60 Best Examples: What To Write In A Wedding Card

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Published: Apr 5, 2022

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2023

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Getting invited to a wedding can be incredibly exciting, but now you have to figure out what you’ll wear, who you’ll bring, and what to write in a wedding card. Luckily, figuring out what to say in a wedding card doesn’t have to be overly difficult. As long as you speak from the heart, show your personality, and wish the newlyweds well, you’re definitely on the right track!

From funny wedding cards, religious wedding cards, wedding thank you notes, and more, here’s the ultimate guide of examples for what to write in a wedding card.

What Is A Wedding Card?

A wedding card is a sweet piece of stationery that expresses a friend, family member, or guest’s congratulatory messages to the newlyweds. Traditionally these cards are given to the bride and groom at the wedding reception along with any gifts, or they can be sent in the mail close to the wedding date. Ultimately, the challenge is figuring out exactly what to write in a wedding card.

There are many ways to say congratulations from store-bought wedding cards to homemade messages. This card is your chance to celebrate the new couple and wish them well as they embark on their new journey together.

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What To Write In A Wedding Card: 60 Examples

Casual Wedding Card Wishes 

If you want to keep your message casual, here are a few examples of what to write in a wedding card that can work for nearly every wedding you’ll attend. These go-to lines are heartful and effective without being overly generic.

1. “Wishing the two of you a life full of happiness together!”

2. “Cheers to a long and wonderful marriage. Congratulations!”

3. “We’re so happy to be able to share this special day with you! Congratulations to you both!”

4. “May your greatest adventure yet start today. Best wishes!”

5. “What a beautiful day for a celebration. Happy wedding day! May your marriage be long and joyous!”

6. “Wishing both of you the absolute best as you begin a new chapter in your lives!”

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What To Write In A Bridal Shower Card

As you’re preparing to attend a bridal shower, instead of thinking about what to write in a wedding card, you’ll want your bridal shower card to be addressed specifically to the bride. Bridal showers are typically reserved for the bridal party or close friends and family. So, since you likely know the bride well, feel free to write messages of both love and humor as you share a fun memory and wish your friend the best in the weeks leading up to her big day.

7. “From Miss to Mrs., you’ve certainly come a long way, and I’m glad I’m able to share this moment with you!”

8. “It’s almost time to marry the [man/ woman] of your dreams, and I’ve never seen you happier. Wishing you a joyous celebration leading up to your wedding day!”

9. “Congratulations to the beautiful bride-to-be! So beyond excited to celebrate your milestone!”

10. “To the incredible future bride, it’s an honor to share this special moment with you. Wishing you the absolute best in life as you embark on this beautiful new journey with [Spouse’s Name].” 

11. “You deserve to be showered with love today. We hope you have a wonderful party, and we wish you the best in your marriage.”

12. “Congratulations to the future Mrs. [Last Name]! Wishing you the best as you prepare for your big day!”

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What To Write In A Wedding Card For A Friend

So, your friend is getting married and you’re wondering what to say in a wedding card for them. Try making your message personal and sentiment as you express your congratulations while recognizing how important your friend is to you.

13. “From growing up on the playground to supporting you at the altar, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Congratulations, my friend!”

14. “Wishing you two the best in life, and happy to be gaining a new friend. I’m so glad you two found each other!”

15. “From graduations to first jobs, we’ve celebrated a lot of great achievements over the years, but this one might be the best one yet. Congratulations on your wedding!”

16. “So proud of you, buddy. Feels just like yesterday we were building houses out of blocks and now you’re building a real home with your soulmate. Wishing you two the best!”

17. “I’m so incredibly excited to be a special part of your special day. Congratulations, my friend. I truly mean it when I say you’ve found your perfect match!”

18. “Best wishes from your best friend! So happy for the two of you!”

