30 Best Spots For A Wedding In The Woods Across The U.S.

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Mar 3, 2022

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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Make your special day a magical one by hosting a wedding in the woods. If you and your partner are looking to celebrate your union surrounded by friends, family, and Mother Nature, then a forest wedding might be calling your name.

Not only is a wedding in the woods incredibly picturesque for a dazzling wedding theme, but it’s also an effective outdoor venue idea. Whether you’re looking for wooded wedding venue inspiration, a forest wedding planning guide, or some enchanting wedding in the woods decor ideas, this article covers it all!

30 Venues For A Magical Wedding In The Woods

1. Chalet View Lodge

Location: Portola, California

Average Price: $12,000 – $20,000

Outdoor enthusiasts will easily fall in love with this gorgeous rustic venue teeming with activity. The 10-acre resort is complete with a large open lawn, a fishing pond, a poolside terrace, and a 9-hole golf course.

Chalet View Lodge for forest wedding

2. Woodend Sanctuary & Mansion

Location: Chevy Chase, Maryland

Average Price: $5,500+

The historic Woodend Sanctuary & Mansion is a charming and versatile venue whether you want to spend the entire day outside, soaking up the sun or bouncing between the Great Hall or tented terrace for some indoor time. This is especially a great alternative should the weather become slightly less than ideal.

Woodend Sanctuary & Mansion for wooded wedding
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3. Hawk Lake Venue

Location: Carlton, Oregon

Average Price: *Request price estimate online

Make your wooded wedding even more magical with the presence of a gorgeous lake to enjoy as a beautiful backdrop. This delightful park is complete with a white gazebo to act as the center point of your ceremony. The location even has a lovely waterfall for you to discover.

Hawk Lake Venue for wedding in the woods

4. Mitchells Meadows

Location: Sierraville, California

Average Price: $14,500

For a unique wedding in the meadows, consider booking your big day at Mitchells Meadows. They only host a handful of ceremonies every year, so you’ll want to book as soon as possible. This quaint space includes exclusive use of their 80-acre property, including an adorable two-bedroom cabin.

Mitchells Meadows

5. TreeHouse Point

Location: Fall City, Washington

Average Price: $8,500+

Have you ever dreamed of escaping into the trees? Well, TreeHouse Point offers fun and relaxing lodging in the form of treehouses. Take your wedding day to new heights and rest amid the firs. This venue is a romantic spot for a fairytale forest wedding.

Treehouse Point for forest wedding

6. The Havens at Tomales

Location: Tomales, California

Average Price: $16,500 – $20,000

This charming wedding venue includes exclusive use of the beautiful farmland, from the historic barn to the covered patio, and the terraced garden with tasteful outdoor furniture. Choose the scenic location that best matches your wooded wedding vision whether that be the pond view, canyon view, or forest clearing.

The Havens at Tomales

7.  Deer Park Villa

Location: Fairfax, California

Average Price: $9,000 – $14,000

Experience the enchanting Redwood Grove and gorgeous garden at Deer Park Villa. This picturesque backdrop is perfect to host your wedding in the woods. The outdoor venue is complete with an outdoor bar and vintage-style string lights for a magical touch.

Deer Park Villa for wedding in the woods

8. SkyPark Weddings

Location: Skyforest, California

Average Price: $65 – $165 per person

SkyPark Weddings is a beautiful outdoor venue located in the San Bernardino National Forest. It offers an enchanting combination of forest and mountain views with the Whispering Pines Terrace accommodating an affair of up to 250 guests.

SkyPark Weddings

9. Roxbury Barn and Estate

Location: Roxbury, New York

Average Price: $9,000 – $16,000

Experience a quaint forest destination with a carriage barn redesigned from the 1850s, gorgeous mountain views, gardens, a pine grove, spring-fed ponds, and a pavilion on the hill. End your magical night on this private 42-acre property with an intimate bonfire gathering as you stargaze and make s’mores with your loved ones.

