A Guide To Semi-Formal Wedding Attire For Guests

semi-formal wedding guest attire
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Jennifer Skulski

Published: Dec 23, 2022

Last Updated: May 19, 2023

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As a wedding guest preparing to attend a nuptial celebration, you may be curious about certain dress codes and what it means to wear semi-formal wedding attire.

Depending on your fashion instincts, choosing what to wear to a wedding can be an exciting or daunting task.

If the couple notes on their wedding invitations that they’re planning a semi-formal wedding, it’s important to follow this intended dress code as you don’t want to look underdressed or overdressed. You want your wedding attire to seamlessly fit the part and be memorialized in stylish wedding photos.

So, what should you wear to a semi-formal wedding, and how does it differ from other dress codes?

Let’s explore your fashionable options within this complete semi-formal wedding guide.

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What Is Semi-Formal Wedding Attire?

As the name suggests, semi-formal wedding attire is a dress code between a formal wedding and a more casual wedding.

Think of a wedding dress code as a tiered system.

In the semi-formal tier, the couple still requests you look nice and dressy for the occasion, but they aren’t requiring their guests to go out of their way to purchase expensive tuxedos or gowns as a black tie wedding would call for.

Some guests find this dress code to be the most complicated as its in-between nature leaves room for ambiguity.

However, we’re here to help you crack that semi-formal look.

Think of the vibe as a date night at a fancy restaurant or the type of attire you wore on graduation day.

The semi-formal wedding dress code typically consists of cocktail dresses, dress pants, and a suit jacket.

To help clarify the confusion, let’s discuss the main differences between a formal and semi-formal dress code.

photo of girls at wedding with bright colored dresses

Formal vs. Semi-Formal Wedding Attire

A formal wedding is a stricter dress code in which you’ll have to dress all-out in order to not feel out of place.

For a classic black tie wedding, wedding guest dresses should be long, typically floor-length gowns. For those looking to wear satin tuxedos or pantsuits, they should be dark-colored and well-tailored with tuxedos complete with a white dress shirt and bowtie.

For formal accessories, the jewelry should be elegant, sophisticated, and not overly flashy. Men should wear their nice dress shoes while women typically elevate their look with a lovely pair of high heels.

Tuxedo jackets should have pocket squares and the white button-down shirt should include cufflinks.

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Now in contrast to the elegant code of a black tie or black tie optional celebration, a semi-formal event can be more relaxed on hemlines and accessories. You won’t be needing to rent a full tuxedo when a dress shirt, dress pants, blazer, and loafers are all you need.

Instead of a floor-length gown, you can wear a cocktail dress with fun designs or a jumpsuit to match your style.

When it comes to accessories, for those wearing a suit jacket, you won’t be needing a pocket square or cufflinks, but a tie is typically a nice addition. Women can choose to sport heels or save their feet and opt for flats.

The semi-formal look is similar to cocktail attire as it’s still dressy and professional, but more relaxed when compared to the lofty expectations of a black tie affair.

photo of wedding guest in tuxedo

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire Ideas For Guests

Discovering the proper semi-formal inspiration involves a variety of factors. The right wedding outfits will ultimately depend upon your own aesthetic, the time of day of the wedding, the time of year of the wedding, and the venue location.

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire For Women

If you’re looking to wear a dress to the event, you may wish to consider a midi dress with a knee-length hemline or a maxi dress that falls around the ankles. If you’re interested in a shorter cut hemline, cocktail dresses that end a bit above the knee are also acceptable, but you shouldn’t wear a dress any shorter than that.

If dresses aren’t your style, there are still plenty of other semi-formal options for you to try out, including a fashionable jumpsuit, a pantsuit, or an appropriately sized skirt with a nice blouse.

photo of wedding guests with chic formal dresses

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire For Men

For men, the semi-formal wedding guest dress code is a bit more straightforward.

A suit will be your best style option but isn’t required.

Choose to wear a traditional two-piece suit or dress pants and a blazer. Complete the look with a pair of leather dress shoes like Oxfords and you’re good to go.

