Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year: A Buyer’s Guide

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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Oct 15, 2021

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2023

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Wondering what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year? Whether it’s your first year anniversary or your 100th year together, there are designated themes and traditional wedding gifts that should be gifted for every anniversary milestone.

Choose to purchase a material object that matches the traditional theme, modern theme, color scheme, or gemstone of your anniversary year, or opt for romantic date night ideas instead.

No matter how you decide to celebrate your anniversary, let’s answer the question: What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year?

This list can help inspire your search for the perfect and most fitting anniversary gift for your spouse.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. When you make a purchase we receive a small commission at no extra expense to our readers.

What Are The Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year?

1st Year: Paper31st Year: Desk Decor
2nd Year: Cotton32nd Year: Porcelain
3rd Year: Leather33rd Year: Books
4th Year: Fruit/ Flowers (US) or Linen/ Silk (UK)34th Year: Food
5th Year: Wood35th Year: Coral/ Jade
6th Year: Iron (US) or Sugar (UK)36th Year: Clock or Watch
7th Year: Wool/ Copper (US) or Woolen (UK)37th Year: Rose Gold Jewelry
8th Year: Bronze38th Year: Travel & Tourism
9th Year: Pottery39th Year: Poetry
10th Year: Tin/ Aluminum40th Year: Ruby
11th Year: Steel41st Year: Antiques
12th Year: Silk42nd Year: Glass
13th Year: Lace43rd Year: Entertainment
14th Year: Ivory44th Year: Wine/ Spirits
15th Year: Crystal45th Year: Sapphire
16th Year: Silverware46th Year: Garden/ Plants
17th Year: Furniture47th Year: Bath & Spa
18th Year: Porcelain48th Year: Games
19th Year: Bronze49th Year: Luxury Goods
20th Year: China50th Year: Gold
21st Year: Brass/ Nickel55th Year: Emerald
22nd Year: Copper60th Year: Yellow Diamond
23rd Year: Silver Plate65th Year: Blue Sapphire
24th Year: Opal70th Year: Platinum
25th Year: Silver75th Year: Diamond
26th Year: Pictures80th Year: Oak
27th Year: Sculptures85th Year: Moonstone (US) or Wine (UK)
28th Year: Orchids90th Year: Stone/ Granite
29th Year: Furniture95th Year: Onyx (Spain)
30th Year: Pearl100th Year: Bone (Spain)

How It All Started

Now that you’ve looked over the list explaining what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, you may be wondering how these traditions came to be. It all started with a woman from Baltimore named Emily Post.

Around 1905, Emily became a newspaper writer, writing articles about architecture and interior design. Shortly after, she began writing romantic stories and novels about society for magazines. Emily Post’s writing quickly became the standard for American manners, and in 1922, she published her novel “Etiquette.”

The novel “Etiquette” included a short guide on anniversary gifts. The guide had wedding anniversary gift suggestions for the milestones of the 1st year, 5th year, 10th year, 15th year, 20th year, 25th year, and 50th year. In 1937, Post’s original list was expanded by the American National Retail Jewelers Association to fill in the gaps between 1 and 15 then continued with the missing multiples of 5.

While Emily Post and the American National Retail Jewelers Association are what now informs us as to what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, this original guide continues to be updated as now there are modern alternative themes as well.

Let’s take a look at the traditional gift guide as well as the modern additions, recommended color schemes, and anniversary gemstones to celebrate each milestone anniversary year.

Anniversary Gifts

1st Year

  • Traditional Theme- Paper
  • Modern Equivalent- Clock
  • Color Scheme- Gold/ Yellow
  • Gemstone- Gold
what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: First Year Anniversary ideas

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Paperweight, Calendar, Jigsaw Puzzle, Postcards, Paper Flowers, a Date Night Box, or Alarm Clock
  • Price- $10 – $25
  • Meaning- Paper represents a blank canvas of opportunity for the recently married couple to begin writing their story and sharing their future together. It is also a rather fragile gift that can easily be torn. This serves to remind the couple of how marriage is sometimes challenging, and relationships need to be properly nurtured.

