Wedding Season: How To Plan The Perfect Wedding During The Most Popular Wedding Months

Jon Tittmann

Published: Apr 5, 2021

Last Updated: May 14, 2022

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Planning to get married during peak wedding season? We don’t blame you. Peak wedding season is popular for a reason thanks to the warm weather, blue skies, outdoor venues, farm-to-table menus, lawn games, and tons of blooming flowers options to decorate your venue.

But planning a wedding during the most popular months to get married comes with its own set of challenges. For one thing, it can be more expensive and competitive to book venues. Not to mention, you might be competing with some of your other engaged friends who are trying to capitalize on the good weather for wedding dates.

Don’t worry. There are still plenty of strategies for planning the perfect wedding during peak wedding season. Before diving into our tips for peak season wedding planning, it’s worth giving some extra though having an off-peak wedding, as there can be some perks.

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When Is Wedding Season?

In the U.S., peak wedding season starts in May and carries on through October with the most popular months to get married being June, September, and October. December and February are also popular due to their proximity to the holidays and Valentine’s day.

But while these are the most popular months to get married according to national averages, peak wedding months actually vary from region to region.

In the warmer climates of the South, Southwest, and Midwest, peak wedding season is in the spring and the fall in order to avoid the heat of June, July, and August. Meanwhile, mountain weddings, whether they be in the Rockies or the Adirondacks, typically take place in the summer. Weddings in the Northeast actually see a rise in frequency toward the end of summer in September and October when temperatures drop a bit, but the skies stay blue. 

couple getting married

Perks Of Weddings During Off-Season

Off-peak months include January, March, April, and November. Even though these months are less popular, they still can be great months for a wedding.

These months often see cheaper venue and service prices. You might also be able to save on travel costs for your guests (and your honeymoon) if you schedule your wedding during a less frequented travel month. Not to mention, winter themed weddings can also be extremely romantic and beautiful.

However, your venue options will be more limited to indoor spaces due to the cold in the winter. That’s one reason why so many people opt for weddings during the warmer months, where weather is a bit more predictable and hospitable. So, if you’re looking to book an outdoor venue or get out on the beach, then go for it. It’s your day, and it deserves to be perfect.

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Getting Married During Popular Wedding Months, Broken Down By Season

Spring Weddings

Spring screams romance. With blooming flowers, the anticipation of warmer weather to come, and the sense of freshness and renewal that comes with spring, it makes perfect sense that spring is when peak wedding season officially kicks off. In fact, May is one of the top 5 most popular wedding months of the year.

couple getting married in the spring

Why Is Spring Ideal For Weddings?

Natural Beauty

For starters, spring is inherently beautiful. In fact, spring is so naturally beautiful that you’ll probably be able to find some amazing outdoor venues that don’t even need that much decoration work. Plus, spring basically goes hand in hand with the theme of new beginnings, which is perfect for starting your lifelong partnership.

Excited Guests

Another reason to have a spring wedding is that people are generally in high spirits. Having officially made it through the cold, hard winter, your guests will be psyched to be kicking off their summers with an awesome wedding celebration. 

Flowers In Bloom 

In springtime, flowers will be in full bloom. You’ll have many flower options to choose from when putting together your wedding bouquets and choosing the flowers you want to use to decorate your venue.

Peonies, pansies, azaleas, cherry blossoms, roses, tulips, and daffodils are all in season come spring.

More Available Guests

With the popularity of summer weddings, it’s likely you’ll be able to get a higher turnout from your friends for a wedding a bit earlier in the year. So, if you’re into pastel color palettes, not-too-hot and not-too-cold weather, and elegant wedding themes, then look no further than spring.

Cons Of Spring Weddings

Unpredictable Weather

One thing to keep in mind about a spring wedding is that weather can often be a bit more unpredictable than the summer and autumn months. Although May is typically less rainy than April, you still might be subject to a random downpour here or there. In fact, if you’re getting married far enough north, you might even see some snow during these months. 

couple getting married in the rain


You’ll also have to watch out for allergies in the spring. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t get runny noses and puffy eyes during the onset of the season, but if you are, just keep in mind that your wedding day will probably be one of the most photographed days of your life. You’ll look beautiful no matter what, but no one wants to be sneezing up at the altar.