A tie or bowtie is not a necessity for semi-formal but can make for a nice addition.

There’s no harm in wearing one since you can easily take it off if you’re not feeling a neck accessory later on.

photo of groom and groomsmen posing in forest

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire Based On Time of Day

When the wedding will take place will greatly affect the semi-formal attire you ultimately choose. It’s fun to dress to the nines and showcase your style, but you’ll also want to be comfortable while you do it.

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Daytime Wedding Attire For Guests

If you’re a wedding guest attending a daytime wedding, this will likely be the hottest part of the day and you’ll want to dress accordingly. For an outdoor wedding, the season and temperature become even more pivotal as you’ll want to make sure you plan ahead.

No matter the season, if it’s a sunny day at an outdoor wedding, plan ahead with sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sun hat or fedora that can match your semi-formal aesthetic.

If the celebration is in a warmer month, you’ll most likely want to be closer to dressy casual by wearing light material that’s breathable to help you stay cool.

For a winter or fall wedding, consider heavier material like wool or tweed for your suits and dresses to help you keep warm.

Nighttime Wedding Attire For Guests

Evening weddings are typically when the cocktail attire comes out.

You may wish to dress a bit more formally than you would for an afternoon wedding, but still within the confines of the semi-formal code.

As temperatures begin to cool off for the nighttime wedding, you may also want to consider bringing extra layers to help keep you warm.

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Pro Tip: Consider wearing longer socks or bringing along an extra shawl or long, black dress coat to keep you comfortable during an evening wedding.

photo of girls in semi-formal wedding dresses

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire Based On Seasons

The short-cut floral print dress you may wear to a summertime wedding might not be so fitting for a winter wedding. The season of the celebration will without a doubt affect what you should wear to a wedding as certain colors, materials, and styles are more fitting for one season over another.

Spring Wedding Attire For Guests

As the snow thaws and springtime brings warmer temperatures and lovely new blooms, let your wedding guest attire reflect the season by wearing pastel-colored dress shirts, fun patterned dresses, floral earrings, and lighter blazers.

spring wedding guest dress

As spring can still get a little chilly, you might want to accessorize with a shawl or select a longer hemline such as a maxi dress.

Summer Wedding Attire For Guests

For a summer wedding, don’t be afraid to get bold with your color choices. Opt for bright colors such as yellows, greens, hot pinks, or tropical pattern dresses.

For those wearing suit jackets or blazers, make sure the material isn’t too hot for you to wear, and don’t be afraid to also showcase some color in your suit or tie.

summer wedding guest dress

Fall Wedding Attire For Guests

Fall wedding attire is all about muted oranges, yellows, greens, reds, and browns. Choose a solid-color long-sleeve dress for the perfect autumnal vibe. For men, consider a brown, tan, or gray blazer.

fall wedding guest dress

Winter Wedding Attire For Guests

Dark suits and jewel-tone dresses are always the way to go for the wintertime. When it comes to the suit or blazer, navy blue or black are a delightful contrast to the white snow of winter.

For the ladies, dress warmly with long-sleeved midi dresses or a stylish pantsuit to fit the season.

photo of couple posing at winter wedding

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Semi-Formal Wedding Attire Based On Venue

Aside from when the wedding is taking place, your wedding day attire will also depend on where the wedding is taking place.

Beach Wedding Attire For Guests

For all those attending a beach wedding, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind when preparing for a sandy, sunny, and windy experience.

Your shoe choice will be quite important when it comes to trekking through the sand at a beach wedding. Sometimes couples may suggest a barefoot beach wedding or have their guests wear flip-flops to feel more comfortable in the sand. Consult the wedding invitation to see if this might be the case for the wedding you’ll be attending.

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Next, you’ll have to account for the temperature and weather. Try dressing in light and loose clothing that won’t be uncomfortable in the heat. For women, you may want to consider wearing a longer semi-formal dress to prepare for higher winds by the ocean.

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Pro Tip: Be prepared with sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself during the outdoor celebration.

