20+ Engagement Party Games & Activities Everyone Will Love

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Feb 23, 2022

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2022

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Get ready to make your engagement party the talk of the town with clever engagement party games that all your guests will love. Your engagement party will be a day to remember as you celebrate your life-changing news with your close friends and family.

As you plan out the logistics of this celebration, don’t forget to bump up the fun with some engagement party activities. Here are the top engagement party games to take your festivities to the next level, plus helpful tips on what exactly you’ll need to set up each activity.

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21 Engagement Party Games

1. Bridal Jeopardy

Start off the engagement party activities with some Bridal Jeopardy. Take inspiration from the popular trivia game show and create categories and questions worth different values. Popular Bridal Jeopardy categories may include facts about the bride and groom, wedding trivia, famous couples, popular love songs, and top romance movies. Choose to get crafty by creating a physical Jeopardy board or create your own template using an online tool.

What You’ll Need: Poster board, envelopes, note cards, markers, and glue

bridal jeopardy engagement party game idea

2. Ring Hunt

Ring hunt is exactly like a scavenger hunt, but with a fun engagement party theme. Hide a bunch of plastic rings around your party venue and give your guests time to search for them. Whoever finds the most plastic rings is the winner. Consider fun party prizes to give out.

What You’ll Need: Plastic rings and winner prizes

ring hunt engagement party game

3. Photo Booth

Photo booths are the perfect area for you and your guests to get silly and make lasting memories. Whether you have a traditional booth or a well-decorated photo spot, you’re going to need some fun photo props such as silly glasses, wigs, and wedding-related signs, including one that has your wedding hashtag printed on it.

What You’ll Need: Photo booth, camera, wedding signs, and photo props (glasses, wigs, mustache on a stick, etc.)

engagement party photo booth
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4. Wedding Bingo

When it comes to engagement party games like this one, you’ll want to have a creative take on the traditional activity. Customize a Bingo card with each space representing a situation that’s likely to happen at an engagement party. Hand them out to each of your guests to play throughout the day and award prizes to those who get Bingo!

What You’ll Need: Custom Bingo cards, Bingo markers or chips, and prizes

wedding bingo game

5. Memory Lane

Decorate your engagement party venue with a trip down memory lane. Set up a section of the room or even a walkway outside to display old photos of you and your significant other from baby photos, prom photos, graduations, to dating life leading up to your engagement. As far as engagement party activities go, this one is sure to evoke many sweet reactions.

What You’ll Need: Old printed photos, posters, and signs of memoirs to display

photos for engagement party

6. Ring Toss

Ring toss is a great game for a rustic wedding theme. Decorate some bottles and gather or create large enough rings for your guests to throw. Choose to host an epic ring toss competition or make it a group activity with ring toss teams.

What You’ll Need: Glass bottles, plastic or rope rings, and a wooden crate

engagement party ring toss game

7. Casino Games

Turn your engagement party games into a Vegas-styled affair. Set up tables to play poker, 21, roulette, and other card games of your choice. Personalize the casino engagement party with custom poker chips for an added touch.

What You’ll Need: Deck of cards, custom or regular poker chips, roulette wheel, and prizes

engagement party casino games

8. Jenga

Giant Jenga has become quite the popular yard party activity and will be a great addition to add to your list of engagement party games. You can even order personalized Jenga blocks online so each block is customized with your names and wedding date.

What You’ll Need: Jenga set

giant jenga engagement party idea

9. Engagement/Wedding Themed Charades

Charades is a classic party game staple. Make this activity fit within your engagement party games by using a list of wedding-themed topics for you and your guests to act out such as proposing, throwing the garter, and walking down the aisle. This game is great in a team setting to get everyone involved.

What You’ll Need: Wedding-related charades cards

wedding-themed charade party idea
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10. Who’s Who?