More Expensive Venues

Also keep in mind that in the spring, the prices of venues and other wedding services may start to be creeping up. Given that May is one of the more popular months to get married, it’s likely that vendors will be spiking their prices in anticipation of the coming popular wedding months. The prices may not be quite at peak season status yet, but they’ll be creeping close.

Which States Are Best For Spring Weddings 

While weather across the U.S. is typically pretty unreliable in the springtime, some states and regions will have more promising weather than others. Typically southern states such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and even Delaware will have lovely springs. Daily averages for temperature in these states tend to hover between 60 and 80 degrees and for the most part, these states are more immune to the inevitable showers of early spring.

How To Prepare For A Spring Wedding 

Have your heart set on a spring wedding? Here are some things you’ll want to consider going in planning your wedding.

Lean Into Spring Themes 

From color palettes to decorations and attire, spring has some natural themes that you’ll want to consider. For the most part, spring theme colors include lighter, more delicate colors. Spring brings with it a sense of playfulness, growth, and newness, and you can draw on these themes to craft your wedding aesthetic and experience. 

spring wedding season flowers

Menu Options

Make sure to do some research on what food is in season—especially the fruits and vegetables. You can come up with some really creative, tasty, spring inspired wedding menus. At the same time, don’t feel limited by whatever’s in season. Staples like fish, chicken, and potatoes are available year-round, and pretty much taste good in every season.

Indoor / Outdoor Venues 

Consider trying to find a venue that has both indoor and outdoor capacity. Venues where you have a backup option to go inside will provide you with some peace of mind going into your wedding day in case there’s a surprise rainstorm. 

Creative Wedding Invitations  

Use springs’ natural themes as inspiration for your wedding invitations! Flower prints and fancy cursive writing will fit right in with any spring themed wedding. 

hashtag tip

Pro Tip: Check out Cards & Pockets to make some custom wedding invites.

Summer Weddings

Summer is the most popular wedding season, and for good reason. With consistently beautiful weather, tons of wedding venues to choose from, and just general high spirits, summer is the perfect time to plan the wedding of your dreams. 

Why Is Summer Ideal For Weddings?

Tons Of Venue Options

The weather during the summer is more predictable than in the winter and the spring. Not to mention, it’s warm, which means you can have your wedding outside. In fact, summer probably offers the most venue options out of any season, from churches to gardens to barns to beaches.

couple getting married on the beach

Flexible Color Scheme

Summer doesn’t carry with it the naturally implied color schemes like some of the other seasons do. That means you can really get creative with your color palette and design a wedding that looks and feels exactly the way you want it to. 

Summer Nights

When the sun finally sets (oftentimes after 8 or 9 p.m.) you still have hours of warmth, perfect for celebrating. Having your wedding carry on into the night opens up some space for extra creativity in your wedding. You can have a bonfire, get some fancy tiki torches, or even stargaze.

outside wedding venue

Lots Of Outfit Options 

Summer is a great time to try out some new fashion ideas. Just remember, it’s the hottest time of the year, so whatever you choose, you’ll want it to breath.

Cons Of Summer Weddings

Expensive Venues

Summer is peak wedding season. That means venues will be much more expensive and harder to book. Even though you’ll have more options to choose from, you still may have to break the bank a bit to book the venue of your dreams.

It Can Get Really Hot

We’re not huge fans of sweating bullets in fancy suits and dresses. But besides that, heat can be distracting for your guests. If you go with a summer wedding, you’ll likely have to schedule around the hottest part of the day so as to avoid baking in the sun. 

Less Guest Availability

On the one hand, summer is great because people often have more free time and willingness to travel away for the weekend. But this increase in travel also means it may be harder to secure all your friends for a weekend. If you plan a summer wedding, you’ll have to send a save the date far in advance to ensure your best friends aren’t on vacation somewhere by the time your wedding rolls around. 

Which States Are Best For Summer Weddings?

Summer is warm pretty much everywhere in the states. Some states, however, offer a bit more moderation when it comes to heat. Northern states such as Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho, and the Dakotas boast some pretty beautiful summer weather.

