125 Bachelorette Party Themes For An Unforgettable Night

jennifer skulski wedding hashers guest author

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Oct 7, 2021

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2023

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For an unforgettable night with your close friends, you’ll need to consider what the best bachelorette party themes are for you and your crew. Your bachelorette party represents your final celebration before tying the knot. It can be as wild or as tame as you’d like; however, having a top-notch theme will help take your party to the next level.

There’s a perfect bachelorette party theme for every bride-to-be out there. To help narrow down your search, we’ve culminated the ultimate list of bachelorette theme ideas and broke them down into a plethora of different categories. Whether you’re feeling like a boozy celebration, an adventurous excursion, a laid-back vibe, or anything in between, we’ve got the bachelorette party themes for every style.

125 Epic Bachelorette Party Themes

For The Boozy Bride

1. Boozy Bachelorette Brunch

No Bachelorette can go wrong with a boozy brunch. It’s the perfect way to start off your celebration. Get the party started with your favorite drinks and brunch foods including mimosas, omelets, pancakes, waffles, donuts, avocado toast, and more. Organize your boozy brunch by setting up fun stations for the crew to build their own dream brunch plate.

mimosas for bachelorette party

2. Bachelorette Bar Crawl

To add a bit of variety to your boozy bachelorette celebration, get creative with a bar crawl. A bar crawl is an exciting way to experience new bars with different drinks, vibes, and atmospheres. Everyone in the group is bound to have a new favorite bar after this experience.

3. Pedal Pub

Pedal pubs or bike bars make quite the interactive bachelorette party theme. Many large cities have them. Your entire bride tribe can rent out a tavern on wheels where passengers can actively pedal the bike all while enjoying brews along the tour. 

4. Cocktail Bash

Looking for incredible cocktails to take center stage at your bachelorette party? Consider cocktail-based bachelorette themes where you and your party can test out delicious and eye-catching concoctions. Plus, an elaborate and colorful cocktail is quite Instagrammable. So, don’t forget to get your bachelorette hashtags before the big party!

cocktail party with bridal crew

5. Drinks From Around The World

For more boozy bachelorette themes 2022, go all out with drinks from around the world. Include margaritas from Mexico, sake from Japan, Guinness from Ireland, and sangria from Spain. This can be a fun way to test out different drinks all while learning about different cultures. For example, you can drink a Guinness and talk about popular Irish attractions, such as the Temple Bar.

6. Napa Bachelorette Theme

Napa Valley in California is well-known for its hundreds of vineyards and wineries. If you and your crew are wine fanatics, a Napa-themed celebration is the way to go. If you’re in the Napa area or planning your bachelorette trip there, take advantage of this opportunity to tour different vineyards and taste a wide variety of wines via winery tours, party buses, or even a wine train.

7. Beer Garden Celebration

Beer gardens originated in Germany but are becoming quite popular around the U.S. as well. Celebrate your upcoming wedding by finding an open-air beer garden in your area and enjoy the beer and food selections from this unique German experience.

8. Manicures & Mimosas

This may be the perfect combination when it comes to bachelorette party themes. Schedule a private group manicure session or hire a nail specialist to come directly to you. Either way, you get to enjoy the pampering experience of a manicure all while sipping on delicious mimosas. What’s not to love?

manicures and mimosas for bachelorette

9. Cocktail Class

We all marvel at the magical ways professional bartenders mix the perfect cocktails. Why not learn to make some drinks yourself? Taking a group cocktail class is an amazing interactive experience that will get your whole crew involved in the fun. Plus, you’ll learn some new techniques for mixing drinks at home.

10. Wine Tasting

You can’t go wrong with a wine-tasting bachelorette party theme. Check your local vineyard for various events and tasting times that they may offer. Tastings make for great group activities where everyone can try something new.

wine tasting bachelorette

11. Martini Theme

Do you enjoy the combination of gin and vermouth? Do you prefer your drinks shaken, not stirred? If so, a martini theme is what you need. Complete the theme with an assortment of martini options. The martini glass is an icon shape. Consider decorating the celebration with martini glasses throughout and fill the glasses with dessert or other fun items that aren’t just for drinking.