2nd Year

  • Traditional Theme- Cotton
  • Modern Equivalent- China
  • Color Scheme- Red
  • Gemstone- Garnet

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Cotton clothing, Bathrobes, Towels, or Bedding
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- Cotton is a durable fabric of interwoven fibers which represents the strength and growth in your marriage as you continue to grow and intertwine your lives together.

3rd Year

  • Traditional Theme- Leather
  • Modern Equivalent- Glass or Crystal
  • Color Scheme- White/ Jade
  • Gemstone- Pearl
Third year wedding anniversary gift idea

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Leather-bound journal, Leather jacket or belt, or Leather wallet
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- Leather for your third anniversary is intended to symbolize protection, warmth, and stability in your relationship as leather was historically used as a resource for protection and shelter.

4th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Fruit/ Flowers (US) or Linen/ Silk (UK)
  • Modern Equivalent- Electronic Appliances (And the home warranty plan to protect them).
  • Color Scheme- Blue or Green
  • Gemstone- Blue Topaz

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Fruit or flower basket, Flower pot, Plants, Silk scarf, or Electronic appliances like a TV or Coffee maker
  • Price- $60 – $125
  • Meaning- The fruit and floral theme represents the natural growth your relationship is experiencing through four years of marriage together. A linen theme as the UK celebrates is to symbolize the couple’s purity and honesty towards each other.

5th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Wood
  • Modern Equivalent- Silverware
  • Color Scheme- Pink, Blue, or Turquoise
  • Gemstone- Sapphire
wooden burned plaque as wedding anniversary gift

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Wooden jewelry box, Wooden sculpture, wooden chess set, or wooden wine rack
  • Price- $40 – $60
  • Meaning- The tree from which wood comes from is an important symbol of strength and wisdom, making it a perfect theme for your 5th wedding anniversary.
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6th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Iron (US) or Candy (UK)
  • Modern Equivalent- Wood
  • Color Scheme- Turquoise, White, or Purple
  • Gemstone- Amethyst

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Iron sculpture, Box of chocolates, or Dessert cookbook
  • Price- $30
  • Meaning- As you’re looking through this guide on what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, having iron be a theme is quite fitting. Iron as a material is known for its strength and durability. Gifting your spouse iron themes gifts is a symbol of luck for a long and strong relationship. Candy, on the other hand, represents the sweet nature of your relationship.

7th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Wool/ Copper
  • Modern Equivalent- Brass or Desk Sets
  • Color Scheme- Yellow or Off-White
  • Gemstone- Onyx
I Wool Always Love you gift

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Copper Home Items like vases or dishes, Copper figurine, Wool clothing, Brass ornaments, or Desk set
  • Price- $25+
  • Meaning- Copper is said to represent prosperity, strength, and beauty. Yet the material is also one that can be easily molded which serves as a reminder that you must be flexible in your relationship to accommodate your spouse’s needs. As for wool, wool gifts represent the warmth and security of your relationship.

8th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Bronze
  • Modern Equivalent- Linen or Lace
  • Color Scheme- Bronze
  • Gemstone- Tourmaline

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Bronze vase, Bronze flower pots, or Bronze candle holder
  • Price- $30
  • Meaning- Bronze was once believed to have healing qualities. Celebrating your wedding anniversary with bronze should represent good health and the ability to overcome obstacles together as a couple. 

9th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Pottery
  • Modern Equivalent- Leather
  • Color Scheme- Terracotta
  • Gemstone- Lapis Lazuli

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Pottery Sculptures, Pottery dishes, Clay, or Couples pottery classes
  • Price- $25+
  • Meaning- Pottery is something meticulously made out of clay. It takes many different forms depending on the artist’s style. Similarly, your relationship is carefully sculpted and molded by each other after years of commitment, difficulties, and growth. Pottery is a beautiful theme to showcase the work that goes into creating a relationship.

