60 Date Night Ideas You’ll Definitely Want To Try

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Apr 30, 2021

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2021

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It’s time to take your date night ideas to the next level. Don’t just settle for another night on the couch surfing through your streaming platforms when there are so many other great ideas to consider.

Add some variety to your date nights by enjoying time with your significant other at home, outdoors, or even virtually. Not only will these date night ideas provide you with a fun new adventure or activity, but these ideas also won’t stress out your wallet.

We’ve compiled the top 60 date night ideas all couples should consider!

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60 Date Night Ideas

At Home Date Night Ideas

1. Cook A Three-Course Meal From Home

One of the best ways to save money is to stay at home. Why not bring a romantic dining experience directly to your own kitchen? Plan out your favorite dishes and desserts and enjoy the opportunity to cook with your partner. This date night idea is the perfect way to control both the menu and the budget!

couple cooking at home

2. Get Date Night Delivered 

Companies like Crated with Love make it easy and budget-friendly to have a regular date night, all from the comfort of your own home. Delivered monthly, their date night boxes include games and activities to keep you and your partner laughing and growing in your relationship together! 

crafted with love couple date night delivery

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3. Set Up Your Own Home Movie Theater

There’s nothing cozier than transforming a space into a home movie theater. Whether you have a fancy projector or you’re just using your TV, amplify your movie night with snacks, pillows, and blankets. Grab some snacks and your favorite drinks, gather your fluffiest pillows, and cuddle up together while you watch the movie of your choice. 

home movie theater date night from Drew Moerlein

4. Spa Night At Home 

This idea is intimate and so easy to pull off! All you need is some candles, facemasks, massage oil, and a serene Spotify playlist. You can go as simple or as grandeur as you’d both like. Spending time massaging your partner can help you both feel closer, connected, and more comfortable together.

couple's spa date night at home

5. Make Pizza From Scratch 

Buy or make some dough, then gather up your favorite toppings. Before you know it, you will have a tasty pizza, hot from the oven. Why even go back to delivery when you can perfect your own fresh recipe together!

man kneading dough

6. DIY/ Home Improvement Project

It’s time to get creative with some DIY projects. Create something new for your home or finally get around to that home improvement project you’ve been putting off. Either way, building a tangible thing together can be a great way to help build your relationship.

DIY home improvement project of man and woman

7. Karaoke Night

Transform your home into a nightclub complete with fun lights and epic music. Even if it’s just the two of you, karaoke night can still be a blast. Take turns singing your favorite silly songs or even work on your harmonies together with a duet.

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Romantic Date Night Ideas

8. Wine Tasting 

Do yourselves a favor and go wine tasting for your next date idea. Wine tasting is a romantic experience that you both will be dreaming of for years to come. Virgin Experience Gifts is a great place to discover food and drink experiences near you. Get ready to find your next favorite drink.

wine tasting with appetizers, cheeses, and fruits by Virgin Experience Gifts

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9. Have A Candle-Lit Dinner Off Of The Dollar Menu 

Sometimes a trip through the drive-through is all it takes to have a romantic night in. But there’s one catch. You can only order off of the dollar menu! Take home your dollar menu goodies, light some candles, dress to the nines, and make a romantic evening out of it. 

romantic date night at In-N-Out

10. Bubble Bath Night 

So simple, but so romantic. Grab your favorite bubble bath bubbles or bath bomb, and just relax! 

Bubble bath by Discover For Elsket

11. Recreate Your First Date

Yes, this idea might seem cheesy, but it can actually be a pretty sweet trip down memory lane. Recreating a first date will allow for you and your partner to reflect on how far your relationship has come and reminisce about that emotions or nerves that you both experienced on that very first date.

older couple recreating first date at ice cream shop

12. Breakfast In Bed

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can be the most meaningful and romantic. Take a step back from your busy schedule and enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed together.

