30 Entertaining Bachelorette Party Games (Plus Prizes)

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Lesley Turner

Published: Apr 26, 2022

Last Updated: May 2, 2023

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A bachelorette party is one of the most exhilarating nights of a woman’s life. A few essential aspects must be present to be successful and unforgettable. Of course, you’ll need your best girlfriends and food and drinks that everyone will appreciate, but there are a few other items you’ll need as well. 

An epic bachelorette party isn’t complete without a couple of dirty stories, and humiliating truths about an ex or even current beaus, and a stripper may be fun if that’s your thing. But for the most fun and excitement, you need a few bachelorette party games to keep things pumping. Cocktails are a great way to get the party started, followed by some funny icebreakers so that the partygoers get to know one another, which is essential if you’re blending friend groups. And then let the bachelorette games begin. 

We know there are some pretty lame bachelorette party games out there, so we curated a list of the créme de la créme bachelorette game ideas. Here are 30 bachelorette party games that the bride and her best gals will love. 

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. When you make a purchase we receive a small commission at no extra expense to our readers.

30 Bachelorette Party Games For Everyone

1. Do-or-Drink Bachelorette Addition

Get the drinks and shots ready because Bachelorette Theme Pack by Do or Drink will make you and your girlfriends complete epic challenges or get toasted. Win by completing the most card challenges or lose while getting lit. This is one of the most fun and exciting bachelorette games with 350 cards so you and the ladies can play repeatedly. Then, have the night of your life watching your friends do ridiculous dares.

Shop Now: Do-or-Drink   

Do or Drink bachelorette game

2. Drunk Jenga

Block Party is a fun and exciting adult party game based on the traditional tower game.

Our adult drinking game mixes the most hilarious rules,  dares, challenges, and mini-games into one enthralling and dangerous experience. It’s better than any drunk card game or drunk Jenga you’ve ever played! A must-have on the bachelorette game ideas list.

Shop Now: Drunk Jenga

drunk jenga block pieces

3. For The Girls – The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Game

A bachelorette card game includes 500 cards in 5 different colors, each representing a category. Each person will roll the die and take the top card from the corresponding deck. You’ll perform the task alone or as a group. This bachelorette game will provide tons of hilarious outbursts, some scandalous secrets, and fun times for all. 

Each colored card deck represents a different mini-game, ranging from slumber party classics such as “have you ever” to dares and more.

Shop Now: For The Girls

For The Girls bachelorette card game

4. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

We love bachelorette game ideas because they seem to bring out unabashed fun. This Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt game with a Gold and Black theme is sure to be a memorable experience. And it’ll be talked about for years! Nothing will be mailed because this is an instant digital download, so you can start using it immediately!

How to Play: This game can be played in teams or solo! Take photographs and compile with a photo collage maker of everything you do on the list as proof and cross it off!

Shop Now: Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt Game

bachelorette scavenger hunt idea
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5. Burn Book

Oh, now you gals can really have a good time with this one! Big Potato Mean Girls Burn Book is an adult party game that encourages players to write funny and outrageous things about each other anonymously. Dish on the weirdest thing they do or a funky smell they have..the sky is the limit. Each player gets points for guessing who wrote the answer about them, and the person with the most points wins.

Shop Now: Mean Girls Burn Book

Mean Girls Burn Book party game

6. Tell Me Without Telling Me

This bachelorette party game is similar to Charades in that you’ll take a card that has one word on it, and you’ll have to try to get your team to guess what the word is without breaking 1 of 3 essential rules.

Shop Now: Tell Me Without Telling Me

Tell Me Without Telling Me party game idea

7. Family Feud: Bachelorette Party Edition

The Family Feud Bachelorette Party Games will spice up your girls’ night with adult-only questions that are too hot for TV! Includes 150 face-off questions, 50 fast money cards, 1 dry erase marker, 1 dry erase scoreboard, and 1 instruction sheet. Good for 2+ players. Get the highest score to win!

