Honeymoon Fund Box: Everything You Need To Know

Honeymoon Fund Box: Everything You Need To Know
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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Aug 29, 2022

Last Updated: May 17, 2023

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As you’re finalizing all your wedding day preparations, you may want to consider adding a honeymoon fund box to your decor ideas. A honeymoon fund box can be a fitting donation holder that can match your wedding theme all while collecting cash to put to use for your honeymoon.

Throughout this process of preparing for your wedding, it’s important to stay as organized as possible with all the moving pieces that need to come together on your big day. Thus, it’s important to create a wedding day checklist and make sure bringing your honeymoon money box is on that list! 

Let’s dive in and cover exactly what a honeymoon fund box is and why you should have one!

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What’s A Honeymoon Fund Box?

Think of a honeymoon money box as a customized container at your wedding reception where your guests can choose to add their own change, cash, or checks into to help cover your honeymoon expenses.

Weddings and honeymoons can get expensive, and politely asking for help can get you a decent way. Of course, when asking others for money, there’s proper etiquette to follow. Instead of bombarding your guests with a honeymoon fund box at the entry of your reception, it’s best to allude to its presence beforehand.

If you have a wedding website, wedding gift registry, or an online honeymoon registry, you might want to announce to your guests that there’ll also be a honeymoon money box at your wedding for those who wish to contribute to your fund the day of, in lieu of a gift. 

Having a personalized honeymoon fund box may also be a fitting way to request and thank your guests for their contributions. You can even set up a table with pamphlets, photos, or other custom notes that explain some of your honeymoon plans that your guests will be directly helping fund.

For inspiration on what this donation display might look like, we’ve gathered a list of honeymoon fund box ideas for you and your partner to peruse!

Honeymoon Fund Box Ideas

1. MadeForYouByMal Custom Shadow Bank Box

This cute custom shadow box bank is the perfect place to insert one of your lovely photos from your engagement photoshoot or from your pre-wedding pictures. Guests can insert their monetary gifts at the top and you can watch as your honeymoon fund grows.

engagement photoshoot shadow bank box

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2. AWildBloomPrintables Honeymoon Fund QR Code Sign

For those couples who are embracing a cashless and more digital feel for their wedding, you can have a chic frame to display a QR code that links to your online honeymoon fund. When guests scan the code, they will be directed to the exact site where they can add their donations and gifts for your traveling adventure. 

photo of honeymoon QR code idea

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3. KreativGifts1 Personalized Honeymoon Money Box Frame

Here’s another simple yet fun frame for your personalized honeymoon fund box. Customize the framed glass bank with your names and any quote you like. It’s the perfect money box for your beach wedding.

framed beach-themed honeymoon fund

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4. TheCraftLadyByJoanna Wooden Personalized Money Box

Get creative with your honeymoon money box and select one that’s shaped like a suitcase. This cute and fun design is sure to stand out as your personalized display.

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5. BellaFloralGiftsByBA Honeymoon Adventure Bank

If you and your partner are really looking for creative ways to customize your adventure bank, try making it specific to your planned travels. Are you traveling the world? Going to relax by the ocean? Going wine tasting or doing other fun activities?

Then, customize your honeymoon money box to include those activities to make it known what your guests are funding.

adventure fund frame idea for honeymoon

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6. NikitaByNiki Wedding Fund Money Box

Sometimes it’s the slick and stylish designs that help your decor stand out. This beautiful wooden wedding fund box will look flawless next to a floral display at your wedding reception.

modern wedding fund box photo

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7. MadeByMelonDesigns Wooden Piggy Bank

Many of the options we’ve seen thus far on our list have included an open glass frame for a modern aesthetic. However, if you’d rather not have the monetary donations on display behind the glass, consider this simple yet effective wooden design that’ll act as your honeymoon piggy bank.

wooden piggy bank for honeymoon fund idea

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8. MaxStudioGifts Personalized Mason Jar Honeymoon Bank

For a whimsical or rustic wedding, mason jars are without a doubt a must-use decor item. Get creative by having your honeymoon fund be a personalized mason jar as well. 

Just married mason jar

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9. GreenWood23Gifts Gold Wedding Card Lock Box

Aside from having a box or container that collects money, it might instead be nice to invest in a lock box that can hold wedding cards as well. Leave this beautiful gold box by the entrance or by the gift table for your guests to drop in their congratulatory cards and monetary gifts.

gold wedding card lock box

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10. LittleEmpireHomeware Wooden Honeymoon Money Box

You may also wish to keep things simple and to the point with a wooden honeymoon fund box that spells out its purpose in a fun font on the front and allows guests to easily drop in cash and coins at the top.

wooden honeymoon box

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Wedding Registry vs. Honeymoon Fund Box

Many couples choose to create a wedding registry with an online service or a particular store to inform guests of all the gifts or house-oriented items they are in need of as they begin their next chapter as newlyweds.

In comparison, a honeymoon fund box is a place where guests can opt to give a monetary amount instead of a physical gift. For example, instead of spending $100 on a toaster, a guest may choose to put $100 towards your honeymoon fund.