13. Fly A Kite

Take your relationship to new heights by finding your nearest hill or beach for the best breeze to fly a kite. This date idea can be quite romantic, and you’ll find yourselves embracing your inner child.

couple flying a kite together

14. Fondue Night

For date night ideas like this one, you can decide to go out or stay in. Check out a nearby fondue location or simply set up some fun fondue dips at home. This romantic idea is quite versatile as you can enjoy a whole fondue dinner, or opt for a chocolate-dipping station if you’re solely in search of dessert.

fondue date night idea

Quarantine Date Night Ideas

15. Go Camping Indoors 

Save money on gas from driving to your favorite camping spot by opting to stay in instead! Set up a tent or roll out all the blankets and sleeping bags to make the ultimate cozy fort. This is the perfect quarantine adventure for all those couples looking to stay safe at home for their dates.

couple camping indoors with string lights, pillows, and candles

16. Plant A Garden 

Quarantined at home? Spring has sprung, and there’s no better way to celebrate this new season than to plant a garden together! Escape from the indoors and enjoy the idea of nurturing your very own plant life. To cut costs, purchase seeds instead of pre-grown plants. Then you both can watch your love grow as the season goes on. 

17. Cook Some S’mores 

One of our favorite ways to cook s’mores is actually in the oven. S’mores can be just as fun to make and enjoy inside. Plus, you won’t smell like smoke afterward. It’s a win-win! 

homemade s'mores for a date night

18. Painting Competition

Add some thrill to your quarantine by challenging your partner to a paint-off. Choose to follow an instructional video like one from Bob Ross or let your creative side run wild by painting your own creations. Once finished, have an unbiased audience decide the winner.

couple's painting competition in their home

19. Tidy-Up Your Space

With the increased time you’re spending at home, the overflowing closet or pile of random papers on your desk might be getting on your nerves. While this may not seem like the most glamorous of the date night ideas, cleaning with your partner can actually be a relaxing and rewarding experience once completed. Blast some tunes and enjoy tidying up!

20. Board Game Tournament

Scavenge your house and find all the board games you own. Line them up on the floor or table and let the gaming begin. After finishing one, move on to the next. Keep track of all your scores and see which one of you has the most board game wins by the end of the tournament. 

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21. Dye Each Other’s Hair

Since being in quarantine may feel quite repetitive, spice things up with a change in appearance. Embrace the spirit of adventure and try dying each other’s hair. Have some fun with this date idea by surprising your partner with the new hair color you’ve chosen for them.

22. Start Your Own Book Club

If you’re looking for some new activities to do together in quarantine, try picking up a new book. Starting up your own book club, even if it’s only between the two of you, can be a fun way to connect while also giving you something to talk about.

couple's book club with Station Eleven and The Things They Carried

Fun Date Night Ideas

23. Go To An Arcade 

Gather up your pennies and spare change. It’s time to hit the arcade! Let the giggles and childhood memories flood your conversation as you rewind time. Embrace some friendly competition by trying to beat all of your partner’s high scores. Or team up together and take turns on the machine with the highest jackpot for a chance to cash in on some top prizes.

couple shooting the basketball at Dave and Busters

24. Exercise Together 

When was the last time you laced up your tennis shoes and went for a jog? High school PE class? Trust us, exercising with your partner is so much fun. Not only are you both creating healthy habits, but you can set individual goals together, and support each other in becoming your best and healthiest selves. 

couple exercising together

25. Try Your Hand (Or Swing) At Golf 

Don’t worry if you both aren’t the golfing type. This date night idea is fun for pros and beginners alike. Take a swing at a driving range or even an indoor golf simulator. Trying new things together will always make for a fun bonding experience. Plus, if swinging a real golf club proves to be too difficult, mini golf dates can be enjoyable for all skill levels.

girl swinging at top golf

26. Take A Zoo Trip 

Besides the admission fee, this date is a budget-friendly option for a nice and slow afternoon. Take a stroll through your local zoo and prepare a picnic to take for lunch as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the park.

27. Play Poker With Candy As The Chips 

Enjoy a simple card game date night, but with a twist. All the poker chips are candy! Pick your favorite candies to use as poker chips and let the winner claim the delicious candy jackpot. Perhaps they’ll even want to share their winnings.

poker night using M&M's, Skittles, and Whoppers as poker chips

28. Shoot A Movie Or Record A Podcast

If you’re looking for some fun and unique date night ideas, try creating something new. Filming a movie together or recording a podcast can be a great way to share creative ideas and make a lasting memory together. Even if you have no intention of posting your creation, this date night will be a fun memory to look back on for years to come. 

29. Learn A Dance Routine

Whether you want to learn the choreography from the latest music video, go ballroom dancing, master a Tik Tok dance, or enjoy a game like Just Dance, dancing with your partner can be a super fun way to spend your date night.

