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Published: Sep 25, 2020

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020

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Below are a sample of some of the punniest wedding hashtags we wrote in September. When creating an awesome wedding hashtag, rhymes, word plays and alliterations are all good, but nothing compares to a punny wedding hashtag. There is nothing more satisfying than a punny hashtag that lets you know this hashtag is “the one”.


I am not sure who the Swawite’s wedding band is, but they better learn some Billy Idol and quick! I think we know what “their song” is!


Okay okay I’ll admit that On Cloud Nine hashtags have become a little overused, but who can resist when the rhyme just works perfectly. Or maybe this couple is #DressedToTheHeins? Either of these options are #HeinByMe 🙂


#TwoWards the future!


It certainly is a #NiceDayForAWhiteWedding, but with over 9,000 Instagram posts under this hashtag, it was definitely time for something different.


Ahh the cliche Hollywood movie mold that keeps churning out classics. #McCoyMeetsGirl, #McCoyDoesSomethingStupid, #McCoyWinsGirlBack.


Okay this one probably needs a little more explaining. The Shrivers met through their Jeep Wrangler (don’t ask me how). By working at The Wedding Hashers I have had the pleasure of seeing how thousands of couples meet “the one”. Doing so through a Jeep is as far as I know unique. Must be nice to meet the love of your life through a car. I wish my car could do that.


#CantHopp this couple!


  • And last but not least we have come to my favorite part of the marriage vows. The part where we say that #ThroughThickAndThin we will always be in love. #ForButlerOrWorse? #YouButlerBelieveIt!

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