When it comes to your honeymoon fund, this could be an online honeymoon registry that lists the various excursions, hotel accommodations, and dinner reservations guests can purchase for you or contribute towards. It could also be in the form of a box, container, or display at your wedding reception for guests to add their contributions to on the day of your wedding.

Deciding between having a traditional wedding registry or a honeymoon registry or fund is completely up to you and your partner. Many modern couples who may already have the traditional housewarming items that registries typically contain may wish to opt for more experience-based gifts, vouchers, or contributions. Plus, nothing says you can’t opt for both options and let your guests decide between giving a physical gift or a monetary amount.

instagram photo of magnolia meadows honeymoon fund post

Benefits Of Honeymoon Fund Box

1. Wedding Registry With A Personal Touch

Having a honeymoon fund box is like having a traditional wedding registry but with a more personal touch. In this case, guests can feel like they’re contributing to an experience more important and memorable than a material good.

2. Make Your Honeymoon Happen Your Way

Planning the elaborate honeymoon of your dreams but unsure how to make it a reality? Then perhaps a honeymoon money box is exactly what you need to fund those excursions that have always been on you and your partner’s bucket list.

3. Guests Spend Less Time Looking For The Perfect Gift

The next benefit is one for your wedding guests. Scouring through the wedding registry and trying to find the perfect gift within their price range can be a challenge. Having a honeymoon fund helps alleviate this issue as guests can simply plan to give the cash amount they can, all while knowing that cash is actually the perfect gift you both were looking for. 

Plus, your guests will feel satisfied seeing your honeymoon travels and knowing that their money was well-spent on something fun!

lisa van horton wedding instagram photo of honeymoon fund

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How Much Should Guests Donate? 

There’s not necessarily a set amount guests should donate. They can contribute whatever amount they deem comfortable, or what they would’ve spent on a physical gift off a registry.

To organize the honeymoon contributions more, you and your partner may choose to write down all your honeymoon plans along with the corresponding price. For a more personalized feel, your guests can then choose to sponsor a given activity or accommodation on your honeymoon trip.

Be specific about the activities you plan to do on your trip. The more you detail your honeymoon destinations and packages, the more excited your guests are likely to get about your trip. 

While giving a lump sum cash gift might seem generic, a guest can instead gladly specify that their money is used towards that dolphin encounter you’ve been dreaming of. This will help connect your guests to their contributions, making their cash gifts feel more personal.

Here are some examples of the various excursions and accommodations you can list out for your guests:

1. First night hotel stay

2. Breakfasts

3. Spa day

4. Local sightseeing tour

5. Ferry ride

6. Snorkeling

7. Romantic beach-front dinner

8. Private yoga class

9. Couple’s Massage

10. Chilled wine in your room upon arrival

photo of elegant honeymoon QR code sign

How To Set Up A Honeymoon Fund Box?

1. Personalize Your Box

Don’t be afraid to get creative and put some personality in that box. Whether that means customizing your personalized honeymoon fund box to fit your wedding theme or including photos of you and your partner on it. 

The more creative, the better. You want your box to stand out on whatever display it’s a part of so your guests are aware of its presence. As discussed above, personalizing your physical box or the larger display around it with information about your honeymoon will also prove helpful.

2. Placement Is Key

Once your fund box is all personalized and ready for the big day, you should plan out where to place it. Placement is key to this operation as you want to put it in an area that’ll get a lot of traffic so guests will know where it is and how to contribute.

For instance, having your honeymoon fund box by your guest book is one ideal location as your guests can accomplish two things in one area. They can sign your unique guest book and drop in their monetary gift all in the same spot. Plus, doing one of those things will easily remind them to do the other.

Another key location is at the wedding gift table. Keeping all of the wedding gifts, both physical and cash-based in one area is another idea that simply makes sense. Plus, if you opt to make your fund box a container for your guests to drop their cards in as well, this location is your best option.

Lastly, you may choose to have your personalized honeymoon fund box be in a display of its own. If you decide to have it on its own table, don’t forget to decorate this area well with floral arrangements, fairy lights, or signs to clearly depict what this area is and how your guests can donate.

3. Collect Your Contributions

Hopefully, your honeymoon box will work its magic throughout the night. Once your big day is through, you can easily sort through your wedding gifts and your honeymoon contributions since these funds will all be organized in one place.

Count up what your guests graciously gifted, then work on paying for that honeymoon trip! When it’s time to send your personalized wedding thank you cards, be sure to thank those that contributed to your honeymoon fund by providing photos and details of the wonderful experiences you were able to have thanks to these contributions.

olivia and birch designs instagram post of honeymoon fund

Honeymoon Here You Come!

The traditional household items and material things on a wedding registry can break or go out of style, but honeymoon memories are something that’ll last a lifetime. Now that you know all about how and where to personalize, purchase, and place your honeymoon fund box, it’s time to let the funding begin! 

Don’t forget to customize your honeymoon money box display area with photos, details, and an itinerary of your honeymoon plans to help your guests understand exactly what they’re contributing towards. The more creative and eye-catching your box is, the better funded your honeymoon will likely be. Safe travels!


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