85 Sensational Wedding Hairstyles For Every Type Of Hair

wedding hairstyles
Lesley Turner_Wedding Hashers Guest Author

Lesley Turner

Published: Nov 24, 2021

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2023

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Wedding hairstyles may be one of the last things on your wedding planning checklist, but it doesn’t mean it’s not essential.

Quite the opposite, actually. The hairstyle that you choose to wear on your wedding day is no small part of the proceedings. Wedding hairstyles should complement the dress, the makeup, and your personality.

And just like the selection of wedding dresses, there are hundreds of different styles for your wedding hair.

So, here are 85 flawless and sensational wedding hairstyles for you to choose from. 

85 Sensational Wedding Hairstyles You’re Gonna Love

Simple Wedding Hair Styles

1. Soft Waves With Flower Crown

This hairstyle is a dreamy, forest princess come alive moment. The flowers are effortlessly feminine (you can add wild ones for a more bohemian touch), and it’s ideal for longer hair.

 Soft Waves With Flower Crown wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Glossy Curls

Glossy curls are another tremendous long hair staple that is easy to recreate at home with a thin barrel tong and don’t require any expertise.

If you have long hair and a ballroom gown, you can’t do better than these voluminous, silky curls. 

Glossy Curls

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Tousled High Pony

A high ponytail may have had a bit of a reputation as a casual updo, but it is the epitome of chic and looks brilliant as a touch of simplicity if you have an elaborate wedding dress. 

Tousled High Pony wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

4. Loose Waves 

Are you looking for an easy wedding hairstyle that you can do yourself? Go for loose waves with a bit of hair serum to add that gloss factor.

Depending on your hair texture, you may not even need to use a heated tool! 

Loose Waves 

Image Source: Pinterest

5. Beaded Flower Crown

A beaded flower crown looks stunning as a statement headpiece and suits everyone. Use creamy or pinky pearls embedded with flowers, and you can add gems if you wish for a more regal, royal look. 

beaded flower crown

Image Source: Pinterest

6. Wreath Of Greenery 

Wedding wreaths signify joy and marital harmony. Use a wreath of greenery as a hairstyle option for a traditional festive touch on your wedding. 

greenery wreath for wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Via Pinterest

7. Textured Waves And Sunkissed Ends 

Nothing screams beach wedding better than a hairstyle featuring textured waves and sunkissed ends.

While many girls have that sunkissed effect naturally, you may want to get some highlights a month before the wedding to pull off this gorgeous look.

Textured Waves And Sunkissed Ends 

Image Source: Pinterest

8. Feathered Hair

Feathered hair is a stunning haircut for hair that is shorter and finer in texture. It adds a beautiful dimension and makes your features appear sharper and more radiant. Consider discussing this cut with your hairstylist a couple of months before the wedding.

Feathered Hair wedding hairstyles

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Sleek Middle Part

The best way to show off your silky, dead-straight hair is with a stylish and sleek middle part. Then, use some hair wax or fixing paste to smooth over those flyaways and baby hairs. 

sleek middle part
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Image Source: Pinterest

10. Minimalist Barrette 

Have your grandmother’s vintage barrette you want to include in your wedding? A simple pulled-back style with a barrette is the perfect way to go. 

Minimalist Barrette 

Image Source: Pinterest

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Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

When it comes to styling long hair for your wedding day, the sky’s the limit. There are endless options for wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Here are a few of our favorites.

11. Big Bouncy Curls

The best way to play up gorgeous long hair is to go for big bouncy curls, secure them with some holding spray, and add a ton of volume at the roots. 

Big Bouncy Curls

Image Source: Pinterest

12. Tousled Cascade Of Curls

A tousled cascade of curls will make you look like a princess on your wedding day, so go for slightly looser curls and not tight ones, and keep the bangs blow-dried straight to add shape to the face. When it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair, this look is romantic and dreamy.

cascade of curls hairdo

Image Source: The Right Hairstyles

13. Slicked Back Front 

Don’t get us wrong. The perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair don’t mean you have to wear them down. A slicked-back front hairstyle is the celebrity go-to for red carpets and can make an appearance on your wedding day as well with a few hair accessories for that much-needed oomph factor. 

slicked back front weddng hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

14. Textured Blowout

A textured blowout works for all hair lengths. It’s a hairstyle you can easily do yourself, especially if you’re trying to balance its glamorous simplicity with an extravagant wedding gown. 

textured blowout for wedding hair

Image Source: All Things Hair

15. Top Knot

A voluminous top knot highlights a beautiful neckline and ear jewelry. For longer hair, it also has the added advantage of keeping the hair out of your face for an outdoor, potentially windy wedding. So if you like wedding hairstyles for long hair that’s elegant and won’t be on your face, this is an excellent choice.