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12. Distillery Tour

If you’re enjoying these boozy bachelorette themes, consider a distillery tour. This idea is perfect for large groups and allows for some delicious sampling at the end of the tour.

distillery tour with bridal party

For The Classy Bride

13. Great Gatsby Theme 

Grab your flapper dresses and 1920s accessories because it’s time to get classy for a Great Gatsby-themed party. This popular theme is timeless and gives your classy group of gals the perfect excuse to dress to the nines and live out the life of their favorite, mysterious book character.

14. Tea Party Bachelorette Theme

A glorious, colorful, and classy tea party is one of the most trendy bachelorette themes 2022. Pinkies up for this elegant celebration as you sip tea, spill tea, and savor delicious tea-time snacks.

bachelorette tea party

15. Breakfast At Tiffany’s Theme

When you think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you think of the elegance and charm of Audrey Hepburn. Turn that classy, mid-century vibe into a fitting bachelorette party theme!

16. White Party

For a charming level of coordination for your bachelorette party, get all your guests to wear white as you enjoy a fresh, minimalistic celebration full of white decor.

17. Piano Bar

Looking for a thrilling bachelorette party experience while still being tasteful and classy? Head to a piano bar for a charming and memorable experience as you take in the soothing sounds of the piano in a cocktail lounge type of environment.

piano bar ambiance

18. Little Black Dress Theme 

Commemorate your final celebration as a single woman with a classy, little black dress. This iconic look can make for a fun theme, and you can get your whole crew to coordinate outfits.

19. Country Club Tee Time 

Country clubs are incredibly classy environments. Consider heading to a country club for your bachelorette soiree and embrace the spirit of golf. Adorable golf skirts are strongly encouraged.

20. Kate Spade Theme

For those who adore the Kate Spade aesthetic, consider bachelorette party themes like this one. To ace the aesthetic, try using hot pink in your decor scheme with black and white stripes as an engaging pattern throughout.

21. Horse Races Bachelorette Theme

Embrace the classy vibes of the olden days where people would head down to the racetrack every weekend dressed to the nines to watch and bet on horse races. Get your derby attire prepared and enjoy this classic party theme with your girls.

attending horse race bachelorette idea

22. Speakeasy Bachelorette Theme

The 1920s make for some popular bachelorette party ideas as this time period exudes excess and elegance. Theme your celebration after a speakeasy, or better yet, discover a local speakeasy near you and take in that one-of-a-kind secret experience.

For The Adventurous Bride

23. Bachelorette Kayak Tour

There’s nothing more adventurous than heading into the water and getting a good arm workout during a kayak tour. Whether you rent out kayaks just for fun or book an organized tour with a guide, this party theme will be one to remember.

24. Bachelorette Beach Bash

Having your bachelorette bash at the beach is of course one of the most popular bachelorette themes 2022. Camp out for a beach celebration as you catch up with your friends while enjoying that ocean breeze.

beach party bachelorette

25. Murder Mystery Bachelorette Theme 

Involve your entire bride tribe on an interactive night they’ll never forget. Organize a murder mystery dinner and let the fantastic acting and deception begin. It’s the perfect theme for those who love puzzles and games as everyone scrambles to figure out whodunnit.

26. Paintball Theme

For those seeking a rough and thrilling bachelorette party experience, get the whole crew in on a game of paintball. It’s time to let everyone’s competitive side out.

Glamping Bachelorette Theme 

If you’re looking for an adventurous, outdoorsy theme while still being connected to reality and luxury, glamping is the ever-so-popular bachelorette theme. Take the party outdoors, but camp out in style with some classy sleeping arrangements.

glamping bachelorette

28. Cycle Bar Bachelorette Party

Take your party up a notch by challenging your group with a thrilling biking challenge. Cycle bars have become quite popular in recent years. A bachelorette party that sweats together, stays together.

29. Amusement Park Bachelorette Theme

Take your crew on an adventure to an amusement park, carnival, or fair and enjoy thrilling rides and greasy food as you celebrate an epic day with your close friends.

