Ultimate Guide To Wedding Invitation Inserts (Plus 17 Templates!)

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Lesley Turner

Published: Dec 9, 2022

Last Updated: May 19, 2023

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Let’s start with the obvious; you know the purpose of your invitation and wedding invitation inserts is to inform your guests of the who, what, and when of your wedding.

But did you know that the “how” is also communicated in your wedding stationery?

Invitations are your wedding guest’s first introduction to your big day and should convey how your unique couple’s style will be present in the wedding ambiance! 

When you get engaged and start to navigate how to plan a wedding, you can easily be overwhelmed by all the decisions you’ll have to make. But luckily, when it’s time to select your invitation cards, all you’ll have to do is match the theme of your wedding.

Wedding invitations aren’t just simple cards with your names and date. Several other items may be needed to inform your guests and gather information; these are wedding invitation inserts. 

But don’t worry! You don’t have to be an “invite” expert.

Today, we’re breaking down wedding invitation inserts. 

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What Are Wedding Invitation Inserts?

The purpose of an invitation insert is to provide more information to your wedding guests without overcrowding the main invitation.

The number of inserts you’ll need depends on the information required to be conveyed, and each insert relates to a particular type of information. 

For example, if you’re having a destination wedding, you may need a card to share accommodation information.

Or if your reception is in a different location than the ceremony, you’ll need a card for that. We’ll explain the several different types of insert cards in more detail below. 

Who knew a little card could do so much, right?

Types Of Wedding Invitation Inserts

A typical wedding invitation set comprises the main invitation card and envelope.

This wedding card will include the main details of your event: your name, the location, the date, and the time of the wedding.

The wedding you’re having will naturally lead to the kind of wedding invitation inserts you want to include. You can get inspirations from poster templates but there aren’t any actual “requirements” to have more than the standard pieces.

So don’t let gorgeous invitation suites with a seemingly unlimited amount of components overwhelm you. Remember that the more cards you choose, the more expensive your invitations will become.

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Pro Tip: You can also print your wedding hashtag in your wedding invitation! In that way, your guests will have an easier time recalling your wedding hashtag.

Here are the additional wedding invitation inserts you may need to include when sending your wedding invitations

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The RSVP card is a standard wedding invitation insert that most couples should include with their invitation.

It is a card with the details that your guests will check to indicate whether or not they can attend your wedding. So, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll need this unless, of course, you send digital wedding invitations

photo of elegant RSVP card

This insert card will be accompanied by an envelope in which the guest will return the RSVP card to you. 

Reception Card

Suppose your reception is held separately from the ceremony, including a reception card as one of your wedding invitation inserts.

Include your reception’s time, place, and, if necessary, directions or parking details on this card. 

reception card photo with dual side printing

Otherwise, omit this card if your wedding ceremony and reception will be held at the same venue. Instead, your main invitation should state “reception to follow” after mentioning the ceremony’s venue.

Directions Card

Don’t leave wedding guests to their own devices when it comes to navigating to and arriving at your wedding on time.

You never want to assume that guests know how to get to your venue; it’s always best to include a wedding direction card with your invitations. Sure!

You can also include the directions on your wedding website, but that would require them to print them, and if they don’t have a printer at the house, they may forget to do this. 

photo of "finer details" card with directions

And even though Google Maps exists, their phone could malfunction or lose signal, which would cause them to be late or get lost.

In addition, some of your older wedding guests may not have a smartphone that can instantly provide directions. So always add a direction card to be on the safe side. 

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Pro Tip: An excellent idea for a wedding direction card is to create a personalized map. This card may contain printed directions or a gorgeously painted or hand-drawn map with essential landmarks, parking lots, and entrances marked on it.

Accommodations Card

An accommodations card is helpful for your out-of-town guests, especially if you’re having a destination wedding.

You should include information on a block of rooms and special rates that you have arranged on this card. And always make sure to include a deadline to book the room. If you don’t have a room block, you can include recommendations on hotels close to your venue. 

photo of pink accommodation card

Also, including airport information and any information about transportation to and from hotels to the venue.

If your hotel requires a reservation code, be sure to supply it!

Wedding Website Card

In today’s modern times, most, if not all, couples will have a wedding website.

It’s a handy tool to keep all your wedding information in one place. It can be used to tell your love story and house all the wedding details (date, location, etc.), list menu information, and even gather your RSVPs. 

photo of blue floral wedding website card

So, if you have one, include a wedding website card with your invitation so your guests can access it easily. 

Attire Card

This wedding invitation insert card is beneficial if you’re hosting a wedding with multiple events and you have a preference for how your guests dress. 

For example, you’ll use this attire card to indicate if your wedding and reception are black-tie events. Or if you’re hosting a beach bash, you can indicate swimwear is appropriate. 

attire guide for groomsmen photo

And if you’re having a welcome party and want everyone to dress in all-white, you would also use this card to inform the guests.

Or, if you’re hosting an adventurous wedding, you may want to provide details on appropriate footwear.

There are many reasons to include an attire card as one of your wedding invitation inserts. 

Registry Card

Some etiquette experts advise against having your wedding registry information in your invitation package, even though it might seem natural to do so.

However, if you decide to include it, keep the registration information on a card that’s not part of the invitation card. 

photo of wedding registry card

You can omit the card entirely and provide information about your registry on your website so guests can readily reach it.

Weekend Itinerary Card – specifically for destination weddings.

If you’re planning a destination wedding or a weekend filled with different events, like a welcome party, an after-party, or brunch, you’ll want to include a weekend itinerary card.

