How To Design The Best Digital Wedding Invitation For Your Big Day

Jennifer Skulski

Published: May 11, 2021

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2022

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Start spreading the news of your special day with a digital wedding invitation. Having an electronic wedding invitation is perfect for the couple looking to be environmentally friendly or for those looking to commit to a virtual wedding theme.

Whether you’re looking to create your own digital wedding invitation or you’re searching for a service to handle it for you, this blog will introduce you to the top affordable options for you and your fiancé to consider.

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What Are Digital Wedding Invitations & Should I Send Them?

Digital wedding invitations are great alternatives to the physical versions but may not be for every couple. If you’ve always imagined choosing, crafting, or designing tangible wedding stationery to send out, then we hope our modern wedding invitation ideas can help inspire you. 

However, if you and your partner are open to a wedding invitation alternative, consider going digital. Digital wedding invitations are an easy and convenient way to get the word out to your family and friends about your big day.

Photo of digital save-the-date card on Instagram post

Going digital will take away your stress from the possibility of guests losing, misplacing, or having their invitations be lost in the mail. Your digital wedding invitation will always be just a click or tap away to view and share from anywhere. 

As we’re living within this increasingly digital age, it may seem quite fitting for couples to opt for this digital option. Going paperless is a great way to do your part in helping out the environment. 

Photo of Sugarbloom digital wedding invitation card

For those artistic or graphically inclined couples, digital wedding invitations can be a fun way to express your creativity by designing your cards yourself. Even if you opt to have a service assist you with your digital invitation template, the good news is going digital is bound to save you precious money that would otherwise be spent on printing and mailing.

If you’re still looking to save both the environment and some money, then sending out digital wedding invitations is a great alternative to consider.

If you want to customize them yourself you can use these free visuals.

How To Create Your Own Digital Wedding Invites For Free

1. Canva 

Canva is a free online design program that can be downloaded for Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. After creating a free account, you’re now ready to start designing your own digital wedding card. 

Choose to start your project from scratch or take advantage of Canva’s wedding invitation templates. This program also features a variety of free images and other assets for you to use in your project or choose to upload your own content. 

Canva wedding invitation templates

Personalize your digital wedding invitation with your names, wedding date, wedding hashtag, and other details. While there are many user-friendly tools to easily help you edit your masterpiece, Canva also offers a variety of tutorials to help you create the design of your dreams.

Once you’re happy with your digital wedding invitation, you can download your design directly to your computer or camera roll and start sending them to your guests. Canva also has options to share your creation directly to social media or email if you choose to notify your guest list via a Facebook group, email chain, or other sharable link. 

Photo of Canva wedding digital invitation card with shareable link

Try It Now Free: Canva

2. Evite

Registering for a free account with Evite gives you access to design your own card or browse through their wide selection of digital wedding invitation templates. Once you design or choose the template that fits your style, you can personalize the invite to your heart’s contentment.

Photo of Evite wedding invitation card templates

Ready to send your digital wedding invitation to your guests? With the Evite app, you can easily share your invite via text, email, or Facebook. Evite also features the ability to track those RSVPs, message your guest list, and create polls.

If you’re planning an entirely virtual wedding ceremony or even a hybrid ceremony, Evite has an option to easily host a virtual party. You can use this feature to help plan your big day with your loved ones near and far or even host your full wedding ceremony live through video chat if you’re looking for a pandemic-proof wedding.

Another unique feature in the Evite app allows guests to share photos within your event’s private feed. Once your big day arrives, all those on your guest list can upload their favorite memories for all to look back on and enjoy for years to come. 

Photo of Evite's private feed via the app

Try It Now Free: Evite

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The Top Affordable Online Services For Your Digital Wedding Invites

1. GreenVelope

If you’re looking for a service to help your digital wedding invitation ideas become a reality, GreenVelope can do just that. This site allows you to personalize your invitations, track your RSVPs, and easily message your guest list. 

Once you’ve customized your electronic wedding invitation, GreenVelope allows you to easily upload your guest’s contact information via a spreadsheet, email list, or address book. 

Photo of GreenVelope easily created and emailed online wedding invitations

From there, this service offers an address validation process in which all your guest’s emails are verified. This feature is designed to alleviate the stress associated with potentially having your digital wedding cards bounce back.

After your guests receive your digital wedding invitation, you can track their RSVP responses in real-time as well as message your guest list with updates and even create surveys to poll your guest’s opinions on any wedding planning questions that may arise. GreenVelope will also send automatic reminders to your guests as your RSVP deadline approaches.

The pricing of GreenVelope’s services depends upon the number of guests you are inviting. A single mailing price, micro weddings or ceremonies with smaller guest counts of up to 40 will cost $39 while larger weddings of up to 160 guests will cost $159.

Photo of online wedding invitation suite from GreenVelope

Shop Now: GreenVelope 

2. Minted

Minted is a popular site for printed invitations, but they now offer electronic wedding invitations as well. First, select your occasion such as your engagement party, bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner. Next, you can scroll through a variety of different designs all available to personalize with your own colors, pictures, and details.