30. Visit A Drive-In Movie Theatre

Embrace the movie theatre experience from the comfort of your own car. It’s a perfect way to get out of the house and enjoy a lovely summer night together under the stars. Plus, snacking is strongly encouraged. 

couple at a drive-in movie

Cheap Date Night Ideas

31. Grab Some Coffee 

This idea may seem simple, but it can provide a more relaxed location to spend some quality time together and chat. Explore the local coffee scene in your area or head over to that go-to café of yours. 

To truly enhance this experience, dig deep and try to get to know your partner even better. Keep your phones in your pockets and ask each other those staple getting-to-know-you questions as if you were on a first date all over again.

couple at a coffee shop holding hands

32. Go Thrift Shopping 

Equipped with $20 each, go shopping at your local Goodwill or thrift store. Your assignment is to pick out an outfit for your partner to wear for your upcoming date night! Got some money left over? Surprise your partner with a small, fun gift. You never know what awesome items you may find at a thrift store.

girl at a thrift store shopping
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33. Frozen Yogurt Run 

This frozen treat is satisfying for your sweet tooth and easy on your wallet. Instead of going out for a whole dinner and dessert, opt for just dessert. This way you can control how much you spend, without missing out on the memories! 

couple getting frozen yogurt together at Ono Yo treats

34. Cut Coupons 

While cutting coupons may not be for everyone, it can also be a fun tradition to incorporate into your schedules. Imagine sitting down every Sunday with your partner, a cup of coffee, and the Sunday newspaper to cut coupons for your weekly shopping trip. So sweet! 

35. Make Your Bucket Lists

This cute date idea requires no expenses, just your good ol’ imagination. Dream up your ideal bucket lists for places you want to go, sights you want to see, adventures you want to try, or even goals you wish to accomplish in your lifetime together. 

bucket list of the places someone wants to go

36. Write Each Other Love Letters

Use your date time to reflect on your relationship and how much your significant other means to you. Composing love letters for each other doesn’t cost a thing, but the experience and vulnerability recorded within the letters is certainly worth a whole lot. 

37. Test Drive Your Dream Cars

We all have a dream car with a price tag a bit out of our range. For this date idea, you and your partner can get behind the wheel of your dream vehicle. Testing out the car of your dreams can be an awesome, free experience, just don’t get suckered into buying it. 

Outdoor Date Night Ideas

38. Beach Day

Grab your towel and your flip-flops, it’s time to soak up some vitamin D! For all those beach couples, a day alongside the ocean can be so simple, yet so memorable. To save on cash, make it a day trip. Pack snacks for the drive to avoid unnecessary stops and prepare for a romantic picnic in the sand. 

couple lounging on the beach together

39. Explore A Local Trail

Sometimes just getting outside and exploring the great outdoors can lead to the perfect day! No matter where you’re located, trailheads are everywhere. Whether at a local park, creek, lake, or mountain range, you never know what amazing views or curious wildlife you might stumble upon on your adventure.

couple facing mountains as they hike together

40. Geocaching 

If you’ve never heard of it before, geocaching is the world’s biggest treasure hunt! This is a fun and free way to get out of the house and think outside of the box. Download the app, look up hints for the closest cache, and start your hunt. Just know, this date isn’t for the faint of heart and may take some energy and creative thinking to locate these hidden caches! 

box of someone geocaching

41. Stargazing

What’s more romantic than staring up at the infinite universe above you and taking in the beautiful starry night views with your significant other?

couple stargazing together

42. Visit A Local Farmer’s Market

Finding and exploring a farmer’s market near you can be a great way to get the freshest of foods all while finding new local businesses to support. If nothing else, it’s a nice experience to get outside, walk around with your partner, and see what all the different booths are offering.

local farmer's market with an assortment of fruits and vegetables

43. Kayaking

There’s nothing quite like paddling around your favorite lake or pond with your significant other. Choose a tandem option or rent a kayak for each of you and enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the water.

couple kayaking together

44. Have A Bonfire

The perfect nighttime date can be as simple as heading into your backyard and starting a bonfire. Cuddle up by the fire and enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors. 

couple dancing by their bonfire

45. Find A Rooftop Bar

Rooftop bars offer a fun and unique location to enjoy late night drinks and snacks. Get a change of perspective by taking in the city view from up high while enjoying a lovely outdoor experience with your partner.

couple having drinks on a rooftop bar

Virtual Date Night Ideas

46. Talk Through Your Dream Honeymoon (For Real Or For Fun!)

Whether you and your partner are preparing to plan your real honeymoon destination or you simply enjoy imagining grand trips, this date idea is a fun one to plan together from anywhere. If you can’t be physically together, then call or FaceTime each other and let the trip planning begin.

