The 50 Hottest Wedding Trends Right Now You Need To Know

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Apr 15, 2021

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2023

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If you’re looking for the top wedding trends that will take your celebration to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

2021 had its fair share of wedding trends, such as a rise in virtual, pandemic-proof weddings. However, with the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in our sights, wedding celebrations will without a doubt be amplified as capacities and guest lists increase and couples finally can have the weddings they postponed.

Whether you’re planning the big day you had to push back, or your wedding date was already set for this current year, we’re here to share all the new 2023 wedding trends you’ll want to consider. 

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50 Hottest Wedding Trends

Trends Carrying Over From 2022

While many things constantly go in and out of style, some wedding trends won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

1. Videography

As technology and our tools to capture special moments continue to evolve, wedding videos themselves will also constantly increase in quality. Some wedding trends we saw in videography last year involved the way weddings were captured and edited. This is because there are so many video editor tools that a videographer can use to wherein they can be more creative in enhancing the quality of the video by using so many features of the tool such as audio waveform generator, music visualizer and many more.

Drone shots have become a popular addition for showing off your venue and celebration, and this trend is definitely here to stay. As far as editing, wedding videos of 2023 have become more cinematic and will most likely continue to be styled in this way as long as technology allows. You can add music, subtitles, and add pictures to videos to make more memorable.

drone being used at a wedding

2. Non-Traditional Flowers

While flowers can add a lovely element to any wedding, some 2023 wedding trends involved opting for flower alternatives. Whether fresh flowers seem overly expensive or irritating to your allergies, you can create astonishing non-traditional arrangements using fabric, silk, newspapers, buttons, feathers, or even vegetables. 

wedding flowers

3. Wedding Hashtags

Of all the wedding trends from last year, wedding hashtags are without a doubt here to stay. Wedding hashtags are you and your partner’s opportunity to cleverly brand your relationship within one unique phrase.

As long as social media sites are still up and operating, wedding hashtags will continue to be a trendy way to organize all your wedding day memories online for years to come. 

couple from wedding hashers that got their wedding hashtag
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4. Sustainability

Being conscious of our planet and our resources is something that will continue indefinitely. 2023 wedding trends like this one will carry over for years to come. Planning a sustainable wedding may involve sending eco-friendly invitations, using reusable decor, and minimizing your waste. 

using biodegradable confetti at a wedding

Wedding Planning Trends

5. Bridal Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for some fun inspiration through your wedding planning process, consider some bridal subscription boxes. Miss to Mrs Box offers 9 exciting, themed gift boxes to jumpstart your engagement, wedding, and honeymoon planning. 

Each box comes with fun goodies that can be used and enjoyed before, on, and even after your wedding day. Bridal subscription boxes are a trendy new way to help brides everywhere get excited for their big day.

whats inside Miss to Mrs bridal subscription boxes

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6. Wedding Insurance

If the year 2020 was any indication of how unexpected life can be, it has become evident that wedding insurance is definitely something all couples should consider. While this one may not be the most glamorous of 2023 wedding trends, it is one of the most important.

As you begin to spend thousands of dollars on your special day, wedding insurance is without a doubt recommended just in case your big day doesn’t go exactly as planned. 

post on instagram about getting wedding insurance

7. DIY Trends

For all you creative thinkers and home crafters, it’s time to embrace a DIY wedding. The handmade nature of your DIY decor will add an extra layer of personality to your wedding ceremony and is sure to impress your guests. 

By creating your decor, centerpieces, or wedding favors yourself you’ll be able to personalize your big day exactly how you see fit. Plus, there’s no greater satisfaction than completing a project yourself.

DIY wedding trend

8. Non-Traditional Registries 

Let your wedding day represent exactly who you and your partner are as a couple by getting creative with where you chose to be registered. If registering at a department store that sells pots and pans isn’t your style, opt for something a bit more non-traditional.

