Top 35 1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas & Celebrations

Alison Zeller

Published: May 6, 2021

Last Updated: May 11, 2021

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Happy Anniversary! You’ve made it to your 1 year anniversary—congratulations! The first year has probably been a mixed bag of excitement and challenges. For most, it’s a year marked by growing as individuals and as a couple. No matter the ups and downs, it’s time to celebrate!

What kind of gift will show how much you care about your spouse? Check out all of our ideas below. There are options for every type of person and every budget.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. When you make a purchase we may receive a small commission at no extra expense to our readers.

What Is The Traditional 1 Year Anniversary Gift?

You may be surprised to find out that paper is the traditional 1 year anniversary gift. It may sound strange, but many believe that paper is a symbol for the “blank pages” that are awaiting you in your life as a couple. 

Some also say that paper is the traditional gift because it comes from trees, which are symbolic of a new marriage because a large tree grows from a tiny seed that’s nurtured and loved.

If you’re on board with the paper tradition, you might want to frame a pair of concert tickets from your first date as a sentimental 1 year anniversary gift. You could also hire an artist to do a paper sketch of a wedding photo or the first home you’re sharing together.

But, if you’re not too excited about giving paper to your spouse, don’t worry. There’s no rule saying you have to follow tradition! We’ve got 35 ideas below that are sure to make the perfect 1 anniversary gift for your special someone. 

35 First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas & Celebrations

Memorable 1-Year Anniversary Gifts

1. Classic Jewelry

Your wife will love a piece of handcrafted jewelry from Gabriel & Co. The jeweler offers necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in timeless styles. With prices ranging from $50 and up, you are sure to find a perfect piece that she’ll wear forever.

Gabriel & Co jewelry

Shop Now: Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

2. A Personalized Star Map

Commemorate your 1 year anniversary with a map that shows exactly how the stars aligned on your special day. Twinkle In Time prints an 18″ x 24″ map of the stars on any specific date and in any location. You can even add a special message to your map. Get the map for just $55 or add a frame to your map and pay $125.

Twinkle in Time star map

Shop Now: Personalized Star Map

3. A Pushpin World Map

Plan your future travels and remember where you’ve been with this customized world map. Your names and anniversary date are printed on the framed map. It comes with 100 black pushpins, so you can start with your wedding and honeymoon locations, and keep the adventures going for years to come. Pick it up for $149.

Pushpin customized world map by Uncommon Goods

Shop Now: Pushpin World Map

4. An Anniversary Journal

Record your 1 year anniversary and every blissful year of marriage that follows with this anniversary journal. There’s space to add photos, record memories, and write down your aspirations for the future. Get this classic design with high-quality paper for $85.

Anniversary journal by Uncommon Goods

Shop Now: Anniversary Journal

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5. Wooden Art Representing Your Wedding Song

This gift turns your wedding song into a wooden wall sculpture. The artist handcrafts each piece of wood and together, the pieces form the exact sound wave of your song. You can choose to recreate a snippet, the chorus, or the entire song. Prices start at $160.

Wooden wall sculpture representing wedding song

Shop Now: Custom Song Wood Art

6. Wood And Cork City Map

Give your spouse a visually stunning way to remember your proposal or your wedding. This piece of art features a laser-cut wooden map of your favorite locale on a cork background. It also includes six heart pins so you can mark the exact locations that mean the most to you as a couple. Bring home this heartfelt 1 year anniversary gift for $175.

Laser-cut wood and cork city map

Show Now: Personalized Wood Cut City Map

7. Customized Wedding Dress Sketch

Treat your wife to a customized sketch of her wedding dress on your one year anniversary. All you have to do is send in a picture of her dress, select a sketch from one of their packages (or you can create your own), and they’ll ship it to you within 2 days.