Roxbury Barn and Estate wedding venue

10. Timberlake Earth Sanctuary 

Location: Whitsett, North Carolina

Average Price: $4,000+

This dreamy location for your wedding in the woods is situated on a 165-acre nature preserve around Lake Mackintosh. Booking this venue grants you up to 48 hours to explore and celebrate your big day amid walking trails, overlooks, lake views, calming ponds, orchards, and gardens. 

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

11. Chattahoochee Nature Center

Location: Roswell, Georgia

Average Price: $1,600 – $3,700 (for site rental)

Become one with nature by allowing Chattahoochee Nature Center to serve as your beautiful wedding day backdrop. This center offers a variety of different venues to find the style you’re looking for whether that be the Ben Brady Lakeside Pavilion, Kingfisher Hall, Green Roof, or the Heron Pond Pavilion. These locations grant visitors stunning views of Lake Chattahoochee.

Chattahoochee venue

12. Copper Creek Inn

Location: Ashford, Washington

Average Price: *Request price estimate online

Copper Creek Inn can be a breathtaking venue, offering gorgeous views of Mount Rainier. Their wedding package includes two nights of lodging within their secluded 6.5-acre property. Your ceremony will take place at the Forest Amphitheater, complete with an elevated rock stage.

Copper Creek In for forest wedding

13. RT Lodge

Location: Maryville, Tennessee

Average Price: $15,000+

The RT Lodge is available for your entire weekend wedding accommodations from the wedding rehearsal, the ceremony and reception, to the post-wedding brunch and beyond. They offer guest rooms and dining areas for up to 200 guests in an exclusive, outdoorsy setting.

RT lodge venue
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14. Burlap and Bells

Location: Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Average Price: $5,000+

This lovely wooded venue features three delightful settings for your ceremony. Choose between an open-air chapel covered in elegant vines, a clifftop ceremony overlooking the countryside, or a tree grove wedding surrounded by towering Norway pines.

Burlap and Bells outdoor venue

15. Waterfall Lodge

Location: Ben Lomond, California

Average Price: $19,000 – $24,000

The Waterfall Lodge is a charming destination for a wedding in the woods surrounded by 1000-year-old Redwood trees. The 80-acre property features a variety of different ceremony locations, including the Redwood Cathedral, the Mother Tree at High Meadow Camp, and in front of the Waterfall Lodge. This venue is best designed for a ceremony between 125 and 150 guests.

Waterfall Lodge

16. The Vineyards At Betty’s Creek

Location: Sylva, North Carolina

Average Price: $12,500 – $17,000

Surround yourself with vineyards and mountains for an elegant rustic wedding. For added appeal, the Dunkard Barn is a rustic structure with 1820s style yet modern amenities within. The venue includes five different locations to host your ceremony and even has a quaint honeymoon cottage on site.

the vineyards at betty's creek outdoor wedding

17. The Springs In Magnolia

Location: Magnolia, Texas

Average Price: $1,000 – $8,500

This site offers two different styles. Choose between Stonebridge Hall which is a spacious indoor venue with natural light, surrounded by magnolia trees or select Pinehaven Hall, which is a ranch-style venue featuring a stone bridge, covered porch, and wooded exterior.

the springs in Magnolia wedding venue

18. Cedar Lakes Estate

Location: Port Jervis, New York

Average Price: $16,000

Only 70 miles away from the hustle and bustle of New York City rests this gorgeous 500-acre venue. Cedar Lakes Estate offers both indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony, surrounded by wooded lakes, rolling hills, and mountain views. They also offer overnight accommodations, including a treehouse room for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Cedar Lakes Estate wedding in the woods

19. Island Farm

Location: San Gregorio, California

Average Price: $15,000+

This breathtaking outdoor venue features a 100-year-old log cabin, a Bavarian barn, and a tranquil pond, all encompassed by looming Redwood trees. This 586-acre family-owned venue is a great location to customize a package that fits your ultimate forest wedding vision.