Complete your wedding registry with locations where electronics, food, or camping gear is sold. There are even registries that are designed to fund your honeymoon, traveling bucket list, or mortgage fund. Our favorite is Honeymoon Wishes, switch out the pots and pans for the honeymoon of your dreams!

alwayseverafter wedding registry post on Instagram

9. Wedding Websites

In this digital age, popular 2023 wedding trends include having your very own wedding website. If you’re interested in keeping track of all your latest wedding details online in one place, Wedsites is a good place to start.

Wedding websites allow for you to stay organized through your wedding planning process by giving you a single space to track your budget, complete your checklist, and manage your guest list.

Wedsites homepage

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Ceremony Trends

10. Micro Weddings

If you’re interested in limiting your guest list to a more intimate affair, micro weddings have become quite trendy. A smaller guest list featuring only your closest friends and family can also allow for increased creativity when it comes to selecting your venue, catering, and dessert options. 

dinner table set up for a micro wedding

11. Virtual Ceremonies

Within the last year, virtual events have become a part of daily life. As so many activities began adapting to a virtual space, virtual wedding ceremonies also have become quite trendy.

Many couples are opting for a virtual wedding due to safety concerns, capacity limitations, or budget constraints. Going virtual can also be a great opportunity to include your guests who live far away or can’t travel but can happily celebrate your big day on a livestream. 

wedding trends - having a virtual wedding ceremony

12. Outdoor Weddings

There’s no wedding venue quite like the great outdoors. Opt for a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the beach, in the desert, amid the mountains, or along the river. An outdoor landscape can be the perfect picturesque backdrop for your big day.

outdoor wedding set up

13. Brunch Weddings

Plan your wedding day around everyone’s favorite meal: brunch. Brunch weddings can be a fun late-morning celebration featuring a delicious mix of post-ceremony food such as French toast, eggs, bacon, and waffles. And don’t forget the mimosa wedding toast!

food at a wedding brunch

14. Weekday Weddings

Weekend weddings can be so overreacted. With venues and catering services in less of a demand on weekdays, celebrating your wedding on a weekday you can even save you money!

picture of a bride and groom getting married on a weekday

15. Destination Weddings

For all those couples planning the wedding of their dreams, embrace that destination wedding you’ve always wanted. Whether your destination is near or far, it will be an adventure that will last a lifetime.

For some great deals, Sandals offers a variety of promotions such as a free wedding package when you book your honeymoon stay.

Sandals free wedding homepage

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16. Family Or Friend As The Officiant

Having a friend or family member be the officiant at your wedding can be the perfect way to add a more personalized touch to your ceremony. 

a dad officiating his daughters wedding

17. Pet Friendly Weddings

To all those couples with irresistibly adorable four-legged friends, why not bring them along to your wedding? Have your dog be your ring bearer or dress up your cat with a bowtie. Including your pets can be a fun way to celebrate your big day.

couple getting married and posing with their dog

18. Welcome Gifts For Guests

You’ve probably heard of giving out wedding favors as a parting gift, but what about welcome gifts? 2023 wedding trends will include having welcome gifts for your guests. These can include health-themed gifts such as hand sanitizer or face masks. For an outdoor or beach wedding, popular welcome gifts may include a hand fan or flip-flops.

hygienic wedding favors
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Reception Trends

19. Wedding Sparklers

Light up your night with a wedding sparkler send-off. Having sparklers at your reception is one of the hottest 2023 wedding trends around and is perfect for some amazing photo ops.

using wedding sparklers at a wedding

20. Photo Booth

Photo booths are a reception trend all guests love to enjoy. Provide a space for you and your guests to pose, celebrate, and capture incredible memories ready to be posted and shared.

To take your photo booth to the next level, Studio Z offers interactive booth experiences to capture fun GIFs, 360-degree video, slow motion, and more.