Engagement parties typically have a wide variety of guests who might not all know each other, so a great way to encourage mingling is by creating a game of “Who’s Who?” For this game, all guests should submit a fact about themselves beforehand. At the party, each guest will receive a premade list with facts on one side and party guests on the other. The goal is to match the fact with the correct person by mingling and asking strategic questions, but not using any of the keywords stated in the fact.

What You’ll Need: Premade list of guest facts and writing utensils

engagement party of Who's Who?

11. The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game is a classic when it comes to engagement party games. Taking inspiration from the TV show of the same name, the guests get the opportunity to test how well the couple knows each other through a series of questions. The couple can record their answers on whiteboards and reveal if they wrote the same answer. Points are awarded accordingly.

Another variation that is popular at engagement parties and weddings is the shoe game in which a host asks the couple questions such as who is more likely to do this or that or who’s better at this or who knows more of that. The newlyweds (or soon-to-be) are given two items, one to represent themselves and the other their partner. This is typically conveyed by their wedding shoes. As the couple sits back-to-back, they reveal their answers by holding up an item as guests enjoy watching how much the couple agrees or disagrees.

What You’ll Need: Personal whiteboards, dry-erase markers, or two pairs of wedding shoes

newlywed party game idea

12. Mad Libs

Mad libs is a silly activity where guests are given a piece of paper with a story written on it, except a few words are missing. To complete the story, guests must come up with their own nouns, adjectives, and verbs to fill in the blanks. In the end, each guest reads their creation aloud and can laugh at the new meanings their words gave the story. 

What You’ll Need: Custom Mad Libs story for each guest to fill out and writing utensils

Mad Libs wedding game

13. Cornhole

Cornhole is a fan-favorite party game, especially in an outdoor setting. Whether you team up or play solo, cornhole is a fun way to casually or competitively pass the time. You can even order a customized cornhole set featuring you and your partner’s names.

What You’ll Need: Cornhole set with beanbags

cornhole engagement party game with last name and wedding date

14. Two Truths & A Lie

Two truths & a lie is a suitable party game to have as an ice breaker or to help your guests from both sides get to know one another better. For this game, each guest must think of three statements to say. Two will be true facts about themselves while the third option is a lie. After reading all three statements, the other guests must figure out which line was the lie.

What You’ll Need: Paper and writing utensils

two truths and a lie couples game
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15. Battle Of The Sexes

Battle of the sexes serves to be one of the more competitive engagement party games you could have. Essentially, you’ll split your guests into teams of boys versus girls with the bride and groom as the team captains. This activity can be as intense as you see fit. Both sides will compete in a series of challenges from physical races to simple trivia. May the best team win!

What You’ll Need: Personalize a set of challenges to make them your own!

battle of the sexes for competitive engagement party idea

16. Song Requests

As far as engagement party activities go, this one may be most helpful when it comes to your wedding planning. Since you’ll have a lot of your future wedding guests in the same space, use this as an opportunity to collect some song requests for your big day so you can start putting together an epic wedding playlist. Don’t forget to dance and sing along to some tunes while you’re at it!

What You’ll Need: Paper, writing utensils, and music

song request game idea

17. Signature Cocktail Challenge

Encourage your guests to showcase their mixology skills through a fun signature cocktail challenge. Have everyone break up into teams, then with a wide range of alcohol and cocktail mixer options, have each team create their own signature cocktail. You can even make it so the winner of the tasty cocktail will get their creation on the official wedding day drink menu.

What You’ll Need: Wide array of cocktail fixings and pen and paper to write down the recipe

cocktail challenge for engagement party

18. Spin The Wheel

When the opportunity to spin a wheel presents itself, you simply have to do it. You can order a fun party wheel online or craft one up yourself. Divide the wheel into sections with each slice representing either a challenge the spinner has to complete or a prize they have won for spinning.

What You’ll Need: Spinning wheel and prizes

spin the wheel couples game idea

19. Karaoke

Liven up the celebration with some karaoke. Allow all your guests to have some fun jamming out to their favorite tunes and taking center stage as they perform a daring solo or even a well-coordinated duet. 