Top Knot wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

16. Sleek And Straight

What better way to show off an embellished wedding veil than with a simple hairstyle of sleek, silky, straight hair? 

Sleek And Straight wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

17. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are an ideal hairstyle for longer front sections of hair, and they work well for hair that isn’t layered and is all one-length as they add dimension. 

Waterfall Braids hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

18. Curly High Bun

A curly, high bun is one of the ultimate, classic wedding hairstyles for long hair. We’re sure you must have seen it in old wedding pictures, and its timeless beauty is all the more apparent if you have great bangs and a few pearl hairpins.

Not to mention, you can showcase some glamorous chandelier earrings as a finishing touch. 

curly high bun for long hair

Image Source: Find Health Tips

19. Braided Headband

This is one of our absolute favorite wedding hairstyles for long hair because it has an elegant and boho feel, making it perfect for any occasion. A braided headband is a universally beautifying hairstyle that can be made more elaborate if need be with gems and pearls.

It looks downright gorgeous on its own as well. 

Braided Headband

Image Source: Pinterest

20. Piled Up Formal Curls

Long hair that has a hard time keeping curls intact can look beguiling with stylish, formal updo-like piled-up curls. And don’t forget to curl your bangs to finish the look! 

formal curls for wedding

Image Source: Wedding Forward

Short Hair Wedding Styles

21. Wavy Blunt Lob

Adding some waves to a blunt lob is incredibly chic, especially if you want to show off highlights or other dyed or natural elements. 

wavy blunt with hair piece wedding

Image Source: Southern Living

22. Hollywood Vintage Curls

The classic Hollywood vintage curls never go out of style, and it’s a look you can absolutely rock at your wedding, with or without the signature red Marilyn Monroe style lipstick. 

hollywood vintage curls

Image Source: I Take You

23. Pinned-Up Curls 

 Pinned-up curls are a much-loved hairstyle for weddings as they go with any style of wedding dress and suit most face shapes. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with pinned-up curls and plenty of volumizing sprays. 

Pinned-Up Curls wedding hairstyles

Image Source: Pinterest

24. Curled Ends

Nothing elongates the length of the hair like a textured blowout on top with some height at the crown and a cascading row of curled ends. This works great for hair that is mostly one length, and there’s so much room for adding embellishment. 

Curled Ends

Image Source: Pinterest

25. Polished Bob

Short hair can look its best with a polished bob with sleek, shiny locks and some light waves added in sparingly. 

Polished Bob wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest 

26. Pinned To The Side

If you want to draw attention to that killer contour on your cheeks or chandelier earrings, a pinned-to-the-side hairstyle may be very appealing. 

Pinned To The Side wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

27. Delicate Bohemian Upstyle

A delicate bohemian upstyle is the perfect blend of casual and captivating as it doesn’t have the tight formal look of slicked-back buns.

Nestled at the base of your head, this low-lying up-do allows you to run around and enjoy your wedding without worrying too much about your hair looking perfect.

bohemian upstyle wedding hairdo

Image Source: Wedding Forward

28. Messy French Roll 

If you’re wearing a very embellished wedding gown, sometimes an almost throw-away hairstyle is the key to making everything look modern. A messy French roll may just be the ticket. 

messy french twist wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Tec Petaja

29. Delicate Low Swirl

A delicate low swirl is a beautifully feminine formal hairstyle that goes particularly well with a low-cut dress. 

low swirl wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

30. Side Braid With Waves 

A side braid with waves is a stunning, mercurial style that allows you to have the best of both worlds as some hair will be braided out of the way while the others will flow down in gorgeous loose ringlets. 

side braid wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

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Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

31. Half Up Half Down Twist

Long and thick hair can benefit from a half-up half-down twist for a wedding hairstyle. It’s the quintessential fairytale princess look and will never go out of style. So if you’re on the hunt for sophisticated and romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair, this is a great choice.

Half Up Half Down Twist wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

32. Pin With Soft Curls

A pin curls hairstyle is another take on the classic Hollywood look, and it allows you to use fantastic six-pin hair jewelry or a statement barrette on one or both sides.