Garden Wedding Attire For Guests

For a garden wedding theme, research the quaint venue you’ll be attending and dress accordingly. You can have some fun with it by dressing and accessorizing in pastel colors or floral prints to match the lovely flowers around you.

garden wedding guest dress

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If you know you’ll be walking amid grassy areas, consider skipping out on high heels that might get stuck in the ground while walking and opt for more comfortable flats. You’ll also likely want a midi semi-formal dress instead of a full-length dress that could easily drag in the dirt.

Outdoor Wedding Attire For Guests

When preparing for an outdoor semi-formal dress code, keep in mind the elements that will be at play. Consider the location, time of day, and anticipated weather, and plan accordingly.

outdoor wedding guest dress

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The best way to plan for an outdoor semi-formal event is to dress in layers. It’s important to feel comfortable to have the liberty to take off layers if you get too warm or put on extra jackets, shawls, or scarves if you’re getting chillier as the evening progresses.

Just remember to stay within the semi-formal dress code. No sweatshirts or sweatpants.

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire Etiquette

While a semi-formal dress code is a bit more casual than a black tie affair, the ultimate goal is to still look polished and refined. There are definitely articles of clothing you should avoid wearing and proper etiquette to follow when dressing for the occasion. Let’s go over the top tips on proper semi-formal attire etiquette.

photo of girls posing in matching summery dress

What Not To Wear To A Semi-Formal Wedding

1. Avoid Revealing Clothing

A semi-formal wedding is still a classy event. You want to look professional and presentable. Avoid revealing clothing such as short skirts or dresses, low-cut necklines, and clothing that’s uncomfortably tight.

2. Do Not Wear The Following:

At a semi-formal wedding, you shouldn’t wear jeans, shorts, T-shirts, loungewear, or any clothing with a tattered or ripped aesthetic to them. You want your semi-formal look to be well put together with a suit, blazer, dress shirt, dress, jumpsuit, or pantsuit.

3. Try Not To Go Too Dark

Don’t be afraid to add some color to your semi-formal dress or wedding attire. Wearing all black might come off as looking too formal as that would more closely align with a black-tie wedding.

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4. Ask Around

After digging through your closet or shopping around, if you’re still unsure or nervous about what your perfect semi-formal look should be, put your mind at ease by asking around. Ask other family members or friends who are attending the wedding what they are planning to wear to ensure you’re dressed accordingly.

5. Have Fun!

Don’t let your fashion concerns stop you from having fun. First, settle on an outfit ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling on the day of the wedding.

Then go out there sporting your finest threads and enjoy yourself at the wedding!

couple dancing at semi-formal wedding

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a suit to a semi-formal wedding?

A suit, buttoned shirt, tie, and dress shoes create the perfect wedding outfit for a semi-formal wedding. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with a suit, and it doesn’t have to be black as a navy, tan, or gray suit with colorful accessories is a nice way to showcase your personality at a semi-formal wedding.

Can I wear a floor-length dress to a semi-formal wedding?

Typically, a floor-length dress is reserved for a more formal event. When you receive an invitation with an indicated dress code, you’ll want to make sure your attire fits within those boundaries so you won’t be underdressed or overdressed. For semi-formal, consider a dress that falls just above or just below the knees.

Is cocktail a good semi-formal wedding attire?

When it comes to dress-code tiers, cocktail attire is slightly more formal than a semi-formal dress code is, but it can be a decent starting point when choosing your wedding guest attire. Cocktail attire is typically reserved for the evening while semi-formal is best as an afternoon dress code.

Dress For Success

Now that you know all about the dos and don’ts of the semi-formal wedding dress code, we hope you have some clarity on exactly what you’re planning to wear.

When in doubt, ask around or see if the bride and groom have any additional dress code requirements or suggestions on their wedding invitations or wedding website. It’s also important to note that each wedding-related event may have a different dress code.

For example, the engagement party attire might be a more casual code. To dress for success, consider the season, the time of day the ceremony is, and the venue where the wedding is taking place.

Ultimately, a suit or a nice dress is sure to dazzle at a semi-formal wedding.

Now get out there and show them your style!


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