What You’ll Need: Karaoke machine or online service, microphone, and sound system

karaoke at an engagement party

20. Fishbowl 

Fishbowl is a versatile party game great for large gatherings and for guests of all ages. Guests split up into two teams and each guest takes two to three slips of paper and writes down nouns that come to mind. These slips then get folded and put into a fishbowl or container. For each round, each team has one minute to correctly guess as many slips as possible. The first round is playing taboo with the words, the second round is playing password, and the third round is playing charades. The team that guesses the most words wins.

What You’ll Need: Paper, writing utensils, timer, and a fishbowl or other container

fishbowl game for wedding
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21. Paint & Sip

What’s a better combination than art and drinks? Get those creative juices flowing with an organized paint and sip tutorial that’ll turn all your guests into pro artists in no time.

What You’ll Need: Canvases, easels, paint, paintbrushes, and a wide variety of beverages

paint & sip engagement party

Don’t Forget The Party Favors

After you’ve played all your engagement party games and the evening begins winding down, you may want to consider handing our party favors to each of your guests. Party favors can be a sweet and fun sentiment as you give each guest a token of appreciation to commemorate the memories from your celebration. 

Here are five party favor ideas that pair excellently with an engagement party.

1. Save The Date Magnets

As your engagement party is the predecessor to your big day, consider handing out magnetic keepsakes that have your names and wedding date written, printed, painted, or engraved on them. Design these fun magnets to match your wedding theme. You may even want to include your best wedding hashtag on these gifts for an added personalized touch.

save the date magnet idea

2. S’mores Kits

End your engagement party on a sweet note by passing out s’more kits. These simple yet cute favors feature the classic graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate fixings that guests will need to create s’mores. Personalize this favor by including a punny tag on the kit that says something along the lines of “Can’t wait to have S’more fun with you on our wedding day!”

s'more wedding party favor idea

3. Personalized Playing Cards

Sticking with the theme of engagement party games, leave your guests with a favor to remember the fun with personalized playing cards. Customize these cards with a picture of you and your partner or keep it simple with a fun design and your names and wedding date.

palm leaf playing card idea

4. Custom Shot Glasses Or Stemless Wine Glasses

It’s a party after all. Thank your guests for coming with a personalized shot glass or stemless wine glasses that commemorate the fun engagement party activities that went on. Cheers!

personalized wine glasses for party favor

5. Engagement Party Candle Favors

Choose a party favor gift that’ll get a lot of use such as a scented candle. Choose the scent that best fits your wedding theme such as a pine tree candle for a wedding in the woods or an ocean-scented candle for your perfect beach wedding.

candle for wedding party favor

Engagement Party Games: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you play games at engagement parties?

A simple way to increase the fun at engagement parties would be to organize a few party games to match your and your partner’s style. These can range from yard games, physical challenges, board games, or creative puzzles or trivia games. 

Who pays for the engagement party?

Traditionally, the bride’s side of the family hosts and pays for the engagement party. However, many modern couples may choose to split the engagement party costs differently today. It depends on the couple.

How much money do you give for an engagement party?

A decent indicator for guests on how much money to give for an engagement party would be around a quarter to one-third of the amount you’ll be spending on the wedding gift. Engagement party gifts aren’t a requirement, but a small token to express congratulations is a thoughtful gesture.

How long should an engagement party last?

On average, engagement parties last around four hours. This allows plenty of time for food, drinks, music, and engagement party games without being as long as the full-blown wedding day celebration.

Let The Games Begin!

Now that you have countless ideas on the best engagement party activities to have at your gathering, it’s time to unleash your inner competitor. Have some fun with your friends and family as you plan out the various games and competitions that will take place.

Consider a wide variety of engagement party games to appease everyone on your guest list. Choose from team-oriented activities that’ll get everyone in on the fun like cornhole or karaoke to more solo-oriented games such as mad libs or the newlywed game. Once you plan out your engagement party games and gather all the material required, you can truly let the games begin as you celebrate your engagement with your guests.


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