When glamour is the name of your game, these types of wedding hairstyles for long hair are perfect!

hollywood waves with pin wedding hairstyles

Image Source: Pinterest

33. Vintage Bump Half Up

Everyone loves some much-needed volume at the crown section to really upgrade a half-up, half-down hairstyle. A vintage bump half-up style is perfect to pair with a lace wedding gown or the family heirlooms you may be wearing for your special day. 

vintage wedding hairstyle

Image Source: The Right Hairstyles

34. Loose Half Up Half Down

Are you looking for a more laid-back and relaxed version of the formal half-up, half-down hairstyle?

Go looser on the braid or twist and opt for some casual waves to complete the look. The messier, the better, as they say in the hair industry!

loose wedding hair with elegant hair piece

Image Source: DIYCraft9

35. Half Up Braided Bun

A half-up braided bun is a bohemian style that signifies a free spirit and is the perfect middle ground between casual and formal. 

Half Up Braided Bun wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

36. Face Framing Half Up Half Down

When you’re practicing a half-up, half-down hairdo, scraping all the hair back may not suit all face types.

So instead, for the ideal face-framing moment, incorporate volume both at the front and the back and either improvise a bangs-like effect or cut them six weeks before the wedding. 

face framing hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

37. Volume In The Back

A voluminous crown section is always given the starring role in any epic wedding hairstyle. So use a teasing comb, volumizing mousse, or spray and go to town on creating that volume in the back. 

volumous back wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

38. Loose Half-Up Braid 

A loose half-upbraid is an attractive, relaxed wedding hairstyle for brides who don’t want to go overboard with hair jewelry or pins. The braid practically keeps the hair intact on its own, and the rest of the look is effortlessly attractive. 

loose half up braid

Image Source: Pinterest

39. Minimalist Thin Strands

Everyone isn’t blessed with a thick mane, so a minimalist thin strands hairstyle may be ideal because it doesn’t have too much product or embellishment weighing fine hair down. 

thin strands wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

40. Tucked Front Pieces 

Whether it’s a braid, a chignon, or a ponytail, having tucked front pieces is a chic extra touch because it focuses on the bride’s makeup and jewelry. This is also an excellent style for brides that have thin, fine hair. 

Image Source: Pinterest

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Wedding Updos

41. Low Chignon

A chignon is a French style achieved by knotting the hair at the end and twisting the hair in the front as you like.

It’s a simple, but undeniably sophisticated wedding hairstyle to adopt, not to mention it goes rather well with a low-cut back. 

low chignon wedding hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

42. Low Updo With Voluptuous Volume

Low buns with or without curls are practically a go-to bridal hairstyle. Add as much volume as you can muster (tighter curls help) for the classic bridal hair look that we all know and love. 

low updo with volume

Image Source: Pinterest

43. A Sleek Chignon

A sleek chignon is an effortlessly glamorous French bun hairstyle perfect for your wedding not just because of its simplicity and grace, but because you can easily add elements like hair jewelry or a veil, and it’s a low-maintenance bridal hairstyle. 

sleek chignon

Image Source: Pinterest

44. Chic, Messy Updo

A chic, messy updo is a very stylish bridal hairstyle, and it can be done up with flowers and embellished pins or left natural and straightforward.

Either way, it makes a statement. 

messy updo wedding hairstlye

Image Source: Theel Wedding Productions
Hair and Makeup: Reveal Hair and Makeup

45. Braided Bun

A braided bun combines two powerful hairstyles: the formal bun and the stunning braid. Not only is it easy to recreate yourself, but it also doesn’t need a lot of product to keep it in place.

A braided bun is where style and beauty meet convenience—in addition, it’s a stunning selection for any bridal hairstyle and wedding day hair. 

braided bun

Image Source: Pinterest

46. Low PonyTail

A low ponytail is a modern classic, and it says ‘boss-lady’ like no other. In addition, it’s an excellent choice for more androgynous wedding attire like a trendy wedding suit. 

low ponytail

Image Source: Pinterest

47. Voluptuous Braid With Flowers

A voluptuous braid is a bridal hairstyle befitting royalty, especially when you weave in flowers and pearls.

The scope of what you can achieve with this hairstyle is quite vast, as the more volume you can build up and the more embellishments you can add, the better this braid looks! 

volumpuous braid wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

48. Classy Swirl Chignon 

A classy swirl chignon is a stunning, polished wedding hairstyle, especially if you want to draw attention to a statement necklace or luxury designer earrings.