10th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Aluminum/ Tin
  • Modern Equivalent- Diamond Jewelry
  • Color Scheme- Silver or Blue
  • Gemstone- Diamond
what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: family sculpture

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Diamond anniversary ring, Diamond jewelry, Flowers, or Engraved aluminum mementos
  • Price- $100+
  • Meaning- Aluminum and tin are long-lasting materials to reflect the long-lasting nature of your relationship. They’re materials of protection and preservation, which further symbolizes the strength of your relationship with 10 years of marriage under your belt.

11th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Steel
  • Modern Equivalent- Fashion Jewelry and Accessories
  • Color Scheme- Turquoise
  • Gemstone- Turquoise

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Stainless Steel watch or men’s bracelet, Stainless steel cutlery set or wine glasses, or Turquoise jewelry
  • Price- $65+
  • Meaning- Throughout this list explaining what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, we’ve already encountered many themes resembling the strength of your relationship and marriage. This steel theme for your 11th anniversary is no different. Celebrate the durability of your partnership with steel gifts.

12th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Silk
  • Modern Equivalent- Pearls
  • Color Scheme- Oyster-White
  • Gemstone- Jade

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Silk bedding, Silk underwear, or Pearl Jewelry
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- Silk and linen serve to symbolize truth and purity. With 12 years in the books of remaining honest and true to each other, celebrate your love with the beauty and elegance of silk gifts.

13th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Lace
  • Modern Equivalent- Textiles or Furs
  • Color Scheme- White
  • Gemstone- Citrine
lace cookies for anniversary gift

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Lace clothing, Lace tablecloth, or Citrine Jewelry
  • Price- $45 – $65
  • Meaning- Lace is a delicate and elegant fabric and design. Its intricacy and interwoven parts go to symbolize the complexity of your relationship. Yet your lives are forever and beautifully entangled through the bond of marriage.

14th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Ivory
  • Modern Equivalent- Gold Jewelry
  • Color Scheme- Ivory
  • Gemstone- Opal

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Gold jewelry, Faux ivory jewelry, or Elephant-themed gifts and figurines 
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- Ivory and elephants are symbols of luck, protection, and stability. Today, items made out of ivory are deemed unethical, but you can still celebrate this theme with faux ivory gifts, an ivory color scheme, or elephant-shaped trinkets to reflect the strength of your relationship.

15th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Crystal
  • Modern Equivalent- Watches
  • Color Scheme- Red
  • Gemstone- Ruby
15th year anniversary gift

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Crystal ornaments or figurines, Crystal bell, Crystal dishes, or Ruby jewelry
  • Price- $45+
  • Meaning- Crystals are a symbol of love and harmony. They’re reflective in nature, symbolizing the need to reflect on your relationship in order to grow together as a couple.

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16th Year

  • Modern Theme- Silverware
  • Color Scheme- Silver
  • Gemstone- Peridot

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Silverware, Silver plates, Silver tea set, Silver photo frame, or Silver or Peridot jewelry
  • Price- $40 -$65
  • Meaning- Not every anniversary theme is from the original, traditional list. Some of the themes in between the main milestones instead have newer, modern themes. The 16th year anniversary with a silverware theme is one of these cases. Silverware is said to represent clarity, purity, and sharing.

17th Year

  • Modern Theme- Furniture
  • Color Scheme- Yellow
  • Gemstone- Carnelian

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Furniture such as a coffee table or bookcase, Red carnation floral arrangements, or carnelian jewelry
  • Price- $60+
  • Meaning- The furniture anniversary theme is to symbolize comfort and security. Filling your place with furniture is what establishes a comfortable home. Your marriage and home go hand in hand. Your relationship should provide you with comfort and security.

18th Year

  • Modern Theme- Porcelain
  • Color Scheme- Blue
  • Gemstone- Cat’s Eye
what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: 18th year wedding anniversary mugs

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Porcelain home items such as vases and mugs, Porcelain figurines, or Cat’s eye jewelry
  • Price- $40 – $60
  • Meaning- Porcelain is an elegant material, but also quite fragile. A porcelain anniversary theme serves to remind you as a couple that relationships are also fragile, yet you’ve learned to handle your marriage with care and compassion for 18 years now.