Shop Now: Family Feud: Bachelorette Party 

Family Feud Bachelorette Party Edition

8. Off-Topic: Ladies’ Night

Off Topic is an exciting adult board game that gets the creative juices flowing and sparks amusing discussions during girls’ night. All of the themes were created by and for women, making it perfect for your bachelorette party games! One of the best bachelorette game ideas out there. 

Simple Rules to Follow: Draw a card to determine the topics, and roll the dice to determine the letter with which you must begin your responses. You’re ready to go when the sand timer goes off! Write down answers for each topic that starts with the letter rolled in a race against time.

Shop Now: Off Topic Ladies Night

Off Topic Ladies Adult Game for bachelorette party

9. Hot Seat

Discover who your pals are and hear the stories they hoped no one would remember. 

When you’re in the Hot Seat, you draw 3 cards and choose one that you want to answer. Jot your answer down on the provided card, and then watch all the players pretend to be you and answer questions as if they were you. Then, play it again and again – the answers will change based on your buddies.

Shop Now: Hot Seat Bachelorette Game

Hot Seat bachelorette party card game

10. Bachelorette Party Dare Cards

Any Bachelorette party will be spiced up with this collection of 35 Bachelorette Dare Cards! Scratch off the cards to reveal dares to play. Either do the dare or buy the Bachelorette a drink if you don’t want to! Scratching their cards to disclose dares will be fun for your best gals! Add some spice and sass with bachelorette party games.

Shop Now: Bachelorette Party Dare Cards

bachelorette party dare card game

11. Bachelorette Bingo

All of your bachelorette party attendees will enjoy this entertaining BINGO game. Have one person use a BINGO card to call out the items; if you have it on your card, take a drink and mark it! The first to get to 5 in a row wins. 

Shop Now: Bachelorette BINGO

Bingo for bachelorette party

12. Sip Or Spill

It’s time for a drinking bachelorette game to keep you giggling for hours, so gather your bridesmaids and the bride-to-be! The Sip Or Spill book contains over 100 “Would You Rather” humorous Bachelorette questions and a naughty little book. It’s guaranteed to produce some memorable bachelorette experiences! 

Take turns reading each question aloud, and then everyone in the group must respond. If a person refuses to spill the beans, they must drink the beverage!

Shop Now: Sip Or Spill

Sip or Spill drinking game for bachelorette party

13. Pucker Up

This “Pucker Up” Bachelorette Game is a spinner game that combines a drinking game with truth-or-dare challenges. There are 100 challenges to play, with fifty truth and dare cards each.

Shop Now: Pucker Up

Pucker Up bachelorette party game

14. How Well Do You Know The Bride

This is always a fun and easy game to play at bachelorette parties and bridal showers. Simply download and print the number of cards you need, pass them out to everyone, and then see who knows the bride best. This game is sure to generate lots of mingling and entertainment. 

Shop Now: How Well Do You Know The Bride

Who Knows The Bride Best? game

15. Shoot Your Shot

With this ideal pregame, any party will get off to a great start. Take a chance! Pong games are taken to a new level. You can set up and start playing in seconds with straightforward step-by-step instructions. There are many different ways to play for hours of entertainment.

Shop Now: Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot bachelorette drinking game

16. Bachelorette’s Against Decency

Outrageous and funny – this is a bachelorette party game for adult players only. Simple to play: each player chooses a response to fill in the blank(s) on the question card, and you all vote on which answer is the best. Download and print yourself. 

Shop Now: Bachelorette’s Against Decency

Bachelorette's Against Decency card game
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17. That’s What She Said

A wild party in a box, perfect for your next gathering or game night. Every turn is fast-paced and humorous. Play with a variety of buddies to get wildly different results! Have a good time hearing your best buddies utter bizarre things!

Shop Now: That’s What She Said

that's what she said party game

18. Prosecco Pong

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Gather your friends, pop the cork on the bubbly, and have fun with Talking Tables’ Prosecco Pong Drinking Party Game. 