Shop Now: Dream Lines

8. 1 Year Anniversary Sundial

Are you looking for an incredibly unique 1 year anniversary gift? This metal sundial is it! It’s made with brass using the traditional sand casting process. Then it’s painted and lacquered for an elegant finish. It would make a memorable addition to your spouse’s garden or display shelf. Prices on Etsy start at $85.

anniversary metal sundial

Shop Now: Sundial

9. Anniversary Gift Clock

Mark every second that’s passed since your wedding day with this 1 year anniversary gift clock. You’ll see three clock faces—one showing the years, one showing the months and days, and one showing the hours, minutes, and seconds. Set the date of your wedding and the clock will automatically be set to the amount of time you’ve been married. Find it on Etsy for $349.99.

Anniversary gift clock on Etsy

Shop Now: Anniversary Gift Clock

10. Wine Club Subscription

Surprise your sweetie with a wine club subscription on your one year anniversary. Each month, you can receive four bottles of specially-curated wine right on your doorstep. Plus, you’ll get access to a virtual wine party with the wine expert of the month. Sign up for Eater Wine Club for $110, taxes and shipping included.

wine club subscription by Eater

Shop Now: Eater Wine Club Subscription

Anniversary Gifts On A Budget

11.  The Adventure Challenge

Don’t let your second year of marriage get boring! For only $40, you can set you and your spouse up with a year’s worth of adventurous dates. The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition is a book that gives you 50 scratch-off date ideas like making an apple pie blindfolded or re-creating your grandparent’s first date. It includes space to put a photo of your date and write down a few notes about the adventures of the night.  

the adventure challenge book

Shop Now: Adventure Challenge Book

12. Create-Your-Own Reel Viewer

Remember reel viewers? They’re still around! Make your spouse cry happy tears with this sentimental 1 year anniversary gift. Fill the reel with seven photos from your wedding or from your first year of marriage. Order it for just $29.95.

create-your-own reel viewer

Shop Now: Reel Viewer

13. Personalized Four-Across Game

If your spouse loves family game night, this four-across game is the perfect gift for your one year anniversary. For $85, you can customize it with both of your names, the date of your wedding, or even your wedding hashtag. It’s carved from maple wood that’s as beautiful as it is functional.  

personalized wooden four-across game

Shop Now: Personalized Four-Across Game

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14. Matching Bracelets

Symbolize your ongoing love and connection on your one year anniversary with matching bracelets. These bracelets are handmade In Germany with onyx gemstones and a tie closure so you both get the perfect fit. Personalize the bracelets by adding your names, initials, or wedding date. Find them on Etsy for $13.

matching bracelets for your one year anniversary on Etsy

Shop Now: Partner Bracelets

15. Personalized Wooden Clock

Personalize this wooden clock with your wedding date and you’ll add a heartfelt timepiece to your home. There’s room to add both of your names, too. The clock is laser-cut and coated with a protective varnish to make it last for many years to come. Find this 1 year anniversary gift in the Maison Creation Shop on Etsy for $45.

Personalized wooden clock with wedding date on Etsy

Shop Now: Personalized Wooden Clock

16. Magic Wooden Box

PIck up this gift for a romantic addition to your 1 year anniversary celebration. The magic wooden box uses a small candle to project your custom message onto a wall in a dark room. Personalize it with your initials or a simple “I love you.” You can find it on Etsy for $35. 

Magic wooden box with initials on Etsy

Shop Now: Magic Wooden Box

17. Plant A Tree

You and your spouse may choose to celebrate your 1 year anniversary by helping out your favorite cause. Why not plant a “couple” of trees? With Trees for a Change, you can sponsor the planting of two trees in a US National Forest for $45. You’ll receive a certificate, plus photos and information about where the trees were planted. 

Plant a tree with Trees for a Change

Shop Now: Personalized Tree Gift

18. Name Two Stars

Naming stars is one of the most enchanting 1 year anniversary gifts. Every time you and your spouse gaze up at the sky, you can find your two stars sitting side-by-side. Go through Star Register to name your stars and you’ll get a four-piece gift set, too. 