Digital wedding invitations from Minted are delivered in the form of a cinematic experience. After you choose and personalize your electronic card, you get to choose your desired background for a short video presentation in which the screen pans to at last reveal your card’s design.

Photo of wedding oriented digital cards for rehearsal dinners and weddings from Minted

These digital invitations are optimized for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. On the site, you can easily view how each preview will appear. Once you’re content with your design, send your invites out to your guest list and Minted will help track your RSVPs and allow you to easily contact your guests with polls or updates.

Minted is currently in the beta testing phase for their new digital invitations and thus are offering their services for free through the end of 2021. 

Photo of Minted online invitations and its features

Shop Now: Minted 

3. Paperless Post

With Paperless Post, choose from digital wedding card designs, flyers, the designer wedding collection, or upload your own design. This service offers a wide variety of card designs to fit your wedding theme whether you’re planning a virtual, modern, destination, or rustic wedding

As you begin to browse through your options, you can choose to filter your results by popularity, price, color, shape, designer, and whether or not you wish to add a photo to it. This way, you’re sure to find exactly the style you and your partner are searching for. 

While personalizing your electronic wedding invitation, don’t be afraid to add links to your wedding website or even gift registries. Customizing your card also involves selecting a virtual backdrop and envelope design. Before you hit send, you can preview the experience your guests will view as your digital invitation is animated to be pulled out of its virtual envelope.

Photo of Paperless Post wedding invitation cards, bridal cards, and save the date cards

You can now create your guest list and send your invite via email or get a link for you to share your wedding day details by text or on social media. Once your invites are sent, Paperless Post will assist you with managing your guest list and tracking those valuable RSVPs.

The pricing of Paperless Post’s digital invitations depends on the design. The site operates on its own coin system in which each card costs a certain number of coins per recipient. Adding premiere elements to your virtual design such as including the envelope, backdrop, stamp, or reply card will cost additional coins.

You can multiply the number of coins your card costs per recipient by the number of people on your guest list to find out how many coins you need to purchase. For reference, 25 coins costs $10 and 1,000 coins cost $100.

Example of digital invitation from Paperless Post

Shop Now: Paperless Post

4. Etsy 

Etsy also offers a wide selection of digital wedding invitation options. If you’re unfamiliar with this online marketplace, individuals set up their own personal shops, granting you a variety of different artists and businesses to choose from on the Etsy site. 

Opt for a more traditional look to your digital wedding card or explore some of the more creative options including watercolor portraits of you and your partner or even a caricature design.

Photo of Etsy wedding invitation cards

The services offered will depend upon which Etsy shop you choose to buy from, but typically the shop owner will send you a digital file of your purchased design. From there, you can easily send this file out to your guest list virtually by email, text, or through social media.

Other digital wedding invitation options on Etsy include purchasing a digital template for you to design and personalize on your own. Some of these downloads will be instant after purchase, but if you’re ordering a customized design or a couples portrait, the business may need a few days to handmake your digital art. Keep this in mind if you need your invitations sent immediately. 

As for the pricing of Etsy digital wedding invitations, these again will depend upon the Etsy shop you choose. A digital invitation template will most likely cost no more than $10 while a personalized portrait may cost anywhere between $15 to $100.

Photo of digital wedding invitations featuring portrait photography

Shop Now: Etsy

5. With Joy

With Joy offers a variety of online only or print and online options to fit your wedding style from classic, modern, bold, rustic, and more. Once you’ve decided on your template of choice, it’s time to personalize the card with your specific details.

After you send out your stylish digital invitations, With Joy offers an RSVP managing system as well as a wedding website to keep track of your wedding planning and guest list. With the wedding website and the With Joy mobile app you can customize the details that are important to you and your guests such as your wedding location, date, countdown, dress code, gift registries, and more. 

Your website can also be a custom domain of your own choosing by using a URL you already own or purchasing a domain from With Joy. A custom domain can be the perfect opportunity to show off your best wedding hashtag by naming your website after you and your partner’s lifelong slogan.

With Joy digital invitations for weddings

With Joy offers many awesome features to help you track your guests and RSVPs. With their services, you can manage multiple events and invitations all at once from the rehearsal dinner, to the ceremony, to the reception, to whatever other wedding related events you may have planned.

There is also a function to create groups to stay organized. You can group your guests by household to allow families to RSVP together as well as group your guests according to whether or not they’re allowed a plus one. To send private messages or updates to a select few such as the bridal party, you can also group guests by which events they are invited to.

With all these RSVP tracking tools to keep you and your partner organized throughout your planning process, you may be curious about pricing. While With Joy looks to add premium features in the future, the service is currently completely free to use. 

With Joy photo of premium features and services that are free to use

Shop Now: With Joy

Go Digital!

With so many great digital wedding invitation designs and services to choose from, we hope you and your partner are now considering going digital. While it may not be the right decision for every couple, digital wedding cards can be a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option in comparison to mailing out stationery.

No stamps, no envelope stuffing, and no waiting back for RSVP cards lost in the mail. Embracing digital invitations can be a fast and efficient way to invite your guests online and keep track of all your RSVP details virtually.


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