30. National Parks Exploration

If you love hiking, wildlife, and nature, then a national parks exploration should be at the top of your bachelorette party themes list. Coordinate a weekend trip to your favorite park and take in the breathtaking views and strenuous hikes with your lovely group.

hiking trip for bachelorette

31. Bachelorette Mud Run

Not afraid to get down and dirty? Give a bachelorette mud run a try! There’s no better bonding experience than doing something a bit crazy together. Embrace the dirt and run through mud with your best buds by your side.

32. Rock-Climbing Bachelorette Party

Take your bachelorette theme ideas to new heights with a rock-climbing party. Rent out a rock-climbing gym and experience the challenge of testing your climbing skills on an individual and cooperative level.

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33. Hit The Slopes Party Theme

skiing for bachelorette party

Black diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If you find this to be your mantra, too, then it’s time to hit the slopes with your bride tribe by skiing or snowboarding your way through your special weekend.

34. Mardi Gras Madness 

With a bachelorette party theme like Mardi Gras, you just know your theme is bound to get a bit wild. Celebrate this theme with a gold, purple, and green color scheme, beaded necklaces, and masquerade masks.

35. Cottage Chill Out

If your idea of the perfect party involves an adventure to a remote destination, rent out a lovely cottage and enjoy a private celebration away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

36. Sports Themed

Are you a sports fanatic? Bring your passion to life through some sports-oriented bachelorette party themes. Theme the party after your favorite sport or your favorite team. The choice is yours.

37. Cruise Theme

Set sail with your besties with a cruise bachelorette party theme. Whether it’s a day-long excursion or a weekend trip at sea, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

cruise theme for bachelorette

38. Shooting Range

Take aim and fire at a local shooting range. This group-oriented experience can be a fun way to challenge your friends to see who has the best aim and can hit the most targets. 

39. Skydiving Or Bungee Jumping

For an exhilarating celebration, get your heart pumping with a skydiving or bungee jumping excursion. This thrilling experience is bound to increase your crew’s bond as they overcome some fears and anxieties by trying something adventurous.

40. Adult Summer Camp

Do you remember summer camp as a kid? Staying in cabins with your friends and having your days filled with adventurous activities like canoeing and nightly bonfires? Relive these fun memories by theming your bachelorette party in the same style!

41. Belly Dancing Party

Gather up your crop tops and get ready for the ultimate belly dancing experience. Either create your own belly dancing theme or try scheduling a belly dancing class where an instructor teaches your group all the top belly dancing moves.

42. Axe-Throwing

For some more adventurous bachelorette party ideas, give ax-throwing a try. You may never know which one of your pals has a secret ax-throwing talent.

axe-throwing at bachelorette party

43. Houseboat Theme

Rent a houseboat and party at sea for your bachelorette theme. Create an ultimate party playlist before you set sail and be sure to pack some incredible snacks.

For The Creative Bride

44. Bachelorette Crafting Party

If crafting is more your vibe, plan out a craft night with your bachelorette crew. Let your creativity shine by unleashing that artsy side.

bachelorette art party

45. Makeover Party

If you’re looking to switch up your looks and enjoy some transformation photoshoots, pamper your guests with a makeover bachelorette party theme. 

46. Meme Bachelorette Party

Are you the type of person who can’t stop sharing memes with your friends and social media followers? If you’re a lover of pop culture and meme formats, celebrate by dressing up as your favorite meme, playing meme party games, or creating your own bachelorette party-themed memes. 

47. Roast The Bride To Be Theme

For the bride that loves comedy and can take a joke, your bridal party may consider throwing a roast party. Now’s the time for your bachelorette squad to get creative by poking fun at you, your habits, and your lifestyle. Of course, this is all in good fun, so sit back and enjoy the teasing.