Naming stars for your one year anniversary through Star Register

Shop Now: Star Register

19. Photo Book

Don’t let your wedding photos just sit on your cloud drive. Put them into a beautiful book in honor of your 1 year anniversary! At Artifact Uprising, you can pick from a variety of sizes and book designs. You’ll get up to 150 pages of clear, vivid photos in a hardcover book. Prices start at $69.

Shop Now: Hardcover Photo Book

20. Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Want to be able to show your special someone that you’re thinking of them, even from miles away? Get these long distance touch bracelets as a 1 year anniversary gift. When one bracelet is touched, the other one lights up and vibrates. They come in several band colors, and they’re even waterproof! You can order a pair of bracelets for $108.

Shop Now: Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Anniversary Gifts For Him

21. An Experience He’ll Never Forget

The perfect 1 year anniversary gift? A once-in-a-lifetime chance for your hubby to experience the adventure of his dreams! Virgin Experience Gifts offers classes and tours in cities across the United States. Just to name a few of the options, your man can learn to fly a helicopter, go on a Nascar ride along, or fly fish his way down the Provo River. Many of the adventures cost below $100.

one year anniversary Virgin Experience Gifts

Shop Now: Virgin Experience Gifts

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22. Personalized Pocket Watch

If your man enjoys the finer things in life, a pocket watch makes a great 1 year anniversary gift. With just the right details and design, this personalized pocket watch from Etsy will match your husband’s style perfectly. Choose from 28 monogram styles and several options for customizing the engraved text. Prices start at $32.95.

Personalized pocket watch on Etsy

Shop Now: Personalized Mechanical Pocket Watch

23. Whiskey Cocktail Kit

Does your man love to relax with a smooth glass of whiskey? This whiskey cocktail kit comes with everything he needs to create 36 uniquely flavored drinks at home—just add whiskey! The sleek packaging and manly feel of this kit make it a great choice for your one year anniversary. Find it at Williams Sonoma for $74.95.

Whiskey cocktail kit for him

Shop Now: Whiskey Cocktail Kit

24. Personalized Pocket Knife

If you and your man have a thing for rustic settings, this gift is perfect for your 1 year anniversary. The custom pocket knife is a practical gift that will remind your husband of your love and connection. You can personalize the knife’s wood overlay with up to three lines of text. Order it on Etsy for $24.99.

Personalized wooden pocket knife

Shop Now: Personalized Pocket Knife

25. Whiskey Gift Set

Check out this gift set for the husband who loves whiskey, bourbon, or scotch. This 1 year anniversary gift set comes in an engraved wooden box and includes two crystal-cut glasses, six stainless steel cooling stones, and two slate coasters. It’s a luxurious gift that he’s sure to love! Order it from Frederick James Gifts on Etsy for $49.99.

Whiskey gift set for him by Frederick James Gifts

Shop Now: Whiskey Gift Set

1 Year Anniversary Date Ideas

26. A Romantic Food Tour

Enjoy eating and drinking your way through your favorite city on your 1 year anniversary. Virgin Experience Gifts offers tours for all kinds of foodies. Take a walking food tour, attend a murder mystery dinner, or book an exotic dinner for the evening. Browse through their choices to find the perfect date in your city, or pick an experience in a different city and plan a weekend getaway. These date experiences start at $38.

Virgin Experience Gifts romantic food tour for one year anniversary

Book Now: Food & Drink Experience Gifts

27. Crated With Love

Let Crated with Love plan the perfect date night at home for your 1 year anniversary. Pick your theme and they’ll send a date box right to your doorstep. Pick from themes like “Our Ancient Odyssey” and “Stranded in Love.” (Their “The Awkward Years” box may even give you flashbacks of a neon-themed wedding.) Inside, you’ll get up to six date night activities that will give you a few hours of fun at home while strengthening your relationship. Order one box for $39.99 or get a 3-month subscription for $135.