Island Farms forest wedding

20. Arrowhead Pine Rose

Location: Twin Peaks, California

Average Price: $22,850+

From whispering pines to babbling brooks, this venue offers a stunning natural backdrop for your big day. For additional rustic charm, your ceremony will take place under a custom gazebo made from logs and branches. As for lodging arrangements, you and your guests can enjoy the unique cabins amid the forest.

Arrowhead Pine Rose wooded wedding

21. Woldumar Nature Center

Location: Lansing, Michigan

Average Price: $4,100+

Choose to hold your ceremony on the porch of the Moon Log cabin, in the Walnut Glen Amphitheater in the woods, inside the rustic rotary barn, or underneath the charming Sunrise Pavilion. This venue offers a rustic setting amid nature with over 5 miles of hiking trails to explore.

Woldumar nature center wedding venue

22. Twenty Mile House

Location: Cromberg, California

Average Price: $13,000 – $21,000

This 200-acre eco-estate features all-inclusive services for you to customize the wedding of your dreams while surrounded by the enchanting beauty of nature. The venue includes a multitude of magical areas to plan your big day and photoshoots such as the main guest house, the cabins, the gardens, the Feather River, the bridge over Jackson Creek, the forest, the historic train tracks, and more. 

Twenty Mile House forest wedding
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23. The Barn at Flanagan Farm

Location: Buxton, Maine

Average Price: $12,500+

The Barn at Flanagan Farm is a venue designed to complement the four seasons experienced in Maine. No matter when you plan your wedding day, you can experience the natural and rustic beauty of this 66-acre property complete with two charming English-style barns.

The Barn at Flanagan Farm

24. Lord Thompson Manor

Location: Thompson, Connecticut

Average Price: $4,750 (for site rental)

This private, elegant venue features the Manor and Cottage House surrounded by gardens and forests for a truly picturesque celebration. The charming location has all the essentials for a weekend wedding, including six overnight guest rooms, a spa, food, and on-site planning for your convenience.

Lord Thompson Manor

25. Hemlock Springs

Location: Rogers, Kentucky

Average Price: $11,400

Hemlock Springs offers a delightful balance between the natural and modern world. Enjoy the gorgeous backdrop of the forest and gorges while also having the comfort of a modern nature-inspired reception hall. The site can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Hemlock Springs wooded wedding
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26. Cooper Spur Mountain Resort

Location: Mt Hood, Oregon

Average Price: $16,000 – $21,000

This mountain resort is located on the Northern side of the breathtaking Mt. Hood. Experience forest and mountain views all around you as you soak up your big day. This stunning location features rustic cabin lodging, dining and catering, and plenty of recreational activities for those looking for adventure. 

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort wedding

27. Tenaya Lodge

Location: Fish Camp, California

Average Price: $5,000+

The Tenaya Lodge is located within the dazzling Yosemite National Park. Experience awe-inspiring views that will make your wedding in the woods a picture-perfect day to remember. The venue has indoor and outdoor spaces, banquet halls, and pavilions for celebrations of 60 people to over 1,000.

Tenaya Lodge venue

28. Nestldown

Location: Los Gatos, California

Average Price: $9,500 – $28,000

Experience your wedding ceremony beneath a canopy of Redwood trees as you escape into the forest for a magical celebration. Nestldown features 36-acres of beautiful garden areas, a lovely lakeside chapel, and a spacious rustic barn.

Nestldown Chapel for wedding in the woods

29. The Pines at Genesee

Location: Golden, Colorado

Average Price: $1,500 – $5,000 (for site rental)

Just outside of downtown Denver, experience an elegant venue surrounded by nature and mountain views. From the outdoor amphitheater amid the pines and wildflowers to the stunning rustic interiors with large windows and roaring fireplaces, you’ll surely fall in love with the location.