Divide the table into two teams and place 6 Prosecco glasses on each end. Take turns bouncing the ball into the opposite team’s glasses. They drink if the ball lands! The team that clears its opponent’s glasses first is the winner.

Shop Now: Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong drinking game

19. Drop Your Panties Game

Please bring an unopened new pair of panties that matches your individuality for the bride. She’ll try to figure out which guest purchased each pair of underwear and add them to her collection! A fun time for all!! Instant download for immediate fun!

Shop Now: Drop Your Panties Game

Drop Your Panties Game for the bride

20. Who’s Most Likely To

Who’s Most Likely To is a unique party game where you and your pals get together to have a blast! A ridiculously funny, fast-paced game that’ll have you in splits. Each round of the game begins with a card being drawn and the group deciding who in the group is most likely to do what the card indicates. As you play, laugh aloud and pick who’s most likely to wake up with a half-eaten burrito in their bed or have a 20-minute conversation with Siri!

Shop Now: Who’s Most Likely To 

Who’s Most Likely To party game with friends

21. Sotally Tober

In this insanely fun game with limitless replayability, make beautiful memories, discover new talents, and disgrace yourself and your friends. This ADULTS ONLY game is packed with dares, surprises, and unexpected events. Bachelorette games are best played with… drinks, as it’s designed as a drinking game with enjoyable activities. The one who consumes the fewest beverages is named the winner.

Shop Now: Sotally Tober 

Sotally Tober party game for bachelorette

22. Would You Rather

This entertaining Would You Rather game is perfect for the bachelorette and her pals. You’ll have a blast choosing from the 32 questions and two wacky scenarios in this book. Play as if it were a game:

Each question should be read aloud.

All of the ladies are required to respond.

There’s a challenge instead if someone refuses to reveal their answer.

Shop Now: Would You Rather Drinking Game

Would You Rather bachelorette game

23. Know That Couple

Are you looking for some good clean fun at your bachelorette party? This game is for you! There are 4 ways to play this game (and one is a drinking game). It’s a 97-card game with questions about the couple. The goal is to answer the questions, showing how much you know about the couple. The winner is the one that knows the most! So if you’re searching for clean bachelorette games, this is a great one!

Shop Now: Know That Couple Game

Know That Couple game

24. Basic Betch Game

Best played with a group of 4-10 of your best gals at your bachelorette party or just because. This is the sassiest bachelorette party game that has ever been created. First, determine which of your pals is the “most likely to…” Bring a flask to work, go missing with the Channing Tatum impersonator, and other amusing Basic Betch stereotypes. This fun deck of cards will be a big success on any girls’ night out! 

Shop Now: Basic Betch Game

Basic Betch Game for bachelorette party
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25. Bachelorette Mad Libs

Mad Libs is the world’s finest word game, and it can turn anyone into the room’s funniest person! Mad Libs are stories with words deleted and replaced by blank spaces. One player takes on the role of “reader,” asking the other players to fill in the blanks with nouns, adjectives, exclamations, colors, and other words. Each story is then read aloud with these words substituted into the blanks, resulting in some pretty hilarious stories—instant digital download. 

Shop Now: Bachelorette Mad Libs

photo of bachelorette mad libs sheet

26. Kiss The Groom

This is a hilarious spin on pin the tail on the donkey. The Kiss The Groom bachelorette party game is an instant download that’s fully editable. To play, each person is blindfolded, spin them around, and let the player “kiss the groom.” (This can be done with lipstick, stickers, stamps, etc.) Have the player sign their name next to their kiss. The closest kiss wins!

Shop Now: Kiss The Groom

Kiss The Groom bachelorette party game

27. Bachelorette Roulette

The Most Exciting Bachelorette Party Game Ever! To win points, compete against your pals by performing hilariously stupid dares—ideal for both small and large bachelorette parties. 

It’s a lot of fun to see your buddies try new things – it’s a great party game. Great for 6 – 12 players.