This is a sophisticated bridal hairstyle that’s glamorous and feminine.

french swirl

Image Source: Pinterest

49. Integrate Messy Bun 

A messy bun goes well with a simpler wedding dress (if that’s your style), but it also suits elaborate wedding attire.

A messy bun is a versatile undertaking that you can leave as is or add wildflowers or jewels, too. 

messy bun

Image Source: Pinterest

50. Crown Braid 

A crown braid is an effortlessly regal hairstyle (you can have a full updo or half up and half down), and it can be decorated to your heart’s delight. 

crown braid

Image Source: Pinterest

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Easy Wedding Hairstyles

51. Braids Into A Ponytail

Braids into a ponytail are an ingenious way to reinvent and combine the loose low ponytail and the crown or Dutch braid. Perfect as a bridal hairstyle! 

braided ponytail for wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Wedding Forward

52. The Simple Tease

It’s amazing what a thorough teasing can achieve. Primarily if you use the right volumizing products.

However, a simple tease goes a long way in creating volume all over the head (if done in sections), especially at the crown area for that glamorous touch. 

The Simple Tease wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

53. Deep Side Part

Choosing a bridal hairstyle means learning about what suits your facial features. For example, if you have a narrower or longer face, you can look staggering with a deep side part and loose curls. 

Deep Side Part

Image Source: Pinterest

54. Go Natural 

There’s nothing wrong with rocking your natural hair texture on the day of your wedding. Use some smoothing cream or serum for rough edges, but let your natural texture shine through. 

Go Natural wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

55. Inverted Braid

An inverted braid, otherwise known as a Dutch braid, crosses the hair in a reverse fashion compared with a regular braid.

For that reason, it looks more elaborate than it is, excellent, but if you’re doing your wedding hair without any help, an inverted braid is a gorgeous answer. 

inverted braid wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

56. Chic Bangs

Bangs bring life and shape to the face. Consider getting a fringe or short structured bangs cut a good month before your wedding.

You can style them with a tiara, too! 

chic bangs wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

57. Flower Crown

If you’re a lover of nature instead of jewels, weave a crown of your favorite flowers and herbs. This is incredibly stunning if you’re having an outdoor wedding, as it’ll blend right in. 

wedding  Flower Crown

Image Source: Pinterest

58. Bouffant And Face-Framing Layers

Bouffants were all the rage in the 50s and 60s, especially in movies, but they never entirely went out of style. So do a modern rendition of a bouffant with face-framing layers for the best effect. 

Bouffant And Face-Framing Layers

Image Source: Pinterest

59. The Twisted Pony

If you have more delicate hair, a twisted pony can be a great style to emulate because you can pile on the volume at the crown by twisting the hair and making it appear thicker than it is. 

The Twisted Pony wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

60. Braided Rope Bun

A braided rope bun is an artistic hairstyle, but the best part is that it can be achieved in under five minutes with an adept hand. 

Braided Rope Bun

Image Source: Pinterest

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Boho Wedding Hairstyles

61. Wispy Updo

The wispy updo is a dreamy take on the messy bun with face-framing waves. 

Wispy Updo wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

62. Retro Loose Finger Waves

Loose finger waves retro style is ideal for long and short hair and adds that vintage vibe to a wedding hairstyle. 

Retro Loose Finger Waves

Image Source: Pinterest

63. Buds And Ribbon

There are endless elements you can add to your hair for your wedding day. From gems to flowers, adding petite rosebuds and some beautiful silky ribbon is a great way to go.  

Buds And Ribbon wedding hairstyles

Image Source: Pinterest

64. Hybrid Braid With Headband

A braid-oriented wedding hairstyle is not only a touch of medieval festivity; it’s incredibly feminine with an earthy and natural touch to it. 

Hybrid Braid With Headband

Image Source: Pinterest

65. Bold And Large Flowers

Flowers can never steer you wrong when you include them in your wedding hairstyle, so the bigger, the better! 

Bold And Large Flowers

Image Source: Pinterest

66. Floral Fishtail

What better way to celebrate the glorious fishtail braid and your favorite flowers than to make them your wedding hairstyle of choice?

Floral Fishtail wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

67. Halo Of Greenery

Adding a halo of greenery on your wedding day shows not only your love for the environment and all things green but will make the white of your dress pop. Not to mention it’s going to photograph beautifully outdoors. 

Halo Of Greenery wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

68. Loose Curls With Boho Hat

Wedding hats have been making rounds recently, and they are the epitome of carefree boho wedding attire. Not to mention you can pair them with loose curls or waves. 