19th Year

  • Modern Theme- Bronze
  • Color Scheme- Bronze
  • Gemstone- Aquamarine

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Bronze bookends, Bronze door knockers, Bronze photo frames, or Aquamarine jewelry
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- This is the second instance in which bronze has made an appearance on this list detailing what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year. Yet again, bronze is to represent healing, health, and stability in your 19-year-long marriage.

20th Year

  • Traditional Theme- China
  • Modern Equivalent- Platinum
  • Color Scheme- Emerald Green or White
  • Gemstone- Emerald
vintage china dinnerware for 20th year wedding anniversary

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- China plates or bowls, China figurines, Emerald anniversary ring, or Platinum jewelry
  • Price- $80+
  • Meaning- The traditional China anniversary is to symbolize beauty, elegance, and balance. With yet another fragile material, China needs to be handled with care. Similarly, your relationship needs to be protected as well. Celebrate the ways you’ve protected and nurtured your beautiful relationship with gifts of fine china.

21st Year

  • Modern Theme- Brass/ Nickel
  • Color Scheme- Orange
  • Gemstone- Iolite

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Brass goblets/ mugs, Brass instruments, Nickel commemorative coins, or Iolite jewelry
  • Price- $45
  • Meaning- Brass and nickel represent durability, well-being, and positivity. Embrace the goodness of this anniversary theme with well-made brass or nickel mementos.

22nd Year

  • Modern Theme- Copper
  • Color Scheme- Green
  • Gemstone- Spinel
copper clock for wedding anniversary gift idea

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Copper flower pot, Copper Mr. & Mrs. mugs, Handmade penny gifts, or Spinel jewelry
  • Price- $30 – $50
  • Meaning- A copper theme represents wealth, beauty, and warmth. Over the past 22 years, your relationship has truly been flexible and taken shape. Copper itself is a malleable material that can be easily molded to make a solid, unified item.

23rd Year

  • Modern Theme- Silver Plate
  • Color Scheme- Silver
  • Gemstone- Imperial Topaz

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Silver jewelry, Silver key ring, Silver photo frame, or Silver plate
  • Price- $60
  • Meaning- Silver plates are bright and shiny. Let this wedding anniversary gift symbolize your bright and clear future together as a couple.

24th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Opal
  • Modern Equivalent- Musical Instruments
  • Color Scheme- Lavender
  • Gemstone- Tanzanite

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Opal jewelry, Musical instrument, Tickets to a musical concert or orchestra, or Vintage sheet music
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- Opals are good luck symbols of love and hope. They are also said to represent faithfulness. All these powerful and positive associations are perfect for your 24th wedding anniversary.
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25th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Silver
  • Modern Equivalent- Sterling Silver
  • Color Scheme- Silver
  • Gemstone- Silver
what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: 25-year anniversary

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Silver anniversary jewelry, Silver accessories, Silverware, or Plan a romantic activity or trip together
  • Price- $50 – $70
  • Meaning- 25 years together is traditionally the silver anniversary. Silver is radiant and bright. It symbolizes success and represents a promising future together as you and your partner continue on your lifelong journey.

26th Year

  • Modern Theme- Pictures
  • Color Scheme- N/A
  • Gemstone- N/A

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Art for your home, Professional couples’ portrait, Photo album, or Wedding photos printed on canvas
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- The modern anniversary theme of gifting your spouse pictures or photographs is an excellent way to commemorate your love and adventures together. Each piece of art tells a story and gifting a photo of your relationship is how you can tell your story and express your feelings after 26 wonderful years together.

27th Year

  • Modern Theme- Sculptures
  • Color Scheme- N/A
  • Gemstone- N/A

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Sculptures or figurines, or Enroll in a sculpture class together
  • Price- $40 – $60
  • Meaning- For another artsy theme, the gift of sculptures represents the ways in which you two have sculpted each other over the years. All relationships require give and take. You two have grown, struggled, and changed together to create the beautiful couple you are today. 