Shop Now: Bachelorette Roulette

Bachelorette Roulette game

28. Adult Pictionary

Here’s how to make such a simple (but utterly lovely) game work for you. First, print these Dirty Pictionary Clues, cut them out, and place them in a hat, bowl, Pimp cup, or another roundish container. Then, get a piece of paper and a Sharpie out of the drawer. Boom. The game of Dirty Pictionary is born.

Shop Now: Adult Pictionary

Adult Pictionary for bachelorette

29. What’s On Your Phone

One of the most entertaining games to play at your party is What’s on Your Phone. Guests’ answers and comments can be side-splitting! The best part about this game is that all you need is a cell phone to play it and the printable cards.

Shop Now: What’s On Your Phone

easy bachelorette game idea: What’s On Your Phone?

30. Would She Rather

“Would She Rather” is a fun bachelorette game that all of your guests will enjoy. What’s your level of familiarity with the bride-to-be? Which of the guests is the most knowledgeable about her? This is the perfect game for figuring it out!

Shop Now: Would She Rather

Would She Rather bachelorette party game
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Bachelorette Party Game Prize Ideas

We love fantastic bachelorette games, and it’s even better when the winner has a little more reason to win. We understand how difficult it is to locate appropriate gifts for the winners of your party games especially if you have a specific bachelorette party theme you want to follow. We’ve compiled a list for you! But don’t think you have to go overboard on big and expensive gifts, and if you’re providing bachelorette party favors, you could skip the game prizes altogether. 

1. YETI Wine Tumbler

A YETI wine tumbler is a great gift for anyone at any time, but it’s especially perfect for your best gals at the bachelorette party. Never have to worry about spilling your wine again. 

Shop Now: YETI Wine Tumbler

photo of YETI Wine Tumbler

2. Spa Headband

Super charming and adorable spa headbands with a bow pattern. There are nine different bow styles to choose from to match your various needs. So put your hat on and appear sweet and elegant.

Shop Now: Spa Headband

Spa Headband gift

3. Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are the perfect gift for bachelorette party game winners! And with these, you can customize the packaging with the details of your bachelorette party as an added touch.

Shop Now: Hair Scrunchies

bachelorette party hair scrunchies

4. Pedicure In A Jar

Who doesn’t love a pedicure? This is the absolute best bachelorette game gift idea for your friends. A cute mason jar filled with everything you need for an at-home pedicure. 

Shop Now: Pedicure In A Jar

pedicure in a jar gift idea for her

5. Funny Socks

Silence all the fashion critics with socks that appeal to everyone, from the art aficionado to the fashionista. This is a fun gift idea!!

Shop Now: Funny Socks

photo of hawaiian-themed bachelorette party gift

Bachelorette Party Games: Frequently Asked Questions 

What Do You Normally Do At A Bachelorette Party?

What happens at a bachelorette party varies depending on the bride and her friends. It can range from a lovely brunch to a wild and ruckus weekend excursion or a week away together. But no matter what type of bachelorette party you host, you can make it unique to your personality and likes. Include some things you or your bride like to do, and have some bachelorette party games, food, fun, music, and cocktails (or mocktails). 

What Are Maid Of Honor Duties? 

The primary duties of a maid of honor are:

– Plan the bachelorette party, including the bachelorette games
– Makes sure bridesmaid dresses are ordered on time,
– Go wedding dress shopping 
– Serve as the point person on the wedding day
– Hold the bride’s bouquet
– Deliver a speech at the wedding

Who Normally Pays For The Bachelorette Party?

The maid of honor and bridesmaids usually split the expense of the bachelorette party. The bridal party evenly splits the bride’s expenses (including drinks, dinner, and transportation).

Time To Liven Up The Wedding Festivities

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to organizing the best bachelorette party ever. Having a good time is all about the people you’re with, whether you’re headed to the sandy sands of the Miami beach, hitting up the Broadway bars in Nashville or any other destination. Bachelorette games are a sure way to liven up the festivities. Consider having a few party games for entertaining pregames while planning a fascinating prewedding event before the big day.


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