The Pines at Genesee wedding

30. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Location: Lampe, Missouri

Average Price: $10,000 – $12,000

This lovely venue will unleash your inner nature-lover as you celebrate your big day around forests, streams, caves, and gorgeous water features. Within this 10,000-acre park, you can choose between five locations for your ceremony and receptions whether that be at the Hope Wilderness Chapel, the Chapel Patio, the Canyon Grill, the Canyon Grill Patio, or the Chuckwagon Pavilion.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park wedding ceremony
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Top Tips For A Forest Wedding

Plan Ahead

When it comes to your big day, you’ll want to be prepared for just about everything. Not only do you have to consider finding a venue and hiring your vendors, but you’ll also want to keep in mind the logistics of everything. Try to plan your day from the guests’ perspective, too.


Having a remote wedding in the woods can be a magical experience, but your venue may be far off the beaten path. If this is the case, you may want to arrange a convenient transportation option for getting all your guests to your wooded wedding destination. Perhaps schedule a bus or trolley that’ll take you and your guests from the hotel to the forest.

transportation option: trolley


As with many weddings, you may want to plan out lodging for you and your guests who may be spending the weekend traveling for your big day. If so, look into hotels, lodges, or even an Airbnb that can accommodate your guest list. If you’re having a big wedding, you’ll want to block out lodging arrangements as soon as possible to ensure your lengthy guest list can all find proper accommodations.

If you’re having a small wedding for a more intimate celebration, consider finding a cozy cabin to rent out that’ll fit your guests while also seamlessly matching the vibe of your wooded wedding.


wedding clothing ideas

Remember to be practical with your wedding day attire and remind your guests to do the same. A wedding in the woods makes for a dazzling backdrop, but being among nature also has its challenges.

Try not to wear a trailing dress or long veil as these accessories may end up getting dragged in the dirt or entangled along branches. With all outdoor venues, you’ll also need to consider the power of nature. As you’re planning your hairstyle, don’t forget to factor in wind, especially if you’re at a high elevation in a mountainous area.

You’ll also want to consider shoe style and comfort. Heels can be lovely accessories, but do you or your guests truly wish to wear them all day while standing in the woods? Don’t forget about changing temperatures as the sun sets or random fluctuations of weather. Prepare for it all by suggesting all guests bring jackets or even a change of clothes to get comfy when the evening comes. You may also want to offer some cozy blankets to distribute to your guests when temperatures drop.

wedding clothing attire ideas


When selecting your venue for a forest wedding, you should keep in mind the basic necessities you’ll likely need for your celebration. See if the venue has some sort of building or cabin nearby for the indoor necessities you and your guests will need throughout the day. Such amenities to seek out would be a bathroom, running water, electricity, and possibly a fridge or kitchen for your wedding day food or for your catering crew to use.

lodge for outdoor forest wedding

Decide How You Want To Style The Wedding 

Hosting your wedding in the woods already makes for a fabulous wedding theme, but have you considered what style you want your forest wedding to be? Are you interested in a rustic wedding or perhaps an antique vibe? Do you want it to be focused on natural elements or be more whimsical? Are you hoping to create an enchanted forest or a boho-chic woods?

Consider the style, aesthetic, or atmosphere that most closely aligns with you and your partner’s vision. Keep in mind the season you’ll be getting married in, too. Choose your wedding color scheme around the season and start selecting your decor to match the outdoor wedding in the woods style you’re looking to achieve.

Perhaps you and your partner are looking to fully become one with nature by planning an eco-friendly or sustainable wedding. If that’s the case, you’ll need to greatly consider the materials you’ll be using from your decor to your plates, glasses, and utensils. Consider natural materials that can easily be recycled or reused after your event is through.

oakleaf cottage wedding style

Take Advantage of The Natural Decor

Remember that there’s a good reason you and your significant other chose to have a wedding in the woods. The beauty of the trees and your surroundings offers a significant backdrop that you can use to your advantage.

Copy the colors of nature around you in your decor to create an appealing aesthetic. Try dressing up the trees with subtle ribbons or dazzling fairy lights to complete your magical forest atmosphere. Use local, in-season plants to decorate your venue. Strategically rearrange small rocks to form a border for your wedding aisle.