Dreaming up your future trips together can be exciting and a mini escape from your busy day-to-day. It’s you and your partner’s time to shine as professional travel agents by creating that dream vacation or honeymoon of yours, even if it’s just pretend.

couple kissing at a resort outside

47. Take A Virtual Museum Tour

As many attractions and experiences have been closed or regulated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many museums have begun offering virtual tours online. Find a museum you’ve always wanted to visit and enjoy a virtual tour with your significant other.

a museum tour featured by Viator Travel

48. Partake In Virtual Yoga

Start your days off right with a yoga routine. Even if you and your partner have to do this virtually, enjoying a new hobby together like yoga can be a great way to spend your dates.

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49. Do A Virtual Escape Room

If you and your partner enjoy puzzles and brain teasers, you may also enjoy solving your way through an escape room. Recently, virtual escape rooms have become increasingly popular and serves as a fun date night idea to enjoy safely from home. 

virtual escape room by Wildly Different

50. Play Online Video Games

Even if distance stands in the way of you and your partner, you can still Facetime or use Discord to chat while you play video games online. Video games such as the Jackbox Party Games or Among Us are fun ways to virtually enjoy each other’s company even when apart.

51. Virtual Movie And Dinner Date

For more date night ideas to help you feel closer together, consider coordinating a virtual date where you watch the same movie and eat the same food. Services like Netflix Party can make it easy to coordinate your viewing experience. 

girl having a virtual movie date night Facetiming her boyfriend

Try It Now: Netflix Party

52. Browse For Pets Online

Whether you’re in the market for a furry friend or you simply love animals, have you and your partner virtually browse through the websites of pet stores or animal shelters to admire all the adorable animals available.

Creative Date Night Ideas

53. Go Fruit Picking 

Fruit picking is a more unique way to spend your date. Use this opportunity to learn more about your partner, and even learn something new about the fruit you’re picking, too. To spice up this date idea, make it a photoshoot. Pose together amid the field or orchard and show off what you’ve picked.

couple picking apples together

54. Volunteer 

This option is perfect for those who want to give back to their communities. The overwhelming need for helping hands for local organizations is often overlooked in our hectic lives. Use your date time with your partner to volunteer together for a wholesome experience neither of you will regret.

couple volunteering together

55. Random Acts Of Kindness 

Whether it is paying for the person’s coffee behind you in line at Starbucks, or taping quarters to parking meters to make a stranger’s day, random acts of kindness are a sweet way to spend the day with your partner. 

56. Scrapbooking

Gather up your best pictures and get creative with a scrapbook of memories from your past dates and adventures together. This date idea can be a fun reminder of your past as you create a beautiful book of memories in the process to enjoy and add to for years to come.

polaroid photos of a couple and their memories together

57. Watch The Sunset

Spend some time with your partner tracking down the best sunset viewing spots in your area. Test out a new location every day, every week, or every month and try to capture all of its color and beauty on camera. 

couple watching the sunset together

58. Find Poetry Readings

Try something new and track down a poetry slam near you. Poetry readings can be a fun, unique, and inspirational experience. If you’re feeling creative yourself and the location is open mic, have some fun and recite some poetry of your own. 

59. Hunt For The Best Food Trucks

Food trucks are a unique dining experience that can be found all over large cities. Go explore the food truck offerings around your area. With each food truck you and your partner try, start rating and ranking your meals. Over time, you’ll collect an awesome list of your new favorite foods and treats.

couple diving into food at a food truck

60. Take the Date Night Quiz

None of these date night ideas feel right? Or perhaps you can’t decide on just one idea? Use our date night quiz to help you realize the perfect date night for you and your partner! 

Start Planning Your Date!

With all these new date night ideas now in mind, we hope you’re inspired to start planning your next big date. Or even a few weeks worth of dates.

Date night ideas shouldn’t have to be expensive to be memorable. By getting creative with your adventures, trying new activities with your partner, or picking up a new hobby together, you’re bound to experience unique and fun quality time with one another no matter where you live and no matter what your budget may look like.


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