How To Prepare For A Summer Wedding

Send The Save The Date Early 

Like we mentioned earlier, people are typically busier in the summer. So you’ll want to make sure you get that wedding invite out the door well in advance to ensure that most of your friends will be free to come celebrate your big day.

Book A Venue In Advance 

In the spirit of planning ahead, make sure you book your wedding well in advance. Since summer is peak wedding season, booking a venue will be much more competitive. In order to ensure you lock in your top choice venue, make sure to call in advance and secure your dates. The same goes for honeymoon destinations.

hashtag tip

Check out Sandals honeymoon vacation packages for some great deals. 

Get Creative With Night Time Activities

The extra daylight and warm night weather of a summer day will allow you to get creative with your wedding activities. You can dance the night away with live music. Or you can integrate a sunset into your ceremony. Whatever you go with, make sure to capitalize on one of the major benefits of having a summer wedding: the warm nights.

bride and groom standing by a bonfire

Get A Food Truck

Food trucks are really fun ways to get your guests fed. And summer is the perfect time to hire one. 

Fall Weddings

Fall days are unforgettable. With cooler temperatures, colorful scenery, and crisp air, fall is the perfect season to have your wedding, especially if you don’t love humidity and heat.

Why Is Fall Ideal For Weddings?

Natural Beauty And Colors 

Fall is famous for its natural beauty and color due to the changing leaves. One of the biggest perks of having a fall wedding is that you can rely on this beauty as natural décor for your venue. Since the weather is still beautiful, especially in the early fall, you can plan your ceremony for an outdoor venue that will look amazing in the pictures.

Perfect For Barn And Farm Weddings 

If you love barns, farms, or ranches, then fall may be the wedding season for you. These venues come alive in the fall not only because of the beautiful scenery, but because of the food. You can decorate your venue (and your menu) with apples and pumpkins and really pull off the rustic chic feel for your wedding.

bride outside a barn

Cooler Weather 

Fall weather is perfect because the skies stay blue and the sun stays out, but the humidity and temperature drop a bit. That means you and your guests can remain much cooler during the ceremony than if your wedding took place in the summer. It also means you can wear some awesome layered outfits and dresses with sleeves. If layers are your thing, then you’ll definitely want to consider a fall wedding.

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Cons Of A Fall Wedding

Expensive Venues

September and October are the two most popular months to get married. And vendors know this. It’s likely that prices will be at their peaks and it will be competitive to book venues. Make sure you get planning ahead of the game to lock in your favorite spot, especially if you’re having an indoor wedding.

Restricted Color Palette 

While some people may love fall colors, others may not. Fall’s colors are so strong and distinctive, that it’s likely you’ll have to play upon them for your wedding theme. While this may be a perk for some people, others may feel restricted by this implied aesthetic.

bride and her bridesmaids during fall wedding season

Fall Is A Busy Time For People 

With the start of school for kids, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and a handful of other weekend holidays, Fall can be a tricky time to schedule a wedding. You’ll want to pick a weekend that doesn’t have too much going on so your closest friends and family can all make your big day!

Which States Are Best For Fall Weddings?

There are a handful of amazing places to see beautiful foliage during fall throughout the country. You’ll want to remember that fall hits at different times in each of these places depending on how quickly it gets cold, so good timing is imperative. States that have ideal falls for your big day include Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arkansas, New Mexico (not for foliage but still nice weather), and Tennessee.

How To Prepare For A Fall Wedding

Book Your Venue Early

Fall is peak wedding season with October being the most popular month to have a wedding across the country. In order to make sure you secure the venue of your dreams you’ll want to get on the phone early with venues and place a deposit to secure it ASAP.

Plan The Timing Of Your Ceremony Carefully

Daylight savings happens in the beginning of November and the sun starts to set earlier even before that. Unlike during the summer, nights in the fall can be a bit cooler, so you’ll want to make sure your wedding ceremony takes place before it gets too cold. Plus, once it’s dark, you won’t be able to see all the beautiful foliage that makes fall weddings so beautiful.

Work With The Seasonal Food  

Fall brings with it some amazing, hearty cuisine. Most root vegetables are in season during the fall as well as squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and apples. If you love thanksgiving cuisine, then you’ll love your fall wedding menu. Check out this website for inspiration.