This invitation insert can explain the various activities, times, locations, etc. 

Even though your wedding website will likely include a list of these events, including a weekend itinerary card officially invites your guests to attend each event.

You can also include information on room blocks or any transportation you have arranged. 

And don’t forget to include a note if any events are adult-only. 

A weekend itinerary card prepares your guest for what’s to come and how to pack for the activities appropriately. Guests will value the extra information, especially those from outside the area, and the planner and couple will field fewer inquiries.

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17 Wedding Invitation Insert Templates

To help you navigate the sea of endless wedding invitation cards, we’ve curated a list of 17 excellent choices. 

1. Minimalist RSVP Card

This is an excellent example of a minimalist RSVP card featuring a modern wedding invitation script design. It includes all the pertinent information you’ll need (meal choice & dietary restrictions and their yes or no.)

simple RSVP wedding card photo

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2. Sketched Flowers RSVP Card

You can’t go wrong with this design for an elegant and luxurious RSVP card. It is a letterpress RSVP card with a hand-drawn illustration of flowers. It’s romantic yet still simple and, of course, practical.

letterpress RSVP card with sketched flowers

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3. Greenery & Gold Reception Card

We love this design. A beautiful reception card with greenery and gold tones in a soft watercolor palette. It can be used to explain your reception details beautifully. 

greenery and gold reception card cater color painting

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4. Classy Black Reception Card

Here’s another beautiful but ever so simple reception card—a classic black and white card with a typographic design with a timeless yet modern feel. You could easily use this for a black-tie event.

sleek black reception card photo

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5. Watercolor Wedding Directions Card

Check out this custom watercolor hand-drawn map for a unique and beautiful wedding direction card. It’s perfect for your direction card but could also be used for your Save-the-date or wedding weekend itinerary card. 

fun watercolor direction card photo

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6. Illustrated Minimalist Directions Card

If simple and minimalistic is your style, but you still want something unique and unexpected, check out this direction card. It’s a printable, custom-illustrated map. It has a hand-drawn look and can be used for your ceremony or reception direction card.

illustrated minimalist directions card photo

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7. Burnt Orange Accommodations Card

A lovely Details Card with terracotta wedding motifs and a contemporary minimalist look. It uses a crisp typeface and exquisite script writing to capture the hues of a desert wedding.

burnt orange accommodations card photo

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8. Blue Wildflower Accommodations Card

Do you love wildflowers or want to send out flowery wedding invitations or accommodations cards? View the wedding invitation set, which consists of an invitation, an RSVP card, and a details card. Because it’s fully editable, you can add your own text, experiment with font and color combinations, then download it to print.

It’s that easy! It’s a great example of a DIY.

blue wildflower invitation card with inserts

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9. Minimalist QR Code Wedding Website Card

This is a fantastic and modern way to announce your wedding website. Include this classic wedding website card with your invitation to make it easy for your guests to find your website. All they have to do is scan the QR code; voila, it takes them to your site. 

wedding website card poto

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10. Burlap & Lace Wedding Website Card

This a beautiful example of a rustic and classy wedding website card. Lace is a quintessential part of most weddings, so we love how this simple yet elegant wedding website card includes a border of romantic lace. 

just our website wedding card photo with lace

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11. Color Palette Dress Code Card

When you want to create a cohesive aesthetic at your wedding, you may request your guests to dress in specific color palettes. This dress code or attire card is a great way to do that. It comes across as an effortless instruction of what to wear. 

color palette code card photo with neutral colors

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12. Retro Invitation Attire Card

Another excellent option for a wedding attire card. This one has a little retro vibe, but it’s so pretty with the flowers. 

retro invitation attire card floral themed photo

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13. Modern Bold Attire Card

Here’s a beautiful example of a modern wedding attire card. It features a QR code and color swatch to make it easy for your guests to get all the information they need to understand your preferred dress code. 

modern bold attire card photo with QR code

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14. Elegant Gift Registry Card

For an easy and elegant gift registry card, shop this! It’s a beautiful grey color card with a sleek and classy font. And it’s printable, which means you can DIY your gift registry card from home-genius!

elegant gift registry card photo

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15. Modern Calligraphy Registry Card

Most of us don’t like to ask for gifts, but something about this registry card sure makes it easier. It’s elegant in design but still simple and unassuming. Use it to share your wedding registry, honeymoon fund details, or even the charity you’d like to receive the funds from.  

modern calligraphy card stylized photo

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16. Minimalist Greenery Digital Weekend Itinerary Template

When planning an epic wedding weekend, you must let your guests in on all the cool stuff you have planned. This minimalist greenery digital weekend itinerary is a great way to do that! It has eucalyptus leaves and other greenery and elegant font to convey all the details of your wedding experience.  

photo of weekend itinerary template

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17. Watercolor Wedding Itinerary Card

This is the perfect wedding itinerary card if you love something with a fun aesthetic. A combination of beautiful fonts and small graphics creates a lovely keepsake that explains your wedding itinerary. 

wedding itinerary card photo

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Set The Mood With Your Invite

Wedding invitations are one of the easier planning duties in the lead-up to your big day compared to selecting a location, locating the dress, and organizing the honeymoon.

But there are many things to consider when it comes to these tiny but essential pieces of paper. 

Your invitations and save-the-dates establish the general atmosphere for the big day and give your guests a preview of what to expect.

Make sure your information is understandable and that the design reflects your tastes and those of your significant other and the day you are about to share.


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