48. Escape Room Theme

If you love puzzles and problem-solving, have an escape room party theme. If your bridesmaids are feeling creative and ambitious, they may even consider designing their very own bachelorette-themed escape room just for the bride-to-be. If that’s a bit too complicated, a local escape room will work just as well!

bachelorette escape room

49. Group Art Class

Test your bridesmaids’ art skills by taking a group art class together. No matter what type of artist your friends may be, sharing such an experience can be a great way to express one’s self in a group setting.

50. Pottery Party

Turn your creativity into a tangible memento with bachelorette party themes like this one. Have everyone try to complete the same pottery project or allow everyone a chance for their unique creativity to shine.

51. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

If you’re seeking more interactive bachelorette party themes, consider a fun, creative scavenger hunt. The Maid of Honor could plan a creative hunt for the entire group, or you can search for generic scavenger hunt ideas and templates online for instant action.

bachelorette scavenger hunt

52. Comedy Club

Looking for a laugh? Take your crew to a comedy club for a hilarious experience. If your group is all dressed up and rather vocal, the comedian may even get your group in on the fun by directing jokes towards your squad for an even more memorable night.

For The Chill Bride

53. Yoga – Wellness Bachelorette Theme

If you’re in the mood for some chill and blissful bachelorette theme ideas, take the morning to share in the calming experience of yoga. Stretch, bend, and relax as you enjoy the final days in this chapter of your life.

yoga party with bridesmaids

54. Grandma Bachelorette Party 

Theme your bachelorette party around what you imagine a perfect day as a Grandma to be like. Perhaps this includes relaxing in the park or taking up a knitting project by the fireplace. Whatever your vision may be, embrace your inner Grandma for a chill celebration.

55. Spa Day

What’s more relaxing and luxurious than a spa treatment? Enjoy a chill evening of massages, saunas, and spa treatments. For bachelorette party themes like this one, personalized bathrobes for your bridal crew would make for the perfect bachelorette party favors

56. Pool Party

Nothing quite spells relaxation more than chilling poolside with your best buds and favorite drinks. Enhance your pool party with some fun floaties or floating pool games. You can even buy miniature floaties for your drinks as you sip and splash.

bachelorette pool party

57. Bachelorette Slumber Party

Relive your childhood slumber parties full of karaoke, dress-up, party games, movies, and of course snacks. To bring this bachelorette slumber party to the next level, consider customizable or matching pajamas for your lovely squad.

58. Karaoke Bachelorette Party 

Showcase your various singing talents with a silly and fun karaoke-themed event. Play all your favorite songs and unleash your inner pop star. You can plan a private karaoke night in the comfort of your homes or plan a night out at a local karaoke bar for some public attention.

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59. Garden Party

How quaint and enchanting do garden bachelorette party themes sound? Plan a chill afternoon amid the flowers with a beautiful celebratory picnic. Get cozy with blankets, cushions, pillows, and tents. Dress up your look with some fun floral arrangements like flower crowns.

60. Game Night Theme

Embrace the party vibe by planning a bachelorette game night. Play your favorite party games or give those classic games a bit of a twist by turning them into drinking games, bachelorette-themed, or friend-related trivia.

game night with bridal party

61. Fragrance Party

Believe it or not, fragrance parties are gaining popularity. These party themes involve setting up a fragrance station where your guests can experiment and mix their very own signature perfume scent. Perfect for a creative and laid-back celebration.

62. Henna Party

For henna bachelorette party themes, you can purchase henna kits for you and your guests to try or you may want to consider hiring a professional who specializes in the art of henna. Either way, this theme can be a fun idea for all to enjoy the incredible yet temporary designs of henna tattoos.

63. Bonfire Theme

For a relaxing outdoor celebration, make your bachelorette theme a bonfire. Circle around the fire pits in comfy chairs and do all your favorite bonfire activities like roast smores, share stories, or watch movies from a projector.

bonfire night with the bachelorette party

For The Foodie Bride

64. Hibachi Theme

If you’re a lover of food and experiences, a hibachi-themed party is right up your alley. Take your group to a hibachi restaurant and watch the culinary magic unfold right before your eyes as your chefs put on a show to prepare your food right in front of you.