28th Year

  • Modern Theme- Orchids
  • Color Scheme- Lavender
  • Gemstone Alternative- Amethyst or Orchid Tourmaline
orchids for anniversary

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Orchids, Orchid-themed gifts like candles or art, or Orchid Jewelry
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- Orchids are elegant flowers linked to nobility, energy, and friendship. Celebrate your decades of love and friendship with the orchid anniversary theme.

29th Year

  • Modern Theme- Furniture
  • Color Scheme- N/A
  • Gemstone- N/A

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Furniture such as a new bed, new patio furniture, or new shelves
  • Price- $70+
  • Meaning- With furniture being associated with stability and an established home, your marriage has become well-established after 29 years together. Let this theme represent the comfort of a happy marriage.

30th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Pearl
  • Modern Equivalent- Diamond
  • Color Scheme- Green
  • Gemstone- Pearl
what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: 30-year family tree frame

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Pearl jewelry, Diamond jewelry, or a Romantic trip or excursion
  • Price- $75+
  • Meaning- Pearls symbolize purity and wisdom. With 30 glorious years to look back on together, you two have definitely learned a lot through your relationship and have the wisdom to show for it.

35th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Coral
  • Modern Equivalent- Jade
  • Color Scheme- Coral
  • Gemstone- Emerald

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Coral-themed gifts, Seafood dinner date, Exploring Coral Reefs together, Visit to an aquarium, or Emerald jewelry
  • Price- $60+
  • Meaning- Coral is a symbol of passion, long life, and success. Let these sentiments take center stage as you celebrate your 35th wedding anniversary together.

40th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Ruby
  • Color Scheme- Ruby Red
  • Gemstone- Ruby
dried flower topper for anniversary cake

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Ruby anniversary jewelry, Ruby accessories, or a Romantic dinner or Dining cruise
  • Price- $70+
  • Meaning- Rubies represent romance, passion, and devotion. The sparkling center of a bright, red ruby serves to represent the burning flame of passion between you and your lifelong partner of 40 years.

45th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Sapphire
  • Color Scheme- Blue
  • Gemstone- Sapphire

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Sapphire jewelry or Blue iris-themed gifts such as flowers, candles, or perfume
  • Price- $45+
  • Meaning- Sapphires represent lasting love and a successful marriage. It’s said to symbolize truth, good health, and fulfillment for your 45th wedding anniversary.

50th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Gold
  • Color Scheme- Gold
  • Gemstone- Gold
cherry blossom glassware for 50th anniversary gift

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Gold anniversary jewelry or ring, Gold watch or men’s bracelet, Gold photo frame, or Yellow rose flowers 
  • Price- $75+
  • Meaning- 50 years together is definitely worth celebrating. Gold is a precious metal that is flexible, resilient, and rare. Your relationship is also all those things. You’ve compromised and overcome challenges together in order to create that special, golden spark you still have to this day.
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55th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Emerald
  • Color Scheme- Emerald Green
  • Gemstone- Alexandrite

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Emerald jewelry, Emerald trinkets, or Green flowers
  • Price- $45+
  • Meaning- Gifting emeralds is a sign of devotion and adoration. Emeralds themselves are a symbol of true love for 55 years spent as soulmates.

60th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Yellow Diamond
  • Modern Equivalent- Diamond
  • Color Scheme- Diamond White
  • Gemstone- Diamond
what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: calligraphy frames

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Diamond anniversary jewelry, Orchid-themed gifts such as perfume, flowers, or art 
  • Price- $65+
  • Meaning- Diamonds are strong stones made only from a significant amount of pressure. Your marriage has likely been tested many times over 60 years together, but time and time again, you’ve overcome your challenges to become stronger together. Let your diamond anniversary symbolize your strength and undying love.

65th Year

  • Modern Theme- Blue Sapphire
  • Color Scheme- Sky Blue
  • Gemstone- Sapphire

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Sapphire jewelry, Sapphire mementos, Blue photo frame, or Romantic dinner
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- As we get deeper into this guide on what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, many of the remaining themes are based on gemstones. Here we have blue sapphire as the modern theme to represent joy, loyalty, and love.

