25 Best Bachelorette Party Favors That Your Friends Will Love

25 Best Bachelorette Party Favors That Your Friends Will Love
jennifer skulski wedding hashers guest author

Jennifer Skulski

Published: Jul 8, 2022

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2022

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What’s a bachelorette party without bachelorette party favors? The bachelorette party is the bride’s chance to hang out with her #BrideTribe as a last hurrah before her big day. Whether the bride or her bridal party choose to make this celebration lowkey or extravagant, you could always bring the party to the next level with fun bachelorette gift bags.

Choose to wear matching bachelorette party gear, purchase fun drink pouches for everyone, or order custom tote bags. For all those looking for more creative gift options, here are some clever ideas for the perfect bachelorette favors.

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What Are Bachelorette Party Favors?

Bachelorette party favors can range from a singular gift to spoil the bride and her closest friends and family members to an entire gift bag full of bachelorette party goodies. 

Typically, these favors will be customized with the partier’s name or wedding day role spelled out on the merchandise whether it read “Bride,” “Maid of Honor,” or “Bridesmaid.” When deciding on what favors to purchase, it may be wise to make them relevant to the type of party you’re having or at least an item that will come in handy during the bachelorette party.

Common bachelorette party favors include matching T-shirts for your crew to wear during the party, wine glasses or champagne flutes that can be used if drinking is involved, or custom bags, or fanny packs if you’re planning a jam-packed adventure out and about.

How Much Should You Spend on Bachelorette Party Favors?

There isn’t necessarily a pricing standard when it comes to bachelorette party favors as all bachelorette parties differ greatly in size and style; however, spending $10 to $15 per guest is typically a reasonable guideline. 

Whether you’re the party-planning bride who’s buying goodies for her crew or the Maid of Honor who’s taking control of the planning process, be sure to set a bachelorette budget that you find reasonable then plan out the favor budget accordingly.

25 Best Bachelorette Party Favors

1. Personalized Can Coolers

Pair your favorite canned beverage with a personalized can cooler. You can customize these collapsible koozies to match a style the bride will love. Pass them out to the whole “I Do” crew to hold their drinks as they party on!

I Do Crew coozie for bachelorette party

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2. Custom Shot Glasses

It’s probably no surprise that one of the top bachelorette party favors is a custom shot glass. While shot glasses are the perfect glassware for any party, their silly designs and sayings are also great for collectors. Once the party is through, the crew can proudly display the glass anywhere they choose as a reminder of all the wild memories made.

bachelorette shot glass option from For Your Party

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3. Custom Stadium Cups

Another beverage-related favor idea would be these custom stadium cups. If you’re planning a boozy type of celebration, what better way to party than with a punny cup that reads “Bach & Boozy?”

custom stadium cup "bach & boozy" for bridal party

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4. Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Especially in light of the recent pandemic, staying safe and healthy while out and about should be everyone’s top priority. A travel bottle of hand sanitizer can definitely come in handy during the bachelorette party and beyond. Plus, you can get creative by customizing the label to fit the vibe of your bachelorette party theme!

hand sanitizer gift favor idea

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5. I Do Crew Face Mask

Along with hand sanitizer for your crew, you can’t go wrong with face masks as well. Purchasing masks as your bachelorette party favors is a smart and useful idea. These cute disposable masks will do the job, all while advertising that you and your posse are all part of a safe bachelorette party.

I Do Crew face mask option for bachelorette party favor idea

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6. Pop The Bubbly Coaster

With all the fun and customizable glassware we’ve mentioned on this list of bachelorette favors, it’s only fitting to also have a coaster for your drinks. This playful coaster certainly matches the tone of a bachelorette party and will continue to be handy for many years even once the celebration is through.

POP the Bubbly! coaster

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7. Custom Tea Favors

Calling all tea lovers, it’s time to consider some wholesome bachelorette party favors in the form of custom tea kits. This idea works especially well for bachelorette parties who are taking on a more relaxing theme of a spa or wellness day.

love is brewing tea party favor

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8. Monogrammed Makeup Bags

Personalizing items for each member of Team Bride can be a sweet gesture when it comes to bachelorette gift bags. If you’re looking for a favor that won’t just be a one-time use, consider monogrammed makeup bags that we’re sure every guest will love!

makeup bags for bridal party

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9. Initial Necklaces

Another way to embrace personalization while gifting something that’ll last would be to look into jewelry. This initial necklace is simple yet very thoughtful. Just imagine the whole group wearing their own versions! It’s a cute and subtle way to all match while you party.

photo of initial necklace "h" on girl

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10. Personalized Beach Bags 

Everyone could always use a nice beach bag. This favor idea would especially be effective if you’re planning a bachelorette beach bash. Grab a monogrammed beach bag for everyone on the list and head to the beach packed with style!

boho beach bag with monogram "m"

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11. Bridesmaid Drink Pouches

Looking forward to enjoying a drink in style? Opt for these customizable bridesmaid drink pouches! These drink pouches offer a unique way to enjoy your beverage of choice. Plus, you can personalize them in any way you choose such as by writing out everyone’s name on them or distinguishing them by “Bride” and “Bridesmaid.”

fun beach pouches with pink straw for bachelorette party

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12. Ultimate Hangover Kit

Of course, after a long day of partying and drinking, hangovers are likely inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean the next day has to be miserable. Instead, plan ahead by offering hangover kits to each of the guests that will help with their recovery. Your friends will be grateful.

hangover recovery kit gift for bachelorette party

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13. Rose Gold Bride Straws

Bachelorette parties are often known to get silly and risqué. Embrace the wild nature of this celebration with some penis straws for the bridesmaids and the cursive “Bride” straw for the bride-to-be.