Studio Z photo booth rentals

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21. Wedding Games

Spark some friendly competition at your reception by including wedding games. These games can be anything from yard games like cornhole or giant Jenga, to your favorite board games, to even your very own personalized wedding BINGO card. 

couple playing a wedding game

22. Live Music

Entertainment at your wedding is always a fun and memorable way to make your special day stand out. Instead of opting for a DJ or having prerecorded songs, incorporate live music into your reception to add an extra layer of personality to your celebration.

live music at a wedding

23. Mixed Seating

Weddings represent a union between you and your partner as two become one. Make all guests feel this unity by embracing mixed seating. Mixed seating allows your guests to mix, mingle, and meet friends and family from both sides.

wedding seat sign

24. Guest Sourced Playlist

Get all your guests excited about your wedding playlist by allowing them to give their input. Have your guests request their favorite songs when they RSVP so you can have your guest-sourced playlist ready to go before the big day.

wedding song request card
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Wedding Attire Trends

25. Jumpsuits

Opting for a wedding jumpsuit can be a trendy and unique way to showcase your style. Don’t be afraid to ditch the idea of a traditional gown. Find the wedding day attire that matches your aesthetic.

This stunning chiffon jumpsuit features a plunging neckline, fitted bodice, and hand-beaded crystals along the waist for a super trendy style.

jumpsuit wedding dress by Coco Melody

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26. Short Dresses

As you search for the best wedding dress styles, take into account the length of the dress. Short dresses are becoming the latest wedding fashion trend. Whether you opt for a tea-length dress of even a bit shorter, let your dress make a stunning statement. 

woman in a short wedding dress

27. Mix And Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Another trend to make your wedding attire unique is to mix and match your bridesmaid dresses. You can decide on a color scheme and have your bridesmaids pick out a dress to match their style or decide on a style and have your bridesmaids choose their own color.

bride and her bridesmaids wearing mix and match dresses

28. Colorful Suits

Make your wedding pictures pop by opting for a splash of color for your wedding suits. Black and white formal attire is a thing of the past. Amplify your style by embracing the colors of the rainbow. 

four men wearing colorful suits

29. Straying From The Traditional White Dress

Nothing says your wedding dress has to be white. Stray from traditional expectations and prepare to spark conversation in a gorgeous non-white gown.

For inspiration, consider this stunning silver-grey tulle gown complete with elegant lace embellishments.

girl wearing a gothic wedding dress by Coco Melody

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Wedding Stationery Trends

30. Burlap & Lace

The unique combination of burlap and lace can enhance the look of any wedding invitation style. This design creates an elegant appearance that is bound to impress every person on your guest list.

burlap and lace wedding invitations

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31. Acrylic

If you’re looking for your invitation to stand out in a sea of stationery, consider an acrylic design. Your trendy wedding invitations are bound to look stunning when printed on clear acrylic. 

acrylic wedding invitation

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32. DIY Invitation Kits

If you’re looking to get a bit crafty, you can order your own DIY invitation kits. These kits include all the materials for making the wedding invitations you’ve been dreaming of. Customize your invitations by mix and matching the color options, then assemble and print your invitations in the comfort of your own home.

DIY wedding invitation kit by Cards & Pockets

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33. Gloss Pressed

Add a bit of shine to your wedding invitations with a gloss pressed printing style. When light catches these gorgeous invitations, they’ll create a stunning iridescent glimmer.

gloss pressed wedding invitation

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34. Vellum Paper

Want your print to stand out in white ink?

Vellum paper allows just that. For a soft and translucent invitation, vellum paper allows you to print in white ink or full color for a pristine and professional appearance.

vellum paper wedding invites by Cards & Pockets

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Decor Trends

35. Pops Of Color

Spice up your wedding decor by adding pops of color to accent your venue or displays. Have your napkins offer a refreshing splash of color or scatter about bright flower arrangements bursting with vibrancy. 

wedding ceremony at the Regency in Jersey City, with guests sitting under colorful umbrellas

36. Flowers Everywhere

Flowers don’t have to be solely reserved for bouquets and table centerpieces. Some of the hottest 2023 wedding trends include having flowers all around in the form of flower arches or even flower walls.

couple posing in front of a floral background

37. Dried Flowers

Including dried flowers in your decor can offer a humble and elegant look to your decorations.