Image Source: Pinterest

69. Low And Loose Ponytail

If you’re someone who loves casual, clean, efficient hairstyles with minimal effort, then the low and loose ponytail is for you.

You can use wedding-appropriate hair ties or simply mask the band with your own hair. 

Low And Loose Ponytail

Image Source: Pinterest

70. Loosely Braided Updo

Updos don’t always need to be super formal or very slicked back. Instead, a loosely braided updo is amazingly feminine and natural-looking for your wedding day. 

Loosely Braided Updo

Image Source: Pinterest

Bridesmaid Hairstyles

71. Weaved Braids Into An Updo

If you’ve invested in weaves or have braided your natural hair, you could make a stunning updo out of it with a barrette on top. 

Weaved Braids Into An Updo bridesmaid hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

72. Mismatched Updos

Contrary to what you may have been told, your bridesmaid’s hairstyles do not need to all be the same. Let them take some creative freedom and decide which updo they prefer!

Mismatched Updos

Image Source: Pinterest

73. Bombshell Curls

Whether it’s the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or the wedding day of your best friend, bombshell curls are always an uber glamorous, coveted hairstyle. 

Bombshell Curls bridesmaid hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

74. Loose Barrel Curls

Curls sometimes look better if they’re rough, loose, throw-away, and done with a giant barrel tong.

Looser curls, as opposed to tight ones, can give the illusion of longer hair strands. 

Loose Barrel Curls

Image Source: Pinterest

75. Voluminous Fishtail Braid

A well-done fishtail braid can make you look like the mermaid of your dreams, and the extra volume adds star quality to the hairstyle. 

Voluminous Fishtail Braid wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

76. Peekaboo Florals

When incorporating flowers into your bridesmaid hairstyle, you need not go overboard with them. A peekaboo floral concept is when you add accents of foliage into the style without overdoing it. 

Image Source: Pinterest

77. Sleek, Simple Buns

A sleek, simple bun is the ultimate combo of conventionality and modern chic. Slick back the hair to a smooth finish without any flyaways and make a tight bun. 

sleek wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Fabmood.com

78. Simplified Version Of The Brides Flower Accessory

When including flowers and foliage as hair accessories, you can always choose to go the simple route which often has more impact. Look at the flower hair accessories the bride has gone with and choose a simpler version. 

flower hair accessory

Image Source: Pinterest

79. Hint Of Greenery

Sprinkling a hint of greenery into a wispy or braided updo is the perfect finishing touch. Greenery really stands out against lighter colors and will make you look like a woodland princess. 

Hint Of Greenery bridesmaid style

Image Source: Pinterest

80. Sleek Pony

When in doubt, a sleek pony is always a lifesaver. It suits most face shapes and is an unchallenging hairstyle to master on your own; just make sure you have plenty of product on hand to get that perfected look. 

Sleek Pony

Image Source: Pinterest

Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

81. Loose, Curly Half Updo

As the mother of the bride, you can appear younger with a more casual half-up and half-down look with some loose curls. 

loose curls

Image Source: Pinterest

82. Flowing Ponytail

Depending on the length of your hair, a flowing ponytail always looks beautiful, even if you don’t dress it up with hair accessories or jewelry. Of course, if you have shorter hair, you can always use extensions to achieve this hairstyle. 

flowing Ponytail wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

83. Low Updo With Face Framing

A low updo with some face-framing by adding waves to bangs lends itself to an overall more youthful appearance. 

low updo

Image Source: Pinterest

84. Soft, Teased Waves

Waves are an age-defying style (in the way straight hair is not), and using a teasing comb and spray and adding as much volume as you can at the roots creates an elegant look. 

soft waves mother of bride hair

Image Source: Pinterest

85. French Roll

A French roll is the ultimate classic chic formal hairstyle you can choose. Add your vintage hair accessories on the side or a flower or two, and they’ll complement any outfit you’re planning to wear. 

French Roll wedding hairstyle

Image Source: Pinterest

Stay True To Your Style

No matter which wedding hairstyle you choose, remember to stay true to yourself. On your wedding day, you want to feel confident and pretty. Wearing a hairstyle that you have never worn before isn’t always the best choice. 

The best way to decide and narrow down the best wedding hairstyles for your special day is to have some hair trials with a local hairdresser before the big day.

Not only will you get a little extra pampering while wedding planning, but you’ll also be able to take your bridal hairstyles on a test drive. If you think your hair isn’t up to your standard for your special day, definitely consider hair loss treatments or hair extensions to add even more options.


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