Crafted with Love date box for anniversary

Shop Now: Date Night Boxes

28. Online Cooking Class

There’s no need to order take-out on your 1 year anniversary—take this online cooking class instead! Sur La Table offers fully interactive classes that are led by expert chefs and teachers. Choose from “Tuscan Steak Night,” “Italian Seafood Night,” “Decadent Chocolate Macarons,” and dozens of other classes. Plus, the teachers provide a shopping list ahead of time so you and your partner will have all of the ingredients on hand. Most classes cost $29.

Sur La Table online cooking class for him and her

Shop Now: Online Cooking Classes

29. A Dining Cruise

If you got married on the beach, you already know there’s something incredibly romantic about being on the water. Book a dining cruise to take advantage of this special setting on your 1 year anniversary. Virgin Experience Gifts offers cruises in cities across the United States like New York, Philadelphia, Newport Beach, and more. You can cruise for brunch, lunch, or dinner. The experiences start at $42.

Virgin Experience Gifts dining cruise

Book Now: Dining Cruises

30. Airbnb Experience

Airbnb isn’t just for overnight trips. You can book exciting date-night adventures on the site, too. Check out walking tours, art classes, animal adventures, and more led by local experts. If the pandemic forced you to have a virtual wedding, consider inviting a few of your closest friends along and celebrating your one year anniversary with a group experience. There are dozens of options for under $50.

Airbnb date-night adventure for one year anniversary

Book Now: Airbnb Experiences

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31. A Mixology Class

Celebrate your 1 year anniversary by learning how to whip up a new cocktail! On Cozymeal’s virtual platform, you’ll find more than 60 interactive mixology classes. Grab your honey and make anything from ice cream cocktails to classic margaritas! A professional mixologist sends out an ingredient list well in advance and answers any questions you have throughout the online class. Book your date-night class for $19.

Cozymeal mixology class for couples

Book Now: Online Mixology Classes

32. Private Chef Experience

Elevate your 1 year anniversary date with a private in-home chef experience. Cozymeal makes it possible to find culinary experts in more than a dozen of the most popular cities across the country. It’s as easy as booking a time and choosing a cuisine. The chef will buy the ingredients, bring all the necessary kitchen equipment, cook your meal, and even clean up after dinner! Prices start around $200 for a meal for two.

Cozymeal private in-home chef experience for anniversary

Book Now: Cozy Meals

33. Brewery Tour

If you’re a couple that has a thirst for craft beer, go out for a brewery tour on your 1 year anniversary. Many breweries will allow you to tour their facilities for free and even taste-test some samples at the end of your tour. For the ultimate experience, though, find a tour group that will drive you around your city to experience the local history of brewing and see the new microbreweries that are popping up everywhere.

City brew tours brewery tours for couples

Book Now: City Brew Tours

34. Spa Getaway

Book a day (or weekend!) of pampering for yourself and your sweetie at a spa resort. The romantic possibilities are endless with this getaway. Relax during a couple’s massage and lounge in the hot tub, or spend time together in a private lodge. If you’re on the west coast, check out the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. It’s won numerous awards for value and cuisine. No matter what city you’re in, the cost for spa rooms and treatments vary, so you’re sure to find something that matches the budget you have for your 1 year anniversary gift.

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa getaway for anniversary

Book Now: Spa Getaway

35. Visit The Spot Where You First Met

Remember the time when sparks first flew between you and your spouse with a celebration at the spot where you met. Plan a picnic lunch or a sunset date with wine and desserts. If you’re a really adventurous couple, make the date a surprise and keep your partner blindfolded until you arrive at the location.

Picnic Paradise Ottawa picnic spot for couples

The First Of Many Anniversaries To Come

Marking your 1 year anniversary memorable with a heartfelt, intentional gift and date can set the tone for the many anniversaries that are still to come in the life of your marriage. Reflect on the connection you have with your spouse. What type of gift would represent your relationship best? What type of date would they enjoy the most? Take the time to make a heartfelt choice and you won’t go wrong.


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