65. Dessert Fest

Bachelorette party themes are meant to have sweets and a lot of them. There’s no better way to celebrate than with cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pies, and sugar. Plan the ultimate dessert fest by ordering your favorite snacks or having all your guests bake a different and unique dessert.

bride to be cupcake

66. Food From Around The World

We’ve covered the theme of drinks from around the world, but why not food from around the world, too? Unleash your inner foodie by feasting on sweet and savory treats from all over the globe. Each item will transport you to a different country and culture for a thrilling tasting experience.

67. Cooking Party

Have some culinary fun with your friends by planning a cooking party. Preheat your ovens and let the chaos begin as there will quite literally be too many cooks in the kitchen. But that’s the fun of this theme, isn’t it?

68. Sushi Theme

For a sushi-themed bachelorette party, either order delicious sushi catering or set up a sushi station for everyone to customize and make their very own sushi rolls. A fun favor to consider for this theme would be to purchase personalized chopsticks for your crew with your bachelorette hashtag written on them.

Pro Tip: If you need help coming up with the perfect tag, try our free bachelorette hashtag generator!

sushi bar with bridal party

69. Bachelorette BBQ

A good old classic BBQ is every foodie’s dream. If you enjoy grilling up BBQ food and picnicking outside in the yard, then there are no bachelorette party themes better than a Bachelorette BBQ.

70. Pasta Class Party

There’s an art to making pasta. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make different types of pasta on your own, have some fun with a group pasta-making class. Not only will taking a pasta class with your bachelorette crew be an exciting learning experience, but you’ll also have delicious pasta to eat throughout the night.

71. Fondue Night

Fondue is a great way for everyone at the party to enjoy their dining experience. A fondue night is a rather unique activity as each individual gets to personalize their food by what they want to dip it in. Experiment with a wide variety of fondues like cheese dips for bread and crackers, and chocolate and marshmallow dips for dessert items like fruits and pretzels.

fondue night bachelorette idea

For The Wild Bride

72. Casino Theme

If you want to test your luck with a little bit of gambling and a whole lot of fun, casino bachelorette themes are a good place to start. Get all dressed up, head to a nearby casino, and let the good times roll.

73. Wig Party

Show your wild side with a silly wig party. Get your whole crew in on the wig-wearing fun by donning matching, colorful wigs. Let those alter-egos come out as you party in your new hair throughout the night.

wig party with bridesmaids

74. Playboy Bunny Theme

For more wild bachelorette party themes, the playboy bunny theme is an ever-so-popular one. Grab your bunny ears and bodysuits because it’s time for an unforgettable celebration. 

75. Ugly Bridesmaid Dress Theme

Similar to throwing ugly Christmas sweater parties around the holidays, an ugly bridesmaid dress theme involves wearing the craziest, poofiest, most embellished bridesmaid dresses you can find. This can be a truly fun theme to organize as you can all go thrift shopping as a group to find your crazy dresses or even craft, embellish, and modify your dresses until each guest has created the ugliest dress they could think of. Now wear it with pride!

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76. Sex In The City Theme

Are you a Samantha? Or more of a Miranda? No matter which Sex in the City character you relate to most, throw an elegant New York-style bachelorette party with a black, pink, and white color scheme, and don’t forget the cosmopolitan bar!

sex and the city bachelorette party

77. Strip Club Adventure

Of course, if you’re seeking the typical wild bachelorette theme, an adventure to a strip club has probably crossed your mind. Research the best ones around and enjoy a wild night of fun with your friends and some mild adult entertainment.

78. Pole Dance Party

It’s completely acceptable to theme your bachelorette party around pole dancing. In fact, pole dancing can actually be quite a fun exercise. Go ahead and try new things with your best pals by taking a pole dancing class together and show off your moves.

79. Final Fiesta

A final fiesta bachelorette party theme is all about embracing your last party as a single woman. This fun theme is inspired by Mexican parties and often includes bright colors, tequila, pinatas, sombreros, and more.

final fiesta bachelorette party idea

80. Fifty Shades Of Grey Theme

For all those brides who went crazy over the novel or film, Fifty Shades of Grey, consider theming your wild bachelorette party after the risqué romance series. That’s right, get creative with your theme with a grey color scheme, chocolate handcuffs, tie napkins, and masquerade masks.