penis and bride straw party option for bachelorette

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14. Bride Fanny Packs

Planning an epic bachelorette party destination? If your party will be very tourist-oriented and involve a variety of different adventures, there’s no better way to pack for one than to use the ever-so handy fanny pack. Everything one could ever need is conveniently held around their waist. Not to mention they always seem to come back into style. Enjoy these customized “Bride” and “Babe” fanny packs to use at the big bash!

photo of white "bride" fanny pack with pink "babe" fanny packs

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15. Personalized Bride Visor

Not only is a visor stylish, but it’s also an effective way to keep the sun off of your face. Order some visors for the entire Bride Tribe and personalize them to distinguish the bride from the bridesmaids.

personalized bride visor

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16. Personalized Champagne Tumblers

For a more elegant drinkware option, consider purchasing these charming champagne tumblers as bachelorette party favors. They, of course, can also be personalized to include your names or each guest’s wedding role.

champagne tumblr with bride tumblr for bachelorette party

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17. Matching T-Shirts

A tried-and-true way to make everyone around you know you’re part of a bachelorette party would be to wear matching gear, especially T-shirts! This cute set denotes the bride with a white shirt that reads, “Getting Hitched,” while the bridesmaids can wear fun shirts that say, “Getting Rowdy.”

getting rowdy and getting hitched bachelorette party shirts

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18. Personalized Handbags

Not only are personalized handbags a fun gift in their own right, but they’re also perfect for holding additional trinkets if you’re creating entire bachelorette gift bags. These adorable straw bags certainly give off major beach vibes and can be personalized with everyone’s name.

personalized handbag gift idea

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19. Matching Swim Coverups

If your upcoming bachelorette party involves the beach or a resort swimming pool, consider fun bachelorette party favors that’ll come in handy around the water. These swim coverups are cute, fashionable, and a fun way to coordinate with your whole crew.

matching swimsuit coverups and hats for bridal party

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20. Personalized Wine Glasses

Of course, you absolutely can’t go wrong with stemless wine glass favors. These glasses are elegant and useful for years beyond the bachelorette celebration. Personalizing them with everyone’s name is the added touch that makes this gift idea a timeless one.

rose-gold personalized wine glasses "stephanie" "nicole" and "kathleen" in cursive font

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21. Gold Glitter Tumblers

Another option when it comes to drinkware would be a plastic tumbler complete with a lid and straw. These reusable glasses are fun and versatile. Plus, did we mention they’re filled with glitter? After customizing them with names and wedding roles, they easily become one of the most fitting bachelorette party favors around.

natalie, madison, and kimberly gold glitter tumblr gift idea for wedding party

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22. Cheers Bottle Opener

With all the drinkware, drink pouches, coasters, and koozies mentioned, what about a bottle opener? If drinks are on the menu, a handy bottle opener could always be of good use. What’s better is that these openers are fashionably disguised for the occasion. Who wouldn’t love a clever “Cheers,” “XO,” or heart-shaped bottle opener?

fun bottle opener options: XO, a heart, Cheers, and I Do.

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23. Personalized Mirror Compacts

If you’re still curious about what the best bachelorette favors to get might be, consult the beauty department. Items like these personalized mirrors make for brilliant gifts. Everyone could use a handy mirror in their purse. Plus, the ability to customize them just makes them that much more special.

floral mirror compact for bachelorette party favors

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24. Bridal Party Socks

Perhaps your bachelorette party involves a nice retreat into the woods. We’re talking a quaint cabin in the wintertime as you chill by the fire sipping hot cocoa and watching your favorite rom coms. If this is the type of party you have in mind, consider getting cozy with some fuzzy bridal party socks.

cozy bridal socks

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25. Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Tote bags are always in demand. They’re an excellent tool for keeping all our miscellaneous stuff organized and portable, especially when traveling. Choose to customize these tote bag favors with each guest’s name, role, or even with a clever bachelorette party hashtag.

black tote bag with name and wedding party title in gold font

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Bachelorette Party Favors: Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Give Favors At A Bachelorette Party?

There’s no rule saying bachelorette favors are necessary at a bachelorette party, but they can be a fun way to splurge and celebrate your gal pals with fun coordinating gifts. Even a small trinket that costs less than $10 is a sweet gesture, but ultimately not required.

Who Is Responsible for Bachelorette Party Favors?

Traditionally, the bridesmaids, or more specifically the Maid of Honor, is responsible for throwing the bachelorette party and thus would likely be responsible for purchasing any bachelorette party favors. However, the bride may also decide to make her own goodie bag to gift to her bridal party as an additional way to celebrate.

Do You Give Prizes At A Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette party prizes aren’t necessary, but could be a fun idea, especially if you plan on playing bachelorette party games during your celebration. After all, party games are always better when there are silly prizes on the line.

What Do You Put In A Bachelorette Party Kit?

Bachelorette gift bags should include everything the crew will need for the upcoming celebration. This can include snacks, a shot glass, tiny liquor bottles, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, ChapStick, hair ties, hand sanitizer, medicine, a stylish bag to hold the items, and any other fun trinkets that’ll be useful as the party rages on.

Order Your Favors!

For all those planning upcoming bachelorette parties, we hope that this list of bachelorette party favors has inspired your search for what items to purchase to spoil your bride and the rest of her crew. 

When planning out the bachelorette favors, it’s best to get as personalized as possible and keep in mind the theme of the party. If you and the crew are off to Vegas to celebrate, consider witty shot glasses. If the bachelorette party is happening on a beach, perhaps a personalized sun hat or swimsuit cover would be best.

Once you’ve decided on the ideal bachelorette party favors, be sure to get them ordered on time, especially for customized gifts that may take longer to create. Whatever favors you choose, just put them to use and party on!


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