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What To Write In A Wedding Card For Your Family 

When it comes to figuring out what to put in a wedding card for a family member, try speaking from the heart. You’ve likely known this person for the majority of your life, and awaiting their wedding day means something big for both you and them. Tell them this with lines such as the ones below.

19. “I’m honored to call you both my family. Wishing you the best in your beautiful marriage!”

20. “It’s a beautiful day to celebrate love and expand our ever-growing family. Best wishes!”

21. “So excited that the two of you found your soulmate. Congratulations and welcome to the family!”

22. “We’re so lucky to be a part of your big day and have you both become a part of our family. Congratulations!”

23. “Wishing you two lovely individuals a very joyous wedding day as we celebrate love, family, and happiness!”

24. “Today we welcome another incredible member into our family and we couldn’t be happier about it. Congratulations to the two of you!”

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What To Write In Wedding Thank You Cards

For the happy couple who just got married, shortly after your wedding day and honeymoon it’ll become time to write your wedding thank you cards. These cards are your opportunity to call out each and every one of your guests to thank them for their presence, their support, and any wedding gifts they may have given. For thank you cards, it’s best to be as specific as possible.

25. “It was so thoughtful of you to gift us dinner reservations from our honeymoon registry. Thank you for the lovely gift, and thank you so much for celebrating with us!”

26. “We couldn’t imagine our wedding day without you. You have the best dance moves around. Thank you for helping make our wedding so memorable!”

27. “Thank you for playing a big part in our wedding day! We couldn’t have pulled it off without you.”

28. “We were so glad you could join us for our wedding ceremony. Thank you for attending, and thank you for the floral glass pitcher. We can’t wait to serve drinks from it!”

29. “It meant so much to both of us to see your smiling face grace our wedding day celebration. We hope you had just as much fun as we did!”

30. “Your presence at our wedding meant the world to us. Thank you for your love and support today and always!”

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What To Write In A Wedding Card – Funny

Perhaps you were born with a natural sense of humor and wish for your hilarious personality to shine brightly with your personalized card for a funny wedding. If that’s the case, here are some funny options for what to put in a wedding card:

31. “I’m told the key to a long marriage is to never continue a Netflix show without your partner. Best of luck!”

32. “Hope we lit up the dance floor enough for you on your big day. Can’t wait to see it in the wedding video. Congratulations!”

33. “Happy wedding day to two people so in love, it makes me sick. But, congratulations!”

34. “Congratulations, you did it! Only took you guys ten years, but you finally did it!”

35. “Thanks for inviting me to the party, I love free food! Oh, and congratulations!”

36. “Had a great time eating and drinking while you two were busy getting married. Thanks for the invite! Congrats!”

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What To Write In A Wedding Shower Card

If you’re planning to attend a wedding shower, it’s time to start thinking about what to say in a wedding card for a shower. You’ll want the accompanying card to reference your excitement for the happy couple leading up to their big day. You may also choose to write about the wedding shower gift you brought within the card and explain why you think they’d love it.

37. “Mr. and Mrs. [Last Name] certainly has a nice ring to it. Congratulations!”

38. “Hope you have a very merry wedding shower. Can’t wait to celebrate the real thing in just a few weeks!”

39. “Love is a beautiful thing. Congratulations on finding ‘the one’!”

40. “Today’s all about you! Congratulations to two of the best people I’ve ever met!”

41. “We can’t wait to watch you exchange your official ‘I do’s, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this pre-wedding present.”

42. “Wishing you two the best as you embark on your next journey together.”

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Religious Wedding Card Wishes

Wedding ceremonies stem from religious roots, so if you’re attending a traditional wedding ceremony and are trying to determine what to write in a wedding card that’s spiritual and serious in tone, here are some helpful ideas.

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43. “May God bless your marriage on this joyous day as we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Congratulations to you both!”

44. “Love is a wonderful blessing. May you both cherish each other by supporting the other through faith and love.”

45. “Mazel Tov on your marriage! Wishing you both endless joy as you fill your life with faith and love.”