70th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Platinum
  • Color Scheme- Platinum
  • Gemstone- Smoky Crystal
anniversary cupcakes photo

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Platinum jewelry, Engraved platinum mementos such as a photo frame, clock, or keychain, flowers, or Celebratory platinum-themed baked goods
  • Price- $40 – $65
  • Meaning- Platinum signifies purity and durability. With a marriage that made it to 70 years together, you two exude strength and durability.

75th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Diamond
  • Modern Equivalent- Gold
  • Color Scheme- Diamond White
  • Gemstone- Diamond or Gold

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Diamond or Gold jewelry, or Bouquet of flowers
  • Price- $45+
  • Meaning- As you’re looking through to see what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, you may be surprised that a few themes repeat more than once. These themes are incredibly symbolic that they fit perfectly to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Here we see the diamond theme back on the list to reflect on the strength and beauty of your long-lasting relationship.

80th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Oak
  • Modern Equivalent- Diamond/ Pearl
  • Color Scheme- Ruby Red
  • Gemstone- Ruby
what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: wedding anniversary biscuits

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Diamond, Pearl, or Ruby jewelry, Handmade gifts such as a scrapbook or family tree, or Oak furniture
  • Price- $50+
  • Meaning- An oak tree is a symbol of strength and growth. Throughout 80 years together, you two have grown to stand tall and proud as a united front. You two understand that you’re strongest and at your best when you’re rooted together. 

85th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Wine
  • Modern Equivalent- Diamond/ Sapphire
  • Color Scheme- N/A
  • Gemstone- Moonstone

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Diamond or Sapphire jewelry or accessories, Flowers, or Bottle of wine
  • Price- $45+
  • Meaning- As far as answering what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, here’s where the list comes to a close as the longest recorded marriage to date lasted 86 years. For those incredible couples who can make it to 85 years strong, they can celebrate with the theme of wine as a symbol of renewal and happiness.

90th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Stone/ Granite
  • Modern Equivalent- Diamond/ Emerald
  • Color Scheme- Stone or Green
  • Gemstone- Diamond/ Emerald
90th year wedding anniversary gift with stone

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Diamond or Emerald anniversary jewelry, Stone picture frame, or Engraved granite
  • Price- $40 – $65
  • Meaning- Stone and granite are both symbols of strength and stability. For making it to 90 years together, you and your partner prove every day that your relationship is rock-solid.

95th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Onyx (Spain)
  • Modern Equivalent- Diamond/ Ruby
  • Color Scheme- N/A
  • Gemstone- Diamond or Ruby

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- Diamond or Ruby jewelry or accessories, or Spend the day reliving your wedding day memories
  • Price- $45+
  • Meaning- Celebrate 95 years together with Spain’s traditional theme of Onyx or with the modern theme of Diamond or Ruby. These themes are all unofficial as a 95th wedding anniversary has not yet happened, but one day it will, and it should be recognized and celebrated accordingly with symbols of strength, love, and passion.

100th Year

  • Traditional Theme- Bone (Spain)
  • Modern Equivalent- 10-Carat Diamond
  • Color Scheme- N/A
  • Gemstone- Diamond
what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year: 100 year anniversary cake

Recommended Gifts

  • Gifts- 10 Carat Diamond jewelry or accessories, or Engraved mementos such as a plaque, photo frame, or clock
  • Price- $75+
  • Meaning- The modern theme for a wedding anniversary celebrating a century together is to gift 10-carat diamond items. Such a gift symbolizes love, strength, and invisibility. May every happy couple out there strive towards this 100-year milestone.

Find The Perfect Anniversary Gift For Every Milestone!

After wondering what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, this is the ultimate buyer’s guide to keep on hand. As you and your lovely spouse approach another year well-spent together, you’ll now know the traditional and modern gift themes for all your upcoming milestones.

Best of luck and happy anniversary!


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