81. Lingerie Party 

Make your bachelorette party feel sexy and elegant with a lingerie party theme. With this theme, have all your decor appear as elegant and lacey as lingerie. When it comes to dessert, serving lingerie-shaped cookies is sure to be a hit.

82. Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Theme

For the ultimate bachelorette party destination, head to Las Vegas for a proper Vegas party theme. Explore the city, the bars, the casinos, the entertainment, and of course the fabulous Las Vegas sign. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

vegas bridal party

83. Beyoncé & Single Ladies Theme

To achieve a Beyoncé single ladies’ party theme, the outfit is everything. Find some leotards or bodysuits and put on your dancing shoes because doing the single ladies’ dance with your entire crew is a must! For this theme, matching bachelorette party shirts also work well, and don’t forget the ring balloons.

84. Burlesque Bachelorette Theme

For a burlesque or Moulin Rouge-themed bachelorette party, think blacks, reds, and feather boas. High heels and fishnet stockings will also complete the look. Think fun and flirty when it comes to bachelorette party themes like this one!

85. Yacht Party Theme

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to party on a yacht, there’s no time better than the present. Take your crew to sea and party like never before as you dance and drink the night away in the middle of the ocean.

yacht party theme

86. Drag Show

Is a wild drag show more your speed? Let your entire group experience the fun and sassy environment of having front-row seats to a drag show. 

87. Music Festival

If a music festival happens to correspond to when you plan on having your bachelorette party, then prepare your stylish outfits, flower crowns, and good vibes for an upbeat celebration.

For The TV/ Movie Junkie Bride

88. ‘Friends’ Bachelorette Theme

Bachelorette themes based on TV shows and pop culture can be a great way to showcase your interests. To theme your party after the popular sitcom, Friends, create your own episode title, use the iconic cutout frame as a photo prop, and be sure to put up signs in the Friends font.

Friends-themed bachelorette party

89. ‘The Office’ Party Theme

Embrace your inner Michael Scott and party like it’s the night of the Dundies. Complete your party decor with random office supplies, trophies, and serve your drinks out of “World’s Best Boss” mugs. 

90. Marvel Bachelorette Party Theme

Bridesmaids assemble! If superheroes and comic books are totally your style, embrace your inner hero with Marvel bachelorette themes. Let everyone choose their favorite superhero by donning capes, masks, and other fun hero-themed accessories.

91. Harry Potter Bachelorette Party Theme

If you solemnly swear that you’ll be up to no good throughout your bachelorette party, then a Harry Potter theme is the one for you. Grab your wands and butterbeer and don’t forget to get your whole bride tribe sorted into their proper houses.

bachelorette harry potter theme

92. Bridesmaids Theme

Embrace the fun and comical vibe of the iconic Bridesmaids movie during your bachelorette party. Go for a hot pink color scheme, matching T-shirts, and end the night by watching the funny flick with your friends.

93. The Hangover Bachelorette Party

For a wilder film-themed bachelorette party, opt for The Hangover theme. Wear matching Hangover shirts with baby Carlos strapped to the front and enjoy a tiger cake to celebrate your wild night.

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94. Disney Princess Theme

A Disney Princess theme can be a magical party experience. Embrace your inner child and live out your fairytale dreams. Let everyone in your group choose their favorite princess and wear matching t-shirts and tiaras to fit the princess vibe.

Disney-themed bachelorette party

95. Alice In Wonderland Bachelorette Party

Curious about what bachelorette party themes are best for you? Give Alice In Wonderland a chance and venture down into the rabbit hole for a wild night full of tea, playing cards, croquet, and drinks that read “Drink Me.”

96. Game Of Thrones Bachelorette Theme

We all recall the epic TV series that kept everyone wondering who would be the last to the throne. If the idea of kings, queens, knights, and dragons excites you, then theme your bachelorette party after Game of Thrones. Your wedding is coming!