Create Custom Party Favors

Party favors are the perfect way to put a bow on your big day. Send your guests home with some awesome fall inspired party favors—maybe a nice candle, or a bottle opener, or even some matches. Whatever you choose, make sure to make it your own with a custom label.

hashtag logo pro tip

Pro Tip: Evermine offers a custom label service so you can really make your party favor your own. Throw your names on it, or even your wedding hashtag!

wedding venue decorations

Winter Weddings 

Last but not least is winter – a magical, festive time. If you love snow, cold, and fireplaces, then you’ll definitely want to consider having a winter wedding.

Why Is Winter Ideal For Weddings?

Off-Peak Months Make For Easy Planning

November and January are much less popular months for weddings which means booking a venue will be much easier and cheaper. Of course, you’ll probably be limited to indoor wedding venues, but at least the price will have likely dropped, and you’ll probably be able to book your first choice.

Snow Creates A Magical Wedding Aesthetic 

Snow is not for everyone, but the people who love it will be well rewarded for having a winter wedding. Winter themed weddings are beautiful, regal, and cozy—you could even incorporate a fireplace into your venue.

Honeymoon Benefits 

You might be able to combine your honeymoon with some of your work vacation, which means you’ll be able to have an extra-long honeymoon in the destination of your dreams. Plus, if you save money on your venue and other wedding services due to off-peak prices, you’ll be able to spend some of that extra money on that dream vacation. 

bridal party on a mountain

Cons Of Winter Weddings

Not Many Outdoor Venue Options

If your heart is set on having an outdoor wedding, then winter is not your season. Due to the cold and snowier weather, you’ll likely have to have your ceremony and reception indoors. However, if you’re having a wedding in a warmer state such as Florida, you can still be outside.

Guests May Not Be As Available 

November and December are often busy months with people taking time off from work to visit family, celebrate the holidays, and escape the cold for some vacation time. This means it can be hard to find a time when everyone is free and can attend your wedding.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to have a more intimate wedding with your family, they’ll already be planning on being in the same place for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so you can almost guarantee they’ll be free.

Unpredictable Weather

Weather is hard to predict in the winter. You might dream of having a wedding where it’s gently snowing outside and you’re all inside with a live band, drinking hot cocoa, and dancing by the fire. But the reality is, winters are harsh in most parts of the country and the weather is unpredictable meaning you might be subject to a random snowstorm or a slushy cold rainy day.

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Which States Are Ideal For Winter Weddings?

You can go two different directions with winter season weddings. Either lean into the cold and the snow or try to escape it. If you want a snowy wonderland wedding, then you’ll want to head North to Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Vermont. If you’re trying to escape the cold then make your way to Arizona, California, Florida, the Virgin Islands, or even Hawaii.

bride getting married in the winter wedding season

How To Prepare For A Winter Wedding

Make Sure Your Venue Is Warm

Blankets, sweaters, fireplaces, soups, and warm drinks are all great in the winter. Try to incorporate some of these into your wedding night to make sure your guests are as warm and cozy as they can be.

Prepare For Extra Travel Time 

Bad and unpredictable winter weather can make traveling difficult. Make sure to build some flexibility into your wedding ceremony in case there’s a storm that slows everyone down getting to your venue.

Lean Into Winter Theme

Velvet fabrics, darker royal colors, candles, hearty menus with delicious desserts. These are just a few of the things that come with a winter themed wedding. Make sure you take advantage of the implied aesthetics of a winter wedding.

Make Sure Your Venue Has Coat Check

This seems like a simple, small matter, but having a coat check is super helpful for your guests when they arrive all bundled up. Coat checks keep everything organized and uncluttered.

wedding in the winter wedding season

What Season Should You Have Your Wedding?

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong season to have your wedding. Each season has its own characteristics and perks, so it really comes down to preference. If you want to go big and have your wedding during peak wedding season, then you should do just that. If you’re looking to save money on your venue so you can splurge on your honeymoon, then that’s great too. With enough experience, you can even turn wedding planning into a full-time career or a remote job! Remember, it’s your day, and it deserves to be perfect.


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