Decorate your wedding arch with dried flowers, press your dried flowers into a picture frame, or even incorporate dried flowers into your wedding favors

dried flowers used to decorate and tie wedding favor bags

38. Greenery And Foliage

Enhancing your surroundings with greenery and foliage can go a long way in transforming a space. No matter if your wedding is outdoors or indoors or whether you opt for real or artificial foliage, this decor idea will bring life to your venue. 

39. Lounge, Living Room Seating

Create a cozy space at your reception that feels just like home. Include a couch and some pillows to create living room seating that is perfect for lounging, relaxing, and picture taking.

couple sitting on living room furniture at their wedding

40. Custom Neon Signs

Light up your venue by having a bright neon sign as a focal point decoration. A custom neon sign is a great place to spell out your wedding hashtag by letter. For the perfect picture opportunity, hang your neon sign directly above where you and your partner will be seated.

couple posing in front of the neon sign at their wedding
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41. String Lights Installation

Create a cozy, rustic wedding feel by installing string light decorations across your venue. This trendy idea works well both inside and outside. Hang your lights from the rafters, inside your tent, or outside above your dance floor. You can’t go wrong with twinkling string lights.

string lights installation at a wedding

42. Wedding Signage

Personalize your wedding decor to fit your style and ceremony. Include themed wedding signage at your venue such as a welcome sign, a bar drink menu, or any other fun sayings you want on display.

signage at a wedding

Dining Trends

43. Pod Seating

For 2023 wedding trends, sitting and dining in a pod is often encouraged for social distancing purposes. By keeping families or household pods together, you’ll be able to enjoy your celebration safely and comfortably.

example of pod seating at a wedding

44. Formal Dining Service

Having a plated meal that includes both appetizers and an entree is a great way to set a more formal tone to your dining experience. Instead of a buffet or self-serve option, a wait staff will bring each guest a prepared dish for this formal service.  

steak entree from Stonefields Estate

45. Individual Desserts Vs. Traditional Wedding Cake

While one large wedding cake is traditionally the dessert of choice, it’s become quite trendy to have individual desserts as well or instead. Spice up your dessert menu by having personal mini cakes, snackable macarons, or even the ever-so Instagrammable donut wall. 

bride standing next to a donut wall and cutting cake

46. Small Apps

Before the main meal is served, consider offering your guests small appetizers to snack on. Everyone loves finger food. Deviled eggs, shrimp, pretzel bites, and sliders all make for excellent wedding appetizers.

small tacos and shots of tequila as a wedding appetizer

47. Food Trucks

Get creative with what food you wish to serve and how you wish to serve it. For a trendy and unique dining experience, rent out some wedding day food trucks. Whether your food trucks are there to serve appetizers, the main meal, or even dessert, including them at your reception is sure to be an unforgettable experience. 

couple eating in front of their wedding food truck

48. Smaller Wedding Cake

If you’re not interested in having wedding cake left over for weeks to come, consider a smaller wedding cake. A smaller version will serve its purpose as a delicious and symbolic toast to your celebration while not being wasteful. 

Alongside a smaller wedding cake, feel free to serve other small bite-sized treats to add some variety to your dessert menu while not being over the top in scale. 

example of a small wedding cake

49. Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

Before your wedding ceremony even begins, consider including a cocktail hour. Pre-ceremony cocktails allow your guests the perfect opportunity to mix and mingle before the main event.

Pro-Tip: Make sure you also have the option for mocktails! Or you can even have an option for interesting flavored non-alcoholic drinks, like cherry-infused water or Olipops so the designated drivers don’t feel left out!

picture of two margaritas

50. Espresso Bar

Ensure your guests are properly caffeinated to make the party last through the night by including a fun espresso bar at your reception. This trendy idea is sure to delight. Hiring your very own barista for the night will ensure everyone gets their drink of choice. Espresso bars are also perfect to introduce alongside dessert.

espresso bar

Get Your Wedding Day Trending

Now that you know all the hottest 2023 wedding trends out there, it’s time to start planning out your unforgettable day.

From your wedding hashtag to your trendy attire to your clever dining ideas, there are so many ways to make your big day stand out. 

Taking inspiration from any of the wedding trends above is sure to impress your guests while also creating a memorable celebration you’ll never forget. 


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