Game Of Thrones bridal party

97. Real Housewives Themed

Are you a fan of reality television and the Real Housewives? If so, turn it into a bachelorette party theme to remember by including quotes and games inspired by the show and your favorite housewives.

Other Bachelorette Themes

98. Nautical Themed

If you haven’t associated with the bachelorette party themes in the categories above, give a nautical theme a try. It’s fun, trendy, and the perfect excuse to wear adorable sailor hats.

99. 90s Theme

Relieve the 90s with an epic throwback-themed bachelorette party. Yes, fanny packs are encouraged. So, turn up the boombox and dance the night away in a vibrant and fun nostalgic wonderland. 

90s themed bachelorette

100. TikTok Themed

TikTok is quickly becoming the favorite social media platform of many. Throw a TikTok-themed party by creating a playlist of your favorite TikTok songs and getting your entire party to learn a few TikTok dances together.

101. Masquerade Theme

For a fun and fancy celebration, get your big group excited with a masquerade theme by buying or making elaborate masks to wear and pose with throughout the night.

102. Country Cowgirl Theme

Grab your cowgirl hats and cowgirl boots because it’s time for a good old southern bachelorette party for your last rodeo. Can we get a Yee-Haw?

country cowgirl theme

103. 80s Retro

Travel in your DeLorean back to the 80s for a retro bachelorette party that’ll be the talk of the town. We’re talking neon colors, workout clothes, leg warmers, aviators, and Rubik’s cubes. 

104. Animal Print Theme

Let your theme stand out with eye-catching animal print patterns. Unleash your wild side by embracing a cheetah print pattern for your girl’s night out.

105. Celestial

Calling all the stargazers out there. Celestial bachelorette themes are parties totally out of this world. Embrace the celestial theme with a galaxy color scheme, moon-shaped balloons, and twinkly string lights to mimic the starry night sky.

celestial bachelorette party

106. Drake Themed

If you’re a fan of Drake and his music, you can totally theme your entire celebration after the Canadian rapper. Put on your Drake playlist and embrace your “Worst Behavior.”

107. Luau Theme

Transport your bachelorettes to a Hawaiian-themed party with a Luau theme. Complete this tropical vibe with pineapples, coconut bras, grass skirts, flower leis, and some hula dancing.

108. Barbie Theme

If you’ve always dreamed of being a Barbie girl in a Barbie World, perhaps throw a Barbie bachelorette party. Get your whole crew to recreate their favorite Barbie doll looks, and don’t forget to have a fun Barbie box cutout to act as your photo booth.

bachelorette party with barbie

109. Mermaid Theme

Unleash your inner mermaid with a pastel purple, blue, and pink color scheme complete with seashell and starfish decor. This theme is a great way to enjoy your last splash!

110. All-White Theme

Coordinate your and your bridesmaid’s outfits to fit into a fun and classy theme. You can’t go wrong with a pure, all-white vibe.

all-white theme for bachelorette

111. Circus Theme

Step right up and give this theme a try. A circus theme can be a super fun concept, and with a bit of creativity, you can even design midway games and challenges into bachelorette trivia or drinking games for a silly and memorable celebration.

112. Tie-Dye Party

Who doesn’t love tie-dye? Spend some time with your friends perfecting your tie-dye apparel and get ready to wear your creations around proudly as you party throughout the night.

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113. Halloween Theme

If you love all things fall-themed and spooky, a Halloween bachelorette party is perfect for those October brides. Enjoy your “Boos before I dos” theming complete with skeletons, bats, pumpkins, and all things wonderfully spooky. 

halloween bachelorette party

114. Zodiac Theme

If you’re very interested in astrology, bachelorette party themes that incorporate each bridesmaid’s zodiac sign can be fun themes to consider. For this theme, merch is a must, and each guest can wear cute matching shirts with their signs or even have their zodiac constellations printed on drink pouches or beer koozies. 

115. Tuxedo Bachelorette 

Who says girls can’t pull off tuxedos? Showcase your impeccable style by getting your whole crew to stun the crowds in stylish tuxedos throughout the night.