There are so many creative ways to naturally decorate your venue when you’re dealing with a picturesque outdoor ceremony. Let your imagination run wild!

forest wedding ceremony

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Decor Ideas For An Enchanting Wedding In The Woods

Wooded Wedding Invitations

Make your wedding invitations match your venue and theme. A forest wedding can best be expressed by lovely green invitations with a watercolor scene painted along the bottom. You may also want to consider cards with a leafy design, ones that look like wood, or rustic invitations that are tied together in a twine bow.

forest wedding stationery suite

A Vintage Wedding Guest Book

For your wedding in the woods, consider a fun, vintage wedding guest book idea such as a polaroid guest book. Here you can have your guests take fun photos of themselves with the beautiful backdrop of the forest behind them. Once they shake the polaroid to develop the picture, they can paste it into the guest book and leave a message by their printed memory. Such a fun idea!

vintage polaroid guest book idea

Dress Up Your Aisle For Your Wedding In The Woods

Decorate your wedding aisle to make it stand out in the forest. You can line your aisle with flowers or lanterns for a rustic look. If you’re looking for a more whimsical or boho-chic aesthetic, consider placing a series of Persian rugs along the aisle to mark your runway in style.

wedding aisle with rugs

A Natural Wedding Arch

Your wedding arch is the pivotal spot where your vows will take place. Create a lovely arch fit for the forest by incorporating natural elements into it. Try creating your arch from tree branches. Then decorate it further with drapery or floral arrangements that match your color scheme to pull your outdoor venue together.

wedding arch for wooded wedding

Rustic Wedding Signs

Personalize your reception with charming rustic wedding signs that welcome your guests, serve as navigation, or even display your wedding hashtag. To make these signs fit your wedding in the woods theme, consider using wooden signs, tree stump signs, or even embellishing your displays with flowers, pampas grass, pinecones, or other natural elements.

rustic wedding ideas

Wooded Wedding Seating

For an enchanting forest wedding, try getting creative with your seating. Incorporate your table arrangements to feel one with nature. One idea would be having one long table taking up a pathway in the woods for a rather mesmerizing aesthetic as you and your guests dine, surrounded by trees.

wedding seating

Natural Table Centerpieces

Wedding table centerpieces are an excellent decor choice to spice up your tables while giving you a chance to let your theme shine through. Many centerpieces often include flower arrangements, candles or lanterns, and a table number display. For a natural, forest-themed centerpiece, try using a mason jar as a vase for a rustic look, and add a wooden tree log plaque as a base for your centerpiece to sit. It might also be fitting to add pinecones or other natural elements to surround your arrangement.

rustic wedding table decor

Floral Arrangements For The Forest

When creating floral arrangements for your wedding in the woods, keep your outdoor venue in mind. Stick with local and in-season flowers that won’t seem out of place in the natural element. Great options to consider would be dried flowers, pampas grass, and white flowers for a rustic and subdued style. Then add splashes of colors to your arrangements to accent the colors of your overall scheme.

floral arrangements to forest wedding

Enchanting Tree Lighting

Transform your outdoor venue into an enchanted forest by hanging strings of lights from the trees. This decor idea will especially look great around your dance floor to encourage guests to gather around this point of interest. You can even wrap individual tree trunks with string lights to further brighten the venue. Your dazzling wedding in the woods will become even more enchanting as the sun sets.

enchanted tree lighting

Forest-Themed Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake display can also make for excellent themed decor. Let the vibes of the forest influence your cake’s design with a natural look. Serve a cake that resembles a tree trunk such as a naked or semi-naked wedding cake that uses icing sparingly to create a rustic design. You may also want to consider embellishing your cake with vines, leaves, branches, sugar flowers, and the like to truly embrace your nature-inspired wedding theme.

outdoor wedding cake

Off To The Woods!

Now that you’ve seen some of the most magnificent forest wedding venues in the U.S., it’s time to book your destination and head off to the woods! Start planning your wedding in the woods using the tips and decor ideas you’ve learned here. You don’t have to go overboard to make your wooded wedding a magical one. Keep it simple and let nature do the talking. Your wedding in the woods is going to be an enchanting celebration amid a beautiful tree-laden backdrop. Enjoy!


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