46. “‘Love is patient. Love is kind… It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.’ – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8”

47. “May the love and happiness you feel today only deepen over the years. Congratulations! May God bless your hearts and marriage.”

48. “Wishing you a blessed marriage full of faith, love, and trust.”

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What To Write In A Wedding Card For Your Daughter Or Son

Attention all parents, your daughter or son’s wedding day is likely a big deal for you as well. Their special day is the day you extend your family and welcome in a new daughter-in-law or son-in-law. Wondering what to say in a wedding card as a parent? Express the joy you’re feeling and how happy you are to welcome their spouse as one of your own.

49. “Today isn’t just your wedding day, it’s the day we gain an incredible [daughter/ son]. Congratulations to you both! We love you!”

50. “As you were growing up, you always dreamed aloud about your wedding day. I can’t believe that day is finally here. I’m beyond proud of you on this special day. May your marriage be long and fulfilling.”

51. “It’s every father’s dream to walk his daughter down the aisle. I’m so excited that that great honor is today. Thank you for making me a father, and congratulations on this big milestone!”

52. “Today is an emotional day for all of us, in the best possible way. We couldn’t be happier that you’ve found someone as wonderful as [Spouse’s Name] to share the rest of your life with!”

53. “What a beautiful day to celebrate your big day! With our deepest love, we wish you both the very best in life and are thrilled to welcome a new [daughter/ son] into our family.”

54. “This day means the world to us. We are so thrilled to see you both so happy, and ecstatic to welcome a new [daughter/ son] into our lives!”

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What To Write In A Wedding Card For Your Sibling

You grew up together, now you’re about to witness this next pivotal milestone in their lives as they take on marriage. You may even play an important wedding day role for your sibling, too. When it comes to what to put in a wedding card for your brother or sister, speak from the heart, discuss your memories together, and express how proud and excited you are for them as they start a family of their own.“I’ve always wanted a [brother/ sister], and now I’m thrilled to say I finally have one! Congratulations to both of you!”

55. “Today’s the day you gain a spouse and I gain a sibling. I couldn’t be happier for you guys! Congratulations!”

56. “I can’t believe my little [brother/ sister] is getting married! Congratulations to you and my new [brother/ sister-in-law]. Welcome to the family!”

57. “I’m grateful to be able to welcome a new sibling into my life. May your marriage be full of love and joy! Congratulations!”

58. “So happy to witness my [brother/ sister] marry the person of their dreams. Congratulations on your marriage!”

59. “Wishing you both endless amounts of love and happiness. Congratulations and welcome to the family! We’re so excited for you both.”

60. “I’ve always wanted a [brother/ sister], and now I’m thrilled to say I finally have one! Congratulations to both of you!”

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Wedding Card Wishes: Does And Don’ts

What To Write In A Wedding Card: Do’s

As you’re creating a lovely draft of what to say in a wedding card, you’ll definitely want to follow these quick tips below to ensure your writing’s on the right path.

  1. Do keep the message short and sweet
  2. Do include both names of the couple
  3. Do make a reference to a long and happy future
  4. Do make it handwritten
  5. Do express gratitude for the invite 
  6. Do make it personal

What To Write In A Wedding Card: Don’ts

In order to truly understand what to write in a wedding card, you must also know what not to say or do. Keep your cards as neat as possible by following these tips of what to avoid in your sweet wedding card messages.

  1. Don’t overuse the same words such as “congratulations”
  2. Don’t use colored or bleeding pens or sharpies
  3. Don’t close the card too soon or the ink can smudge 
  4. Don’t only address one member of the couple 

Now Write That Wedding Card!

Now that you’ve read over some tips and examples of what to write in a wedding card, we hope you’ve found the wording you need for any upcoming wedding celebrations on the horizon. 

Each wedding you attend will take on a different meaning for you depending upon your relationship with the newlyweds. Feel free to reference these examples often to help guide you through the process of what to say in a wedding card!


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