116. Honeymoon Theme

A honeymoon bachelorette party theme can be a travel-inspired theme full of fake honeymoon destinations, fun games, and luxurious beaches. Sometimes it can be fun to pretend to travel the world with your besties.

117. Disco

Disco isn’t dead! Bring your party to life with a 70s disco theme that’s sure to get the party started. Sparkly outfits and disco ball drinking cups are a must for this theme.

last disco party with bridesmaids

118. Tropical Theme

For a tropical vibe, think palm trees, pineapples, flamingos, and Mai Tais. Enjoy a pink and green color scheme with greenery and succulents for some tropical embellishments.

119. Kentucky Derby Theme

A Kentucky Derby-themed party is all about fancy dresses and fabulous hats. Have fun with this theme by dressing up, playing yard games like croquet and cornhole, and cheering on your favorite horses. 

120. Glow-In-The-Dark Theme

If you plan on partying well into the night, add the thrilling element of glow-in-the-dark apparel and glow sticks to brighten up the night and stand out in vibrant illuminance. 

121. Coachella Theme

Whether you plan on taking your crew to the actual Coachella or you plan on throwing a parody music fest in your own backyard, complete this theme with some wild outfits and tons of glitter for a fabulous festival experience.

Coachella theme bachelorette party idea

122. Boho Theme

Boho bachelorette themes are chic and trendy. Plan your boho party in the backyard complete with earthy tones and splashes of pink. For a theme like this one, pampas grass will be your best friend when it comes to decor.

123. Denim Theme

Now’s your chance to make a fashion statement by wearing denim on denim because it’s your bachelorette party and you can celebrate how you want! Denim bride and bridesmaid jackets are definitely the way to go for this one and will look quite stylish for photo ops.

124. Psychic Theme

Throw a psychic-themed celebration with tarot cards and crystal balls. If you’re truly interested in testing fate or hearing a bit about what’s in store, you may also consider hiring or visiting a psychic for an eye-opening experience.

125. Pin-Up Model Theme

Embrace the style of the 1950s pin-up model look with big hair, long skirts, polka dots, and pearl necklaces. This theme is sure to make for an epic photoshoot.

pin-up bachelorette party theme

Bachelorette Party Themes: Frequently Asked Questions

Do brides usually pay for bachelorette party?

No, brides typically aren’t held financially accountable for their own bachelorette parties. The Maid of Honor in your bridal party will be the lead planner of the festivities, and the other bridesmaids or bachelorette party guests are expected to pitch in for the party costs so the bride doesn’t have to pay.

What color should bride wear to bachelorette party?

While the bride can wear any color she wants for her bachelorette party, it’s very common for her to stand out by wearing white. As white is traditionally the color a bride wears on her wedding day, wearing white at the bachelorette party will thus make it clear as to who in the group is the bride-to-be.

Do you bring a gift to a bachelorette party?

Bringing the future bride a bachelorette party gift isn’t a requirement but can be a nice opportunity to buy a more playful gift as opposed to a more practical wedding gift. For example, gag gifts or playful presents such as lingerie or a bride sash and crown are common bachelorette party gifts to consider.

What is the maid of honor financially responsible for?

As the Maid of Honor is traditionally responsible for organizing and planning the bachelorette party, she is also responsible for budgeting out the bachelorette party costs. While the cost of the party can be split among all the bridesmaids, the Maid of Honor may decide to fund a larger portion of the costs or can choose to charge each bridesmaid equally for the planned event.

Which Bachelorette Party Themes Speak To You?

As you can see, there’s no shortage of creative bachelorette party themes out there. No matter what style bride you are and what type of party vibe you’re searching for, we hope that this list of the top bachelorette theme ideas has helped inspire a decision.

Choose the theme that matches the energy of your bride tribe and the type of celebration you’re looking for as your final fiesta as a single woman. Your bachelorette party will be an unforgettable night, and a well-thought-out theme can make your event legendary. To all the Maids of Honor out there, give your bride a memorable celebration by selecting any one of these epic bachelorette party themes from this list!


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