share your personalized URL with your guest list. Then, receive your fund directly to your bank account and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.


The Hitchd honeymoon fund registry features a variety of tools to personalize your registry however you see fit. They also offer free award-winning photos to add to your registry for a more unique look. 


To begin, the site offers a free trial of their services. There are then three plans to choose from depending upon if you’re planning a micro wedding or a rather large gathering. The micro plan of up to 30 contributors is $69, the plus plan of up to 60 contributors is $99, and the unlimited plan with unlimited contributors is $199. All of these plans include email support with the unlimited plan also including priority chat.

Why Choose Hitchd?

Hitchd is all about making memories over obtaining material possessions. If you’re interested in the personalization and services this registry has to offer, then this is the site for you.

9. Spur Experiences

Spur homepage

How It Works

Spur Experiences is not a cash registry, and instead requires that couples select planned experiences from the site that they wish to enjoy on their honeymoon. When guests purchase an experience for you and your partner, you’ll immediately be notified and can then schedule the experience through your Spur account.


Spur is partnered with a variety of different experience providers and thus offers thousands of real excursions from all over the globe. While you can share your Spur honeymoon registry’s URL with your guests, Spur will also physically mail you announcement cards that you can slip into your wedding invitations as well. 

If you change your mind about an experience that has already been purchased for you, there isn’t an option to receive the cash equivalent, but you’ll have the freedom to exchange it for a different Spur experience. Plus, your experience vouchers will never expire, so feel free to use them whenever you want.


This registry is free to create, and you’ll experience no further charges or fees when it comes to purchasing gifts.

Why Choose Spur Experiences?

Spur Experiences is a great option for the couple looking for their honeymoon registry to also be the place in which they book all their honeymoon experiences. While many of the registries on this list were cash registries, Spur operates strictly on experience vouchers for the couple who knows they want to try new things rather than receiving cash to spend on their own.

10. Target Honeymoon Funds

Target Honeyfund registry

How It Works

The Target honeymoon registry has partnered with Honeyfund to help you create the registry and experiences that fit you and your partner’s needs. Once your registry is created and your guests begin to make contributions, you can redeem your gifts by converting them to digital gift cards for zero fee or choose to withdraw the cash for a small service charge.


This honeymoon fund features a variety of different partnerships with hotel chains, airlines, restaurants, and other experiences in order to help you plan the trip you’ve been dreaming of.


This honeyfund registry is free to try, use, and create, but has a 2.4% transaction fee for receiving funds directly to your bank account.

Why Choose Target Honeymoon Funds?

The Target Honeymoon Fund is perfect for the couple looking for a completely free option as your monetary gifts automatically default to zero-fee digital gift cards from one of their brand partners.

Honeymoon Registry Vs. Traditional Registry

While we’ve thoroughly covered what a honeymoon registry is, let’s dive into a traditional registry. 

A traditional wedding registry will include all those necessary household objects such as a toaster, blender, dishware, and bedding. This type of registry is a common wish list of what newlyweds may need as they move in with each other and begin their new lives together. 

While having a traditional retail registry is quite common, it may not be what every modern couple is looking for. Nothing says you have to have a traditional registry. In fact, if you and your fiancé would rather invest in memorable experiences, traveling, your honeymoon, or a down payment on a new house, then a cash fund registry may be a better option.

Furthermore, if you and your partner are looking for both household gifts and honeymoon excursions, you can absolutely create both types of funds. Multiple honeymoon registry sites on this list even featured ways to include all of your registries on one convenient site.

Register Your Registry Today!

We hope that this list has given you a better idea as to which honeymoon fund registry you and your partner should use. Take into consideration the various features you wish to see in a honeymoon registry and select the one which aligns most closely with your needs.

Once you’ve created your honeymoon registry, start sharing the link with your guests to let them know you’re interested in this unique kind of gift. Creating your own wedding website is a great place to include details about your wedding, reveal your wedding hashtags, and of course announce your honeymoon registry information. 

As your guests contribute to your fund and experiences, don’t forget to thank them for their gift. Once you’ve collected all your funds, it’s time to put that money to use and enjoy a fantastic honeymoon adventure with the love of your life!


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